How to Make Your Bachelorette Party Unique with Cowgirl Hat?

A bachelorette party is a time to let loose, have some fun, and celebrate your last days of singledom.

It’s also a time to get a little bit wild and try something new. If you’re looking for something fun and unique to do for your bachelorette party, why not try a cowgirl theme?

Sure, it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but bear with us. The great thing about a cowgirl theme is that it can be as wild or as tame as you want it to be.

So whether you’re in for a night of debauchery or a more low-key evening, we’ve got you covered with these cowgirl hat ideas.

Why Should You Try Cowgirl Theme For Your Bachelorette Party?

Cowgirls are known for being tough, independent, and confident. And what better way to celebrate your newfound single status than by channeling your inner cowgirl? Embrace your inner cowboy (or cowgirl) and round up your girls for a night you’ll never forget.

Not only is a cowgirl theme unique, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to get all decked out in cowboy hats, boots, and fringe.

Plus, there are so many different ways you can put your own spin on it. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, read on for our favorite cowgirl hat ideas.

Add Pinky Elements

credit: @pulley-productions

If you want to add a touch of femininity to your cowgirl look, try incorporating some pink into your outfit. A pink cowboy hat is a perfect way to add just a pop of color.

Or go all out and wear a hot pink fringe jacket with matching cowboy boots. Trust us, you’ll stand out from the crowd in the best way possible.

Try Some Unique Patterns

@elisaabyn on Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures when it comes to picking out your cowboy hat. If you really want to make a statement, try one with cow prints or a unique fabric.

Or for something a little more subtle, go for fluffy fur brims. No matter what you choose, make sure it expresses your personality.

Rock the Disco

@barnhillvictoria6 on Pinterest

Try going disco-themed instead for a truly unique twist on the traditional cowgirl look. This look is about glitter, shimmer, and shine—think rhinestones, sequins, and fringe.

To really make this look work, pair your disco-inspired cowboy hat with some platform boots or go-go dancer attire. You’ll definitely be the life of the party in this ensemble.

Black & White Are Still Hot Options

credit: @12thtribe

Just because you’re going for a cowboy look doesn’t mean you have to stick to traditional western colors like browns and camels.

Black and white are always classic choices that will never go out of style—plus they go with everything!

So if you’re looking for an elegant yet edgy way to style your cowboy hat, try pairing it with black skinny jeans and a white lace top. Trust us; you’ll look chic AND dangerous in this combo.

Go to Space

@evelinolvera on Pinterest

And finally, if you really want to think outside the box (or should we say corral?), try doing a space-themed version of the cowboy look.

We’re talking galactic prints, shiny metallic fabrics, and plenty of sequins and sparkles. Just make sure you don’t forget the most important part—the cowboy hat!

Top off your spaceship-worthy ensemble with one of these bad boys, and you’ll be good to go.


No matter what kind of bachelorette party you’re planning—whether it’s wild or tame—there’s sure to be a cowgirl hat idea on this list that suits your fancy (and personality). So round up your girls and get ready for one last hoorah before tying the knot!