Best Football Gloves for Men, Women, Kids in 2022

Football gloves are very essential protective gear that you should invest in as a footballer. However, it is not just about buying football gloves but it is about buying the best quality in the market.

High-quality football gloves can handle heavy use and therefore they guarantee you exceptional performance at your position during the match.

A great performance will consequently upgrade your play level.

Football gloves play a central role in your protection and hence you can withstand the impact of the catch when the ball’s momentum is slowed down. For this reason, every player at any level should use football gloves.

Football gloves are available in various sizes and styles and are used for multiple positions. This article explores:

  • The benefits of using them
  • The various types of football gloves
  • The features to consider when buying them
  • A review of the 10 best football gloves

best football gloves reviews


Top 10 Best Football Gloves


Benefits of Using Football Gloves

Here are the benefits you get by wearing football gloves during the match:

  • Help you during the cold season

One reason for wearing gloves is to keep your hands warm as a player. That is because your hands can be negatively affected by rain, snow, or cold and hence lowering your efficiency in the field.

  • Eliminate sweat on your hands

There are many challenges when playing football on a hot day such as dehydration and sweat caused by excessive body temperature. Sweaty hands cannot efficiently carry the ball around or catch it or even throw it.

A couple of years ago, players used a towel tied on their waist to dry their hands but nowadays football gloves provide a better solution.

  • Protect the hands of players from wear and tear

Handling the ball with hands has become more common than in the past and hence wearing gloves protect the players especially the linesmen from too much impact that would otherwise cause wear and tear on their hands.

  • Give your hands a great grip

Today’s gloves are designed with an outstanding grip that helps the players to catch the ball and carry it around with much ease. This means that without gloves you become disadvantaged.


Important Features You Need to Consider When Buying Football Gloves

what to consider when buying new football gloves

Football gloves have evolved to protect you from cold and injuries as well as provide you with an extra grip that helps you snatch the ball midair.

For these benefits, it is essential to check for suitable gloves features as explained below:

– Breathability: Sweaty hands are the last thing that any player would want on the field during the match. For this reason, choosing football gloves with added ventilation is essential.

Modern football gloves are designed with breathable fabric and in particular, they have mesh between the fingers. This ventilation increases airflow intensity in the hands and hence they feel more comfortable, cool, and dry.

– Extra Padding: The ball sometimes comes with a great impact that is hard on your hands and therefore football gloves that have a considerable amount of padding are extremely critical.

The most suitable football gloves should have extra, lightweight, and flexible foam that helps to reduce the impact the ball causes on your hands.

The padding should be lightweight so that your mobility is not affected. Gloves with more padding are also essential to keep your hands warm during the cold weather.

– Materials: Wearing football gloves that rip down during the game is probably the worst thing that you would do when participating in a football match.

To avoid such a thing from happening, it is good that you buy gloves made from high-quality materials. Good-quality material will guarantee you both performance and hands safety.

Buy gloves made from strong and stretchable materials even if their price will be a little bit high it is worth it.

– Size: Knowing your glove size is important before you head to the shopping stores. You should measure your hands upfront or if you are not sure of your size you can buy gloves with adjustable straps.

Your gloves should not be too tight or too loose. Too tight gloves will hinder air circulation in your hands and cause much sweat while loose ones will be falling out and hence will not be effective.

– Grip: Grip refers to the presence of traction padding in the gloves which makes them sticky. Sticky football gloves increase your ability to catch the ball and hold it without dropping.


What Are the Best Football Gloves Brands?

best brands of football player gloves

  • Nike

Nike is popular for its provision of protective gear and apparel in the market. Nike is always in tune with the market by providing sports protection gear that uses the latest technology. They make football gloves with magnagrip palm material essential for outstanding grip.

  • Cutters

Cutter gloves are one of the most popular brands of gloves that you can find in the market today. These gloves are long-lasting and they provide a tacky grip necessary to hold and catch the ball.

Most football gloves lose the grip completely after you wash them but cutters are capable of restoring it. These features make cutters one of the best brands you can find and buy in the market today.

