How to Choose the Best Stylish Cowboy Hats for Women?

Gone are the days when the cowboy was for just the ranches.

This hat has found its place in the mainstream of female fashion, and you can find the best cowboy hats for women in many choices.

Nowadays, there is no reason that you cannot say that you cannot wear a cowboy hat.

Though it is so challenging when you want to pick one for yourself.

But you have nothing to bother with since, with this article, you will know how to choose the best cowboy hats for women.

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1. Editor Recommend – Charlie 1 Horse Hats Women’s Silver Belly Highway Fedora

2. Budget Choice – Gossifan Handcrafted Design Cowboy Hat for Women

3. For Sun Protection – Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Wide Brim Straw Cowboy Hat

4. For Traveling – Stetson Crushable Wool Cowboy Hat with Leather Hatband

5. Best for Beach Time – Vamuss Breathable Straw Cowboy Hat with Beaded Hatband

How to Choose the Best Cowboy Hats for Women?

1. Choose Suitable Cowboy Hat Styles

Cowboy hats for women come in different styles. This style serves different purposes and choosing the right one would be ideal for you.

For instance, you can go for the one with the best crafts or styles to complement your face shape or color.

So if you have a square face, then it is best to go for the square face cowboy hat, and it would be the best one for you.

2. Get the Right Material for Your Need

Another thing you have to consider is the material used to make cowboy hats.

Traditionally, cowboy hats are made of straw, felt, leather, and many other natural fabrics.

Therefore, you should choose different materials according to your needs.

For example, if you are looking for a lightweight, well-ventilated, breathable, and versatile option, those made from straw or other breathable materials would be the best option.

3. Know What Colors Suit You

Color is one of the main things you have to consider when buying any wearable accessory.

For your cowboy hat to match most of your outfit, go for a neutral color or shades like tan, brown, grey, beige, dark brown, white, etc.

4. Consider Creative Accessories

Nowadays, hats come in different styles and designs, and most of them have other accessories like beads or pieces of precious stones and many others.

Therefore while choosing, make sure that you go for the ones creatively crafted with other accessories.

Also, make sure the accessory will match your other wearable accessories like necklaces, bangles, shoes, and many other accessories.

5. Go for Famous Brands

It is good to go for hats from the best brand since they have been in the market for a more extended period to produce the best hat; it will help you quickly get the best cowboy hats for women.

What Are the Best Cowboy Hat Styles for Women?

When choosing the cowboy crease style, you have to look for two of many things to get the best for yourself.

You have to look at the features and why they would be suitable for you.

Now let’s look at some of the crease styles, including their features and why they are ideal for you.

1. Pinch Front Crease – Best for Cowgirls

The pinched front crease comes with a western style. The crown forms a teardrop or diamond shape on its top with a wide brim.

The brim of this crease is slightly curved or flat. This style accentuates your delicate jawlines and makes your face thinner.

Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Wide Brim Straw Cowboy Hat

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2. Cattleman Crease – Most Classic

Cattleman Crease is another best cowboy hat for women; it is one of the oldest and has a traditional stylish touch.

It has a curved brim with a narrower crown, a single crease in the center, and two on its side.

In terms of functionality, the hat is useful during the rains and wind season since once you pull it down your head, it is challenging to be blown away by the wind.

If you are a woman looking for the most classic western hat for formal events and parties, this is one of your ideal choices.

Queue Essentials Western Style Cowboy Girl Hat with Elastic Closure

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3. Gambler Crease – For Taller Women

Gambler crease is one of the best cowboy hats for taller women.

The hat has a flat-topped crown that will help keep hot air from accumulating to your hat.

Also, it comes with a wider brim that provides maximum protection from the sun.

With this style, you will have a classier option of a cowboy as a famous woman while making you look classic.

4. Choosing Guide About Brim

1). Wide or short?

When choosing the brim, one of the things that will influence your option is your head size.

For instance, you can go for the short brim when you have a small head, while the wide brim is the best option for a big one.

2). Flat or curved?

Another thing that you have to pay attention to is the brim shape.

The ones you can choose from are the flat or the curved ones. Choosing this will depend on your face shape.

For instance, when you have a diamond, square, and long shape face, you can go for the flat brim.

