How to Choose the Best Cowboy Hat for Your Round Face?

Would there be any hat more suitable for the round face than a cowboy hat?

Structured high crowns can add height and slim your face amazingly, while the slanted brims create a sharp appearance that turns you into a fashioner.

Just hold on a second before you rush for a cowboy hat. There are a lot of things you need to consider when choosing a hat.

To style a cowboy hat, you need to consider the hat’s shape and color, the weather condition, the fabrics of the hat, and last but not least part, how to wear your cowboy hat for a stylish look?

what is the best cowboy hat for round face

Confused already? Picking a hat is never something with ease. Luckily, we prepared this detailed guide on how to choose the best cowboy hat for your round face.

In this article, we will discuss the following questions.

  • What Shapes of Cowboy Hat Suit Round Face?
  • What Is the Best Cowboy Hat’s Style for Round Face to Choose?
  • How to Wear Your New Hat to Look Good?

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Quick Picks for the Best Cowboy Hat for Round Face

1. Best Cattleman Style Cowboy Hat for Round Face: Stetson Men’s 3X Wool Felt Cowboy Hat

2. Best for Round Face with Small Head: Stetson Palm Leaf Straw Cowboy Hat with Real Leather Hatband & Sweatband

3. Best for Round face Females: Queue Essentials Lightweight Straw Cowboy Hats with Pinched Front

What Styles of Cowboy Hats Look Good on Round Faces?

what cowboy hat style suit round face

Now it’s time to pick out the ideal one from numerous styles of cowboy hats! In general, choosing styles means you need to choose the crease type on the cowboy hat. For round faces, the fantastic choices are Cattleman or Brick creases.

Get The Most Classic Cattleman Style

If you are looking for a classic, traditional cowboy hat, then a Cattleman is what you cannot miss.

As the oldest crease style, Cattleman owns one crease on the center and two slight pinches along the side. nice height to elongate your face.

The Cattleman cowboy hat features a nice height of 4-5 inches, which can slim your round face very well.

And the crown is a bit larger so that ranchers could pull the hats down to handle the strong wind.

If you have a big head and a round face, you can try this classic-style cowboy hat for a flattering appearance!

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wool felt cattleman cowboy hat for round face

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On the other hand, cowgirls used to wear Cattleman cowboy hats since they can grasp their hats easier with the creases. Therefore, if you are a round face lady, a Cattleman is a good choice.

Try this black cowboy hat which can slim your face effectively!

Try Brick Style If You Have A Small Head

Another popular choice for round faces is the Brick cowboy hat. Just as its name, the crown of the Brick style is in a rectangular shape, well, like a brick.

In general, the Brick crease is a Cattleman crease on a square crown but the center dent is wider.

Therefore, it suits round face people as well as a Cattleman style. Differently, the Brick crease features a narrower crown.

If you have a small round face, then a Brick cowboy hat can counter the symmetric on your face perfectly.

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best brick cowboy hat for round face

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What Shapes of Cowboy Hats Look Good on Round Faces?

what shape of cowboy hat suits round face

Before facing the countless styles, you might need to figure out what shapes of cowboy hats suit you.

Styles vary and change based on the shapes of crowns and brims. So if you get the rules of picking shape, then you can easily find out what styles match your face best.

Choose High Crowns to Modify Your Face

Round faces tend to be lack in length due to the wide forehead and full cheek. Also, due to the child face scale, your face looks immature but less aged.

To get rid of the childish feeling, you need a hat to elongate your round face. A high crown cowboy hat can fulfill your requirement.

With a nice-height crown, the cowboy hat can give an illusion of length to your round face. Slightly oversized crown cowboy hats will make your face look smaller.

If you have a fat face, your hat’s crown should be at least as wide as your face. To slim your face further, then you can choose this Queue Essentials Straw Cowboy Hat.

black high crown cowboy hat for round face

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Choose Slanted Brims & Creased Crowns for Asymmetric

You might have found that fashion models own sharp face curves. The biggest feature also the problem is that your face gives too much roundness.

To finish a fashionable outlook, some angularity is what your round face cries for. Thankfully, almost all cowboy hats feature angular brims.

Go for a cowboy hat with a straight brim slanted forward if you have a round face. Slanted brims can modify your soft facial contour by adding sharp outlines.

Choosing the shape of the crown is important. You will look more flattering in an asymmetrical appearance instead of a big symmetrical round head.

To balance the roundness on your face, the crown of your cowboy hat with a crease on the top or pinches beside is highly recommended.

If you want to have a change of your personal style, go for a classic felt cowboy hat to add some wild style.

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black slanted brim cowboy hat for round face

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Meanwhile, the round crown cowboy hat is last recommended, for it will remind people of your face shape. Same to the floppy brims, your facial outline does already has enough curves.

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What Cowboy Hats Suit Fat Round Faces?

what is the best cowboy hat for fat face

For chubby faces, the key rule of picking hats is that your hats need to look wider than your face. Some wide brim cowboy hats will make your face slim.

Don’t forget to pick a black one, because this color can make an illusion of slimming.

