Best Gaming Gloves for PC, Mobile, XBox, PS4, Consoles in 2022

When gaming, you need to be equipped with the best gaming gloves. When looking for the best, you need to consider its potential in terms of moisture-wicking, quality of the materials, comfortability, flexibility, and more.

Managing sweaty hands gives you an ideal chance of success. In this article, we are going to tackle various topics relating to gaming gloves, including:

  • Gaming gloves functions
  • What to look for when buying gloves for gamers
  • Different types of gamer gloves you can get
  • Best gaming gloves on the market

best gaming gloves


Top 10 Gaming Gloves on the Market

1. Comfy Brace Fingerless Compression Gloves – Premium Choice for Carpal Tunnel Ache

2. Copper Compression Fingerless Gaming Gloves – with Wrist Support

3. Copper Compression Full Finger Arthritis Gloves – Ultra Comfortable

4. Foamy Lizard Gaming Gloves for Xbox and Consoles – Best for Sweaty Hands

5. Dr. Frederick’s Arthritis Gloves for VR – Highly Breathable

6. BBTO Touchscreen Finger Sleeves – Perfect for Mobile Gaming

7. CLOMAY Heated USB Charging Gloves – Top Choice for Cold Hands

8. NatraCure PolyGel Thin Gloves – Anti-Sweat and Highly Stretchable

9. DISUPPO Compression Gloves – Top Option for Women Gamers

10. ONISSI Pro Gaming Gloves with Rubber Grip – Perfect for PS4


Do Gamer Gloves Work?

Yes, gamer gloves work perfectly. Most people use them for their benefit of keeping their hands warm. However, there are more benefits on how they work:

  • They provide better grip when using a controller. Many of these gloves are designed with rubber grips beneath the palms.
  • They are designed to provide wrist support that helps in maintaining the desired elevation, minimizing hand fatigue.
  • Gamer gloves minimize hand cramps due to continuous controller gripping, thus preventing related injuries.
  • The gloves perfectly work in minimizing the chance of the occurrence of blisters on any of your fingers.


What Do Gamer Gloves Do?

– For Mobile. Gamer gloves are very important while doing mobile gaming. This kind of gloves is well designed to enhance sensitivity.

In that case, your thumbs and fingers can sense instantly giving the desired results. The gloves also keep your hands dry due to their sweat-wicking properties.

– For PC Gaming and Console Gaming. When using gamer gloves during a gaming session, you are sure you are out sweaty hands distractions.

This is because the gloves are designed in a way it can absorb moisture. They enhance grip for PC and console making you maintain the muscle positioning.

– For VR Gaming. Gamer gloves designed for VR gaming enhances touch sensations while in session.

They are made with an open palm design that makes them more comfy and fitting to many people.

They ensure your hands remain dry. The gloves allow you to feel real things practically in a virtual world. This is more tangible and realistic.

– For Cold Hands. Gamer gloves are perfectly designed with high-quality fabric that assists in warmth provision.

This glove solves the problem of cold hands during a gaming session. Cold hands make you uncomfortable while playing and extreme numbness can make you fail to perform successfully.

– For Sweaty Hands. Wearing anti-sweat gamer gloves you are ensured your hands will remain dry throughout your gaming session.

Well-designed sweat-wicking gloves enhance grip by absorbing all moisture on your hands. Since sweat can destroy your controller and console, gamer gloves maintain your hands safe and dry.


Important Features to Consider When Buying Gloves for Gaming

video gaming gloves

1. Compression Ability

When buying gaming gloves always consider their compression capability.  In that case, compression gloves are highly believed to perform optimally than any other gloves.

Tighter compression gloves are suitable for managing tired and lose muscles after long hours of a gaming session.

This form of gaming gloves assists in pain reduction, maintaining the muscle position by ensuring they are less strenuous.

Since most of the gaming gloves have graduated compression, they make sure your fingers and wrist are tighter. This provides optimum support to your muscles and keeps them intact.

Therefore, you are supposed to make sure your gaming gloves have high compression ability.

2. Materials Used

The material used in designing good gaming gloves should be highly durable.

The suitable material for making a good glove should be effective in terms of motion, flexibility, twisting, comfortability, and stretching capability.

The material should enhance grips formation which needs to be very dry.

In that case, always ensure the material has moisture or sweat-wicking potential.

