Are Cowboy Hat Waterproof?

Whether it’s for ranching purposes or you wear it for the love of western fashion, cowboy hats have become a trend that many people are turning to.

These all-weather hats are suitable for blocking the sun from your face.

But are cowboy hats waterproof? Not all, but you can get or make your hat waterproof.

Aside from protecting your face from the sun, waterproof cowboy hats keep your head cozy and dry from water while still protecting your hat from moisture damage.

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What Type of Cowboy Hat Can Get Wet?

are stetsion hat waterproofMost cowboy hats are made to dry up quickly if you get caught up in the rain. But keeping them soaking wet is not a good idea.

If you constantly wear your cowboy hat in the rain, no matter the material, it will get damaged and shrink in a short time.

Now take a look at some cowboy hats and see if they can get wet:

1. Wool Cowboy Hat

In fact, wool cowboy hats can defiantly get wet, considering the material. Wool is highly porous and gets wet very fast.

This soft material makes great hats that can withstand some drizzle or light snow for a while.

If it does get in contact with water, do not put it away while it is still wet. Pat most of the water out of the cowboy hat and let it dry.

Otherwise, you will be exposing your hat to damage and mildew.

Wool cowboy hats are not lightweight compared to other types. They are perfect for cold days, winter, or if you plan to go out at night.

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2. Fur Felt Cowboy Hat

Almost all fur felt hats could be worn in light or moderate rain because they are showerproof materials.

If you do wear it in the rain in moderation, you don’t have to fear its shape and material damage.

Moreover, fur felt cowboy hats are a classic cowboy look with their added animal fur.

They are excellent protection from cold and moisture. Like wool cowboy hats, these hats are perfect for the cold weather.

Exposing them to too much heat can easily damage them.

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3. Leather Cowboy Hat

Sure, leather cowboy hats get wet, but it is not a good idea. Leather has oils in it, and this is what maintains its quality.

It can lose quality and get brittle as it dries up because the water will fuse with the oils in the leather and evaporate as it dries.

If it fails to dry in good time, leather can mold up pretty fast. Hence you need to shape your leather cowboy hat when it is wet.

Besides, cowboy hats made of leather can be worn all year round. It can weather all outdoor elements while protecting your head from the scorching sun.

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4. Oiled Cotton Cowboy Hat

These cowboy hats are highly water-resistant but not waterproof. You can wear it in moderate rain, but it is not a good choice for heavy rain.

Though they are made from cotton, the oils added to the cotton help improve its water-resistant abilities.

Oiled cotton cowboy hats can also be worn all year round. They are suitable for sun protection, and during rainy days, they keep the water from rolling down your face.

5. Palm Straw Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats made from palm straws are waterproof, but they get wet. Even during a heavy downpour, the hats still hold their shape.

You can also get them wet when you need to reshape them.

These straw cowboy hats are perfect for the summer. They are good at protecting you from the heat and sun rays.

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How to Improve the Waterproof Ability of Your Cowboy Hat?

Generally, you may buy cowboy hats for several reasons; for fashion, to protect your heads from elements outdoors, or because some brands of cowboy hats can last for a long time.

Your hat needs to be clean before waterproofing it. The best time to do it is soon after buying it because that is when it is cleanest.

Do conclusive research on the gels and liquids most suitable for the material of your cowboy hat.

Before waterproofing the entire cowboy hat, always do a spot check.

Chose a hidden spot on the hat and apply or spray the liquid or gel. Let it sit for a while and see if it affects the hat, like changing its color.

Cowboy hat vendors have a vast knowledge of waterproofing the hat. Here are a few ways you can improve their waterproof abilities:

Spray the cowboy hat with a water repellant

If you choose to spray your cowboy hat with a water-repellant, always make sure not to leave any spot without the liquid.

Hold the can about eight inches from the heat and spray it entirely.

You might notice the color get darker as you spray, or the hat becomes stiff, but it will turn back to normal once it dries. This works better for felt cowboy hats.

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Apply waterproof gel, oil, or bee wax on your cowboy hat

For this, you will need a brush or a piece of cloth. Apply a generous amount of the liquid or bee wax to your cowboy hat using a piece of cloth or brush.

Make sure to be gentle. Once you are sure you have applied it on every spot, wipe off the excess liquid from the heat.

You can also do a second coating for the bee wax the first coating.

When possible, carry a protective rain cover or a hat box to prevent water from contacting your hat when it rains.

You can watch the video to see the process more clearly.

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Post Care of Cowboy Hats After Getting Wet

Cowboy hats often get wet and snowy, and it is ok when they do. Here are a few ways to prevent damage to your hat once it gets wet.

1. Avoid using artificial forms of heat, such as a drier or stove, to dry your cowboy hat when it gets wet. Also, avoid direct sunlight on your hat.

2. Always hold the hat by its brim when wet. If you pinch the crown of a felt hat, it may lose shape.

3. Using paper towels or a clean, dry cloth, wipe off the excess water on the hat gently.

4. Turn the sweatband out for it to dry quickly.

5. If the hat is considerably wet, avoid hanging it on the hat rack or with a peg as it dries up. It might lose shape. Turn it upside down, let it sit on its crown, and let it dry.

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Prevent your hat from getting wet as much as possible. But in case it is unavoidable, always make sure you dry it properly while considering its material.

This will help it continue looking stylish for a long time.

Since not all hats are waterproof, waterproofing your cowboy hat is a great way to maintain its look.

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