How to Choose the Best Stylish & Comfy Beanies for Your Dreadlocks

Wearing Dreadlocks is the best way to show your personality and become a cool fashion icon.

And wearing the best beanie for your dreadlocks is the best way to protect your dreads from dust, the elements, and hair loss.

Not to mention that wearing beanies can add a unique style and level up your look.

But you may have some trouble finding the best beanies for your dreads like the beanie style choice or how to tuck your locks into the beanie.

Here in this article, you can find all the answers to find the best beanie for your dreads.

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Are Beanies Good for Dreads?

what to consider when choosing beanies for dreadlocks

Of course, beanies are very suitable for dreadlocks. You may be curious about why so many people with dreads are obsessed with beanies, here’s the answer.

For one thing, beanies are very stretchable and can give plenty of room for your dreads.

More importantly, beanies with high elasticity allow your hair to move freely to transform into locks without feeling restrained.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry that wearing hats will stop your hair from turning into dreadlocks.

You can try this very loose-fit beanie with a stretchable closure for your thick dreadlocks.

Besides, you can get full protection from dust, bugs, rain, snow and keep your dreads fresh and neat.

And with some special beanies, your dreads can get good care for any time of day. Also, beanies are timeless fashion accessories for people with different styles of dreads.

These small pieces of knit caps are versatile and functional enough to fulfill your needs.

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Why Choose Oversized Beanie for Dreads?

Here comes the basic rule of choosing beanies for your dreadlocks: Choose the oversized or big beanies.

If you know how the deadlock works then you will understand that your hair needs to move and twist into dreadlocks. Hence a big size beanie is quite essential to give enough room for the locks processing.

And for people with dreadlocks in established shape, oversized beanies give you more protection against debris into your locks.

What’s more, on winter days, you can tuck your hair into big beanies for warmth without compressing your dreads.

Therefore, while choosing beanies, you’ll consider beanies at least L size or above(around 23cm) on the size chart.

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What Beanie Style Can You Wear With Dreads?

It’s time to dive into the ocean of beanies and catch one! Beanies have a wide range of styles and each features different functions.

You’ll want to learn about what beanie styles suit dreadlocks and which one suits your locks best.

1. Bandana Beanie – for Summer Use

Bandana beanies are very thin and lightweight beanies. With a loose fit, bandana beanies can be worn easily for people with dreadlocks.

As it is named, the bandana beanie looks like a piece of enclosed bandanas but offers you more protection.

Also, these beanies are very soft and stretchable so you won’t worry about any compression that will be added to your locks.

Due to the lightweight and breathable design, bandana beanies are ideal for summer use. You can wear a spandex-blended bandana beanie to handle the sweat and keep your dreads fresh.

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2. Slouchy Beanie for Long & Thick Dreadlocks

If you own the Bob Marley style dreads that are thick and pretty long, then a slouchy beanie is the best choice you can have.

You can find that the slouchy beanie features more length in size and a very loose fit.

Therefore, you can tuck your thick locks into the slouchy beanie very easily without any clumping.

And if you want enough space for your dreads at the back, 10 inches above is the perfect length for mid-length or long dreads.

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3. Fisherman Beanie for Short Dreads

Fisherman beanies are very cool and stylish, but you may wonder if this short version of beanies suits people with dreadlocks.

If you have short and tight dreads, the answer is an absolute yes. A fisher beanie can add a vibe to your personality amazingly.

Hitting across half of your forehead but leaving your locks out, with a fisherman beanie you can outstand the crowd without a doubt.

Besides, due to the tighter fit, you’ll want to choose a cotton fisherman beanie to avoid frizz and friction.

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4. Knit Rasta Beanie for Male

If you scroll down to find the best beanies for men with dreads, then a classic Rasta-style beanie is what you should go bold with.

With its typical red-yellow-green color pattern, a Rasta beanie is a crocheted cap that is big and very loose for your dreadlocks.

As the traditional Raste men‘s headwears, any man with dreadlocks should try these comfortable and stylish Rasta beanie caps.

And if you are a huge fan of Reggae music, you cannot miss the Rasta beanie as well.

Try this cool rasta beanie to add a fashion touch to how your deadlocks look

5. Brimmed Beanie for Sun Protection

Are you looking for a simple cap that can block the sunlight but you have gotten tired of a baseball cap? Here’s the brimmed beanie for you dreadlock people.

