5 Best Gloves to Keep You Safe for Electricians In 2022

Electricity is the main thing that people need to do work. In this era, mostly all the devices work with electricity. To handle all the electric problems electrician gives their best services.

But it is not wise if you decide to handle electric wires or things with bare hands. You might get injured or even get an electric shock. That’s why you need a pair of the best gloves for electricians.

electric resisitant gloves for electricians

To avoid such situations, these gloves are made of special material that resists current flow. In this article, we discuss the following things.

  • How to choose the best gloves for electricians
  • Insulated Materials
  • Types of electrical-rated gloves
  • How to take care of electrician gloves
  • 5 best gloves for Electrician

How to Choose the Best Gloves for Electricians?

Not all gloves for electricians work the same. As they have different material and electrical capacities. The best glove for you is the one that fits your hand and fulfills all of your requirements.

So that you can get complete protection from electricity. Here we tell you some important things that you should consider while buying gloves for you.

What Is Your Work Condition?

Work conditions determine the material of gloves. If you are working with electricity in winter or cold area then you should consider cotton gloves.

Cotton is the best wool that protects your hand from cold and provides warmth. It is also a breathable material so that your hands do not get wet with sweat.

Cotton gloves with rubber insulation are the best combination that protects your hand from both electricity and cold. But if you are working in the summer season or a hot place. Then leather gloves will work best for you.

What Materials Are Electricians Insulated?

Many good insulators stop the electric flow. You can use any of the materials in gloves to protect yourself from getting electric shocks. Here we discuss the best ones that you should consider while buying.


Rubber is a good insulator as it has all the elements that stop electron flow. Due to this reason, they do not allow current to pass through them. If you use them in gloves they try their best to protect your hands from getting shocked.

Rubber gloves provide excellent electrical resistance, which is suitable for high-voltage machine operations. If you are looking for gloves that can be used for high-voltage electrical wiring work, these ShuangAn Electrical Lineman Rubber Gloves will protect you from horrible electric shock!


Leather is a non-metallic material. They block the electron flow partially. So if you only use leather material there is a chance that you might feel current. But with a low capacity that you do not get hurt.

Moreover, you can increase the leather efficiency if you use it with rubber material. By combining rubber and leather you can get the maximum protection from gloves.


Polyco insulated gloves are made from a non-conductive material. They use natural rubber to save your hands from electrical shocks. This element is dielectric and provides better resistance to electricity.

You can wear polyco gloves over some other gloves to protect your hands from mechanical accidents. But without rubber polyco gloves are not really efficient.


PPE is a good insulating material that protects your hands from every type of cut and injury. They also resist current flow so that you do not get shocked when you work with electrical devices.

Nitrile Latex

Nitrile latex is not an efficient insulator of electricity. As current can pass through them. So if you wear latex gloves you can get electric shocks. Some manufacturers use rubber with latex gloves as an insulating material to make sure you do not get shocked.


In lineman gloves, leather is used as an insulating material. Leather is a good insulating material as it stops the flow of electrons so that you do not get an electrical current.

What Are the Most Trusted Anti Electrical Glove Brands?

Are you getting confused in selecting the best brand for an anti-electrical glove? Then no worries here we tell you about our favorite trusted brands.


These gloves are made up using 3 different materials that provide good holding grip and durability. Due to their extended cuff design, you can easily put these gloves on and off. But Klein electrician gloves do not provide comfort as Mechanix wear gloves do.

Like this Klein Electricians Unique Fabric Gloves, it uses spandex for comfort and breathability. You will get the best wearing experience.

Mechanix Wear

They provide the best electrical protection. These gloves are made with pure leather material that is a good insulator. Mechanix wear gloves are used for heavy-duty work. They provide comfort and durability but in some ways, they are not efficient as Milwaukee gloves.


It is the most trusted anti electrical glove brand. They protect your hands from electrical injuries, dust, and most importantly electrical shocks. Milwaukee performance gloves are made up of good quality durable material that does not get damaged even with rough use.

What Is the Size Fitting?

You can only get protection from gloves when they fit you well. Remember to select the right size before you buy electrical gloves.

If you get a large size, your fingers do not feel comfortable and even you can not hold things with a tight grip. But if you get small size gloves your hand movements will get restricted. So enter your exact hand size.


Between $14 to $28 you can get the best gloves that give you comfort and better protection.


Make sure to get a durable product that gives you protection for a long time. Before buying good gloves search for a good brand so that you get the trusted product without wasting money.

