Best Adventure Motorcycle Gloves for On-Off Road Bikers in 2022

Also known as ADV or dual sport gloves, adventure motorcycle gloves are equipment used for both on-road and off-road duties.

They have hybrid features like an abrasion-resistant chassis which allows you to make use of them on the road or practical cuff entries which makes them good for functional off-road duties.

They are just like the touring motorcycle gloves, just that touring gloves are shorter on the fingers so we can put them on and removed them easily from the hands.

ADV gloves have a rugged construction since they made it to withstand minimum effects.

In this article, we will discuss some important parts that guide you to find the best, including:

  • Considerable factors you need to judge for a good adventure motorcycle gloves
  • Best ADV gloves and brands with outstanding features

best adventure motorcycle gloves to buy


In a hurry? Check the top picks!

Most Durable for ADV Motorcycle Fans: Alpinestars Riding Gloves (Click here to buy)

Warmest with Gauntlet Cuff: BORLENI Unisex Motorcycle Gloves (Click here to buy)

With Silicone Grip and Hard Knuckle Armor: Jackets 4 Bikes Men’s Premium Leather Biker Gloves (Click here to buy)

Most Lightweight without Burden: Indie Ridge Motorcycle Gloves (Click here to buy)


What to Look for When Buying Adventure Motorcycle Gloves?

what to consider when buying an adventure motorcycle glove

Follow the following considerations, you will find it will no longer be a daunting task.

Leather Palms and Hard Knuckle Armor

When picking out the best adventure motorcycle glove for yourself, it is advisable to get one in full or semi leather which ensures a high-grade worn resistance.

A rigid knuckle armor with reinforced leader palms is the best.

Avoid textile fabric products because this would be important for your safety when riding both off and on-road.

Stretch Fabric

Stretch fabric is important in high-quality ADV gloves because it provides easy mobility and usage.

Products integrated with stretch fabrics or accordion panels behind and in front of the palm are brilliant choices to choose from.

Light in Weight

Although they made it from leather and reinforced knuckle armor, a good ADV glove has to be very light so that your fingers do not experience fatigue during use.

The weight of any adventure motorcycle glove depends on the material used to make them.

There are 3 kinds of these gloves. The leather, textile and hybrid which is a blend between both leather and textile.

Textile gloves are mostly bulky and perfect for winter. They are considered the heaviest kind of adventure motorcycle gloves.

Wanna lightweight with high quality gloves for adventure motorcycle riding? Leather items should be your premium choice.

Fully Waterproof

Although not compulsory, good adventure motorcycle gloves usually come in a waterproof option. This is good for users who enjoy riding in the rain.

You may immerse your gloves in water or mud and having a good glove that is waterproof may stop some from going into your palm and making your grip uncomfortable.

The waterproof materials for adventure motorcycle gloves vary from each brand.

The two known waterproofing materials for adventure motorcycle gloves are the Polyester and Gore-Tex.

Excellent Grips

Talking about grip, even if you end up purchasing one which isn’t waterproof, the ADV gloves you should go for are ones that have and can keep their grip even in the harshest of all weathers.

Using high-quality gloves, you should not get bothered riding anywhere you want to as long as you hold the wheel as your life depends on it.

Easy-Entry Cuffs

A good ADV glove has an easy entry cuff which is added to make “putting on” as easy as possible while also securing it tightly to help keep and maintain grip.

This feature is essential so that your gloves do not have to fly off during a crash.

The easy-entry cuffs utilized in adventure motorcycle gloves include the velcro strap, hook and loop strap, and the auto lock zipper with hook and loop.

My recommendation in this category will be the Velcro strap.

Perfect Fit

when searching for a good ADV motorcycle glove product, consider getting one that fits perfectly and is well, hidden under your biking jacket.

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Best Adventure Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

Check the best dual sport motorcycle gloves!

Alpinestars Riding Gloves – Most Durable for ADV Motorcycle Fans

alpinestars adventure gloves


The premium full leather gloves feature a leather and mesh chassis construction with perforated zones offering breathability.

With hoop and loops grip wrist closure that keeps the gloves in place and stretch zone on fingers and backhand.

The SMX-1 Air allows a range of hand movements and comfort to the user.