Brimmed beanies can accommodate your dreadlocks more perfectly than a normal baseball cap.

On the other hand,  you can gain warmth by tucking your hair into brimmed beanies on cold winter days.

If you want a comfortable fit you can choose the slouchy style brimmed beanie. A bigger crown brings more space for your long or thick dreads.

For the brim length, if you want a more polished look you can choose a fashion-forward beanie with short brims.

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Otherwise,  you should choose brims that can cover your face for better sun protection.

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What Fabrics Should You Choose for Dreadlock Beanies?

One important thing is that you choose to wear beanies is for protection. Hence the discussion of fabrics is very necessary.

Considering your dreadlocks’ health, there’re various kinds of fabrics with different functions to keep your dreadlocks within a good state.

1. Wear Cotton Beanie for High Breathability

As a kind of natural fabric, cotton is very lightweight and breathable. And cotton is a non-static fabric so your locks won’t get any frizz caused by friction.

Besides, as a non-irritating material, cotton beanies are very popular among people with sensitive scalps.

For their high breathability, your dreadlocks can keep fresh and away from stink even in the hot summertime.

With a moderated thermal degree, you’ll want to wear your cotton beanie in the cool fall or spring to keep your locks cool.

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2. Choose Acrylic Beanie for Warmth 

If you have dreadlocks and want to find the best thermal beanies in winter, then the acrylic beanie is worth your trust.

Acrylic is a soft, wool-like thermal fabric that has been used in many winter headwears.

With the windproof and heat maintenance ability, you’ll feel very warm with the acrylic beanies in winter.

Besides, compared with wool the natural thermal fabric, acrylic won’t cause breakage and hair loss that can be annoying for people with dreadlocks.

Hence the acrylic beanie is the best beanie choice for dreadlocks in winter.

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3. Use Satin Beanies to Protect Your Dreadlocks at Night

What a horrible night you have been through when you find your dreads get a big mess in the morning.

Generally, clumping and frizz are the biggest enemies for your dreadlocks while you are sleeping.

Hence you need a satin sleep beanie to take care of your dreadlocks even in the nighttime.

Satin is a natural fabric that is very soft and smooth. A satin-lined beanie can greatly reduce the friction between your dreadlocks and pillowcase.

And wearing a satin beanie can help you a lot by saving your dreads from being crushed if you cannot avoid tossing and turning while sleeping.

What’s more, With a satin beanie, you can keep debris away from your locks. No lint or fluff will stick to your dreadlocks.

Besides, the satin beanie can absorb the oil and sweat from your scalp to keep your dreads fresh and dry.

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4. Try Spandex Beanies for Snowboarding with Dreads

Snowboarding is a very popular winter sport among many people. But if you have dreadlocks, you may find it’s hard to find a suitable snowboarding helmet.

As a solution, you can wear a high stretchy spandex beanie to tighten your dreadlocks. Hence you can put your snowboard helmet on your head.

In this way, your dreads can keep their shape and won’t be crushed by the compression of the helmet.

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How to Put Your Dreads Into Beanies?

Sometimes you need to put your locks into beanies for better protection, here’s the step-by-step guide on how to put your dreads into beanies.

1. Place the beanie on your head first.

1. Grab all your locks and comb them together with your hands the same way you make semi-high ponytails.

3. Fold your locks and pull your beanie over on.

4. Tuck dreads that are still outside of the beanie into beanie.

5. Shape and squeeze to make you look good.

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How to Wear Beanies with Dreadlocks

how to wear your beanie with dreads

If you want to rock the beanie with your dreadlocks you should learn the following ways of how to wear beanies with your dreads.

1. Put the fisherman beanie on the back of your head and remain all locks outside. Or you can fold a normal-length beanie in half and put it the same way. Works well for most locks styles.

2. If you have long dreadlocks, make your locks into a low ponytail with a band, then wear your beanie on and put them across half of your forehead. You can leave serval locks aside your face for a more unique look.

3. Pull the beanie to cover your whole forehead. This is the best way to make you look tough if you don’t want anyone to bother you.

You can watch the details in the following videos.


Finding the best beanies for your dreadlocks is not as hard as you think. Just learn about how to choose the right beanie style and suitable fabric for your locks, you can rock the beanie with your dreadlocks right now.