8 Best Cooling Hats of 2022 That Cool You and Protect You from Sunstroke

Summer is coming, do you have your cooling hats for the summer season?

Generally, summer is when most of you spend quality outdoor time simply the best season for adventure. However, summers come with a scorching sun that sometimes has harmful UV sun rays that may damage your skin.

With so many models of cooling hats out there, it would help you have a supportive buying guide to invest in a high-quality one.

In this article, you will find the best cooling hats and other necessary information you need to know before spending your cash to purchase them.

Our Top Picks!

# 1. Protect Your face Perfectly from Sunlight: MISSION UVproof Adjustable Mesh Vent Boonie Hat

# 2. Keep Your Head Cool when with Helmet: Lightweight Cooling Skull Cap As Helmet Liner

# 3. Packable for Traveling: Ontel Arctic Cooling Baseball Cap with Built-in Barrier for Sun Protection

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8 Best Cooling Hats Reviews

# 1. MISSION UPF 50+ Wide Brim Cooling Bucket Hat

This hat’s brim is wide and reinforced with firm wilted stitching to avoid it from flopping down when you are wearing it.

And for optimum function and comfort, the hat comes with an adjustable elastic cord, and a brass pin snaps right on both sides to pin the brim.

You will also love how the hat cools instantly. Whenever you activate it with water, the hat cools up to 30 degrees in less than 30 seconds below average body temperature.

You just need to get it, wring it, and wave it, and it will serve you for two active hours. The UPF 50 fabric and 3-inch brim offer perfect sun protection rays for your neck, ears, and face.

Why customers love them

  • Good for golfing
  • Perfect fit
  • Not heavy
  • Ease to use
  • Convenient and portable

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#To the Detailed Guide of MISSION’s Cooling Bucket Hat

# 2. MISSION UVproof Adjustable Mesh Vent Boonie Hat

The wide brim of 3 inches and UPF 50 fabric design will be your favorite feature to love on these hats. This feature provides excellent sun protection for your ears, neck, and face.

Further, when activated with the water, the hats cool up to 30 degrees in less than 30 seconds below the average body temperature.

These hats quickly activate in just three steps: wet, wring and wave it you are ready to go. And to reactivate re-wet, then wave it, and boney hat tends to stay calm to 2 hours active.

The laser perforated mesh crown panels maximize breathability and airflow to typically keep you comfortable and cool all day long. The adjustable elastic cord strap and adjustable straps are for secure fit and custom.

Why customers love them

  • Well made with a fitting size
  • A comfortable and stylish hat
  • Easy to fold
  • Firmer brim

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# 3. MISSION Women’s Sun Protective Cooling Baseball Cap

These hats entirely unique and dependable due to their 30 perfect super cooling power. The perforated laser cut on the front panel adds style and ventilation for greater airflow keeping your cooler.

With an extra absorbent sweatband, loop tab, and adjustable hook to allow you perfectly fit in your head. The hats cool up to 30 degrees when activated with water and in under 30 seconds below the average body temperature.

Wet, wring and wave it to quickly activate your hat, and just re-wet and wave to reactivate. These hats stay active for 2 hours with UPF 50+.

Why customers love them

  • It looks great and perfectly fits
  • Laser perforated layout increases airflow
  • Keeps someone cool and comfortable
  • Stylish design

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#To the Detailed Guide of MISSION’s Cooling Baseball Cap

# 4. MISSION Stretchy Lightweight Cooling Visor with UV Protection

This mission stands out because it’s constructed of stretchy, thin fabrics to ensure breathability and they instantly cool anytime you want.

The hat is reusable and machine washable with permanent chemical-free cooling technology, which won’t wash out, while UPF 50 provides enough sun protection.

Activating this hat is simple and also reactivating, and it cools for up to 2 hours.

Why customers love them

  • Comfortable and fit
  • Machine washable

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# 5. GADIEMKENSD Outdoor Running Cooling Foldable Baseball Cap

Purchase these types of caps for their sun-proof feature. It’s made of durable and soft nylon fabric with UPF 50Plus to protect you from harsh sun rays.