A good material for a gaming glove should be highly breathable. Also, ensure the fabric allows free circulation of blood to the hand and fingers.

3. Glove Size

When you want to purchase or place an order on gaming gloves you need to determine your right size.

You will find different gaming glove sizes having a wide range of finger sizes to choose from. Making sure you have achieved a glove with a perfectly fitting hand size enables you to attain the maximum benefit.

When you know your glove size, it would be easier to make a wise choice.

The smaller sizes range from 2.4 to 3 inches;

Medium sizes range between 3 to 3.5 inches;

And large size gloves range from 3.5 to 4 inches;

Lastly, extra-large gloves go up to 4.6 inches.

4. Finger Design

You need to choose between fingered and fingerless gaming gloves.

Although many people consider fingerless incomplete, they are most ideal for gaming. This enables your fingers to freely touch the controller.

This kind of gloves offers high sensitivity which is good for touch screens. However, even full-fingered gloves work well.


Types of Gaming Gloves

gaming gloves for phone

  • Compression Gloves

Gaming compression gloves are well made with high-quality fabric consisting of a high percentage of copper content. This makes them more fitting, odor-reducing, and optimal compatibility with gaming gadgets.

Compression gloves have a high stretching capacity making them more flexible increasing thumb mobility. They handle finger and hand pains.

  • Thumb Glove

Thumb gaming Glove is perfectly designed for thumb area management. They are highly fitting for both small and large hands, neither too loose nor too tight.

This kind of gaming gloves is a compression one hence suitable for controlling carpal tunnel pain. The glove comes as one pair but it is reversible and fitting on both hands.

  • Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gaming gloves are well designed with high-quality compression materials where fingers are left open.

This form of gaming gloves is made with an optimum opening length that enhances thumb mobility and beneficial compression balancing.

The design allows room for gripping and freely touching things with no interference. It allows the circulation of blood.


Best Gaming Gloves Reviews

Now, we move on the best gloves for different gamers!

1. Comfy Brace Fingerless Compression Gloves – Best for Carpal Tunnel Ache

compression gloves for gaming

Comfy Brace compression gloves are well made for both male and female fit.

The gloves are designed with high-quality materials consisting of cotton and spandex. This makes them more comfortable, fitting, and suitable for all-day usage due to increased mobility.

The compression gloves are perfectly designed to soothe arthritis pains, muscle soreness, and tingling discomfort.

This pair is more suitable due to their fingerless design which allows smooth handling of things.

Its almost seamless stitching design enables contoured fitting for all gender, you are just required to order the right size.

The Comfy Brace arthritis compression gloves are unisex in color and long-lasting. They have graduated compression which allows circulation of blood.

The gloves reduce swelling, increases breathability, moisture-wicking capacity leaving your hands dry, and hand dexterity.


–    Helps in arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid pains
–    Durability
–    Comfortability
–    Breathability


–    Sometimes lacks proper packaging

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2. Copper Compression Fingerless Gaming Gloves – Best with Wrist Support

video gaming gloves

Copper Compression fingerless gloves are well designed for managing full-length arthritis.

This compression arthritis glove is well made with high-quality materials constituting 85 percent copper-infused nylon.

The combination contains a high content of copper for optimal benefits and facilitating lasting for long.

The gloves provide the needed support and comfort. This form of gloves ensures your hands, wrists, and fingers are perfectly compressed.

The muscles remain strengthened and working within a retained motion range.

Copper Compression Gloves are designed for high performance, extremely comfy fitting, and wearable daily.

The fabric choice makes them washable without losing their value.


–  Comfortability
–  Excellent Quality
–  It’s easier to work with.
–  Effective support for hand arthritis, swellings, and pain


–  Fingerless

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3. Copper Compression Full Finger Arthritis Gloves – Ultra Comfortable

best full finger compression gloves for gaming

Copper Compression full finger gloves are designed for adult males and women fit. They are made specifically for use by people suffering from arthritis.

This form of copper compression gloves have a guaranteed high content of copper which isn’t sprayed but infused instead.

The product fabric consists of 85 percent copper-infused nylon. This enhances the maximum gain from gloves as well as product life extension.

The fingered arthritis compression gloves are made to provide desired optimal support and comfy during the day and night.

The compression gloves are commonly used by those people suffering from Arthritis, hand pains and swelling, carpal tunnel, muscle soreness, Tendonitis, and more.


