5 Best Golf Hats for Big Head In Any Situations

Hats are undoubtedly one of the most important golf accessories.

If you’re someone who has a large head, though, finding the right hat can be an intimidating experience.

Though there are many options to help, it can still be pretty daunting. There are many golfers out there struggling with the same problem as you.

It doesn’t seem like too much of a problem to leave your hat at home occasionally, but UV rays are a reality you can’t escape.

You’ve come too far in life to forget about it. Sometimes the rain really gets you, or you want to look the part.

This article will guide you on how to choose the best golf hats for big heads.

In a Hurry? Check the Tops Picks!

1. Coolibar UPF 50+ Unsexi Bucket Golf Hat for Big Head

(One to keep the harsh sunlight away from your face)

2. Under Armour Microthread Mesh Fitted Golf Hat

(Being tired of wiping sweat off frequently? Try this amazing golf cap for your sweaty head)

3. Titleist Men’s Thermal Acrylic Pom Winter Golf Hat

(Choose this warmest and best stretchy beanie in the cold winter)

Buying Guide of Golf Hats for Big Head

what to consider when choosing best golf hats for big heads

Generally, while shopping for the best golf hats for big heads, there are some essential features and factors to consider to enable you to choose the right hat.

The first thing to consider when buying a golf hat for big heads is the size of the hat.

You need to get a hat with a room so your head doesn’t feel too compressed.

Another important feature you need to take into consideration is the weight and tension of the material that makes up the hat.

1. Know the Suitable Hat Size

Golf is a competitive game, and to win, golfers have to make the best shots possible.

There are a few points to consider when buying one, and the size should be right for your head as it might not fit if you have a wide head.

Most hat makers use a measure of 6 3/4″ for the brim, leaving about 7 1/2″ on top of the hat, so most adult head sizes should fit in sizes 8-10.

In the world of hats, you’ll need a big-size hat if your head size is bigger than 23″ 3/8.

Hence people with big heads should choose a hat between 23 3/4 – 24 1/8 inches.

To know your head size, tape the end of the tape measure to the bottom of your chin, then wrap it around your head.

2. Choose Suitable Hat Types

When choosing golf hats for big heads, there are 3 features you will need to consider when choosing suitable hat types.


Stretchable golf hats are best for big heads because they stretch to allow the big head to remain comfortable all the time.

Big room

Hats that have a big room are best for big heads because they give your head a room for relaxation. As such, it is advisable to stick to big enough big head hats.


Adjustable hats are very important for big heads since you can find the best fit due to the adjustability.

3. Focus on Both Comfort and Protection

Many golfers wear hats when playing for protection purposes.

Golfers are highly exposed to sunburn. So, they tend to put on the ball hats, and this is totally fine.

However, while searching for the hats for the big head, it can get frustrating.

Sometimes, the bought hat can’t safeguard the eyes from UV rays affecting your shots.

Golfers also wear golf hats to protect themselves from heavy wind winds that sometimes appear in the opposite direction to where they are aiming.

On the other hand, a comfortable golf hat will make you focus on shots.

So, opt for a high-quality hat for big heads that has a cool-down design. The hats should have sweat liners for moisture management purposes.

The sweat liner will prevent itching and stains during a round of golf by absorbing sweat so it stays out of your eyes and nose.

4. Stick to Minimal Style and Vibe

Besides practical purposes, you’ll want a golf hat that can be put together with your outfit.

Golf hats range between bold prints and various colors.

Stick to the simple design and neutral color golf hats that can match any casual and semi-formal outfits.

And to get a professional look, you can get some inspiration from those famous golf players like Tiger Woods or Bryson Dechambeau.

What Golf Hats to Wear if You Have a Big Head?

It’s ideal to look for a great hat that works just fine for your big head since there are many products on the market these days.

1. Bucket Hat for Sun Protection

The bucket hats are the most versatile hats that are ideal for big heads.

Bucket hats look like a reversed bucket and the crown gradually widens from the top to the bottom.

Even though your head is incredibly large, you will find bucket hats feature the most relaxed fit than normal caps.

And due to full brim designs, bucket hats are favored by golfers for excellent sun protection.

Choose a 3” size brim at least instead of a narrow one when selecting your hat.

The hat with a wide brim will offer you full sun protection as its downward brim cuts down the glare while keeping your face and head from being sunburned.

2. Snapback Hats for Comfort

The snapback hats are usually back in style and comfort. and snapback hats feature unique designs to serve your big head accordingly.

The snapback refers to the adjustable snap closure back in the hat, thus you can freely adjust your hat for a snug or loose fit.

Besides, there are various reasons why golfers wear the snapback hats.

The first is the forward bill can shade your eyes from the bright sun.

And some snapback hats have breathable mesh panels behind to let the cool wind go through your head and let heat escape.

3. Fitted Golf Hat for Best Fit

The golf hats that have the ability to stretch are very good for the golfer with big heads since they can stretch to fit any size of the head.

And that’s the very reason you choose to try a fitted golf hat if you have a big head.

Stretchable fitted hats can snugly fit your head without compression and cause no headache.

When picking fitted hats for golf, you should look for highly stretchable fabric like spandex.

