Cozy & Comfortable – Best Cowboy Hat for Rain to Save Your Days

It’s time to let the cowboy hat play its original role again.

Cowboy hats have been the staple of western outfits for hundreds of years. Also, you can find that these classic hats help ranchers and cowboys defend the elements.

What’s more, the best cowboy hat for rain can keep you cozy and dry in humid weather. Besides, the waterproof function reduces the damage of water to your valuable cowboy hat.

Hence you gain double protection of both your head and your cowboy hat from a high-quality rainproof cowboy hat.

But here comes the question how do you find the best cowboy hat to withstand rainfall?

Generally, you need to find the correct hat shapes and right materials to give your cowboy hats the ability to deal with water.

In this article, you can find all the answers to solve your problems on picking rainproof cowboy hats.

What you will read below: 

  • How to Choose the Best Cowboy Hat for Rain?
  • Post-care of  Your Cowboy Hat Getting Wet
  • Tips on How to improve Your Cowboy Hat Waterproof Ability?

How to Choose Your Rain Cowboy Hats?

To get the best rain cowboy hat you need to consider the following 3 points which influence your hat’s rain coverage and its waterproof capacity.

Get Suitable Cowboy Hat Shapes

If you want to get the best cowboy hat for rain the shape of your hat is the primary concern. As for shapes, it varies from brims and crowns in different styles.

And these choices are not only about your fashion taste. You can get better protection against rain if your hat has a larger coverage area.

Besides, whether your cowboy hats stay firmly on your heads when you catch sudden raindrop on windy days also affect the rain-protection level.

Therefore, you would have cowboy hats that feature a better performance on rainy days if you pay more attention to the width of the brims and depth of crowns when picking hats.

You can try this good shape cowboy hat that can make your hair dry and cozy while encountering a sudden rainfall.

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Choose Right Materials for Rain

As a matter of fact, the rainproof ability of your cowboy hats depends on the materials. Your hats in good waterproof materials can withstand moisture perfectly.

Also, these cowboy hats turn out to be more durable can be worn for a longer time. Hence you need to know how much water the material of your cowboy hats can withstand.

On the other hand, the right materials can fulfill your needs for warmth and breathability. Like you can choose a water-resistant wool cowboy hat to wear on a snowy day in winter.

This high-quality 100% wool cowboy hat can make your head warm and cozy and still keep dry with snow on cold winter days.

» Stetson 100% Crushable Wool Cowboy Hat 

Therefore, to get the best wearing experience, you also need to choose the right materials for different seasons.

Consider Famous Brands

Generally, famous hat retailers use high-quality materials to make cowboy hats, which means longer longevity. Hence your cowboy hat can shed rain for a longer time.

Besides, some famous brands like Stetson use special materials that feature better waterproof ability. And excellent craftsmanship gives your hats a comfortable fit.

Of course, you’ll want to learn how to pick a Stetson cowboy hat to fulfill your weather taste. The key rule will be about how to balance the quality and cost.

What Types of Cowboy Hat Suit to Wear In the Rain?

Choosing cowboy hat shapes is not only based on your aesthetic taste but the how it sheds you in the rainfall.

Wide Brims for Better Coverage

In face of the heavy rainfalls, wide brims keep your head and even part of your shoulders stay dry and clean.

As a recommendation, the width of your cowboy hat brims should be at least as wide as your head. In this way, your hat features well-proportioned width and you can wear it in the rain without getting your hair wet.

Besides, according to the differences of brims cowboy hats have been derived into different styles. For a rain cowboy hat, you can choose the classic Cattleman style.

The Cattleman cowboy hat has served as the best partner of ranchers for hundreds of years. Wide brims of Cattleman cowboy shade your face from the rain.

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And the deep creased on the crown allows you to take off easily and give you the sense of wild fashion sense.

Deep Crowns to Against Wind

Besides water issues, chances are you meet a rainy day with big wind. Here come the deep crowns options that allow the hat to stay firmly on your head.

You can choose a cowboy hat that snugly fits on your head so your hat won’t slip over easily even facing a wild wind.

Additionally, you can choose a cowboy hat with chin straps to fix your hat further.

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What Cowboy Hats Materials Can Withstand Rain?

Truthfully, the fabric of your cowboy hat decides how much moisture it can withstand. On the other hand, different fabrics own different features to satisfy your other needs like warmth, breathable ability, sweat-moisture, and so on.

Figure out What Waterproof Level Your Hats At

Before diving into the fabric discussion you should be well aware that the most used fabrics on cowboy hats are water-resistant or water-repellent without special processing.

In general, a water-resistant means your hat won’t get wet easily when you wear it in humid weather like a drizzle or light snow.

Meanwhile, a water-repellent cowboy hat gives your higher protection against rain. Your hats won’t be affected by light rain.

It might be a pity that you cannot wear your cowboy hat and go swimming (perhaps no one will do that either) since any cowboy hat can be damaged by getting wet for a long time.

But with a rainproof cowboy hat, you can enjoy the other convenience it brings. Like the perfect sun protection, excellent fashion sense level up, and more importantly, you can keep your style even in a sudden rainfall.

Here’s the detailed guide on choosing the suitable rain cowboy hat fabric for you.

Wool/Wool Felt Cowboy  Hat – for Drizzle & Snowy Winter

As a kind of natural water-resistant fabric, wool won’t get wet easily and can absorb 1/3 of its own weight moisture without feeling wet.

Therefore, you can wear your wool cowboy hat for a small drizzle and your hat won’t get damaged and lose its shape.

Of course, wool and wool felt maintain heat well so you can choose to wear your wool cowboy hat on the cool fall or cold winter days.

You can try this 100% wool-felt cowboy hat to warm your head and shade you from cold raindrops.