  • Adidas

Adidas is also a popular brand as far as football gloves are concerned. Adidas mainly focuses on designing lightweight gloves that make them a unique brand. They do this by using well-ventilated compression fabrics. Adidas does production based on what the market needs and this explains their long tenure in the market.

  • Under Armour

Under armor, gloves provide you with the comfort and flexibility that you need for outstanding performance. They also offer you exceptional traction and grip and hence they are one of the best in the market today. They are made of materials that wick the sweat from your hands hence keeping them dry.

  • Battle

The battle is popular for its ultra-stick receiver gloves that boost your confidence in the field by offering maximum protection. These gloves are designed with extra padding around the knuckles, thumbs, and wrists and hence very suitable for receivers.


Types of Football Gloves

  • Receiver Gloves

Football gloves are needed most by receivers. Receiver gloves are usually tacky and contain a lot of grips that help receivers to grasp the football as it comes to them. The grip also helps them to carry the football along without fumbling it.

  • Lineman Gloves

Initially, linemen were using gloves that were very big in size and bulky at the same time. These gloves were meant to provide them with protection.

However, they felt restricted while using their hands with these gloves on. The tacky feel is not needed in linemen gloves because linemen rarely handle the ball.

  • Skill Position Gloves

Skill position gloves are designed for players such as receivers and quarterbacks who need to catch and hold onto the ball.

Hence these gloves are designed with excellent palm grip and padded on the backhand to provide maximum protection from impact. They are also lightweight and flexible.

  • Hybrid Gloves

Hybrid gloves are stretchy and are designed with a sure grip that helps you with easy ball handling.

Users who have wet or damp hands can wear them with ease because of their embossed nature. These gloves can be recycled hence they are environmentally friendly.


Best Reviewed Football Gloves on the Market

1. Cutters Pro Double Fabric Receiver GlovesMost Warm for Winter

cutters football gloves

Cutters Pro is one of the best receiver gloves available in the market today. They provide receiver players with an outstanding performance due to their advanced grip.

They also offer you comfort and flexibility that significantly boosts your confidence in every play.

These gloves are designed with some perforation on the palms to bring a cooling effect to your hands.

Their palms also have zone panels which are responsible for giving you the comfort that you so much desire.

They are available in a variety of colors such as white and black in both kids and adult sizes.


– They have a C-Tack palm that provides an excellent grip.
– They are flexible and lightweight.
– Can be used in all weather conditions.


– Easy to get dirt due to the full white design.

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2. Nike Blue Men’s Football Gloves with Adjustable Cuffsfor Wide Hands

nike blue football gloves

These gloves provide you with tough and durable protection while you play in the field.

They are designed with extra padding on the back parts of your hands which offers your hands maximum protection.

They also have sticky palms that offer you excellent grip throughout the game. They have adjustable cuffs that you can use to custom your fitting size.


– Thin and lightweight
– They have sticky magnagrip palms which maximize the catching surface.
– They are breathable and have adjustable cuffs.


– Designed for men

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3. Adidas Synthetic Receiver GlovesBest Comfort

adidas football gloves

These gloves have a design that offers you outstanding comfort and grip that is excellent even in highly intense games.

They have a box fingertip design that offers your fingertips an excellent fit without too much tightness or pinching.

They are also designed with a PrimeKnit Mesh that provides your hands great aeration hence you get the comfort and consequently the performance that you deserve.

These gloves also have a grip-Tack palm treatment that provides you with an exceptional grip and performance in any weather condition.

They are also engineered with enough perforations which keep away moisture and hence your hands remain cool and dry throughout the game.


– Designed with a gripping technology that gives outstanding performance in all weather conditions.
– Aeroready technology helps to keep your hands cool and dry by wicking away any moisture.
– Made from high-quality materials hence preferred by many professionals.


– Fairy expensive due to its outstanding design and quality

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4. Franklin Sports Youth Receiver Gloveswith Silicone Palm

youth football gloves

These gloves are licensed by the NFL, containing logos and colors of various teams and hence you can freely and authoritatively support your favorite team.

Franklin sports youth receiver gloves are designed with a tack silicone palm which makes them super sticky and hence you can use them to efficiently snatch and hold the ball without dropping it while playing on the field.

