How to Choose the Best Stylish and Comfortable Baseball Caps for Dreadlocks?

Without a question, baseball caps are so popular among groups and no exception for people with cool dreadlocks.

However, you may get hesitant to get the best baseball caps for your dreadlocks.

Not big enough, potential lock damage, fabric issues… If you have dreadlocks then it’s could be pretty hard to find a suitable ball cap.

Don’t worry, you’ll get covered! This article provides a thorough guide on how to find and rock the best baseball cap with your dreads.

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How to Choose Baseball Caps for Dreadlocks?

Take it easy, picking out ball caps is not as hard as you think. Here’re several points to help you choose your deadlock baseball cap.

1. Choose the Right Hat Styles for Your Locks

First, it’s about the style ideas. Numerous baseball cap styles run into your eyes like fitted, snapback, dad hat, number of panels, the profile…

But with dreads, you’ll only want to have the one with a big crown or nice adjustable closure.

A bigger crown ensures that you can put your hat on your head without crushing your dreads.

While with an adjustable closure you can decide how your hat fits with your dreads.

And more importantly, you need to choose the ball cap style based on your dreadlocks.

Thickness, length, and how you dress your locks should be taken into consideration.

2. Consider Bigger Size

Room is the very primary requirement of your dreads for hats. An oversized baseball cap can avoid frequent friction between your locks and cap.

And if you are afraid that wearing a hat will restrain the growth of your dreadlocks, choose a bigger size baseball cap than your true head circumference.

For example, if your head size falls between the M size and L size when you catch a favored cap, then go bold for the larger size for the health of your locks.

You can try this oversized baseball cap if you have really thick dreadlocks!

3. Get Breathable Fabrics

Fabric is a real key point you should think about. First, you need to choose suitable materials based on the baseball cap’s wearing season.

The best wearing time for baseball caps are hot and mild days, so you have a great chance to generate sweat.

Hence to keep your dreads fresh with adequate dryness, you need to consider the breathability of your baseball caps.

Besides, wearing baseball caps that use hair-friendly fabric can help with your dreadlock care routine. You may want your baseball cap to contain something like that.

4. Pay Attention to Gender Difference

One thing you can ensure is that there is no limitation of genders on style attempting. As long as you are at your own pace you can rock any suitable dreadlock caps you want.

On the other hand, you can see the difference in locks’ thickness and length between males and females in some way.

And some hat retailers provide special baseball caps to fulfill different groups’ needs.

Thus there’s the necessity for writing down some picking rules for both men and women.

Choose Snapback & Fitted Cap for Your Dreadlocks

how to choose baseball caps for dreadlocks

So according to the basic rule, your baseball cap should be big enough to accommodate your dreadlocks.

Hence snapbacks and fitted caps win out due to this situation. Both of them can give enough room for your dreads with a big crown or an adjustable snap.

Next, you can decide which to choose by learning what types of fitted caps or snapbacks suit your lock style.

1. Fitted Hats for Versatile Dreadlock Styles

And after seeing so many rappers and celebrities choose fitted hats for stylish, you know that you should rock a cool fitted hat for dreadlocks yourself.

Fitted caps feature straight, high crowns that give more space for your locks than the normal ball cap shapes. Your dreads won’t receive any crease within a comfy fitted hat.

Also, fitted caps are very versatile for different dreadlock styles. Whether you have long or short locks or you just have a bad dread day, you can choose to wear a fitted cap to make you still look swag.

More importantly, you need to pay more attention to the size because there’s no adjustable back for fitted caps as their names,

In case your locks are growing rapidly or you have quite thick dreads, you can choose a bigger fitted hat for your dreads than your true head circumference.

As a recommendation, you can choose this KBETHOS Acrylic Fitted Cap with 9 Size Options to get the best fit for your dreadlocks.

red fitted caps for dreads

100% thermal and hair-friendly acrylic fabric, keep your lock healthy.

 True-size chart with a wide range (6 7/8 to 4X-large), you can find the right fit for your dreadlocks.

 High quality fitted cap but at a very lost cost

Buy on Amazon

2. Snapback Hats for Thick Locks

While talking about ball caps you cannot continue this topic without mentioning snapback.

Different from fitted caps, snapbacks feature adjustable closures so you can adjust the fit with the thickness of your dreads.

If you have real thick locks then your hairstyle features more volume on the sides. With a snapback, you can adjust the closure to loosen your hat to avoid creases on your locks.

And there’re several types of closure you can see on snapbacks. The buckle, hook and loop, and snap closure are highly recommended for dreadlock hair.

Unlike a velcro closure, your hair won’t get tangled by the buckle and snap. And to show your own style you can buy this flat brim snapback and curve it by your own preference.

dreads snapback

100% non-irritating cotton fabric for your sensitive scalp.

With a sweatband to make your head fresh.

Typical embroidered trefoil logo to make you look stylish

Buy on Amazon

3. Dad Caps for Short Dreads

As a variety of low-profile snapbacks, the dad cap features an adjustable closure at the back. And the unstructured crown of the dad cap gives adequate room for your locks to move freely.

Meanwhile, a shallow crown means less capacity, if you have above neck-length dread, then you can rock a dad cap easily.