Protection and durability

Equipped with the hard polymer knuckle protection, the Alpinestars SMX-1 Air v2 provides enhanced abrasion and impact resistance.

The synthetic suede zones and side padding reinforcements on these motorcycle gloves provide extra comfort, abrasion-resistant, and durability.

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Jacket 4 Bikes Premium Leather Gloves – Soft and Comfortable

leather-made dual sport riding gloves

Fine Material

They crafted the biker Gel gloves using genuine leather. They are double stitched on critical areas like the palm to prevent unprecedented tear when in use.

The panels in these fine leather motorcycle gloves are elastic to provide you with effortless movement and fit.

Protection and Comfort

They reinforced these motorcycle gloves with a double layer of leather to protect your palm.

On the fingers and palm are protective paddings with soft knuckles for flexibility and protection.

These premium biker gel gloves feature Velcro straps to provide the wearer with a customizable and perfect fit.

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BORLENI Unisex Motorcycle Gloves – Warmest with Gauntlet Cuff

waterproof red dual sport motorcycle gloves

Top-notch protection

The Borleni Motorcycle gloves are known for their 100% waterproof capabilities and breathability.

They are also windproof and reduce the wear between the gloves and motorcycle through the suede protection between the thumb and the index finger.

Comfort and added abilities

The Borleni motorcycle gloves feature an ergonomic design offering a Carbon fiber shell. This helps to adjust the tightness of the wrist.

They also keep your hands warm and breathable during the winter.

The special gloves can operate touch screen devices because of the special fiber on the index finger on gloves. You can use your phones without the need of taking the gloves off.

The waterproof capabilities on these gloves make them feel dry and warm, even on a rainy day.

In summary, they made these fine motorcycle gloves for your comfort.

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Jackets 4 Bikes Men’s Premium Leather Biker Gloves – With Silicone Grip

cowhide leather adventure motorcycle gloves

Quality material

They craft the Motorcycle Cruising Street Palm Sliders Biker Gloves from Jackets 4 bike stores with high-grade Aniline cowhide leather.

Yes, they are durable and provide excellent comfort to the hands. Another top-notch material added to these special gloves is carbon fiber.

The design purposely placed them on the knuckle to offer protection.

Protection, Comfort, and Special Ability

The Aniline cowhide leather gloves feature the hook and loop closure to secure your wrist and carbon fiber at the knuckles for extra protection.

They are naturally palm sliders and you do not need to force your hands into them. The palm and fingers are pre-curved to bring balance when holding the motorcycle handles.

With the silicon printed grips, these gloves provide you with the right amount of grip to operate your motorcycle.

On the list of special abilities or will I say the only special ability. Is the ability to operate touch screen devices. The touch screen capability works on the index finger.

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ILM Motorbike Racing Gloves – With Hard Shell Knuckle

adventure riding gloves with hard shell PVC

High-grade material and Glove capabilities

They made the ILM motorcycle gloves from premium goatskin. This provides and ensures durability through a series of events.

At the knuckles are hard-shell PVC. they put this in place to provide your hands with protection against damage during a crash.

The gloves have touch screen functionality and are perfect for all types of touchscreen devices.

Therefore, making them perfect for outdoor use without the need of taking them off.


At, the wrist of these specially made gloves are elastic straps to provide the user with a customizable and perfect fit.

It features a velcro system that the user can use to adjust the wrist tightening according to their choice.

The ILM gloves are perfect for winter or wintry days riding. This is because these gloves are unperforated.

Meaning that they will trap the heat inside them. At the fingers and back of the hand, these gloves offer a capacity expansion, enabling the gloves to work according to your blood pressure or whether by shrinking or expanding.

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Indie Ridge Motorcycle Gloves – Most Lightweight

touch screen gloves for adventure motorcycle

Comfortability and perfectly fit

Riding with the Indie Ridge Powersports Motorcycle Gloves has a superior feeling like no other. These gloves offer zoned protection and anti-slip grips on motorcycles.

They are crafted to provide dexterity, breathability, and lightweight capabilities through the Airprene fabric, its source material.

The gloves feature a hook and loop closure to provide a perfect fit customizable to the user.