Since spandex is very breathable and ensures your fitted hat can stretch to a comfortable fit.

4. Visor Hat to free Your Hair Cut

A golf visor for the big heads is a crown-less hat made to safeguard your face from the sun.

It’s used mainly for outdoor activities like golf, softball, tennis, and volleyball.

The visors are a good addition to any golfing kit, especially during hot times.

They will enable heat to escape via the top of the head while still blocking out the sun.

Actually, these are one of the best and classic golfing staple that looks pretty cool for golfers with big heads.

5. Beanie for Chilling Days

Do you know that beanies are also a perfect fit for golfers with big heads?

If not, then know that they are one of the best. The reason is that they are highly stretchy.

Big beanie heads are designed big around it to accommodate any big heads.

Wearing it keeps you dry and warm and prevents hypothermia from setting in.

Literally, a beanie hat is the best winter golf hat option for your big head.

6 Best Golf Hats for Big Head Reviews

1. Top Recommended – Titleist Men’s Tour Sports Mesh Golf Hat


xl size fitted golf hats for big heads

This Titleist mesh baseball cap is a model suitable for men, made of 100% premium materials to keep your head cool and comfortable.

This hat provides an X-large hat size that can hold your big head perfectly.

Externally there’s a 3D embroidery of Titleist and with the classic tour-style outlook, you will look like a pro golfer.

Available in black and white, you match this ball cap with casual clothing easily.

And the inner sweatband is prone to odor and any stink sweat. The back mesh design will keep your head cool and fresh.

With the pre-curved brim, you can see every shot clearly under the perfect shade this hat provides.

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2. Quick-dry – Under Armour Microthread Mesh Fitted Golf Hat

breathable golf hats for big heads

Under Armour Men’s Microthread Golf Mesh Cap is a model made entirely of 100% Polyester and available in many trendy colors.

Specifically, this cap features a ribbed knit and a flounce in to which the brand logo has been applied.

This fitted golf cap is considered good for big heads because it is made of stretchable material that makes the hat adjustable.

The style of this cap is casual and sober, therefore suitable for those looking for a simple accessory that can be easily combined with any outfit.

If you are in need of a golf hat for a big head, then you should not look aside; this is among the best.

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3. Sun Protection – Coolibar UPF 50+ Unsexi Bucket Golf Hat for Big Head

sun protection golf hats for big heads

The fabric is made of Polyester, a material made of synthetic fibers, which offers excellent characteristics.

Such as UPF 50+ and 3-inch wide brim hence good for those people who have big heads and seek sun protection.

This model can be a great option for those looking for a basic and versatile accessory with a more classic style.

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4. Highly Breathable – Headsweats Supervisor Golf Visors with Elastic Back

unisex golf visors for big heads

The piece is made entirely of breathable material. Billabong bet on a classic design with a fold and a personalized brand label.

In addition, this knitted hat has a ribbed stitch that makes the accessory even more stylish and fit for golf players with big heads.

It is made in the USA and has an elastic closure. Enjoy the best-golfing experience with this hat for big heads.

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5. Thermal – Titleist Men’s Thermal Acrylic Pom Winter Golf Hat

best winter golf hats for big heads

It is a great option for those looking for a basic accessory and is available in a neutral color.

The hat has a brand logo sewn on its edge and is an option made entirely of acrylic material, ensuring thermal protection to the wearer.

These beanies for big heads stretch effectively, and as a result, they can fit players with big heads more comfortably.

It is among the best golf hats for big heads currently available in the market.

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6. Comfortable – Adidas Men’s Relaxed Fit Snapback Golf Hat

lightweight golf hats for big heads

Adidas Men’s Superlite Relaxed moves between casual and sporty as the brand defines itself.

Among the wide range of options, the brand offers this gray beanie made of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex, a comfortable and breathable material.

It is suitable for big heads because it has a wide range of sizes.

A golfer can choose the size that fits him/her in a perfect way without much hustle.

This piece is 29 cm high and 56 cm in circumference, serving well in those who are 54 to 60 cm.

Not least, the price is very affordable. Try this golfers hat for big heads, and you will not be frustrated.

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What to Do If Your Golf Caps Have A Tight Fit?

Are you wondering what to do when your golf cap has a tight fit? You may wonder what to do to stretch a hat that is a bit too tight.

One of the main ways of dealing with golf caps with a tight fit is to do hat stretching.

It is very easy to stretch a fiber or a cotton hat. You can also spray a bottle of water if you would like to stretch and reshape your hat.

To do that, you need to fill the bottle with some water, then spray the entire of your hat with water; dry your hat partially while using a hairdryer using high enough heat though you should not dry it completely.

After that, put on your hat throughout the day, and as it will be drying, it will take the form of your head.

There are also many other ways of tightening your hat. You can use a soccer ball to resize and reshape your hat.

You can also use steam or hat stretchers to resize your golf cap.

Final Words

There are many hats and caps for golf these days; however, getting an ideal hat for big heads isn’t a walk in the park.

It will take some time to find the one that fits you.

With this review, hopefully, you will be able to know the best golf hats for the big heads today.