And if you have an oval, round, and heart face shape, you could go for the curved one.

How to Decide the Material of Best Cowboy Hats for Women?

Different things can influence you to decide on the material of best cowboy hats for the women that you are going to choose.

Some of these include the season, purpose, styles, and many others. Now let’s look at these factors with a suitable cowboy hat.

1. For Summer Beach Time- Straw Cowboy Hats

When it comes to summer beach time, then straw cowboy hats are one of the suitable options.

You will get enough ventilation with straw cowboy hats, keeping the rays away from your face.

Besides, straw cowboy hats are versatile and lightweight which makes them very suitable for summer.

With it, you can have no problem matching your summer outfits.

And also, you can travel with minimal weight on your head, and with the same hat, you can have a different formal outlook.

2. For Outdoor Hiking -Oiled Cotton Cowboy Hat

Another material that you can select is cotton, but if you want the one best for outdoor hiking, you must go for the oiled cotton cowboy hat.

With this oil material, there are several benefits that you will get; some of them are fashionable, waterproof, and oil absorption.

Oil cotton cowboy hats are one of the hats suitable for occasions like hiking, hunting, traveling, riding, and other outdoor activities.

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3. For Warmth and Decent – Felt, Wool

Felt and wool hats are among the best hats recommended for warmth and descent.

Apart from the fashionable, they are suitable for the winter seasons. You can wear them during the day, night, or the temperature drops.

If you are looking for a functional cowboy hat with decent fashion during the winter, try this felt cowboy hat below.

4. For Unique Stylish – Leather, Suede

Leather and suede cowboy hat provide unique stylish since they are made from excellent material that is durable, classic, and breathable.

These cowboy hats are all-match fashion; you can get a stylish look with different outfits.

People love this hat because of the stylish look and the wide range of occasions that you can use the hat. Also, the hats can last for decades.

How to Choose the Color of Best Cowboy Hats for Women?

When it comes to the color selection, keep in mind that there are different colors that girls can try.

Keep in mind that one excellent color choice is the neutrals color.

With the neutral colors, they match almost your outfit and your face.

The other hat colors provide you with a unique style and reflect your personality. This section will learn why these colors can flatter your outfit or face.

Why can the colors flatter a women’s face or her outfit?

1. Light color – Pink, White Cowboy Hat

One of the colors that can flatter your face and outfit is light colors.

The light colors are white and pink. If you have a light and cool skin tone, then a cowboy hat with light colors can help to complement your face with a light, cool skin tone.

The other colors that you can use in your outfit to help complete your fashion are heather grey, lavender, and light blue.

Therefore if you are looking for a stunning style with your light cool face skin tone, you should match it with a light color.

You may want to try

Vamuss Heart Concho Toyo Straw Cowboy Hat with Shapable Brim

This Toyo straw cowboy hat is one of the best cowboy hats for women and is suitable for light colors.

It has turquoise color but not the only thing you will love about this hat. Boho also has the best and most classic design and shape.

The straw fabric makes it breathable and lightweight, suitable for almost all seasons.

Therefore, if you are looking for a light color hat that is adorable and trendy, this is a perfect option.

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2. Dark Color – Black Cowboy Hat

Most women’s faces have a dark, cool outlook, meaning blue-brown melanin on their skin.

You can use the color to flatter your skin color, or your outfit is bright jewel tones.

You may want to try

Enimay Western Outback Women’s Lightweight Straw Cowboy Hat 

If you are looking for a dark color hat with a tapered front brim with both the traditional and modern feel, then this is one of the hats for you.

The hat provides you with sun protection, and it comes in ultimate styles such as comfy design and, at the same time, is suitable for various occasions and activities.

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3. Neutral Color – Brown, Grey, Silverbelly, Khaki Cowboy Hat

Despite the color tone of your skin, with the neutral colors, you will be able to flatter or complement your face and outfit.

Here is a list of neutral colors like black, white, grey, khaki, brown, and many other neutral colors.

Make sure the neutral color you choose for your hats should match your outfit.

You may want to try

Queue Essentials Western Style Cowboy Girl Hat with Elastic Closure

Queues essentials cowgirl straw hat is one of the best hats you can pick if you are looking for a hat with a neutral color outfit.