These gloves from Indie Ride offer protection in three major areas; the palm, knuckle, and wrist.

The protection on the palm is a 3D classic anti-slip system that enables the user to use a range of grasping conditions.

On the knuckles, the outer areas have an arch shape design to offer added protection to the knuckles.

At the back of the fingers are anti-collision layers to protect the finger joints, also the back of the hand from damages.


These gloves, unique in every way, can be used in several cases and scenarios. They are water and windproof, making them perfect for summer and winter use.

Because of the anatomical design of these gloves, they are suitable for a variety of tasks aside from riding. Such tasks may include cycling, shooting, camping, hunting, and rock climbing.

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Milwaukee Cruising Gloves – For Summer

pull on motorcycle gloves for adventure


Known among men to be one of the most comfortable gloves, the Milwaukee MG7510-BLK-XS is perfectly breathable.

They are made of premium leather that can bend easily and return to its initial shape without breaking or becoming deformed.

These cruising gloves feature the velcro wrist strap to provide an adjustable and perfect fit.

Indeed, the Milwaukee MG7510-BLK-XS are suitable to keep you comfortable for long rides.


The velcro wrist straps secure the gloves to your wrist to avoid them from flying off during accidents, enabling them to protect you at all costs.

Although the knuckles are not properly protected, the palms feature gel padding to provide comfortable and protective use.

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What Differentiate Adventure Motorcycle Gloves from Normal Ones?

While adventure motorcycle gloves have a bigger job to do, they protect users from moisture, climate, and even crashes. They are made of hardcore high-end leather and they are not cheap either.

Normal motorcycle gloves are made up of cheaper materials such as good fake leather or textiles. They are normally thicker than most off-road gloves, and they are okay for some weather conditions.

They can keep the user warm during cold days and as well keep them cool during hot days. Weather protection on these types of gloves varies too.

Both gloves are good for motorcycle protection, but the adventure motorcycle gloves are much better because they provide more protection.

It is waterproof, easy to put on, has a tighter grip, and it overall fits more with your biker’s jacket.


Who Makes the Best Adventure Motorcycle Gloves?

what is the best brand pf adventure motorcycle gloves

It’s KLIM.

This company makes products that meet intercontinental standards. Serious ADV riders noticeably used their ADV gloves all around the world.

The company uses double kevlar stitching on most of it’s the product and they are highly waterproof keeping the handles dry while giving hardcore protection.

The motorcycle gloves from KLIM can even be used for other activities such as snowboarding because of the temperature control it gives the hands during use.

One other factor that plays a big role in KLIM’s ADV gloves is the wind protection it gives using a Wind stopper material.


What Are the Best Adventure Motorcycle Gloves?

Alpinestars Riding Gloves – Most Durable for ADV Motorcycle Fans

alpinestars adventure gloves

If you are avid in on-off road motorcycle, this pair of gloves with full leather out shell and breathable mesh palm is what you are looking for!

What You Will Like

  • Comfortable for All Hands

It is ultra-comfortable for all hands, ranging from a wide hand to a narrow hand. The genuine leather ensures high-level elasticity. With Velcro grip wrist closure, your hands are always in place.

Have big hands? No worries! There leaves a sufficient stretch zone on fingers and backhand.

  • Perfect for Sweaty Hands

The mesh palm is designed with strategic perforation zones to let air flow in, which makes it suitable for sweaty hands.

  • Able to Protect Your Hands and Wrists

In case of falling down, the hard polymer knuckle and side padding are here to help you get enhanced abrasion and impact resistance.

What You May Not Like

  • Not Warm Enough for Winter

With a short cuff, your wrist may be exposed to open air directly and will get stiff. Try to get another gauntlet if you are fond of winter riding.

  • Single Layer

It could be much better if the manufacturer designs a removable liner.

What Do Reviewers Say

Most buyers speak highly on the material, “the leather is genuine.” “Amazing! The leather palm is really worn-resistant. I used it for months but it’s still like a new!”

A newcomer in ADV says “the goatskin on the palm get me perfectly protected and the black and white finish is great to match my new motor”.

Perfect for: 

  • Hands of all size
  • Spring, summer and autumn

Not Best for:

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