What Determines the Insulation of Electrician Safety Gloves?

The electrical work gloves are insulated with a non-conducting material. Due to this reason, electric current cannot pass through them.

Among all the insulation materials rubber is best. It is made of a good and durable material that resists the flow of electrons. This insulating layer also stretches in a good way. So that hands feel comfortable when you wear them.

the importance of gloves for electricians

Some manufacturers use leather as the internal lining of gloves. No worries, leather is also a non-conducting material. You can decide whether you want rubber insulation or lather insulation. As both work well for you.

The insulating glove with a fingerless design is a good combination as it allows you to easily hold things safely. Their sharp edges do not cut your skin and you will remain safe from all the possible injuries. Especially from the electric shocks.

If you are looking for good quality fingerless gloves for dexterity, the Mechanix Wear Leather Fingerless Electrical Work Gloves will meet your need. By using leather and rubber for better insulating, these gloves keep you safe while dealing with wire.

How Many Types of Electrical-rated Gloves Are Available?

Each glove has its own capacity to bear electric current. Based on their electrical capacity, they are divided into different types. Have a look at these types so that you can select the right glove for your protection.

Class 0

Class 0 gloves give you protection from more than 1000v. They are red in color so that you can easily identify the class. The glove length of class 0 is 360mm.

According to their test, they can bear 5000v of AC and 20,000v of DC. But between 1000v and 1500v you can use these gloves to protect your hands.

Class 00

Class 00 gloves are less efficient as they give you protection from 500V. These gloves are available in beige color. These gloves also made 360mm long

They are tested to bear 2500v of AC and 10,000v of DC. For best hand protection you should use these gloves between the 500v to 750v range.

Class 1

Class1 gloves provide better protection than the previous classes. They can bear a 7500v current and allow you to work comfortably without getting hurt.

These gloves are made in white color with a length of 360mm. According to their test, they can bear 10,000v/40,000v AC/DC. But between 7500v to 11,250v these gloves give the best possible protection.

Class 2

Class 2 gloves have a better capacity to resist current. They can bear 17,000v of current and save your body from shock. They have yellow in color and 360mm in length.

Between 17,000v to 25,500v you can use these gloves for maximum protection. But have the ability to bear 20,000v of AC to 50,000v of DC according to their test.

Class 3

Class 3 gloves give you protection from more than 26,500v. They have green color so that you can easily identify the class. The glove length of class 3 is 360mm.

According to their test, they can bear 30,000v of AC and 60,000v of DC. But between 26,500v and 39,750v you can use these gloves to protect your hands. Their electrical capacity is better than class 2.

Class 4

This is the most efficient class as it can bear current up to 36,000v. They have an orange color and have a length of 410mm. According to their test, they can bear 40,000v/70,000v AC/DC.

But between 36000v to 54000v these gloves give the best possible protection. If you do heavy-duty electrical work then you should buy these gloves. Because you will get maximum protection by wearing these gloves.

How to Care for Your Electrician Gloves?

To increase the life of your electric glove you can use the following methods. They will help you to take care of your glove so that you can comfortably do your work.


Clean your gloves when you use them so that all the dirt goes away. You can clean the gloves in a washing machine. When the dirt goes away just hang gloves in an airy place.
So that they can dry. When you see gloves dry completely pack them and save them in a dry place.


The thick material gloves protect you from electrical current. After your work check the gloves from all sides to make sure that they do not get damaged from small materials.

If you feel any cut or hole you can use an insulating material to fill it. If you do not find any cut then store the gloves.


Before you wear gloves in the workplace it is better to test them. So that you can conclude whether they give the same result or not.


Always store the gloves in a dry and cool place. So that their material remains the same. If you place gloves in the hot area the outer layer will start to get damaged.

Tips to Protect You from Shock When Wearing Gloves

If you want to wear gloves to protect yourself from electric shock. Then you should follow these tricks that we tell you.

  1. Do not turn off and on the circuit breaker as you do with a simple switch.
  2. Before doing any electrical work make sure to turn off the power button so that you do not get current
  3. Make sure to keep your hands and feet dry when you touch electrical equipment. It is better to wear shoes when you do such work.
  4. Always hold the electrical equipment from the plug. Try not to touch the wires when you pull them out of the switch.


Following are some mostly asked questions about electrical gloves. Have a look at them so that you can clear your confusion if you have any.

What type of gloves will protect you from electrical currents?

Gloves insulating with non-conducting materials protect your hands from electrical current. The insulating material makes sure that electrical current does not flow through them. So that you can easily touch electrical things.

