Best Anti Vibration Gloves for Carpal Tunnel and Heavy Duty Work in 2022

Anti-vibration gloves are essential for reducing the effect of dangerous vibrations from equipment or machines.

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) helps prevent vibration from the machine to the hands of the individual. For this reason, these types of gloves are essential among most individuals, especially workers.

Purchasing the best anti vibration gloves requires a significant level of precision for the best user experience. It’s imperative to buy those with good materials from reputable brands in the industry.

In this article, you will see some of the best anti-vibration gloves and what makes them unique.

gloves for vibration protection


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What Happens If You Don’t Wear Anti-Vibration Gloves?

If you don’t wear anti-vibration gloves, there’s a tendency that you get affected by high-frequency vibrations.

Without anti-vibration gloves, there may also be a long-term negative effect on the central nervous system.

High-frequency vibrations cause significant changes in the muscles, tendons, bones, and joints.

When the hands are exposed to high-frequency vibrations due to the lack of these gloves, you may experience shakiness or loss of balance that affects effectiveness.

As an individual, it’s essential to wear these anti-vibration gloves to avoid various negative after-effects.


Which Material Can Reduce Your Hand Vibration Syndrome?

Manufacturers use materials that protect the hands from vibration when making anti-vibration gloves. Some brands also combine two protective materials for style, design, or functionality reasons.

Here are some of the major materials that protect the hands from vibration:


Leather is a significant material in the glove-making industry. Most manufacturers use them for protection against burns or abrasion, but they are also essential for protecting against vibration.

These types of gloves help in reducing both low and high-frequency vibration.


In the glove-making industry, Kevlar is a common material for providing heat resistance.

This material is also useful in protecting against vibration due to its thickness.


Rubber is a very common substance that comes from the exudation of tropical plants. It has many applications, and one of them includes the production of high-quality and affordable gloves.

Impressively, they have a reasonable resistance against vibrations.

Coated Fabric:

Coated fabrics are typically thicker than conventional fabric.

They provide resistance against vibration, and they also have other various benefits like abrasion resistance, durability, and thermal resistance.


Best Anti-Vibration Gloves Review

Anti Vibration gloves have great advantages to the hands and the overall central nervous system. Hence, it’s essential to make the best choice when selecting gloves. Here’s what you need to know:

HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Safety Work Gloves – High Visibility

anti vibration work gloves

The HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Safety Work Gloves are great vibration-resistant gloves with a highly functional SBR padding palm. With that padding, wearers can avoid or reduce the occurrence of injuries. You can use the pair comfortably to prevent vibration from tools and equipment.

Individuals using the gloves can benefit from high visibility due to the reflective orange appearance.

The HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Safety Work Gloves are general utility gloves, and the synthetic leather palm offers significant shrink resistance for strength during jobs that involve vibrations.

Why It’s a Good Choice:


The HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Safety Work Gloves are highly breathable and flexible for use. They have spandex back that helps keep the hands comfortable for a long time.

The high breathability of the work gloves increases efficiency at work and helps in quicker task completion.

Touchscreen Fingertips

When working, you may decide to use the devices without taking off the gloves. Thanks to the intuitive design, wearers can benefit from the touch screen feature of the pair.

The HANDLANDY includes three-screen fingertips that work for iPads, iPhones, and other devices, making work more convenient.

Adjustable Wrist Strap

The HANDLANDY gloves have an adjustable wrist strap that makes them easy to wear and take off conveniently.

With the adjustable Velcro hook and look wrist, you can also make adjustments until you get the perfect fit for both safety and comfort throughout work.

Take Note:

Pressing Over Device Screen

The touchscreen feature of the HANDLANDY gloves makes them very suitable for use with devices. However, there are instances where the touchscreen feature of the gloves may function inappropriately due to wet gloves.

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Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Lightweight Anti-Vibration Work Glove – For Carpal Tunnel

The Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Certified Lightweight Anti-Vibration Work Gloves are made from a unique chloroprene rubber palm pad.

One of the unique features of the pair of gloves is the incredible lightweight design that makes them comfortable for long-term use.

Ergodyne takes breathability seriously, especially for their anti-vibration gloves. The product is made from seven-gauge cotton or nylon that helps breathability.

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Top Quality Rubber

The Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Certified Lightweight Anti-Vibration Work Gloves are made from high-quality rubber that helps in protection against high-toned vibration.

Due to the top-quality rubber, wearers can enjoy resilience, tear resistance, and good tensile strength while working.

Pre-curved Design

The purpose of the pre-curved design in the Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Certifies Lightweight Anti-Vibration Work Gloves is to offer maximum comfort and dexterity.

Also, the pre-curved design and elastic curve are essential for providing wearers with a secure fit.


