6 Best Color Hats for Pale Skin That Don’t Look Washed Out 

Finding the right hat color can be tricky if you have fair skin. You want something that will flatter your complexion without washing it out and making you look sickly.

Lucky for you, a few colors work well on pale skin tones and won’t look overly bright or washed out.

Here are six best color hats for pale skin without looking like you’ve been bleached in the sun. 



A classic tone like brown is ideal for those with pale skin. It’s warm, neutral, and flattering on almost everyone!

Although some may think wearing gray or black won’t make much difference for those with fair complexions, it’s crucial to steer clear if you don’t want to appear washed out.

Brown hues help contrast pale skin and bring some definition and warmth to your face, making sure any makeup looks more pronounced and vibrant.

It’s best not to take any chances: if you’re a little on the pasty side and need some sartorial support, reach for one of the best colors available – woodsy brown!


source: pinterest.com

If you’re looking for an accessory that makes a statement but isn’t too bold, mustard may be the best color for you.

Mustard is perfect for those who have pale skin and wish to add a bit of vibrancy to their style; it’s bright and eye-catching, yet it won’t look unnatural or overdone.

Whether you’re having a night out with friends or channeling your inner fashionista, you can be sure that this timeless hue will make everyone take notice.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to add some pizzazz to your best outfit, mustard is definitely the best color hat for pale skin!



Gray has made a huge comeback in fashion recently; for a good reason; it looks great on everyone, especially those with fair skin tones!

It brightens it up and makes the best features effortless without looking too flashy.

On top of that, gray goes well with practically every wardrobe choice, from casual to formal looks. So wear gray if you want to look great while standing out from the crowd!

Denim Blue 


Denim blue is another great option because it’s subtle yet still adds some interest to your look.

It’s a subtle shade that can brighten up any outfit and provide an interesting twist. Plus, it won’t obliterate your complexion like other shades of blue might.

A denim blue hat will rather flatter it! Look effortless and stylish using denim blue and keep everyone guessing in only the best way possible.

Sage / Darker Green 


A deeper green color, such as sage, works wonders when paired with fairer complexions; it adds warmth while enhancing the overall appearance without being too bright or flashy.


source: etsy.com

Maroon is another classic hue that works particularly well on those with fair skin tones; it adds dimension to any outfit and looks especially great when paired with other earthy tones such as navy or brown. 

What Color Should You Pass On?

While there are plenty of colors that work well on pale skins, there are also some shades that should be avoided at all costs –

Black Or Anything That Makes High Contrast

When it comes to the worst color hat for pale skin, the answer is simple: black or any other that makes the greatest contrast.

It’s not just the darkest shade of the spectrum either; pastel colors can also have the same effect in making your complexion look washed out.

The best thing you can do is avoid anything too dark and opt for something light; lighter shades bring out your natural skin tone and give it a subtle glow.

Plus, the bonus of wearing a light color that is that it allows you to make a fashion statement without overwhelming your facial features.


If you’re the proud owner of a super pale complexion, the last thing you want to do is wash it out even more! So the worst color hat to wear if you have pale skin is probably white.

Not only will the white color make your complexion look more washed out, but the contrast could also be too much and give the same effect you find when looking directly into a bright light.

To stay safe and comfortable, stick with muted tones like warm browns and grays. These colors won’t shock the eyes, and they’ll go great with almost any outfit!

Final Words

Finding the right hat shade can be difficult if you have pale skin – but don’t worry!

With these six colors, you can find something that suits your complexion perfectly without looking washed out or overly bright.

Whether you go for classic neutrals like brown or more vibrant hues like mustard, any of these colors will help enhance your features and take your look up a notch!

Avoid high-contrast shades such as black or white; they won’t favor your complexion!

Perfectly pale never looked so good!