Can rubber work gloves prevent electric shock?

Yes, rubber gloves work best to prevent electric shock. As rubber is a good non-conducting insulation material it resists electron flow and protects your hands.

What is the voltage the leather gloves deal with?

Leather is a good insulator as it has the capacity to resist the current flow. It can resist the 17,000v of current that is quite a high amount. It means for heavy-duty work you can consider leather gloves for protection.

5 Best Gloves For Electrician

Following are the best brand gloves for electricians that provide safety for electrical current. Also, the material is breathable that does not restrict hand movements.

Have a look at these gloves so that you can decide whether these gloves fulfill your requirements or not.

Mechanix Wear Leather Framer Work Gloves for Dexterity

Mechanix leather framer work gloves are specially made to provide better dexterity during work.

With a fingerless design, you can hold things with a better grip.

The thermoplastic leather on the palm protects the hand from injuries.

You can do work without the fear of hurting your hands. These gloves preserve and release energy from the hand during work.

What You Will Love

  • Material: These gloves are made of thermoplastic leather and rubber
  • Design: You can freely move your thumb and fingers after wearing the gloves as they all have a separate section
  • Protection: Due to thermoplastic leather your hands do not get injured and get any cut
  • Abrasion Resistance: To provide better abrasion resistance these gloves use DuraHide leather at the palm
  • Palm Padding: High impact energy absorb and dissipate from the hand due to D3O padding at the palm
  • Easy to Wash: You can wash these gloves in a machine

What Do the Customers Say About It

According to what customers say: ” Mechanix wear leather framework gloves provide better dexterity and comfort. They work best with low-profile works.

You can easily grip things tightly and they will not slip from hand. But these gloves are not good for heavy-duty work. For short time lightweight work, you can consider these gloves “.

What Can Be Improved

  • Compatibility: These gloves do not allow you to use mobile touch screen
  • Services: You can use these gloves for lightweight work because if you do heavyweight work then these gloves will get damage
  • You can use a touch screen by wearing these gloves
  • These gloves provide better dexterity
  • The inner lining is so comfortable
  • These gloves have a durable material
  • You really get what you pay for
  • These gloves are not touch screen compatible
  • Not perform well if you do heavy-duty work

Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Work Gloves for Good Grip

Maxiflex grip work gloves are used for more than one purpose.

They are specially made to provide better hand movements and comfort.

You can especially use these gloves in automotive, general material handling, stocking, and assembly applications.

These gloves also protect your hands from oil and dust.

What You Will Love

  • Quality Material: The high-quality material of these gloves allow you to work with light oils without making your hands dirty. The Nile coating on gloves provides abrasion resistance.
  • Dust Free: With this high-quality material your hands remain safe as dust can not enter the gloves.
  • Breathability: These gloves have a breathable material that keeps your hand dry.
  • Comfort: The flexible material of these gloves fits well with your hands and you can do your work without feeling fatigued.
  • Dexterity: By wearing these gloves you can tightly hold things without slipping them.

What Do the Customers Say About It

According to what most customers say: ” Maxiflex gloves are best to use during work.

Their material protects hands and does not resist hand movements. Without getting any injury and dirt you can perform heavy-duty tasks.

You can not write a message using a touch screen but you can do answer a call. Except for this problem, these gloves are best to use “.

What Can Be Improved

  • Touch Screen Compatibility: You have to press the screen very hard to write a message otherwise touchscreen will not work.
  • Size: These gloves are available in multiple sizes but still they do not fit well with long fingers.
  • These gloves have a sturdy build
  • The internal lining gives allow you to stretch your hands comfortably
  • These gloves work for a long time
  • According to their price, they give the best services
  • These gloves are touch screen compatible
  • To use a touch screen you have to press it very hard
  • Suitable for only small fingers

Magid Glove & Safety Electrical Insulating Gloves For Comfort

Magid insulating gloves are made up of natural rubber to provide safety from 1000v(AC) to 15,000v(DC) current.

They give breathability and comfort that improves dexterity.

What You Will Love

  • Natural Material: Natural rubber is used in these gloves that provide the best possible protection from electric current
  • Protection: Due to rubber material you get protection from more than 15000v of current.
  • Physical Strength: The special material on the palm and fingers allow you to hold things with a better grip
  • Finish: These gloves have a smooth finish to save material from any type of cut
  • Comfort: The breathable material keeps hands dry so that you can focus on your work

What Do the Customers Say About It

According to what most customers say:

” These gloves fit well with the hand to give protection. They are breathable and comfortable. They provide electrical protection from 1000v. The only problem with these gloves is that they come late or almost near their expiry date. Otherwise, for 1000v current resistance, you should use these gloves “.

