10 Best Gardening Hats of Every Stlye to Protect Your Face

As a gardener, you spend much time in the sunshine to make plants grow beautiful with flavorful veggies and fruits.

However, as much as the sun wins when it comes to planting productivity, excessive sunshine is dangerous for your skin especially when spending hours taking care of them.

And this is among the top reasons every gardener needs the best gardening hats to keep your head protected and shaded from the sun.

In today’s guide, you will go through a quick yet comprehensive guide to dependable gardening hats to invest in and any other necessary information you should know about them.

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How Will the Best Gardening Hats Help With Gardening:

There are different styles and designs of the gardening hat out there. But the best one will comprehensively serve in terms of blocking the scorching UV rays from damaging your skin.

Below are the top benefits of having gardening hats:

#1. Protect you from sunstroke incidence

Right gardening hats offer protection from hot blazing sun rays as most of them are made with wide-brimmed. Unfortunately, direct sun exposure tends to increase the body temperature, which may cause heat exhaustion.

Therefore, securing a gardening hat will help regulate your body temperature, prevent sunstroke incidents and keep your body cool. Overall, this makes you productive and comfortable in your garden yields.

#2. Avoid Uv damage to your skin

Maybe you have ever heard of the devastating health effects of harmful UV rays. These effects can lead to severe skin damage such as darkening and premature aging and even sometimes lead to life-threatening conditions like skin cancer and melanoma.

In this case, the best gardening hats are specifically designed to offer enough protection from sun UV. They are made wide enough in a way they will entirely cover your shoulders, and neck ensuring protection from any harmful UV rays

#3. Eye protection from the bright sun

When you step out in very blazing daylight may make your vision blurry and even sometimes make someone feel dizzy. This is because of the glare caused by the bright sun.

And longer exposure to the harmful UV sun rays may expose you to a high percentage of having vision issues like cataracts, degeneration, and photokeratitis.

A gardening hat will prevent you from direct exposure, thus preventing you from such eye damage.

10 Best Gardening Hats Quick Review

#1. Extra Neck Protection: Home Prefer UPF 50+ Gardening Hat with Neck Flap

What makes this gardening hat stand out is the breathable mesh vents on these hats to let a cool breeze through to keep your head, face, ears, and neck cool.

And featuring UPF 50 +, it can block UVB rays and harmful UVA rates up to 98 percent. This hat is made of durable material which blocks sun rays and is easy to wash.

Further, the hat has a removable and adjustable chin strap that provides versatility and flexibility. Also, there are stylish colors to choose from that are professional and classic. The sweatband absorbs the sweat to make you cool.

What You Will Love

  • Soft and lightweight
  • Offers you comfortable wear
  • Comes with premium polyester
  • Quick-drying and breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Has mesh vents and a wide brim to cool airflow
  • Moisture-wicking sweatband

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#2. Multi – Purpose: San Diego Hat Company Unisex 4″ Wide Brim Gardening Hat

This garden hat has a decent pinched crown that has a large brim to make it perfect for the sun rays off of the user’s face. Inner sweatband is the reason you will struggle with sweating when wearing this hat.

It also has a chin cord and inner stretch band that aids it to stay in the perfect place when you are working in your garden.

Whether you will be gardening or enjoying in any outdoor concert, the adjustable and durable leather chin straps on this hat keep your hat comfortable and in place in your head.

It’s rated UPF 50 plus that offers the best sun protection, and in the style you need. Overall, this 4-inch brim is meant to keep you cool and rays of sun out from your eyes while wearing it.

What You Will Love

  • Vented crown
  • Made of a lightweight straw
  • Breathable
  • UPF 50+ great sun protection
  • Adjustable clip closure
  • Water-resistant

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#3. Full Face Cover: Palmyth Uv Protection Safari Gardening Hat with Mesh Net

This hat comes with a hidden mesh net at the top, which conceals the full heat when gardening. As a gardener, you will also love the removable neck flap that makes the hat flexible.

And enough wide brim up to 3.2 inches to improve the optimal protection from sunlight to protect the neck and face from sunburn.

Its made of nylon fabric that is waterproof to allow a gardener to even wear it in drizzling rain. This fabric is also breathable to retain sun protection making it 100 percent perfect for the users.

The hat has a head circumference of 22.24inch and is certified UPF 50 + sun protection.The hat has head nets and water repellent, which keeps someone cool all day, where someone can wear it in four different ways.

The adjustable chin straps help to hold your hat even in rainy and windy conditions. And the inner comes with a wicking sweatband to prevent you from sweating without forgetting about stylish and easy-to-maintain colors.