The hat comes in different styles, and you can choose the style or color you want.

Also, it is available in various sizes, so you can get one that fits you perfectly despite your head size.

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4. Bright Color – Blue, Red, Purple Cowboy Hat

For olive skin tone, you need to go for the color that will complement your sink; here, you can use colors like blue, red, purple, and other subtle shades to your skin tone.

By matching this color from the hat to your face and outfit, you will have stylish fashion.

You may want to try

Lisianthus Women’s Wide Brim Breathable Cowboy Hat

You can go for the Lisianthus cowboy hats for the bright color hats perfect for a bright color matching outfit.

The hat comes with an adjustable strap that can fit both a big and small head.

Some of the other excellent features include; being comfy, lightweight, and breathable.

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Try Unique Accessories for Best Cowboy Hats for Women In Parties

1. Fluffy Brim – U.S. Toy H462 Fluffy Brim Pink Cowgirl Hat with Chin Strap

It is one of the best cowboys with a unique accessory that you can use on occasions like parties.

The hat has excellent craftsmanship with other ornaments like features and others.

Also, it has a white chin strap that you can help to hold the hats firmly on your head.

The accessories you can find on these hats can be a woman’s face or outfit. It has a lovely pink color to help you have a classic stylish fashion.

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2. Cow Print – Beistle Cow Print Cowboy Hat for Wild West Party

It is one of the hats with a western style and a chin strap.

The hat has a fun print that is also available for different head sizes, and you can use it with themed parties or outfits since it has an outlook that cab complement well with your outfit.

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3. With Blings – Funny Party Hats Cowboy Hat for Women With Pink Rhinestone

It is a cowboy hat with a great accessory that complements the outfit you can wear for occasions like parties, Rodeo, and many others; this is one of the best options.

Also, it exists in different colors so you can select the one that you love most.

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4. Holographic Color – Arsimus Space Holographic Rave Cowboy Hat

If you are looking for solid or metallic tone color, this is one of the hats.

With it, you will have the ability to select the color you want and, at the same time, enjoy the texture’s surface that complements your outfit.

The hat is also flexible as it can fit most head sizes.

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5. Blinky Light – FlashingBlinkyLights Women’s Cowboy Hat with Shiny Light

It is one of the hats you cannot compare with others since it is unique.

The shiny and dazzling outlook is one of the best choices you can use on occasions like parties.

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Top 7 Best Cowboy Hats for Women Reviews

1. Editor Recommend – Charlie 1 Horse Hats Women’s Silverbelly Wool Cowboy Hats

It is one of the top women you can pick as your favorite cowboy hat.

The hat is made from wool, and with it, you will be able to enjoy functionality like; stylish fashion, breathable, and many others.

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2. Budget Choice – Gossifan Handcrafted Design Cowboy Hat for Women

Are you looking for a classic cowboy hat that comes with wide hats and, at the same time, is affordable?

With this hat, you will be able to enjoy the hat that comes with hand high crafted design and is comfy, breathable, and lightweight.

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3. For Sun Protection – Wallaroo Hat Company Women’s Wide Brim Straw Cowboy Hat

It is one of the modern cowboy hats that is stylish and, at the same time, functional.

The hat is best for outdoor occasions, and also it compliments your outfit, starting from your hair to the shoes.

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4. For Traveling – Stetson Crushable Wool Cowboy Hat with Leather Hatband

This crushable stetson cowboy hat is another top women’s hat that you can select. It comes from wool and leather.

The material is good plus its color. Also, the hat fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear.

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5. Best for Beach Time – Vamuss Breathable Straw Cowboy Hat with Beaded Hatband

If you are looking for the top women’s best hat for beach time, then the natural straw cowboy would be better.

The cowboy is made from leather and has a layer of beads and some style.

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6. For Ladies’ bachelorette Parties – Beistle Bride’s Cowgirl Hat with Veil

Do you want to have the best cowboy for a bachelorette party? You will have stylish, fashionable cowboy hats with a veil with his hat.

The hat fits perfectly, and it is of high quality.

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7. For Little Cowgirls – Simplicity Kids Western Cowboy Hat

One of the cowboy hats is best or suitable for kids or toddlers; the hat is a beautiful woven and comfortable fit for all-day wear.