The caps are available in different looks and styles with a comfortable, tidy, and secure fit.

These caps are built in a sweatband that removes sweat from the face and eyes, while the two-sided mesh allows heat and moisture to escape easily.

In addition, the hat is anti-violent and lightweight, which makes it easy to store and comfortable. Whether you are a woman or a man, you can use this cap.

Why customers love them

  • Good size
  • Stylish colors
  • It keeps you cool for long

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# 6. MISSION Lightweight Cooling Skull Cap As Helmet Liner

The ventilated mesh construction on the crown improves airflow for maximum breathability. Just wet it, wring and snap to activate its cooling technology and stays cool for 2 hours.

The hats instantly make you cool when you want. These hats have UPF 50 sun protection and are made of elastic fabric like spandex and polyester to make them flexible and comfortable.

The material is high –a quality and durable mix of spandex and polyester.

Why customers love them

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Offer instant cooling
  • Durable and soft material

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#To the Detailed Guide of MISSION’s Cooling Skull Cap

# 7. Arctic Cool Sunproof Cooling Baseball Cap with Iner Sweatband

This is the perfect cooling hat because of its evaporative inner cooling liner that retains cool water. This makes the hats evaporate slowly keeping your head to 20 degrees F cooler.

Just wet the hat’s inner lining then put on it. The caps have UPF 50 plus to block sun rays. The advanced technology inbuilt- sweatband uses the user’s sweat to lower the temperature.

The micro-ventilated fabric feature allows airflow to keep you cool. This cap design helps maintain it firmly and offers you a polished appearance. The hat also comes with a loop and hook closure.

Why customers love them

  • The hat fits well
  • Best cooling properties
  • Good quality
  • Fitted and recommended

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# 8. Ontel Arctic Cooling Baseball Cap with Built-in Barrier for Sun Protection

The size fits well and features the best hydro-chill technology that gradually holds water to cool you. Further, it’s lightweight and breathable due to its ventilated panels which allow the air to freely flow.

In addition, the in-built barrier reflects harmful UV rays and heat. These hats combine the controlled UV protection sun’s invisible and visible rays and evaporative cooling to make you cool.

The spandex fabric makes these hats lightweight and breathable.

Why customers love them

  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Stays cool for long
  • Great for various activities

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Cooling Hats?

1. UV Protection

The ultra-violet sun rays can damage the eyes and skin and speed the aging process. Therefore, you should choose a cooling hat with maximum protection over harmful UV rays.

The UPF measures UV radiation amount, which seeps through the sun layers to reach your skin. SPF rating offers protection right from the harmful sun rays and is primarily present in creams, lotions, and other sunburn cosmetics.

UPF 50 plus rates are of excellent quality to protect your skin. Also, a wide brim is perfect to protect both the neck and head. Overall, the hat material, weaving tightness, etc., influences your hat UPF protection.

2. Moisture-wicking lining

An extra moisture-wick lining on your cooling is excellent to keep your face and head dry, especially in the more sweltering heat.

Besides, the cooling hats made with this feature are more appropriate and comfortable for user’s with long days of outdoor activities.

3. Material

Spandex and polyester are the most preferred materials for choosing the best cooling hats. These are synthetic fiber materials made from recycled plastic.

In this case, hats made of this material tend to be lightweight, durable, and breathable. Further, they are resistant to abrasions and water and with moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and protected from harsh sun rays.

4. Straps and fit

This two add the overall comfort to wearing your cooling hat. Of course, it would be frustrating to ill-fit a hat that keeps flying and falling away from your head due to wind.

Therefore, cooling hats with adjustable straps alongside a perfect fit are essential factors to keep the hat in place and make you comfortable when running your various outdoor activities.

5. Weaving Tightness

The tight the hat weaving, the much better your hat is. The hats with loose woven allow sunlight and water to penetrate through. And this makes them vulnerable to sunburn and reduces your protection.

Therefore, choosing a tighter woven will allow rays from the sun to permeate through it, hence offering you excellent comfort and protection.