What You Will Love

  • Lightweight material
  • Wide brim, which offers the best UV protection
  • Roomy, comfortable crown fit
  • Completely shades the user’s neck

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#4. For Women Gardeners: Sloggers Women’s Wide Brim Gardening Hat with Wind Lanyard

This is a dependable garden hat due to its high-quality fabrics and ultra-wide brim. This protects the user’s neck and face from any long-term exposure to the sun.

The hat is rated up to 50+ UPF UV to make the user feel confident when staying in the sun doing his or her farming or gardening activities.

Further, the hat is designed with a functional and stylish design for a perfect fit and to offer ultimate comfort. The fabric is breathable and the inner sweatbands keep the user’s head cool.

Plus, it comes with a comfortable and soft chin strap that is adjustable to typically keep the hat in place.

What You Will Love

  • Ultimate comfort and fit
  • Designed with breathable materials
  • Great color selection
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof, lightweight material

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#5. For Male Gardeners: Coolibar Sunproof Men’s Breathable Gardening Sun Hat

With its 50+ UV protection factors, it means your skin will be wholly covered from sunburns with this best gardening hat. You can also fine-tune the size using an elastic drawstring right at its back.

Coolibar is made with breathable fabric and with the help of inner sweatbands your head will be cool all day long.

The chin strap ensures the hat will stay in place even in windy seasons. The hat is made with breathable material that is lightweight and dries quickly.

In addition, the headband inside adds more comfort and ease to washing even with your hands.

What You Will Love

  • Breathable mesh neck
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Great multi-function layout
  • Color selection
  • Affordable

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#6. Save Your Space: UltraKey Wide Brim Foldable Gardening Hat



This is among the most purchased gardening because of its high-quality, breathable materials that make it comfortable and lightweight. Plus, the two eyelets on the sides make the hat breathable.

Whether it’s during summer, spring or Autumn, you can use this hat. Your head will not suffer from sun heat because of the inner cooling sweatbands in this hat. The hat is classic and stylish with many colors to choose from.

What You Will Love

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Chinstrap for additional protection
  • Convenient to carry everywhere
  • Perfect for different activities

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#7. Very Breathable: Simplicity Uv Proof Adjustable Gardening Visor

Simplicity Women’s wins because it has a roll-up function, which makes it convenient and foldable when storing. In this case, even when traveling, you can easily keep it in your suitcase or bag and still keeps its shape intact.

The hat has a wide brim to block sunlight and is made from high-quality materials yet lightweight, comfortable and breathable.

The design is stylish and functional with plenty of colors that any woman would love. With bold, a big bow that decently rolls up makes this hat best for women.

The adjustable head circumference of around 22″-23.2″ perfectly fits the user’s head. And you can wear it in various hairstyles as it features a wicking sweatband that keeps you comfortable and cool.

What You Will Love

  • Hight-quality straw fabric
  • Comes with a trendy and functional design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Breathable and keeps you cool
  • Best color variations

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#8. Keep Your Hair Fresh: Murybao Summer Outdoor Gardening Hat with Ponytail Hole


The perfection of this hat is revealed from its 3.93″ wide brim to prevent sun rays from the user’s neck and face.

With super-quality comfy sunscreen, lightweight and quick-drying fabric make it super convenient to keep in your bag and travel around.

Further, the adjustable chin strap is designed to keep the sun bucket hats strongly in place even on harsh windy days.

Don’t worry about the comfortable and dissipation when wearing this hat because the high-density two-sided mesh and moisture-wicking sweatband will sort you.

The hat circumference is 21-23” with an adjustable elastic buckle to fits women of all sizes.

What You Will Love

  • Entirely breathable
  • Comfortable all day long
  • Packable and lightweight
  • Come with a unique layout
  • Lightweight
  • Easy washable both machine and by hands

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#9. One with Broad Brim: Voyager Tools Double Weaved Broad Brim Straw Hat

If you need ultimate sun protection, go for this hat. It is ideal as it comes with an adjustable chinstrap, where you can adjust it to different fitting sizes during your gardening activities.

Plus, it is made with super-quality and studier straw fabric to ensure UV protection from your skin. It’s a large fit for a lifeguard-style hat.

What You Will Love

  • Wide brim shade
  • Straw
  • Adjustable chinstrap offers a perfect fit
  • Loose/large fit
  • Easy to clean

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#10. One with Convertible Design: Simplicity Sun Protective Long Bill Baseabll Cap for Gardening

The breathable and lightweight design makes this hat win. This allows an air vent to keep you cool on hot summer days.

The hats are made to provide additional UV protection right from sun rays by covering the user’s face and eyes with the long visor bill. This hat is easily foldable with various looks packable, flexible and crushable without losing its specific shape.