The overall weight of the Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 (medium size) is 5.6 ounces with full dimensions of 5.5 x 3.5 x 14 inches (Check large and extra-large specifications).

Thanks to the lightweight, workers can easily transport the pair of gloves from one place to another. The lightweight design also makes them very comfortable for extended use.

Take Note:

Uncomfortable in Rare Conditions

Individuals may find the Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 uncomfortable in certain conditions due to their hand size or misuse. Ensure that you purchase the size that fits perfectly into your hands to avoid continuous discomfort.

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Etglove Heavy Duty Chainsaw Work Gloves – Most Comfortable

anti vibration rubber hand gloves

The Etglove Heavy Duty Work Gloves use thermoplastic rubber (TPR) as its sole anti-vibration material. It also includes SBR inner padding, which plays a role in overall comfortability.

For better protection from vibration, the Etglove Heavy Duty Work Gloves also include TPR on the knuckle and fingers.

The Etglove Heavy Duty Work Gloves embrace an ergonomic work gloves arc design that ensures comfortability and maximum flexibility in terms of design.

The Etglove Heavy Duty Work Gloves have a reinforced saddle and additional protection in-between the forefinger and thumb for better usability.

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Unique Design

The Etglove Heavy Duty Work Gloves have an ergonomic arc design that provides a high level of flexibility and comfort. Etglove ensures that wearers can have additional protection in-between the forefinger and thumb, which helps effectiveness when working.

Multifunctional Pairs

Wearers can use the Etglove Heavy Duty Glove for various applications and scenarios. The pair works well for both men and women in environments.

They are the ideal pairs for drivers, construction workers, yard workers, gardeners, and other professions that may involve high or low-frequency vibrations.

Durable Padding

The Etglove Heavy Duty Work Gloves have a 5 mm SBR inner padding patch that helps in protecting the palm.

With durable padding, individuals can also benefit from abrasion resistance and high durability. Both the knuckle and fingers are also padded for impact.

Take Note:

Low RPM Tools

The Etglove Heavy Duty Work Gloves are very suitable for high-frequency vibrations for tools like leaf mowers, but they will be less flexible when holding the low-frequency vibration tools.

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HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Strimming and Mowing Gloves – For High-Frequency Vibration

anti vibration gloves for strimming

The HANDLANDY Anti-Vibration Gloves are great anti-vibration gloves with 5mm SBR inner padding on each of the fingers.

Thanks to the padding, wearers can experience less vibration on the fingers when performing high or low-frequency vibration tools.

The HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Gloves are highly suitable for loggers, metal workers, and power tools.

For better usability, the HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Gloves provide additional protection between the forefinger and thumb.

The 5mm Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) knuckle guards protect against the risk of pinching injuries and high impact.

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Reinforced Chainsaw Gloves

The HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Gloves are impact-resistant and reduce hand numbness from chainsaw and weed eater usage.

Individuals can enjoy an extra level of protection between the thumb and forefinger that helps in providing a high level of safety.

High Impact Gloves

As high impact gloves, the HANDLANDY Anti Vibration prevents high-frequency vibrations from various tools like mowers. They use Thermoplastic Rubber protectors for better usability and applications.

Durable Inner Padding

The HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Gloves have durable inner padding that prevents injuries to the palm. You can also perform tasks comfortably and effectively with the durable HANDLANDY gloves.

Take Note:

Low Dexterity

The HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Gloves have low dexterity due to their level of thickness.

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How to Pick the Best Anti Vibration Gloves?

When selecting the best anti-vibration gloves, there are essential factors you need to consider as a buyer. These factors will bring you closer to making the best decision. Here’s what you need to know:

What are the Standards of the Anti-Vibration Gloves?

The standards of the anti-vibration gloves are an essential fact to consider when making a purchase. There was a 2013 update on the standard of anti-vibration gloves, making it safer for all wearers.

According to the conventional standard, a glove should reduce vibration in mid-frequency by 10%.

Note that the medium frequency falls between 25Hz to 200Hz.

The standards also permit gloves to reduce vibration in the high frequency by a minimum of 40%.

For the high frequency, it typically falls in the range of 200Hz to 1,250Hz.

With the anti-vibration gloves, wearers can protect themselves from vibration that affects the central nervous system.

Who Makes the Best Vibration Protection Gloves?

Portwest is a significant brand that makes some of the best anti-vibration gloves that offer maximum protection.

Most of the gloves from this brand offer great abrasion resistance, making them provide both safety and durability. The brand also follows the appropriate standards for the best consumer experience.

What Padding Should I Get?

Depending on the manufacturer, most anti-vibration gloves use general foam cell padding.

With padding, wearers can benefit from lesser shock and vibration when performing various tasks.

The SBR padding is also very essential for experiencing less high-frequency vibrations on different occasions.

What Makes It have High Flexibility?

