How to Choose the Best Cowboy Hats for Working?

While working outside, it’s very critical to protect your exposed skin from the sun. Under this situation, why not try the best cowboy hats for working?

As the preferred choice of ranchers and cowboys, good cowboy hats can shade you from sunlight and provide good venting to let heat escape.

Besides, the classic western style is one of the biggest reasons you should rock a cowboy hat while outside.

If you are interested in picking up one hat to wear for working outside, read this article to get helpful information on how to choose the best working cowboy hats.

What You Will Read:

  • What Cowboy Hats Are Good for Working in The Sun?
  • Which Material Should You Choose for Working Cowboy Hats?
  • What Brands Provide the Best Working Cowboy Hats?
  • How to Clean & Store Your Cowboy Hats After Working?

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What Are the Best Cowboy Hats for Working Outside?

To give you the best protection, standard cowboy hats for working feature the following advantages.

– Wide Brims

Generally, your cowboy hat should feature a 2 to 3 inches brim to shade you from the intense sunlight.

With such width, your face, forehead, neck, and part of your shoulders can get good protection.

What’s more, wide-brim cowboy hats allow you to have a good view under the dazzling sun.

– Sweatband & Vents

Once you have worked outside for a long time, the stink smell of sweat is a bit annoying. Cowboys wear cowboy hats with breathable vents and sweatbands to deal with this situation.

On sweltering days, your cowboy hats can absorb the sticky sweat and let the cool breeze sign through your scalp with improved breathability.

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Besides, you need to take care of the size of the vents on your cowboy hat.

If you are a bald guy, you can choose cowboy hats with a circle of small vents on their crowns. Hence no sunburnt marks will appear on your head.

– Light Colors

It’s fun to know that dark and bright-vivid colors can absorb more UV rays on sunny days. So you will feel hotter when wearing black hats.

Therefore, you can choose cowboy hats from neutral colors for good style and coolness. Another good point of the dark color cowboy hat is easy to clean.

Stains won’t be so noticeable as light color cowboy hats. Wipe the dust off your hat and enjoy the brand new appearance.

Material Choice: Felt or Straw?

To choose the best cowboy hat for working in the sun, you’ll want to consider many factors except UV protection.

Firstly, you need to wear a hat year-round since the sun gives out UV lights that cause damage to your skin every month.

Therefore, you should consider the material of your cowboy hat to handle the temperature change for different seasons.

Straw Cowboy Hat for Working in the Summer Intense Sun

It’s easy to find that preventing heat stroke is as critical as sunburnt prevention.

So when you are working outside, it’s very recommended to wear straw cowboy hats for sweltering days.

Straw is a lightweight fabric with high breathability. And tight woven straw cowboy hats can block the sun efficiently.

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Besides, some cowboy hat retailers use chemicals to treat the surface of the cowboy hat.

Straw cowboy hats after this specific process have a better UV blocking performance.

But you may find more sweat and heat generate inside the crown due to the poor ventilation.

Hence check if there is a sweatband inside the cowboy hat before a purchase.

Felt Cowboy Hat  Winter Warmth & Sun Protection

During fall and winter, the sunlight tends to be bright but less hot.

So you need to wear warm cowboy hats to defend against cold wind. Felt cowboy hats are ideal for this job.

When you are working, a felt cowboy hat can block the glaring sunlight to give you a good view of sight.

And the thick and soft felt crown keeps your scalp and ears warm and comfortable.

One more attractive feature of felt cowboy hats is their water-resistant ability.

If you want your cowboy hat can withstand the humid rainy days, you can choose a decent felt cowboy hat for a dry and comfortable wearing feeling…

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What Brands Provide the Best Cowboy Hats for Working?

Think about famous brands is very helpful if you want high-quality working cowboy hats. Here’re the best brands that produce good practical cowboy hats.

1. Stetson – Most Classic Working Cowboy Hat

As one of the most famous cowboy hat brands, Stetson owns the largest cowboy hat factory.

With over 150 years of experience in making hats, you can get a classic felt or straw cowboy hat with high quality from Stetson.

And you can go bold in working with a Stetson cowboy hat on your head. Stetson cowboy hats ensure quality by using thick and durable material.

The hat brim is wide enough to block the sunlight as well.

You can enjoy the best sun protection with a Stetson cowboy hat when you are outside for work.

2. Queue Essentials – Best Budget Straw Cowboy Hats

Queue Essentials impresses cowboy hat lovers with stylish design and practical hats.

You can find classic and fashion-forward designs on Queue Essentials’ cowboy hats.

As for the working hats, Queue Essentials provide the best straw cowboy hats to protect you against heat and sunlight.

Besides, cowboy hats from Queue Essentials come with a budget price. A durable, decent cowboy hat only costs you less for the same excellent quality.

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3. Outback Trading Co. – Best Practical Cowboy Hats for Working

Founded in 1983 by Wilson King, Outback Trading Co. produces the best headwear and clothing for anyone who needs functional yet affordable products for daily wear.

If you are looking for solid construction and classic styling cowboy hats, the Outback Trading Co.’s hats won’t disappoint you. You can get a quality working hat from their online store.

With UPF50+ and waterproof functions, their cowboy hats can give you the best protection against various harsh elements.

The wide wired brim can shade your face and neck perfectly. You can shape your hat’s brim easily to make a statement.

If you are looking for cowboy hats at an affordable price, Outback Trading hats are what you should pick.

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Tips for Cleaning & Storing Your Cowboy Hat After Working

Whether you wear your cowboy hats for working outside or indoors, it’s important to know how to clean and store your working cowboy hat for prolonged use and well look.

Tips for Cleaning

1. Before cleaning any cowboy hats you should check the care label to know the dos and don’ts about your hats.

2. To reduce the potential damage, you should learn the right way to clean different types of materials.

3. For straw cowboy hats, getting wet will let the straw break and tear easily.

You can use a damp cloth to wipe down the dust and spot on hats. Gently rub the stains in a circular motion.

4. If you are going to clean a felt cowboy hat. a felt brush will help you a lot.

Tips for Storing

1. Store your cowboy hat upside down on a hat rack.

Storing your cowboy hat upside down helps the brim to keep its shape.

When you are working outside, a good shape brim can block more sun to protect your skin.

2. Keep your cowboy hat in a dry and ventilated place.

Heat and wetness will cause damage to your cowboy hat. You can install a hat rack in the cool corner of your house.

3. Check the sweatband regularly.

Usually, the sweatbands of cowboy hats can keep 1-3 years according to how often you use them.

For working use, it’s recommended to check the sweatband regularly every 6 to 8 months.


While choosing the best cowboy hat for working, remember to consider the material, brim size, and weather protection ability.

As long as you learn about all the knowledge, you can get a quality cowboy hat to protect you from the sun and make a statement.

If you haven’t done the choice, you can choose this top recommended Outback Trading Company UPF50+ Cotton Cowboy Hat as your try!