8 Best Golf Bucket Hats with Best Sunproof and Comfort

Golf is an interesting sport. It’s interesting because it’s one of the most popular sports where people stand outside all day every day or for several days a week.

Other outdoor sports involve a lot of movement so you don’t think about the heat.

And buckets hats are the best type of hats you can purchase for protection on golf courses.

A bucket hat has a wide brim that wraps all around the hat part making it easy to protect your body parts from the neck up from the sun.

Throughout this guide, you will be focused on best golf bucket hats. You will learn the reasons why it’s good to wear them and the different styles you can choose from. Let’s get started.

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1. Best Budget: LCZTN 2 Pieces Boonie Bucket Golf Hats with UV Proof and Windproof

2. Best For Rainy Days: Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Golf Bucket Hat

3. For Sweaty Heads: Under Armour Heat Gear Sweatband Bucket Golf Hat

4. Best with Sunproof: Columbia Omi-Shade Wide Brim Golf Bucket Hat with UV Protection

5. For Big Heads: Coolibar XXL Adjustable Bucket Golf Hats with UPF 50+

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Golf Bucket Hats?

Before you select a bucket hat for golf, there are important factors to consider. You should think about the size protection, color, comfort, sweat-absorbing, gender, and the brand.

1. Size

Most bucket hats are one size, and it will say that on the tag but others will say it comes in small, medium, or large.

Try the hat on and see if it will fit before you purchase it. If you can’t because you’re ordering it online, see if you can return it for a larger or smaller size.

Some bucket hats will come with a chin strap to make it easier for you to adjust them.

2. Protection

The great thing about bucket hats is that you don’t have to worry about protection.

As previously mentioned, the bucket hats have a wide brim so all sides of your head will be protected from the sunlight.

Purchasing a bucket with a wide brim will also protect more of your upper body from the sun than other hats will.

The front and back of your neck will also be in the shade. You should still put sunscreen on those areas, but the hat will add extra protection.

Besides, it’s best to have waterproof hats. If you’re golfing and get caught in the rain, these hats will soak up the water and will keep your head dry.

3. Color

You should always think about hat color when choosing which golf bucket hat you want.

And anything too bright is not recommended because that will distract other golfers. It’s best to purchase something simple.

On the contrary, opt for solid colors. White, black, navy blue, and beige are the colors many golfers gravitate to when looking for a hat.

4. Comfort

Read what the hat is made out of. For comfort, opt for breathable and skin-friendly cotton bucket hats.

You don’t want to purchase anything that will make your head itch or will cause you to break out in a rash.

When you’re trying on a hat, make sure it has a snug fit for added comfort.

As previously mentioned some bucket hats come with chin straps for an additional comfort level. Chin straps will help your hat stay on during windy days.

Another factor to look out for when it comes to comfort is to be sure the inside lining feels good on your head.

5. Sweat-Absorbing

Purchase a golf hat that’s sweat-absorbing. Sweat-absorbing means it will absorb your sweat as you play golf on the hottest days of the year.

You don’t have to worry about having to constantly wipe the sweat off your face and you can focus on your golf game.

Look for a hat that has mesh panels and is made of polyester fabric. This kind of material will trap the sweat and make your head feel cool as you’re playing.

6. Gender

All golf bucket hats are for men and women. The question is, how do you tell if the hat you’re looking at is for a man or a woman?

Women’s bucket hats will have a mix of different styles, such as ribbons and bows on the hats, whereas men’s hats do not. Men’s hats don’t usually have much to choose from.

7. Brands

Choosing the right brand is a good factor to consider. Several golfers choose bucket hats with familiar brands because they know the material and have other clothes from that brand.

Accordingly, choosing a brand you’re not familiar with is risky because you don’t know anything about it, such as, what it’s made out of, if it will fit properly, or if it will look good on you.

How to Choose the Best Golf Bucket Hats for Elements Protection?

Since you will be outside a lot preparing for your next golf game there are bucket hats that you can choose for the ultimate protection, such as sunshine and rain.

1. What Golf Bucket Hats Are Ideal for Sun Protection?

– UV Rays Protection

If you come across a bucket hat that has a UPF 50+ certification, then you know your bucket hat can block 98 % of harmful UV rays while under the sun.

– Wide Brim

A bucket hat that has a 3” wide brim will protect more of your facial features including your neck.

Everyone knows that the face is more than likely to be burnt first. The wider the brim is, the better your chance of protection will be.

– Breathable

It’s best to purchase a breathable bucket hat. A hat with a mesh lining inside will more than likely have holes. These holes will trap the sweat and you will feel like you have more breathing room.

You can also choose bucket hats made of polyester, nylon, and cotton fabrics. These hats feature both high breathability and sweat-moisture.

– Stretch 

Bucket hats that stretch will also provide the best protection because they will stretch wider to protect yourself more. They will also feel more comfortable.

2. What are the Best Golf Bucket Hats for Rain?

Not many golfers play in the rain. It’s uncomfortable, you get soaking wet, and the grass will turn muddy depending on the amount of rain that’s falling.