Most anti-vibration gloves come with pre-curved designs that offer comfort, flexibility, and dexterity to the wearers.

For flexibility, some manufacturers also ensure that the gloves offer proper stretch.

For this reason, you should check for pairs that possess this feature for the best experience when it’s in use.

Breathable Fabric?

One of the most important features to look out for when purchasing anti-vibration gloves is the fabric’s breathability. Gloves made from breathable fabric are more comfortable to wear for long hours when working with them.

Materials like synthetic leather offer more breathability and free air circulation compared to conventional leather.

How Does It Fit?

How well the anti-vibration gloves fit is essential. However, most manufacturers provide gloves for different hand sizes, making it easy for you to choose.

Some products include features like an adjustable hook and loop wrist closure for a perfect fit.


Main Applications of Anti Vibration Gloves

vibration resistant gloves

Anti-vibration gloves are essential in different industries, and they have various significant applications.

Ensure that you consider the brand and type of gloves and their features before using them for any common significant applications.

Here are the common applications of anti-vibration gloves:

For Sanding:

Sanding is a process that woodworkers carry out on a wood surface. It aims to remove defects from wood that may affect its performance and appearance.

Sanding is a process that uses a sander, which causes vibration. For this reason, it’s essential to use these gloves.

There are different types of sanders, including disc sander, oscillating spindle sander, random orbital sander, flap sander, and belt sander.

Note that most of these tools cause high vibration levels, which affects your body system when there’s no PPE like anti-vibration gloves.

Holding Power Tools:

Power tools cause a high vibration level. When using these tools, it’s essential to use gloves to avoid issues with the body system.

Examples of the power tools include chainsaws, grinders, jackhammers, weed eaters, and impact wrenches.


Anti-vibration gloves are imperative for workers in different fields, including building construction, mining, mechanics, smelting, and manufacturing.

All of those fields involve tools with high vibration, which makes the anti-vibration gloves highly essential.

If you are involved in works that involve the use of high vibration tools, it’s also essential to take breaks from time to time.

Individuals that involve themselves in those jobs may develop HAVS if they don’t take the appropriate precaution.


Cycling for long hours may be a major form of exercise, but it also leads to a significant vibration level in the hands.

If you’re trying to avoid those types of vibrations, the anti-vibration gloves are great picks.

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome and Other Hand and Wrist Disease:

The hand-arm vibration syndrome is a condition that occurs due to occupational exposure to vibrating hand tools. In most cases, individuals know the condition as the HAVS.

Workers trying to prevent the condition and other hand and wrist diseases connected to vibration should use gloves.


Other Ways to Reduce Vibration Asides Using Vibration Dampening Gloves

Anti-vibration dampening gloves are essential for workers when using high-frequency vibration tools and low-frequency ones.

Here are some suggestions to consider when trying to reduce vibration:

1. Use Different Tools:

There are some alternative tools to use for high-frequency vibration tasks.

It would help if you considered using those tools with low-frequency vibration to avoid issues with the central nervous system.

2. Please Make Sure the Tools Are Serviced and Well Maintained:

Some tools increase their vibration tendency when they aren’t serviced appropriately.

3. Select the Right Tool:

Some tools aren’t meant for a specific task. Before performing a task, ensure that you select the right tools to avoid vibration.



1. What are Anti-Vibration Gloves?

Anti vibration gloves are unique types of gloves that are essential for reducing the negative effects of vibration.

They are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that help avoid numbness of the hands due to vibration.

Most anti-vibration gloves can also absorb a specific range of frequencies of the vibration that causes the white finger syndrome.

2. Are Anti Vibration Gloves Any Good?

Anti-vibration gloves are effective for reducing high frequency from tools.

They are commonly known for effectively lessening the risk of HAVS.

When the anti-vibration gloves absorb and dampen the vibration, there’s a low tendency of getting affected by the central nervous system.

3. Who Needs a Pair of Vibration Gloves?

All individuals performing heavy tasks need a pair of vibration gloves for an effective work experience.

They are great for mechanics, drivers, construction, gardening, farming, warehouse workers, and landscaping workers.

Generally, anyone that works on vibrating tools should have a pair of vibration gloves.

4. Are Anti-Vibration Gloves the Only Way to Protect Against HAVS?

Anti-vibration gloves are one of the major ways to protect against HAVS, but it isn’t the only technique for getting protection against HAVS.

  • As a worker, you can take regular breaks when using tools that vibrate at high frequencies.
  • Ensure you also keep the body warm in cold conditions to improve blood circulation.


What Are the Best Anti Vibration Gloves?

Anti-vibration gloves are essential for preventing HAVS and other conditions that may affect the central nervous system.

The HANDLANDY Anti-Vibration Safety Work Gloves is one of the best choices for an anti-vibration glove due to their durable inner padding and reinforcement.