Is it Bad Manners to Wear a Hat Indoors? Two Views and My Own

Since there are lots of discussions about why it is bad manners to wear a hat indoors, you might be wondering: Is it bad manners to wear a hat indoors? Is it really that rude? And more importantly, what are the basic reasons behind all the views? First of all, the answer to all those … Read more

How to Tell If a Hat is Too Small: 3 Signs Will Prove It

signs of a small hat

It’s important to be able to tell if a hat is too small because it can be uncomfortable if it’s not a good fit. A hat that’s too small can cause red marks on your forehead, make it hard to take the hat off, or stop your head from reaching the end of the crown. … Read more

Why Do Hats Cause Different Types of Headaches & Tips to Prevent Them

reasons and solutions why your hat makes your head hurt

Things will happen like this: I haven’t done anything, but why does my head hurt when I wear a hat? You might be surprised to learn that something as seemingly innocuous as wearing a hat can cause various headaches. I know I was when I first started experiencing them. But after doing some research, I … Read more

Why Does Your Hat Smell Like Hell: Reasons & Solutions

solutions for removing hats odor

Who likes stinky hats? No one, that’s who. Not only do stinky hats make you look and smell bad, but they’re also a breeding ground for bacteria. Gross. But our hat just smells for no reason; what gives? There are actually a few reasons your hat might start smelling bad. Here are some of the … Read more

How to Wear Fedora Hat for Women: 5 Stylish Tips to Improve Your Outfit

how do you wear a fedora hat for women

Without a doubt, fedora hats are increasingly becoming trendy fashion-wise in the modern-day. In fact, fedora hats have been taking an important role in women’s fashion world for a decade. Additionally, fedora hats are available in various sizes and colors, and they are suitable for multiple occasions and events. Hence it will be a challenge … Read more

Why Golfers Love Wearing Hat? Here’s the Answer

what to consider when choosing types of golf hats

Nice day for golfing ain’t it? You may get all the equipment you need before going to the golf course. But wait, do you have your golf hats already? You may have noticed that a lot of famous golfers wear a hat and some have been their typical symbols. Like the black baseball cap Tiger … Read more