11 Best Baseball Caps for Women That Make You Stylish With Any Outfits

You may have bought women’s baseball caps in the past for a sport you were interested in.

You liked wearing it so much that you want to purchase some more for everyday use, but there may be one thing stopping you from purchasing another one.

The problem is that it’s been so long since you last purchased a baseball cap and you don’t remember how to purchase one.

Throughout this guide, you will learn everything that goes into purchasing the best baseball caps for women.

It’s best to be sure you know what you’re purchasing before ordering or going to the store to buy your baseball cap.

Our Top Picks!

1. with Ponytail Holes and Adjustable Straps: Funky Junque Criss Cross Baseball Cap with Ponytail Hole

(Let your hair free; ponytails and messy buns are compatible with hats now; adjustable strap will give your more comforts)

2. with Breathable Mesh and Stylish Colors: Billabong Women’s Breathable Trucker Cap

(Use breathable and durable cotton-polyester-blended fabric; lightweight to wear; mesh panels to keep your hair comfortable and fresh)

3. With Distress Design and Protective Brim: Mommy Jennie Vintage Washed Distressed Adjustable Dad Cap

(Stylish washed distressed design; soft cotton fabric without itchy feeling; pre-curved brim will shade your face)

Buying Guide of the Best Baseball Caps for Women

You may think you can start shopping as soon as you have the urge to purchase a baseball cap, but that’s not the best thing to do.

You have to think of what you want first so you’re not feeling overwhelmed with looking at the different styles of baseball caps.

Size, style, hairstyle, and season are all important factors to consider before you begin your shopping spree.

1. What Size Do You Need? 

Women’s baseball caps are relatively smaller than men’s. A woman’s head is more petite because their head circumference size usually isn’t bigger than 22.5 inches.

All women have different head sizes, but the most popular size that women buy is small to mid. The mid has a head circumference size of 22-23 inches.

The small to medium sizes run about 21 to 22 inches for the head circumference size. Not too many women go up higher than a large, but the head circumference size of an extra-large is 23.

If you have a big head and the circumference size is 25 inches or larger, you will need the 3XL size. 24 inches is the 2XL size.

You can measure your head size by taking a tape measure and measuring the thickest part of your head.

2. What Style Should You  Choose?

It’s best to become familiar with different styles of baseball caps because you will need to know what is best for you to choose.

Below you will find the different styles you can choose from to help you decide what you’re looking for.

Fitted hats –

Fitted hats come in a size, such as small, medium, and large. They generally don’t have an adjustable strap because they’re fitted to the size of your head.

Snapback hats –

The snapback hats are similar to the fitted style, except you will find an adjustable strap on the back of the hat so you can adjust the size if you need to.

Strapback hats –

Here’s a name you don’t hear too often. Strapback hats have an adjustable band to adjust the diameter of your head.

Dad Caps –

These hats are low-profile baseball caps that are comfortable and have an unstructured crown.

It doesn’t matter if you have a big or small head due to the adjustable closure behind.

Trucker hat –

Trucker hats are meant as a promotion so people can use their service.

It’s a competitive style because it’s an advertisement for their business. Trucker hats are generally worn by trucker drivers or people who do manual labor jobs outside.

Since these people work outside, the mesh style allows for better airflow and will keep you cooler.

5-panel hats –

The 5-panel hats generally use more fabric to put these together. They also have an adjustable strap so you can adjust your hat.

3. What’s Your Hairstyle?

Your hairstyle is a crucial part of deciding which hat to purchase. What hairstyle do you normally wear?

Putting your hair up in a ponytail is easier because it can go through the hole at the back.

It’s not recommended to wear your hair down because the hat could slip and slide on your hair.

Plus, your hair will be on your face. Another hairstyle you can do is low pigtails or low pigtail braids.

It’s best to be sure that they’re low so the hat will fit in between them. If it’s up too high, the hat may press your ponytails up against your head, and it could hurt.

4. Choose Baseball Caps for Women for Different Seasons

When looking into baseball caps, you should be thinking about what to look for when choosing either a summer or a winter baseball cap.

This information will give you a better understanding and will help you decide which one to go with.

What do you look for when choosing summer women’s baseball caps?

Wide brim:

Look for a baseball cap that has a wide brim. The wider the brim is, the more protection you have from the sun.


You should also look for something that has a mesh style. Mesh is the kind of style that has lots of holes. The holes are there for you to have better airflow and you will be kept cooler.

