5 Thing to Know Before You Buy Raynaud’s Gloves

Raynaud’s disease is worse for people living in cold areas and those prone to stress. In that case, you are supposed to choose the best gloves to overcome Raynaud’s disease symptoms.

But choosing a pair of gloves for Raynaud is not easy.

You may find there’re so many gloves for Raynaud’s but cannot make a decision. Or you’ve already bought a pair but they are not as good as you think.

Don’t worry, here in this article you will learn 5 important tips that help you to find the best gloves for Raynaud’s.

What you need to know about buying gloves for Raynaud’s is simple:

1. You need to choose the right types of gloves to fulfill your needs for dexterity and warmth.

2. You should look for some functions that help to offset the pain of Raynaud.

3. Learn how to get the best thermal gloves for Raynaud’s on winter days.

4. Know what gloves you will need for different activities.

5. Get suitable gloves based on your gender and needs.

Below are detailed guides, please keep reading.

1. Which Type to Choose: Gloves Or Mittens?

Firstly, both mittens and gloves can provide enough warmth for you to fight the Raynaud attack. However, the dexterity you need is different based on the place you decide to wear gloves to help with your cold hands.

Hence you need to choose different types of gloves for which feature you value most.

You Will Need Fingerless Gloves for Dexterity

Generally, you can wear fingerless gloves to soothe the numbness and tingling of your hands from Raynaud’s.

Besides, fingerless gloves for Raynaud’s are designed lightweight and thin to enhance dexterity as well as reduce the bulkiness of wearing fabrics.

Hence you can still move your fingers freely for reading, writing, and even doing some needlework.

Due to the fingerless design, you should wear fingerless gloves indoors or in mild seasons.

If you are looking for the best fingerless gloves for Raynaud’s, you can choose these very stretchable fingerless gloves to boost the blood circulation on your hands.

Take A Pair of Full Finger Glove When Take Outdoor Activities

If you are looking for a pair of warm outdoor wearing gloves with dexterity, you should consider full coverage gloves like full finger gloves.

With a full-finger design, your hands can keep warm but are still flexible enough to do activities like using mobile devices and handling steering wheels.

Mittens Will Give You Best Warmth

Living in cold areas urges you to find the best thermal handwear for your white fingers, thus you can opt for the best mittens for Raynaud’s.

High-insulated design and thick layers allow your hands to retain the temperature to stay comfortable in the coldest weather.

If you want to take on exciting winter activities but have to prepare for the Raynaud attack, then a pair of mittens is what you need.

2. Pay Attention to the Function of Gloves for Raynaud’s

Besides warmth and dexterity, some gloves feature extra functions to provide more conveniences. But it’s hard to tell whether they are effective or not.

Here’re some special gloves that are very helpful for Raynaud’s syndrome.

Compression Gloves Help, But They Only Reduce the Pain

Be aware that little evidence proves that compression gloves have a clinical effect. You can use them to reduce the pain, but they won’t heal the syndrome.

Generally, Raynaud’s disease is caused by poor blood supply, thus you can reduce the pain of Raynaud’s by improving your blood circulation.

You can try wearing a pair of compression gloves to squeeze and stimulate the vessels on your hands.

Besides, with better circulation, numbness and tingling from Raynaud symptoms will decrease.

Generally, compression gloves are recommended for wearing for 8 hours around. These gloves are more suitable for indoor wearing too.

Most glove retailers add high stretchy and lightweight fabric spandex in their compression gloves for adequate tightness and a comfy fit.

However, over-compression may reduce the blood flow either. Wear your compression gloves after getting suggestions from doctors first.

Waterproof Is Important When Skiing

If coldness cannot freeze your passion for sports, then you should settle for a pair of waterproof gloves for Raynaud’s syndrome.

A waterproof surface layer can block the cold snow and water into your glove thus preventing your vessels get spasms and the Raynaud attack.

In that case, you can use waterproof gloves to keep your hands warm and comfortable in skiing and even snowball fights in winter.

Heated Gloves Will Keep Your Hands Warm

Since the best treatment for Raynaud is heating, the electric heated gloves are well designed for Raynaud’s Syndrome management.

By warming your hands directly, heated gloves are very effective for soothing hand cold and discomfort from Raynaud’s phenomenon.

And you can adjust temperatures following your desires. To ensure you get optimal output, a Lithium-ion battery enhances the right heating properties.

This kind of battery when in use supplies ample heat uniformly to all desired parts. If you have sensitive hands, choose these cotton coating heated gloves for Raynaud’s disease.

3. Always Get the Warmest Gloves In Winter To Prevent Syndrome

what to consider when choosing gloves for raynaud's syndrome in winter

Going through winter days is a quite tough task if you have Raynaud. Therefore, a pair of warm gloves or mittens for Raynaud is a must need to cope with coldness.

When choosing the warmest gloves for Raynaud’s in winter, gloves’ fabric and windproof design are critical.

What Fabric Give the Best Warmth?

If you ask about the most thermal fabric used on gloves, then wool is the only answer without a doubt.

For Raynaud sufferers, one of the biggest advantages of wool is the prolonged warmth-maintenance feature.

Whether you are indoor or outdoor, a pair of thinsulated gloves can make your hands retain the temperature to defend against the Raynaud attack.

This synthetic fabric has the best thermal effect and can retain insulation while absorbing moisture.

Hence your gloves won’t get wet by absorbing moisture, while wet hands mean cold hands.