There are a few golfers that will play if it’s drizzling or they will play during a light rain shower.

There are a few features to look for so you can pick something waterproof if you choose to play outside when it’s raining.

– Waterproof

Purchase a waterproof hat. A waterproof hat will keep your head dry.

It’s almost as if you have an umbrella covering your head. This type of golf hat will prevent raindrops from getting in your eyes.

The drops will fall on the brim of your hat making your face stay clear of the rain.

– Fast Dry

You should purchase a bucket hat that drys fast. When you get home after a long day of golfing, hang your hat up. It will dry quickly and you can use it the next day if you need to.

Style Guides of Golf Bucket Hats for Male and Female Golf Players

Men and women have certain styles that they gravitate to. Some of you will want the same style as your partner. What do you do if you don’t?

This question is a natural thing to think about. You may want to select your style, your color, and so on.

Men may like simpler bucket hats. Simpler means basic colors, such as navy blue, white, black, and beige. Men also like things that are simpler when it comes to design. They only like the logo on their hats or nothing at all.

Women are slightly different. They love to have a certain style while they’re on the golf course.

They like hats that are in different colors, such as pink, light blue, or maybe even purple. They will not select bright, hot colors because it becomes a distraction for other golfers.

It’s best to show respect and withdraw from using hot colors; use pale colors. They also like hats with ribbons or flowers or camouflage.

How to Choose Brands of Best Golf Bucket Hats?

Whether you purchase a hat for comfort, performance, or style, certain famous brands are perfect for each of these categories.

The only problem is how do you decide? You can purchase one of each or you can purchase the one that fits what you’re looking for the most.

Think about what you’re looking for before jumping into buying a hat that may be the wrong choice. Once you know what you want, look at the features to see if it’s the hat for you.

1. Famous Sports Brands for Comfort – Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour

When deciding which brand to purchase, have you thought of the famous brands?

Since these brands are familiar, you may have a certain level of comfort with these brands.

Not only should you choose one of these brands because they are familiar, but you should choose them if you’re looking for a golf bucket hat that’s simple.

Like Adidas and Puma’s golf bucket hats series. These hats only have the brand logo on them.

With these brands, you will find they have some pretty amazing features. You wouldn’t want a golf hat without these features.

For example, Nike’s DRY-FIT technology is to keep your head dry. Whether it’s raining or you’re sweating, these hats will absorb anything that has a water-like substance.

You don’t have to worry about your hat getting drenched with sweat or rain because it will absorb everything keeping you feeling comfortable throughout the day.

Any of these choices would be great if you’re looking for a more comfortable style.

When wearing any of these brands on the golf course, you will have the comfortable feeling of staying cool while you play golf.

2. Professional Golf Gear Brand for Performance – Callaway, Titleist, Footjoy

What about these professional golf brands? You may not have thought of these.

Whether you’re thinking about playing professional golf or you are already a professional golfer, these are the brands you should consider.

Since these are performance brands, you can guarantee that they are lightweight and breathable.

You will soon forget that you’re wearing a hat. These brands are breathable because they have a mesh material that will give you more airflow so you can stay comfortable.

When you’re out there on the golf course playing a game, you will need a sturdy hat and will do it all because let’s face it if you’re playing a golf game, the last thing you need to worry about is your hat.

The chinstrap will make it easier for the hat to stay on your head when it’s windy. If you play a lot of performance games, then you will want something like this.

3. Famous Hat Company for Stylish – New Era

What about style? Are there any good hats geared towards style? Those are great questions to think about.

The New Era brand of bucket hats will have your favorite sports teams logo on it. If you have a favorite sports team that you want to show off, then the New Era brand is the brand for you.

The great thing about these bucket hats is that there are so many features including several different styles to choose from.

You will also find that they stretch. These hats have material that stretches so they will fit all heads.

These hats also have a mesh material making you feel very comfortable when you’re playing golf. These hats are durable and have the best quality.

All of these features may sound great, but you may be wondering why is it best to wear this brand on the golf course?

The main reason why people wear these brands on the golf course is the sweatband it comes with.

When you sweat, the sweatband will absorb your sweat so you don’t have to constantly wipe your face while you’re practicing.

8 Best Golf Bucket Hats Reviews

Pay attention to this section because you will know if these products are worth purchasing by the way customers rave about the product or shut it down.

Not only will you receive some honest reviews from current and past customers, but you will also learn about the features of these products and why you should purchase their hats.

1. For Rainy Days: Frogg Toggs Waterproof Breathable Golf Bucket Hat

best golf rain bucket hats

You will love how inexpensive this hat is compared to the kinds of benefits you will receive by purchasing this hat.

One of the most popular benefits is the fact that it’s waterproof.

No matter how long you’re outside playing, you will stay dry when it’s raining and sunny. Another feature that draws attention to the traveling crowd is packable.

When a hat is packable, this means you can easily put it in a suitcase or duffel bag when you have to leave home for a few days.