Lighter colors:

Sun is attracted to darker colors, and it will make you hotter. Choose a baseball cap that has light colors so the sun will draw attention away from your head.


Choose a cotton material because cotton is soft and comfortable. It’s also cooler than the other materials.


It’s best to purchase a hat that’s waterproof because it rains a lot in the summer and you don’t want to be stuck out in the rain with a cap that will be ruined if it gets wet. Double-check to make sure it’s waterproof before purchasing.

What do you look for when choosing winter women’s baseball caps?

The material: Pick a hat that has the thickest material so it will keep your head warm during the coldest days.

Earflaps: If you do a lot of outside activities in the wintertime, then choose a hat that has ear flaps. The ear flaps will cover your ears, so they will be protected from those cold winds.

Waterproof: It’s also best to make sure you purchase a waterproof baseball cap in the wintertime because it does rain, but it also snows. Be sure that you take care of your hat and be sure it’s waterproof.

5. What’s Your Using Purpose?

What do you intend to use your baseball cap for? Do you plan to wear it to play sports? Is this going to be an everyday thing?

Think about those questions while you’re provided with some suggestions on how you can be protected.

Sun protection: A baseball cap can provide you with sun protection.

You can purchase a baseball cap with a slightly curved brim so the sun won’t get in your eyes and your face can be shielded by the sun.

You can also choose a brim where the brim rises a bit. It will still protect your face from the sun but you’ll be able to see a little bit better.

Waterproof: Waterproof hats are always the best because the rain can fall at any time of the day. When wearing a waterproof hat, the fabric won’t get ruined and you’ll stay dry.

Windproof: Be sure to purchase a hat that’s windproof so you can be protected by the strongest winds.

Usually, the caps that have the thickest material will be sturdy enough for your hat to stay on your head. A lot of fitted caps are windproof because they fit your head circumference.

6. What’s Your Vibe and Style?

So far a lot has been discussed to help you choose a baseball cap. What about your style?

Some of the baseball caps you see may seem plain and boring to you and you don’t like the way any of them look.

There are things you can do to spruce up your baseball cap and make it more your style.

Opt for some accessories

You can purchase jewels that come in sticker form and decorate your hat with them.

For the jewels to stick on, you have to choose a lighter material, something that’s not so soft so they’ll stick better.

You may be able to purchase jewels that are specifically designed for hats that you can look into.

Blinky lights also are good accessories for parties. and it can draw people’s attention to your hat effectively.

Or you can stick flowers (real or fake) to your hat by using a safety pin.

If you want to show your life attitude, you can choose a baseball cap with stitched words on a plain panel into a cap that will be noticed.

Pay attention to color and patterns

Those are only a few of the accessories that you can use to make your baseball cap stand out from the crowd but what about colors and patterns?

You can purchase baseball caps with your favorite sports team or the colors on your cap.

And there are several hats to choose from that will have outstanding patterns. Any one of them would look great on a baseball cap.

If you like the plain look, solid colors will be your specialty, and baseball caps come in a variety of different colors.

Choosing Baseball Cap for Women Based on Your Needs

Don’t think about the type of hat you should get. Think about what your needs are and what you want in the baseball caps for women.

Below you’ll have some information on the best hats to purchase that you would like.

1. For Comfort – Dap Cap/Snapback Cap

The snapback hat has two main features, such as the adjustable strap and the brim.

The adjustable strap in the back will allow you to make adjustments accordingly so it will fit you comfortably.

And the brim is designed to be flat so you will have more protection from the sun.

Dad hats are made out of cotton, which means the person wearing it will feel comfortable since cotton is a soft brand and pleasing to the wearer of the cap.

On the other hand, dad hats also have an adjustable strap to fit the comfort level of the person wearing them.

2. For Hairstyle – Backless/Ponytail Cap

Whether you have short, long, thin, thick, or hair extensions, anything goes through the ponytail hole as long as it’s long enough for it to go through.

If your hair is too short, there’s no need to use the ponytail hole. You can still use this style or you can look for something that has a backless design, which we’ll go over next.

With the backless design, there’s no need to wear your hair in a ponytail.

You can still style your hair that way, but this cap is better for women that like to wear their hair down or it’s great for women that have short hair.

3. For Best Fit – Fitted Cap

The main feature of a fitted cap is that it takes extra fabric to make the top of the cap because there isn’t an adjustable strap. It fits the size of your head.

When you purchase fitted hats, they will have a size chart estimating what size you’ll need based on the circumference of your head.