But you need to figure out that it doesn’t mean that you need to pick a big one. The crown of your cowboy hat should be as wide as your face.

Besides, wider brims add a more wild style for round face men to show masculinity. You can turn into a charming guy with a wide brim cowboy hat if you are a round-face male.

As for the recommendation, to get the maximum comfort, the perfect cowboy hat for your fat round face is this ARIAT Wool Cowboy Hat with Leather Sweatband.

wool cowboy hat for fat face

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 Real leather sweatband to keep you dry

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Black or Others? Which Color of Cowboy Hats Should You Choose?

best cowboy hat color for round face

After you get the right shape and style, it’s time to think about what color suits your round face. Though it sounds like a completely personal choice, there are still some tricks to help you choose the right one.

black color cowboy hat for round face

For a fat round face, the black cowboy hat would be your first choice.

As the best-selling color in cowboy hats, you can find that black almost matches every style.

No matter what sex you own, you can turn flattering within a black color hat.

For those who own fat round faces, you can buy black cowboy hats and enjoy a thinner face immediately.

brown color cowboy hat for round face

If your round face has a darker skin tone, some classic neutral colors like brown or tan will flatter your face.

Brown is the most popular color choice for men in cowboy hats.

And a traditional brown cowboy hat is a staple for your western wardrobe.

For girls, you can wear a button-up shirt and blue jeans to match this hat.

Or you can try some novelty color cowboy hat, it’s the time that flair in your style at parties.

A novelty hat can distract other people’s attention from your face perfectly.

If you are a round-face female, a cow-print cowboy hat can add more personality to your look.

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novelty cow-print cowboy hat for round face

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Besides fashion factors, the best color choices for your cowboy hats also depend on your purpose.

When working outdoor for a long time, then a light color is more suitable for you.

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why light color suit working out door for round face

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What Fabrics Are Suitable for Your Cowboy Hats?

Fabrics are important factors when picking the best cowboy hats. For round faces, fabrics of cowboy hats should have the good ability to keep the shape.

What Fabrics Can Maintain the Shape Well?

From the 1860s to today, straw and felt are still the most recommended materials for cowboy hats. Durable and practical for outdoor wearing, this is what a cowboy cries for.

Besides, hats made of these materials can preserve their shape well. Therefore, you can enjoy the length it brings for your round face and would not worry that it will collapse all of sudden.

Though you can choose the recommended fabrics for your taste, there is still the seasonal condition you need to consider.

Traditionally, straw cowboy hats are for summertime, you can wear your breathable and lightweight straw hats from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Felt is in the contrast.

If you want to get the best sun protection and hide your round face in summer, choose this Queue Essentials Straw Cowboy Hat with Unisex Design.

breatheable straw cowboy hat for round face

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Besides, the felt cowboy hat is more suitable for formal occasions. If you are going to take some formal events like weddings, a classic felt cowboy hat is a decent choice.

black felt cowboy hat for round face

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For Round Faces, How to Dress Up with Cowboy Hats?

how to wear the cowboy hat for round faces

After picking out your favored cowboy hats, it’s time to wear them. Here are some tips if you want to look stylish and an authentic cowboy when wearing a cowboy hat.

Tilt the hat back and show your forehead

For round faces, your face could be in a better proportion if you show your forehead instead of hiding it with your hat.

When wearing your cowboy hat, remember to slant your hat backward and show 1/3 of your forehead to elongate your face.

Remember to get the right hairstyle

For round faces with long hairs, you can put your hair down or tie a low ponytail that hangs straight down.

In this way, your hat can fit on your head firmly and won’t slip off easily.

Or you can make a one-side braid and let it down on your shoulders which can slim your face visually. Hence your face will look more flattering.

Wear a suitable outfit

Most time you choose to wear a cowboy hat to provide weather protection on common days. Therefore, for daily wearing, a simple button-up shirt and blue jeans suit cowboy hat most. You can rock casual style perfectly in this dressing mode.

Besides, sneakers will go wrong with your style, a pair of classic cowboy boots are essential to your cowboy wardrobe.

Get some accessories for the real cowboy styles

Some accessories can enhance your personal style with a cowboy hat. There are different suggestions according to the group of people.

For round-face girls, to let your face look small and charming, choose a beautiful necklace like a piece of the classic bolo tie from HUABOLA CALYN.

Remember to wear it loosely with part of your collarbone’s skin exposed, then your face will look amazingly slim.

If your kids want to dress up like a real cowboy, a bandanna is a must. For a budget choice, choose this junior cowboy hat from Narwhal Novelties with a classic bandanna for themed parties!


Cowboy hats are perfect for round faces as they are both stylish and practical. Your face will look more charming with a proper cowboy hat on your head.

When choosing a cowboy hat you need to consider the shapes and styles, and also pick the suitable fabrics for different occasions.

Our best recommendation is this Queue Essentials Straw Cowboy Hat. As a black straw cowboy hat, it suits the round face best and provides adequate sun protection. Now it’s time to go and get one cowboy hat for your own!