Its compactable sizes tend to make its storage easy and carried inside any carry bag, backpack, or purse. Essentially, this hat has a zipper that removes the top part from the visor section enabling someone to wear it as a wide brim visor or sun hat.

And its adjustable head circumference to effectively keep harsh sun rays off your pretty face. With plenty of colors, this hat offers a classic and stylish design.

What You Will Love

  • Offers you reliable protection
  • Convenient to travel with
  • Breathable all day long
  • Comes with a zipper closure
  • Lightweight

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What to Consider When It Comes to Choosing the Best Gardening Hats?

1. Brim

Besides, the size of a brim determines a specific level of sun protection. Unfortunately, the shorter brims tend to look stylish and trendy, but they fail to fully offer enough protection from harmful radiation and bright sun rays.

And that is why a wide brim around 4 inches widespread is recommended all the way because it offers enough and excellent protection from sun harmful radiation.

2. Material

The recent gardening hats are specifically made from different materials. And this includes wool, cotton, polyester, linen, nylon, or a blend of all these materials.

However, polyester is mostly used when it comes to best gardening hats because they have sweat-absorbing properties and dry quickly.

Cotton is most preferred by people who need a breathable and lightweight material that is also hypoallergenic.

On the other side, nylon can be a choice during rainy days because it offers excellent ventilation and a water-resistant at the same time.

In addition, a blend of all materials can also be a great choice, ultimately influenced by different features you might desire for specific gardening hats.

3. Functional design

Gardening hats with inner sweatbands sweating will not be a problem. These bands will absorb and wick the sweat in the summer heat to make you cool.

And an adjustable chin strap will make your hat flexible when you require bending over or leaning.

4. Color

It can be tempting to purchase dark-colored gardening hats because they seem to be less messy. However, the dark colors tend to absorb excess heat that may counter the entire purpose of you wearing the gardening hat.

But, the light colors are designed to reflect light, making them great choices to work with the bright sun.

5. Style

Overall, your personal style indicates which sun hat to pick. Some individuals take the minimalistic approach when it comes to their gardening hats.

On the other hand, others lay off the foundation for designs, colors, and motifs. But ales mostly go for purpose and color while females consider the minor details such as color contrast, patterns, and color combination.

A hat with a right downward sloping brim tends to provide consistent protection in regard to the sun changing its position.

Therefore, the cape style hats, which fully cover the back and sides of your neck, and also shield all sides of the face, is the recommended.

This type of gardening hat will give you complete protection from the bright sun around your shoulders, neck, and face. Further, this cape style is also ideal for dry, hot climates as it provided both good ventilation and ample shade.

6. Ease to clean

Most gardening hats are appropriate for handwashing but selecting a machine-friendly one may be more convenient because it saves time and is convenient.

But if you cannot prefer tossing your hat in a machine washer, consider looking for the hat you will easily hose down and then hang out for it to dry.

Popular Material for Summer Gardening Hats


This material is a naturally existing fabric, which makes it lightweight and breathable hats.

Plus, the hypoallergenic product in it is normally blended right with other materials such as polyester to eventually enhance its quality and increase the hat’s softness.


It is commonly known as wheat straw fabric and is mostly used because they are highly durable and flexible. This material creates an excellent protective layer between someone’s skin and the sun.

However, if you choose this material, it is good you wear sunscreen to add an extra layer because straw hats tend to have spaces that let sunlight through.

Essentially, the straw fabric is lightweight and breathable, which is great to keep rays off the user’s face making them perfect for summer.

Nylon/ Polyester

This fiber is made from recyclable plastic and its top fabric is used in many gardening hats.

Apart from it being waterproof and durable, this material is a quick dry that prevents sweat from trickling out and irritating you.

Essentially, most people feel comfortable with waterproof properties.


This natural fiber is extracted from a flax plant and is a highly breathable and plush item. Besides, linen material is ideal for summer hats compared to others.

Tips for Cleaning Gardening Hats

1. Right way to wash your gardening hat

Just begin with the natural stain remover and use lukewarm or cool water

Add your mild laundry detergent

Scrub all strains and soak

Scrub & soak another time

Rinse and dry your hat

2. Getting rid of excess dirt and sweat

Mix two parts of the white hydrogen peroxide and part of dawn soap in your washing bowl.

Use a soft scrub brush or a toothbrush and scrub sweat stains and other stains. Rinse in cold/lukewarm water and you can repeat the procedure if necessary.

Final Thoughts

You have the right information to keep yourself fully protected from sun UV in your gardening activities in the above guide.

We have also deep-researched the best gardening hats to meet your needs and expectations. Have fun, productive sunny activities, and stay safe on your gardening days.