–    Comfortability
–    Arthritis treatment complement
–    Pain and swelling reduction


–    Not found yet

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4. Foamy Lizard Gaming Gloves for Xbox and Consoles – Best for Sweaty Hands

pc gaming gloves for cold hands

Foamy Lizard gaming gloves are well designed with ultra-soft materials that enhance comfy fit for gaming sessions. The fabric used in construction is highly stretchable making them more fitting and comfortable.

This form of gloves has a hexagonal traction coating on the palm position that provides optimum grip while gaming even when you are sweating.

The materials used in the construction of Foamy Lizard gloves are highly breathable, anti-sweating, and strengthens the controller’s grip.

The gloves have an exposed fingers design which enhances controlling touch-sensitivity as well as optimal accuracy.

The gloves’ material choice is perfect making finger joints more flexible making gaming sessions easier. These gaming gloves are suitable for any kind of console and computer gamepad.


–    It’s universally compatible
–    Highly comfortable
–    They are light and breathable


–    Fingers will get rigid in winter days

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5. Dr. Frederick’s Arthritis Gloves for VR – Best Breathable

fingerless compression gloves for gamers

These gloves are constructed with high-quality materials, the copper content is guaranteed high making the products antimicrobial as well as antibacterial.

In that case, you are not supposed to worry about the accumulation of germs.

Furthermore, the copper constituents in the product composition work as an odor-reducing agent.

Your hands will be left fresh without smelling.

This form of compression gloves are provided in four sizes, this offers you a guaranteed comfort and fit.

When you manage to get a perfectly fitting glove you don’t have to wear it consistently. Since the gloves are designed by doctors, you are guaranteed 100 percent pain relief success.


–    Helps to relieve Arthritis pain
–    Highly comfortable and fitting
–    Odor-reducing


–    None

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6. BBTO Touchscreen Finger Sleeves – Best for Mobile Gaming

gaming gloves for ipad and mobile

BBTO thumb gaming gloves are perfectly designed with a wide variety of uses. This kind of gaming finger sleeves is packed enough to facilitate your daily need usage.

The package contains the finger sleeves in different colors such as white, grey, and black.

They are constructed with high-quality materials that constituents of cotton and fiber, both of them are highly breathable and sweat-absorbing.

The elasticity of the fabric used makes the finger sleeves adjustable to fit the finger size of most people.

Furthermore, their designed size makes them portable hence can be used anytime you need them.

The incorporation of conductive fiber makes them highly sensitive to touchscreens. They are more comfortable to use during gaming sessions and using your mobile phone.


–    Highly comfortable and elastic
–    Sweat absorbing
–    Highly breathable
–    Touch function


–   Mobile phone only

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7. CLOMAY Heated USB Charging Gloves – Best for Cold Hands

gloves for gaming cold hands

Clomay gloves are well made with double-sided heating options. This form of gloves operates at human body temperatures thus doesn’t require excessive heating.

It uses a USB cable of about 150 cm in length and with dual hot chip entry. The USB charging heating gloves are effective to use as it ensures your palm and back of your hand is warm.

The gloves are made with typing and gaming design which is easier to use and more friendly.

When you are typing other fingers, not in use are fold backward with fingertips well wrapped for more warmth.

The materials used are high quality consisting of rabbit wool and carbon fiber. This fabric is highly comfortable, soft, flexible, etc.

They are ideal for hiking, riding, office work, skiing, and more.


–    Highly reliable and safe to use
–    Comfortability


–    Not suitable for summer use or places where is warm enough.

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8. NatraCure PolyGel Thin Gloves – Anti-Sweat and Highly Stretchable

thin wrist gloves for gaming

NatraCure computer gloves are designed for maximum wrist position.

This type of glove is provided even in smaller sizes all with reversible fits. This means one pair is wearable for both hands, on the doctor’s recommendation.

In consideration of most keyboard angles, PolyGen computer gloves are designed to ensure your wrist maintains a 10-degree angle.

The gloves perfectly minimize wrist pain as well as discomfort resulting from continuous usage and applied pressure.

Following ergonomic design, these computer gloves are perfectly constructed with molded gel beneath the palm for support and massage.

They are highly stretchable, comfy, and soft maintaining your wrist motion full-range. They are suitable to use for laptops, mice, and desktops.