These gloves also have a neoprene wrap on the wrist that gives your hands a customized fit that ensures your comfort and enhances your performance.

Their hand back is made of breathable and lightweight polyester which ensures that your hands remain dry while in the field.


– Designed with outstanding grip
– They are customized with logos of your favorite team
– They are breathable


– Limited color

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5. Under Armour Polyester Football GlovesTight Fit

under armour sticky football gloves

Under Armor football gloves are designed with a lightweight heat gear fabric that helps to keep your hands cool and dry and hence you can efficiently use your hands in the field.

The material used is capable of wicking away the sweat from your hands and the gloves will dry very fast afterward.

They have a closure system that is customized and hence you can fit them into your hands according to the tightness of fitness that you need.

The gloves are also engineered with a sticky Tack palm that enhances the grip hence your catchability potential is improved.


– Made of breathable backhand fabric
– Made of Grab Tack palm that enhances your catchability


– Not found yet

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6. Battle Double Threat Receiver Gloveswith High Wrist Support

padded football gloves

They are designed with a high-quality sticky material that enhances the catchability of the ball.

They also have a Velcro wrist strap that offers you a customized fit that enables you to move freely and catch the ball when the need arises.

The gloves are designed with a breathable and comfortable material that includes a seam and wear point.

The seam and wear point makes these gloves durable and hence you can use them for quite a long time.


– Contains ultra-tacky grip
– They are designed with Velcro wrist straps for you to have a secure fit


– Not found yet

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7. Repster Smiley Joker Receiver GlovesBest Durable

joker football gloves

These football gloves are designed with a Neoprene palm and cuff. The Neoprene cuff offers you unrivaled support and comfort.

It also guarantees football goalkeepers a smooth feel during the game. These gloves have an anti-slip grip cuff design that allows you to put them on or take them off with much ease.

They have perforations on the palms and side fingers that give them added ventilation for your hands.

The Neoprene wrist strap provides you with a locked-in fit and outstanding support.

Additionally, these gloves are designed with a floating thumb technology that increases flexibility.

They are made of high-quality leather that gives them a great ability to efficiently absorb shock.


– Made of durable leather
– Well-ventilated hence keeping your hands dry


– None found

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8. Grip Boost Football Gloves with Improved GripBest Breathable


grip boost sticky foot ball gloves

Grip boost football gloves have an adequate tacky grip that enhances your experience in the field.

These gloves are durable and when they lose grip after a few games, you can boost it up with a grip gel that comes with them.

These gloves are lightweight with adequate ventilation and hence your hands will remain cool and dry even under hot temperatures.

This helps to give you optimal performance in the field. These gloves are designed to fit in your hand like a second skin and hence they are not stiff. This makes you feel like you have no gloves in your hands.

They are also designed to work with all-weather conditions whether sunny or rainy or snow.


– Breathable
– Made of lightweight fabric
– Affordable


– Some customers who don’t like tight fit should avoid it

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9. GearTop Touch Screen Gloves for Men and Women Best Cheap

football lineman gloves

These gloves are made from breathable and stretchable materials that dry quickly when wet. This ensures that your hands remain warm and dry.

They fit perfectly but do not restrict your movement and hence you feel comfortable when wearing them. These gloves can also be used in other sports like golf.

They are thin enough to offer you flexibility as they protect your hands from damage and abrasion at the same time.

You can use smartphones and GPS controls when wearing them since they are touch screen compatible.

You can also do a couple of various other activities like writing while you have them on because they are lightweight.


– Touch screen compatible
– Breathable and stretchable
– Multi-purpose gloves


– Not for receivers

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10. Seibatron Elite Ultra-Stick Receiver Football GlovesHook and Loop Tape

black football gloves

Seibatron Elite ultra-stick Football gloves are made from long-lasting and flexible materials and hence when you use them in the field you are guaranteed outstanding performance.

They fit your hands perfectly well when you choose the correct size of your hand. They also perform in all weather conditions whether it is rainy or too hot or even in the presence of snow.

You can wash these gloves using a washing machine and hence you are not limited to only handwashing.