Also, it comes with a headband that has different styles and decorations to add a stylish look to your outfit.

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What Brands Provide Stylish Cowboy Hat for Women?

1. Ariat

Ariat is one of the inspired and incredible brands that provide the best stylish cowboy for women.

The brand offers high-quality hats with world-class crafts.

They also used the best material to enhance the functionality and outlook of their hats.

2. Stetson

Stetson is one of the best companies that has been in the market for over 150 years now, and it offers high-end hats that have a western style.

The hats are both practical and stylish. They focus primarily on simplicity, fashion style, and price to meet other user requirements and needs.

3. Resistol

Resistol offers a wide range of felt and straw cowboy hats in various styles. Here are the features of their hats

  • Have a western-style
  • High quality
  • Unique designs
  • Functional hats
  • Fashionable and classic look hats

4. Scala

Scala is another best brand when it comes to cowboy hats. With the brand, you can get different categories of hats.

You can choose from them based on purpose, your face shape, size of your head, styles, and many other features.

5. Vamuss

Vamuss is one of the best hat designers for women’s hats. They offer super cute, reasonable prices and environmentally friendly hats.

6. Enimay

It’s a brand that combines both the classy and excellent combination. They blend different materials in their production of hats. The hat has the following features:

  • Environmentally-safe
  • Lightweight
  • Firm yet relaxed fit
  • Minimalist design

7. Wallaroo

Wallaroo is a brand whose hat design is an inspiration by nature.

They focus primarily on functionality, fashion, and quality craftsmanship.

Therefore with the Wallaroo, you will have experience the earthy stones, mountains, and the skies.

8. Bullhide

The hat brands focus on the western style, producing the best hats for outings.

You are not limited to style since they can personalize for the style you want when it comes to their style.

9. American Hat Company

American Hat Company is another company that has existed since the early 1900s.

They produce hats of different styles, and they are handcrafted to provide the customer with authentic straw and felt.

10. Boot Barn

Boot Barn is another brand with well-constructed hats built with the rancher’s lifestyle.

The hats are also durable, and they last with a functional, unique western style.

How to Wear Best Cowboy Hats for Women In Style?

1. Match with Other Cowboy Attires

What accessories or attire can women choose to match the cowboy hat?

You can wear the cowboy hat with most of the accessories so long as it matches your outfit, like the dress, t-shirts, blouses, and others, so long as they are fashionable.

Wearing a cowboy depends on whether you wear them for pleasure or business.

However, you can ensure that the sweatband is in contact with the forehead and right above your ears and eyebrows.

2. Try With Dress

You can try wearing the cowboy with a dress. Here are three different dress outfits with the cowboy hat.

• Straw cowboy hat with white short sleeve and belted min dress

• Green cowboy hat with a white ruched mini dress.

• Black dress with black cowboy with jewelry

3. Learn From Celebrities

You can also learn from the celebrities they have their style of outfit with cowboy hats; here are some the examples;

Cowboy hat outfits of lady gaga

  • Derriere in satin hot pants with a cowboy hat
  • Accessorized with an embellished white cowboy

Cowboy hat outfits of Miranda lambert

  • White cowboy hats with jeans outfits and other accessories like necklaces, bangles, and earrings.
  • Cowboy with a short to and tight


1. Do Cinch produce women’s cowboy hats?

No. Cinch does not produce women’s cowboy hats.

2. Can a girl wear a cowboy hat?

Yes, a girl can wear cowboy hats since unisex hats or cowboy hats are specifically designed for girls or women.

3. Is the cowboy hat still In trend?

Yes, they are trendy fashion current in the market with other inspiring fashion sets.

4. How should a cowboy hat fit a woman?

The hat follows the nature of the head; therefore, it can fit firmly on the woman’s head; however, you can go for the hats with adjustable or chin string for firm fitting on your head.


Cowboy hats are one of the best hats for women that you can wear and protect yourself from sunburn, hot wind dust, and many other things.

Also, you can use the hat to compliment your outfit since it is made from different materials or ornaments that make it one of the best stylish accessories you should have.

As you have seen above, you can buy your hat based on the guidelines mentioned above.