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Fur Felt/Leather Cowboy  Hat – for Light & Moderate Rain

Fur felt is another traditional cowboy hat material that has been used for many decades.

By using the fur of animals that adapt to aquatic life, a buffalo felt cowboy hat is water repellent and can keep you dry and cozy in light rain.

And after getting wet your fur-felt cowboy hat won’t take too much damage as you dry it in the shade.

Of course, fur felt is a very thermal material so you can wear your hat for the rainy fall or big snowy winter days.

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On the other hand, most leather cowboy hats feature showerproof (equal to light rain) function. The best part is that there is no need to worry about water leaking into your hat.

Hence if you are looking for a hat that can protect your hair best, a true leather cowboy hat is your final choice.

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Waxed/Oilskin Cotton Cowboy Hat – for Humid & Rainy Summer

Cotton is a very breathable fabric with a good moisture-wicking feature. And waxed or oilskin cotton is a kind of specially processed cotton material that features both good breathability and water repellent function.

As a result, a waterproof cotton cowboy hat is the best choice for the rainy summer days since you can stay dry and fresh at the same time.

What’s more, due to the good sweat-moisture feature, a good waxed/oiled cotton cowboy hat is the best partner if you are a hiking lover.

Try this durable waxed cotton cowboy hat for rain if you love outdoor activities.

Provide UPF 50 + to protect you from harmful UV rays.

Perfect oiled cotton surface to shed you from a shower.

Chin straps allow you to hold the hat firmly in face of windy days.

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Another good point of cotton is its non-irritating characteristic, so if you are a bald guy and want a rainproof cowboy hat, opt for a waxed/oiled cotton cowboy hat without hesitation.

Palm Straw Cowboy Hat – for Water Pouring Festival

Unlike most straw hats, palm leaf cowboy hats can withstand water without tearing or wearing down after getting dry.

Due to the limitation of woven technic, the rain can leak into your straw cowboy hat at a great possibility.

So the best occasion to wear your waterproof cowboy hat is when you are participating in a festival where you may get water pouring on your head.

The unique leisure style of your straw cowboy hat can make you get into the festival event easily.

Choose Stetson to Get Best Rain Proof Cowboy Hat

As one of the most famous cowboy hat retailers in the world, of course, you can find the best cowboy hat for rain in Stetson.

Since 1865 Stetson has provided durable and comfortable cowboy hats to ranchers and been the icon of America.

As to the waterproof function, You can find that Stetson uses high-quality natural water repellent felt to increase their cowboy hats’ water resistance.

With high craftsmanship, the Stetson cowboy hat has the best-fit hat shape for every customer.

If you want to have a Stetson cowboy hat to wear in the rain, then a buffalo felt cowboy hat is highly recommended for its excellent rain protection.

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Meanwhile, those who pursue the highest quality rain cowboy hat can choose a valuable beaver felt cowboy hat from Stetson. You can stay with ease even in moderate rain with a beaver hat.

How to Keep Your Cowboy Hat After Getting Wet?

After your cowboy hat gets wet, post-care is quite important. Your cowboy hat can keep its shape well and can be worn for a long time as long as you take care of your wet hat in the same way.

Step 1: Pat the raindrop off your cowboy hat

First, you need to pat off the rain on your cowboy hats. Ensure to clean it well to avoid any water residue spots.

For wool or felt cowboy hat, you can use a felt brush to brush off the water.

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Step 2: Reshape your cowboy hat when it is still wet

Your cowboy hat can start to soften when getting wet, thus the pre-curved brim can be warped.

So you can instantly reshape it after patting offer the water drops on your cowboy hat. Hence your cowboy hat can keep the good shape it used to be.

Step 3: Air dry your cowboy hat in the shade

Air dry is the best way to dry your cowboy hat. Heating will make your cowboy hat fabric tear down and damage the construction.

A drafty shade is an ideal place, and you can put your cowboy hat upside-down so the brim won’t flatten or lose its shape.

By the way, remember to take off the sweatband. And to make it dry completely you can turn it inside out.

Tips on How to Improve Your Cowboy Hat Waterproof Ability

To get the best protection and reduce the damage from prolonged wearing your cowboy hat in the rain, you can take the following tricks to increase the water resistance of your hat.

1. Use Hat Protectors

Sometimes a hat protector is the easiest way to make your cowboy hat waterproof and protect it from odor or shape damage.

The hat protector works like a cowboy hat rain cover which can let your hat stay dry and new with a sudden downpour or big snow.

And it is very easy to use. There’s an elastic closure of the protector, so you only need to ensure that the hat protector can snugly fit on your cowboy hat.

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2. Use Waterproof Sprays

Honestly, any cowboy hat does get damaged if prolonged getting wet. Therefore using waterproof sprays is quite essential.

When choosing waterproof sprays you need to figure out if they will work on your cowboy hat. Some of those sprays can only work on the leather surface.

You can this waterproof spray below which is recommended on wool, felt, leather, and so on.

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After spraying you can wipe the surface of your cowboy hat to make it spread evenly.


1. Can You Wear A Cowboy Hat In The Rain?

Yes! A good rain cowboy hat can keep you dry and cozy in a rain. With well kept, your cowboy hat can be worn for a long time.

2. Will Rain Ruin A Felt Cowboy Hat?

Mostly not. A Felt cowboy hat can withstand light rain and with special processing, you can even wear your felt cowboy hat in a downpouring.


Whether you choose to wear a cowboy hat for a fashion sense or use it to protect you from the elements, the best rain cowboy hat can give your more protection and let you feel more at ease when facing bad weather.

Feel free to go with the most excellent rainproof cowboy hat so you keep your mood even in an unexpected rainfall!