Before you purchase a fitted hat, check the size of your head to see if you’re getting a cap in the right size.

11 Best Baseball Caps for Women Reviews

Below you’ll find some recommendations for some inspiration on what you could get.

1. For Big Head – Zylioo Over-Size XXL Women’s Woven Linen Baseball Caps

If you are feeling insecure because you have a bigger head than most females, you’re not alone.

This hat was designed with you and millions of other females in mind.

You will feel comfortable in an XXL hat knowing that it will fit you. Plus, no one has to know that it’s that big. Wear it proud.

Buy on Amazon

2. For Small Heads –Adidas Women’s Mini Logo Relaxed Fit Baseball Caps

If you are aware of how small your head is, try this cap on for size. It will fit you just right with maybe a little bit of wriggle room so it won’t be too tight.

Buy on Amazon

3. For Vintage Style – Mommy Jennie Vintage Washed Distressed Adjustable Dad Cap

You may have a unique style in mind that you can’t get anywhere else.

Try this vintage hat on for size and see how you like the style. Is it close to what you’re looking for? If it is, great!

There are several different colors to choose from that you will be happy with for years to come.

Buy on Amazon

4. Best for Sport – SAKKA Lightweight Sports Baseball Caps – Quick Drying 


Do you play sports? If you do, this hat would be the perfect fit for you.

You may be playing outside in the heat and your hat may be collecting sweat since you’re out there a few hours at a time.

If it is collecting sweat as you play, it will dry fast so you’ll be ready for the next time you have a game or you’re outside for fun.

This sports hat is great if you’re an avid runner or you like to play tennis or golf.

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5. Best Trucker Style – Billabong Women’s Breathable Trucker Cap

As you can tell once you’re looking at this style, you can already tell it’s a trucker hat. It will have your company’s logo on the cap to advertise your business or someone else’s business so they’ll gain more customers.

Buy on Amazon

6. For Hair’s Health – Lvaiz Women’s Satin Lined Strapback Baseball Cap

Have you ever worn a cap where you feel like every time you take it off, your hair has a lot of static or is messy?

That’s not the case with this type of hat. On the inside of the hat, it has a satin lining, which will make you feel comfortable.

Along with the satin lining, your hat will collect moisture and your hair will stay just as pretty as it did before you put your hat on.

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7. For Hot Summer – MISSION UPF50+ Instant Cooling Baseball Cap

With this hat, you can stay outside longer than you normally would because this hat will make you feel cooler. Since you would feel cooler, it will get you to get out of the house more and stay out longer.

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8. For Ponytails – Funky Junque Criss Cross Baseball Cap with Ponytail Hole

On the back of this hat, you’ll notice that it has a unique crisscross design. The crisscross design is for you to stick your ponytail through it.

The best part is you can stick your ponytail through any hole within the crisscross feature. You could have a low ponytail, a high ponytail, or a ponytail in the middle. You could even have all three if you wanted to.

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9. For Thick Hair – Funky Junque Distress Stretchable Baseball Cap

This is another crisscross design, except the model wearing this hat is wearing a low ponytail. The crisscross-style hat is great if you have thick hair because it will fit your head better and more comfortably.

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10. Best for Stylish – KBETHOS Classic Women’s Low Profile Baseball Cap – Over 40 Color Options

If you’re like most women, you love to go out and about in style. When you first lay eyes on this hat, you may think it looks boring. Use your imagination.

You can turn any one of these solid colors into a stylish paradise by adding jewels, stickers, or anything else you believe would stick to the cap.

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What to Wear With Best Baseball Caps for Women?

Here comes the fun part. Imagine what you could wear with your new baseball cap.

Baseball caps are meant to be casual so you could wear jeans and a t-shirt with a cap. If you want to dress it up a bit, you could wear jeans, high heels, and a tank top with a cap that’s a little bit upscale.

Another thing you could wear is a jean jacket that will go over your tank top for the cooler nights when you’re outside.

You may want to wear jean shorts in the summertime since it will be too warm for jeans. Jean shorts and a t-shirt will look great with a baseball cap. On your feet, you could wear either tennis shoes or sandals.

Final Words

This may be a lot of information thrown at you, but it will all be worth it in the end. You can purchase a hat based on the information you have read, and it will help make your decision a lot clearer.

You probably don’t have any more questions now since everything has been covered. The only thing left to do is go shopping and pick out the best baseball caps for women on what you know now.