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2. Best Budget: LCZTN 2 Pieces Boonie Bucket Golf Hats with UV Proof and Windproof

cheap golf bucket hats

If you’re looking for a hat in your budget range, this is the hat to go with.

You will receive not one, but two hats for the price of one and that’s a good deal. It’s great to use these hats for any outdoor sport.

The great thing about this hat is that it is UV protection, which means it will protect your head and neck from ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Once you slip this hat on your head, you will notice how comfortable it is and how quickly it will dry after a long day of golf.

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3. For Men: Adidas Men’s Breathable Victory 3 Golf Bucket Hat

black victory 3 golf bucket hats for men

One of the many features of this hat that you will love so much that you can’t help brag to family and friends is that it keeps your head cool when it’s hot outside.

The reason why you stay cool is because of the sweatband lined on the inside of the hat.

You can’t see it from the outside but when you put it on, you’ll notice a comfortable feeling.

That comfortable feeling has everything to do with the sweatband because you should purchase a hat that will absorb your sweat.

Another outstanding feature is the drawstring closure. Because of the drawstring closure, your hat will stay on your head on a breezy day.

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4. Best Stylish Hats for Women: Muryobao Women’s Wide Brim Golf Bucket Hat with Ponytail Hole

best golf bucket hats for women

When women golf, they put their hair up in a ponytail so they don’t have to worry about it getting in their faces.

You will love the hole on the back because it’s perfect to slip their ponytail through.

This stylish hat has a chin drawstring so you don’t have to worry about it falling off your head on windy days.

Since most women love to look stylish, this hat comes in a variety of different colors.

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5. Sweat-Wicking: Under Armour Heat Gear Sweatband Bucket Golf Hat

golf bucket hats for sweats

The sweat-wicking hats are one of the most popular hats on the market. You will love how durable it is and how much it is a lightweight kind of hat.

You will also love how stretchy the fabric is. It will stretch to any size head and will fit perfectly.

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6. For Sun Protection: Columbia Omi-Shade Wide Brim Golf Bucket Hat with UV Protection

wide brim golf bucket hats for sun protection

When you’re outside for a while, you may start to get worried about sunburns and how they will damage your skin.

That’s why you will love this hat because it has a wide brim that will cover some of you to prevent sunburns. Speaking of protection, it will also keep your head dry during the most unexpected precipitation.

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7. For the Big Head: Coolibar XXL Adjustable Bucket Golf Hats with UPF 50+

xxl golf bucket hats for big head

Many men carry a gene in their family of having a big head, and very few women also carry that gene. The problem is they can’t find hats that are big enough to fit their heads.

The solution is here. To solve the solution, you can purchase a hat that has the perfect feature. The big dome shape hat with the wide brim surrounding it makes it easier for this kind of hat to fit on any size head.

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8. Packable: Mission Lightweight Cooling Packable Golf Bucket Hat

best bucket golf hats

When you need to pack for a golf tournament coming up or you’re going out of town for a beach day, you may have a hard time finding a hat that will fit well in a suitcase. Look no further.

You will love how this is packable meaning it won’t lose its shape if it’s in a suitcase for hours at a time. You may also love the mesh material inside the hat.

The mesh material will help make the hat more breathable and comfortable for you to wear since it will absorb your sweat on the hottest days.

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How to Style Your Golf Bucket Hats?

Throughout this guide, you have learned about different brands and some features of bucket hats for outdoor wear.

Now that you have the hat covered, what do you wear it with? Men usually wear short-sleeve polo shirts with khaki shorts.

They get a hat that will match the style of whatever they’re wearing. Women have more to choose from when they golf.

You will see some professional women golfers wearing tank tops with mini skirts. Other women who golf will put on a dress or some shorts.

The preferred way for women to wear shirts is a light-colored collared shirt. Both men and women should be wearing tennis shoes.

Tennis shoes are easy to move in without having to trip over your feet if you were to wear sandals.


Now that you have read every word of this guide, you probably still have some questions. There are a few questions that get asked a lot.

1. Do Golfers Wear Bucket Hats?

Yes and no. This is a trick question. Several golfers prefer to wear bucket hats because it provides the best protection from the sun and rain while out there on the course. Very few golfers refuse to wear a hat of any kind.

2. Are Golf Bucket Hats Cool?

Yes. One of the features that many bucket hats have is an instant cooling feature. An instant cooling feature means that the hat will have a sweatband lined inside the golf hat to soak up any sweat or raindrops that you may face.

3. Who Wears Bucket Hats on a PGA Tour?

Joel Dahmen. Joel Dahmen wears bucket hats when he goes on tour. Golfers like it because it protects them from the sun.


As you’re reading this guide, you may be thinking about the number of things you have to think about before you decide on a golf hat.

Look at the features and brands again if you need to. Also, check out some of the reviews that will have your mind torn as to which one to purchase.

You will have it narrowed down to a couple of choices as you look over this guide again. You will find one that you’re happy with.