What Can Be Improved

  • Breathability: If you work in a warm place your hands get sweaty and these gloves do not come off easily
  • These gloves provide comfort to hands
  • With rubber insulation, you get maximum protection from current
  • They provide better dexterity
  • You can hold things with a tight grip
  • Your hands get sweaty when you wear these gloves for a long time

ShuangAn Electrical Lineman Rubber Gloves for Great Insulating

Shuang electrical rubber gloves are specially used for people who directly work with electricity.

For example, field service workers, linemen, electrical contractors, industrial applications, and high-voltage machine operations.

These durable gloves provide comfort during work.

The high-quality nonconductive material of these gloves makes sure that you do not get an electric shock.

What You Will Love

  • Ergonomic Design: To reduce hand fatigue and increase dexterity these gloves are made according to human requirements.
  • Better Material: These gloves have better flexibility and comfort due to dielectric natural rubber and dielectric superior properties.
  • Shock Prevention: Between 3000v to 8000v these gloves provide protection. It means you can easily use electric appliances during work.
  • Multipurpose: Not to just handle electrical wires you can use these gloves for all hardware work.
  • Flexibility: The size of these gloves fit most of the hands because of the flexible material

What Do the Customers Say About It

According to what the majority of customers say: ” These gloves fit perfectly with hands and allow you to pick up all the equipment with a tight grip. They provide the maximum best protection from injuries and electricity.

Also, with its stretchable material, you can freely move your hands. Except for their rubber smell, these gloves are the best choice to wear at work “.

What Can Be Improved

  • Rubber Smell: As natural rubber is used in these gloves, they give a very unpleasant smell. This smell can be unbearable for some people and they can not pay focus on their work.
  • Gloves Weight: To prevent electric shock, heavy material is used. This material ultimately increases the weight of gloves.
  • You can easily stretch your hands while wearing gloves
  • The internal surface of gloves provide comfort to hands
  • These gloves work for a long time
  • Your money does not get wasted if you wear these gloves
  • These gloves have an unpleasant rubber smell
  • The weight of these gloves is quite high

Klein Electricians Unique Fabric Gloves for Breathability

Klein electrical gloves are made up of 3 different fabrics to provide better grip.

These gloves are breathable and due to their extended cut, it is easy to put them on and off.

What You Will Love

  • Durable Material: These gloves are made up using 3 different materials in different quantities. Manufacturers use 20% Neoprene, 50% TPB, and 30% Synthetic Leather to make gloves durable.
  • Slip Resistance: Special material is used on palms and fingers to provide extra grip. The slip resistance makes sure things do not slip when you hold them.
  • Easy On and Off: These gloves have extended cuts at the end that make sure you can easily wear and remove these gloves.
  • Durability: The wrapped index finger and reinforced thumb base area provide durability
  • Breathability: The material is comfortable and breathable so that you can wear gloves all the day

What Do the Customers Say About It

According to what 95% of the customers say: “These gloves fit comfortably with hands and provide the good grip. You can wear them for a long time and they will provide you with protection.

But these gloves start to damage if you use heavy electrical machines by wearing these gloves. For low profile electrical works you can use these gloves”.

What Can Be Improved

  • Not suits high-voltage operation
  • You can stretch these gloves according to your hand size
  • The internal lining is so comfortable that you can wear gloves for a long time
  • They provide the best services according to their rate
  • These gloves are made with the good quality material
  • The internal switching is not good

What Are the Best Gloves for Electricians?

From the above list, the best glove for electricians is Maxiflex Nitrile Grip Work Gloves. They have good quality and provide the best protection from electric shocks and injuries. Their durable material keeps your hands safe even if you do heavy-duty electrical work.

You can also consider Mechanix Wear Leather Framer Work Gloves. These durable gloves provide better dexterity and holding grip. Their breathable material keeps hand dry and provide comfort.

You can do work easily without getting any harm or injury. If you want to keep your hands safe from electricity and weather situations you can confidently buy these gloves.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

That’s all folks. This is the best possible guide that we can give you about the best electrician gloves. Hope this information can clear your confusion. Also we discuss some best gloves brands.

If you can not decide from where you should get the best gloves you can go to these brands. But make sure that you know your requirements and hand size so that without wasting money you can get the best electrician glove.

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