Besides, if you want to wear dad hats with dreads that leave no crease when taken off, these shallow crown caps suit people with small heads best.

Hence go bold with a leisure dad cap if you are looking for a good fit cap for your small head with locks.

black dad hat for dreadlocks

√ Using cotton fabric, this cap is very comfortable to wear.

Very loose fit, won’t leave crease on your dreadlocks.

With various color choices, you can find the one that fits your style best.

Buy on Amazon

4. Trucker Hat for Sweaty Head with Dreads

Trucker hat is another popular variety of snapbacks, thus you can find the same adjustable closure on trucker hats’ backs.

And that’s the very reason why you can rock a trucker hat with dreads.

Differently, this version of snapbacks enhanced the breathable ability by adding mesh panels at the back of caps.

Therefore, if you have a sweaty head and want to keep your dreads fresh on hot days. A trucker hat can fulfill your needs.

breathable trucker hat for dreadlocks

By using very durable fabric (polyester), you can enjoy this trucker hat for a very long time.

Very large size chart (up to 25cm/8”), fit your thick dreads/big head perfectly

Quick-dry buckram & mesh panel to keep your head dry & fresh

Buy on Amazon

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What Baseball Cap Material Are Good For Dreads?

While ball cap style choice is a kind of personal preference, the fabric choice is about science and your lock health.

Here’s the material choice for different baseball caps and seasons.

1. Choose Spandex-Blended Fitted Caps

Due to the lack of adjustable closure, you may find that wearing fitted caps is not so comfortable especially when you have dreadlocks.

To improve your wearing experience, you can choose a spandex-blended fitted cap.

Spandex is a very stretchy and lightweight fabric. A spandex hat can be more stretchable so there’s less tension and compression on your locks.

Besides, with spandex, your fitted cap will be more breathable. So your locks and scalp can get enough air to keep fresh.

2. Wear Acrylic Baseball Caps for Cold Days

While baseball caps can give you enough warmth in fall and early spring, you may be struggling for whether a wool or acrylic cap.

If you have dreadlocks the answer is very clear: the acrylic baseball cap is the final choice for locks.

Unlike animal fur, acrylic is a non-scaly fabric and less hydrophilic. Hence your dreads can keep the moisture and won’t be dried by your acrylic baseball cap.

If you are a sports lover even on winter days, check the best golf hats for winter days.

3. Consider Cotton-Polyester-Blended Baseball Caps for Summer

When it is summertime. you can wear a baseball cap to block the sunlight, but you should also consider the moisture-wicking ability of your baseball caps.

Generally, baseball cap retailers use polyester or cotton to enhance the sweat-absorbing ability of caps.

Cotton is more breathable and lightweight, on the other hand, polyester is more durable and won’t shrink or tear easily.,

Therefore, in summer a cotton-polyester blended baseball cap is the first choice for dreadlock people.

You can enjoy the high durability and breathability with one single fabric blended baseball cap.

Besides, if you have sensitive skin, you can choose a 100% cotton baseball cap since cotton is a kind of non-irritating fabric.

Hence you won’t worry about scalp itching or allergies with a pure cotton baseball cap.

Choosing Notes for Men & Women with Dreadlocks

Want to get some special tips to pick out your very own baseball caps? Here’s what you are looking for.

For Men with Dreads

1. Opt for a fitted cap baseball cap for your long dreadlock, you can look more swag with a bigger one.

2. Choose a solid color cap. a vibrant color like red or yellow always makes a man with dreads stand out.

3. You can choose to wear a contrast design ball cap to make your dreadlock more stylish.

4. A straight brim can add some masculinity to your look.

For Women with Dreads

1. Try a washed-style dad hat with your short dreads. You can look amazingly good.

2. If you want to wear high-top dreads, there’s the backless snapback for women to choose from.

3. Light, soft color baseball caps can make you look more flattering with dreadlocks.

4. Small, cute embroid is very recommended on caps, which make you look very stylish.

Want more? Check more popular baseball caps for women in this article.

How to Wear Your Baseball Caps with Locs?

how to wear a baseball cap with beanies

Before diving into fashion suggestions on how to wear your baseball cap, remember to take off your baseball caps every 4-5 hours.

The prolonged wearing of hats will cause crease and breakage to your dreadlocks.

Now it’s time to read how to rock your baseball caps with locks.

1. Wear it backward.

Wear your snapback with the back at the front. This is the simplest way to add street style to your lock dressing.

2. Tie up your dreads.

If you have long dreads, then you can make a low ponytail with your dreads and then put your baseballs on your head.

3. Wear your cap normally.

Pull several locks from front to the back and then take your ball cap on. Hence there’s no crease left on your locks.

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How to Make Your Baseball Caps fit Your Dreads?

If you have really thick dreads that no caps are available for your situation, then you can DIY a dreadlock cap for yourself.

All you need is a hat and a pair of scissors. Here’re the steps.

1. Put your baseball cap on the table.

2. To create a suitable hole for your locks, find a part to start within the area of ventilation holes.

3. Once you find where to start, pinch up this part and cut out a slit.

4. Cut a circle along this slit.

You can watch this video below to see more details.