6. Packable

The best cooling hat must be easily packable and portable in a way you can scrunch or fold it in tight spaces.

Besides, this makes it convenient to move with them along. Ensure you invest in a hat that you can faster ball up whether in a backpack, purse, handbag, etc.

Best Brand of Cooling Hats: Guide for MISSION’s Types of Cooling Hats

Mission Cooling Baseball Caps- Excellent for Sports and Running

A baseball running hat keeps your hair away from locking in excess heat from the neck and shoulders. The flexible strap provides a custom fit.

Due to their design, these hats are designed to draw the perspiration away right from your head.

With a massive mesh design and moisture-wicking fabric, it brings a lot of comfortable and coolness. This help to keep you cool via evaporating sweat.

Further, the hat lets the air in through the fabric to cool the runner and provide a breathability level for the head.

The shape of baseball hats makes a difference to the runner, especially at the finishing line. The edges and brim of a baseball are designed with the best reflective stripe.

And this is great even for the nigh running. A streamlined head shape and single, wind-catching hair create a significant advantage for sports participants and even runners.

Baseball hats are made to shield your scalp and head from the sun while keeping your eyes protected.

Also, when running or playing in the rain, it keeps the way clean by providing the user with a visor right from dust and wind.

MISSION Cooling Bucket/Boonie Hats – for Gardening and Fishing

Boonie hats are perfect for fishing and gardening. Boonie hats are perfect for gardening because they offer sun protection and are wide to cover your shoulder and neck ensuring excellent protection from UV sun rays.

The hats are also perfect for fishing because they are comfortable and breathable. Besides, their tight weave of cotton fabric keeps the user fully protected from UVB and UVA rays.

Great hats to pull the sweat away with UPF 50 plus rating and adjustable strips ensure these hats are perfect in place and fit based on your head circumference.

Most of these hats come with chin straps to keep them on your head intact to make you comfortable in your outdoor activities. Further, they come in different colors and styles based on your preferences.

MISSION Cooling Skull Caps – Cool Your Head Under Helmet

Skull caps are perfect for wearing under a helmet because they are designed to minimize helmet hair, and absorb the sweat to keep you dry, and cool.

These caps feature multifunction and premium material. Its made with BAKU silk fabric, ten perfect spandex, and 90 percent polyester, which is cozy, won, smooth, soft, and stretchy.

The ventilated mesh construction used right at the crown of this hat is designed to promote airflow for maximum breathability.

When dry, the cap will wick the moisture away and absorb sweat. The elastic band makes the cap a comfortable fit on your head.

In addition, the performance moisture-wicking and ultimate retention on this skull cap are great for the cold weather.

How to Activate Them

First, use it under hard hats or helmets. Next, wet it or sweat it. The skull caps cool instantly when activated using the water; it cools to around 30 degrees yet below body temperature average below 30 seconds.

To quickly activate your skull cap wet it, then wring it, and lastly, snap it. You should keep this type of cap in a biomedical freezer or cooler with dry ice before wearing them.


1. How does the cooling hat work?

You just wet it out, wring it and wave it to activate it. And to reactivate re-wet, then wave it. It keeps cool for many hours just by doing that.

2. Is black cooling hat much hotter?

Not really hotter but cannot be compared with other colors because black hats absorb heat easily.

3. Will evaporative cooling hat really work in high humidity environments?

Unfortunately, these types of hats don’t work perfectly in humidity environments. Rather they work well in a dry climate.

4. How do you activate the cooling hats?

Gently dip your hat in water, then wave it. You will have activated a cooling technology.

5. Can a face cap really perform a similar role as the cooling hat?

Not really. Face cap functions to lock sun UV rays from the eyes and provide warmth. Cooling hats are designed with a natural cooling mechanism to cool your scorching sun rays.

Final Verdict

You don’t have to spend hours looking for the best cooling hats because we’ve got you covered. An ordinary hat only provides shade that cannot beat the high scorching heat in summer.

The above information will help when purchasing a cooling that will meet your needs and expectations in your sunny outdoor activities.