– Durable
– Machine washable
– Can work in all weather conditions


– You have to know your exact palm circumference before you can buy them.

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Which Is Better: Receiver Gloves vs Lineman Football Gloves?

best football receiver gloves

Receiver gloves play the role of catching the ball and holding on to it without dropping it during passes in the field. For this reason, they are lightweight, flexible, and have enhanced grip.

Lineman gloves, on the other hand, protect linemen from damage and abrasion of their hands and fingers since they receive the hardest and the most dangerous hits in the field.

Lineman gloves are therefore heavyweight and rigid to play this role efficiently. The question about which one is better depends on the role of the player in the field but receiver gloves are used more than linemen gloves because they can enhance movement and flexibility in the field.


How to Make Football Gloves Sticky Again?

Football gloves ought to remain sticky throughout the game because there will be a lot of ball handling such as catching, throwing, and holding. Football gloves that remain sticky enhance your performance in the field.

If they become less sticky, you can make them sticky again by spitting on them or wiping them using Clorox or baby wipe then rub them together.

You can also use permitted grip spray on them to enhance the grip.

Additionally putting your gloves under the sun to ensure that they are dry before the game starts also performs some magic.


How to Wash Your Football Gloves?

As the footballers play in the field, some fall on the ground, and the gloves they are using either get mud or grass stains. This makes it essential to wash the gloves after the game so that they can maintain a good smell and look great as well.

You can either hand wash your gloves or use a washing machine.

– Hand Wash

When hand washing them, soak them in cold or lukewarm water with a suitable detergent then scrub them using your hands. Rinse them and hang them in a place that is not too hot.

– Machine Wash

If you prefer machine washing, make sure that that specific pair is allowed to be machine washed.

Then turn them inside out and put them inside a pillowcase to minimize damages to the materials that give them a grip.

Use cold water to wash and then hang them to dry under moderate temperatures.



1. Do Football Players Have to Wear Gloves?

Yes. Football players must use gloves, especially the linemen and the receivers.

This is because gloves play a major role in protecting footballers from abrasions and damages on their hands and hence protect them from wear and tear. Gloves also help to maintain the players’ hands in warm temperatures during winter.

2. What Gloves Does Odell Beckham Use?

Odell Beckham uses Nike Vapor 5.0 gloves that are customized with the phrase “Beck legendary”. These gloves are designed with features similar to other receiver gloves.

3. What Football Gloves Do the Pros Use?

Pros use football gloves such as cutters rev pro receiver gloves, cutters C-Tack revolution gloves, and EliteTek RG-14 football gloves.

EliteTek RG-14 works best in wet conditions and it is not bulky.

Cutters C-Tack revolution gloves are designed with sticky technology and can be washed using machines while cutters rev pro receiver gloves are durable gloves designed with an outstanding grip.

4. What Are the Stickiest Football Gloves?

Football gloves with sticky palms are an excellent choice for players interested in enhanced ball catchability or handling. They enhance your field performance, especially as a receiver.

The stickiest football gloves include Grip Boost Pro Elite gloves, Battle ultra-stick gloves, EliteTek RG-14 gloves, Cutters Rev Pro gloves, and Seibatron Elite Ultra-stick gloves.

5. What Are Football Gloves Made of?

Football gloves should be made from high-quality materials that can work in all weather conditions. Most football gloves are made from leather.

Leather is an excellent material that is flexible, durable, and provides outstanding breathability.

Another material commonly used in football gloves is spandex. Spandex gloves are usually less durable and cheaper than leather gloves.

6. How to Size Your Hands and Buy Suitable Football Gloves?

It is essential to accurately measure your hands before you can buy football gloves.

The first measurement is the length between the bottom of your palm and the tip of your middle finger.

Pick youth football gloves when this length is below 7 inches and adult football gloves when it is more.

Also, take the circumference around the knuckles of your hands and pick the most suitable size of the gloves.



In conclusion, football gloves are there to enhance your performance in the field and to give you maximum hand protection.

Even professional players who are well skilled in football still need high-quality football gloves designed with sticky palms for enhanced ball catchability. Therefore, you must get yourself the most suitable football gloves based on your field position.

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