–    Highly comfortable and breathable
–    One pair for both hands
–    Keeps hands cool


–    Lacks the support on ulnar nerve.

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9. DISUPPO Compression Gloves – Best for Women Gamers

gaming gloves for carpal tunnel

DISUPPO compression gloves are perfectly made with open fingers. The designed maximum opening length enables beneficial compression balance and thumb mobility. This enables you to touch freely and grip things without interference.

Its mild compression enables the flow of blood and reduces swelling of joints.

DISUPPO fingerless gloves are designed with high-quality materials that ensure high elasticity, breathability, dry hands, and lightweight.

These gloves have less stitching making them durable, comfy, and minimal irritation.

They enhance temperature control retaining optimal for hands soothing.

These forms of compression gloves are available in various colors, pure black, purple, pink, black, brown, grey, and red.

It’s ideal for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, etc.


–   Breathable and lightweight
–   Effective arthritis relief
–  Highly comfortable and durable


–  Women only

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10. ONISSI Pro Gaming Gloves with Rubber Grip – Best for PS4


3 finger gaming gloves

ONISSI gloves are newly designed gaming gloves in the market.

They are triple-layered compression gloves that are perfectly made by experts with the use of high-quality materials.

The fabric is ultra-soft and highly stretchable to enhance constant hand range motion. The fabric is great moisture-wicking keeping your hands comfy and dry enough to maintain a grip on the controller.

This makes them ideal for mobile gaming and PS4 due to the presence of an isometric rubber grip which perfectly eliminates slippage.

For maximum touch sensitivity, pro gaming gloves are designed fingerless with graduated compression for an effective flow of blood. The fingers that are not involved in gaming are covered for more warmth.


–    Highly stretchable thus comfortable
–    High touch sensitivity
–    Sweat absorption leaving hands dry


–   It is not very appealing

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How to Stop My Hands From Sweating When Gaming?

When your palms are sweating, you will be having a difficult time during the gaming session. Holding your controller or mouse with sweaty hands can damage them. Doing the following would be of great help,

-Wear anti-sweat gear. To take care of your sweaty hands with well-designed sweat-wicking gloves.

-Use grip enhancer. You can manage your sweaty hands during the gaming session by using a grip enhancer such as chalk for better grip.

-You can wipe away the sweaty hands. Wiping away the sweat every time it builds up with alcohol wipes is the cheapest and easiest solution.


How to DIY Gaming Gloves?

Follow the following steps to make your own gaming gloves:

1. Make sure you have all the requirements like fabric, threads, scissors, etc.

2. Draft your pattern, the fourchettes, and the thumb.

3. Perfectly cut the pattern and trace it onto paper.

4. Install the thumb and stitch it.

5. When installing the fourchettes, sew them separately.

6. Lastly, sew the hem and trank sides.


Are Compressional Gloves Good for Gaming?

YES, compressional gloves are good for gaming.

They are mostly used form of gaming gloves because they ensure your hand and wrist muscles tighter for optimal support.

Furthermore, these gaming gloves provide warmth while in session. They enhance oxygen flow to muscles through increased circulation.


Other Ways to Keep Hands Warm While Gaming

a. Hot water treatment. To solve the problem of cold hands while gaming you can place your hands into a basin of hot water for some minutes and you will feel warm. Although this solution is quickest and temporary, warm water enhances the flow of the blood.

b. Using friction. You can easily warm your cold hands by the use of friction. You just need to rub your hands together to generate heat. This method increases the circulation of blood to your hands. Although this solution is not permanent it’s perfect when you have no other option.

c. Coldwater treatment. Though this solution is contradictory to that of hot water, it perfectly assists people suffering from the bad circulation of blood. You just need to place your hand into ice-cold water for some minutes. This shocks your body thus boosting the flow of blood to your cold hands.



Gaming gloves play an important role in keeping your hands comfortable while gaming.

They ensure your thumbs and fingers are maintained in the right position and flexibility. The gloves boost blood circulation and provide warmth.

For PC and consoles, compression gloves will be better.

For mobile gaming, thumb gloves are the first choice.

For PS4 or PS5, consider fingerless gaming gloves.

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Copper Compression Full...image Copper Compression Full Finger Arthritis Gloves - Ultra Comfortable Buy on Amazon
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