Glove Cuffs Can Block Cold Wind

To lock the heat of your hands, insulation is about everything. Well-designed glove cuffs can block any cold air or debris into your gloves.

If you have cold hands then gloves with adjustable wrists straps will help a lot. You choose to tighten gloves for better insulation.

Therefore, whether you are driving or skating, no cold wind can go through your warm gloves.

Multi-Layers Gloves Help A Lot

For very cold climates, you may need thick gloves to cope with Raynaud’s syndrome. And how the glove layers work will affect the heat insulation.

Generally, the outer layer should use waterproof material to prevent gloves from getting wet by snow or moisture.

The inner layers should be thermal wool liners to warm your hands and keep the temperature.

Alternatively, you can choose bigger size gloves and wear a pair of liner gloves inside your main gloves.

4. Prepare Suitable Gloves Before Any Activities

best indoor gloves for raynaud's

Though outdoor activities are heat-generating you should consider thermal gloves to cope with temperature changes that trigger Raynaud attack.

Besides, for different activities, you should consider extra features for your Raynaud gloves.

And you can check our top-rated Raynaud gloves in this article.


how to choose typing gloves for raynaud's

Traditionally, typing means that you don’t need to face chilly conditions. But the slightly cold air urges you to wear a pair of thermal gloves for Raynaud’s.

1. Fingerless gloves perform better for typing, opt for the wool fabric to get enough warmth.

2. If you want the best thermal typing gloves for Raynaud’s, then choose a pair of full-fingered gloves.

3. Choose gloves with enhanced grips that can reduce hand fatigue and improve your typing efficiency.


best warm working gloves for raynaud's

1. Thick, full-fingered gloves can protect you from a Raynaud attack while working outside.

2. Waterproof is essential if you are doing work like snow removal. This can help you keep your gloves dry and thermal.

3. Worn-Resistant is very critical. To keep your hands warm you should choose a durable material for your gloves like leather or synthetic fabric.


how to choose best cycling gloves for raynaud's

Before cycling, remember to do some warming-ups to increase the heat of your bodies, then ensure you get the right pair of cycling gloves for Raynaud’s.

1. For Raynaud’s choose full-fingered gloves to ensure you get enough warmth and dexterity to grab the handlebar.

2. Gloves with silicone particle palms are highly recommended for better grips.

3. Elastic cuffs can block the cold wind so your hands won’t turn white.

4. You’ll need a touch screen design to use your phone without the need of taking off your gloves.

5. Cotton coatings can absorb the sweat on your hands to reduce bacteria and prevent instant temperature change.


how to choose best running gloves for raynaud's

Running is a good way to exercise yourself and improve your blood circulation. Also, don’t forget to take on your gloves for cold hands.

1. Both full-finger gloves and mittens can provide enough warmth for your hands outside.

2. Anti-grip design allows you to hold your devices firmly.

3. Choose tight-fit gloves in case your gloves slip off while running.

4. The touch screen design is still essential if use you want to phone with your gloves.

Best Running Gloves for Raynaud’s: SIMARI Winter Running Gloves Compatible with TouchScreen


ski gloves for raynaud's

Skiing is an exciting winter activity, but for Raynaud sufferers, you need the warmest skiing gloves to protect your hands.

1. Mittens can provide you with the best warmth to defend against the cold while skiing.

2. Settle for heated gloves to make your hand arteries work well.

3. Waterproof is a must-have to make your gloves dry and keep the heat of your hands.

4. The touch screen design is still essential if use you want to phone with your gloves.

5. A longer glove cuff can prevent snow from entering your gloves and freezing your fingers.


raynaud's swimming gloves

Do not surprise, any rapid temperature change will trigger Raynaud’s symptoms. So you need to equip your hands with Raynaud swimming gloves before diving into the cold water.

1. If you have cold hands, choose thick Neoprene gloves which feature the best water-resistant and heat insulation.

2. Adjustable wrist strips can minimize water entry and ensure excellent fit, also your hands can keep warm.


To ensure your driving safety, warm your car before you get into it. This step can prevent the unexpected Raynaud attack on the road.

Also, don’t forget to wear a pair of thermal gloves for your cold hands.

1. Full-fingered gloves are perfect for you to handle steering wheels.

2. Silicone particle palms are highly recommended for a firm grip.

3. Opt for a touch screen design to use your phone with gloves in the car freely.

5. Males & Females, Are There Any Differences for Gloves?

If you are a male who are suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome, it’s time to turn for a pair of men’s Raynaud’s gloves.

Settle for full-fingered gloves which can give you adequate dexterity to finish your work.

And for working gloves choose pairs with grip-enhanced palms to let you grab tools easily.

If you have big hands then you can choose larger size gloves. Meanwhile, you can wear a pair of liner gloves inside to get the best fit.

On the other hand, one fact of Raynaud’s disease is that women are nine times more likely to suffer from the condition.

Hence for women, a pair of very thermal gloves are important to cope with Raynaud’s attack.

Mittens are ideal for warmth. All your fingers can keep close and generate more heat to defend against coldness.

Besides, leather full finger gloves are pretty stylish if you want gloves that can match your outfit.

And leather is a water-resistant fabric so you can wear a pair of leather gloves without worrying about the damp cold.

If you have very sensitive skin, you can trust the cashmere gloves. These soft, non-irritating gloves can give your hands the best comfort.