How to Choose the Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection?

As you know, golf is an outdoor sport. Since you are playing outdoors in the heat for most of the year, there are hats you can purchase to increase your level of sun protection.

If you’re unsure where to begin, then keep reading. By the time you have reached the end, you will have all the information necessary to purchase the perfect hat for sun protection.

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1. Editor’s Choice – Coolibar Unisex UPF50+ Golf Hats for Sun Protection

2. For Women – SK Hat Shop 100% Cotton Women’s Golf Visor with UPF Protection

3. For Sweat HeadNike Dry Fit Tech Golf Hat for Sweat Head with Adjustable Closure

Buying Guide for the Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection


how to choose the best golf hats for sun protection

Before you jump into looking at hats, it is important to ask yourself a few questions.

The answers to these questions will help you understand the importance of purchasing the right hat with the right quality features.

1. Does Your Golf Hats Provide UV Protection?

When you’re looking at golf hats, look to see if it has UV protection. Having UV proof is the best feature for golf hats to have.

You can tell a golf hat’s UV proof level by the UPF index. A qualified sunproof golf hat should feature UPF50+ certification which means this hat will block 98% UV rays from the sunlight.

It’s best to check that number before purchasing it. The higher the number, the more protected you will be in the hot sun.

2. How Many Areas Could Your Golf Hat Cover?

You may be wondering how much of your body should be covered by quality sunproof golf headwears.

Generally, when wearing a sun hat for golf, your face, neck, and ears should be covered totally. And it will be better if part of your shoulders is included.

To choose the hat with the biggest coverage, opt for a wider brim golf hat.

The brim will be thick and wide to cover as much as possible.

As the doctor suggested, at least 3” wide brim or above golf hats are ideal for sun protection.

Another style that will cover the most is a golf hat with flaps.

The flaps will drop down from the hat and will cover your ears and neck.

3. Is Your Golf Hat Breathable and Lightweight to Wear?

Sun hats that have a lightweight material will last the longest. Lightweight hats are also comfortable.

When you’re shopping for hats, try to get something that’s lightweight and breathable.

The breathable hats will have a mesh lining inside. The holes from the mesh will allow air to get through creating a breathable hat for you to wear.

The mesh material will also keep your head cooler and less sweat will run down your face.

4. Can Your Golf Absorb Sweat?

When golfing in the heat, it’s best to purchase a hat that will absorb your sweat.

If you do not purchase a hat that absorbs sweat, you will have to take the time out of your game to constantly wipe your face down with a towel.

When you’re looking for hats like these, look for mesh lining in the hat or a hat that has a sweatband lined inside.

5. Can Your Golf Hat Stay on Your Head Firmly?

Most golfers golf around a lake, so you can guarantee that there will be a breeze now and then.

If your hat blows away easily, then you won’t enjoy any sun protection from it.

So, how do you keep it from blowing away? Since you have not bought a hat for golf yet, you may want to look into fitted hats.

Fitted hats will fit on your head tighter than others thanks to the exact fit according to your head.

Chin straps are also great, and you can fix your golf hat on your head firmly even on a big wind day.

Hats with chin straps will not blow away because they will hang below your chin with an adjustable feature so you can be sure it fits tight.

6. What Color Is Your Golf Hat?

Another great question. You may not know which color to purchase that will protect you from the sun.

In fact, dark-colored golf hats absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it, so a dark-colored golf hat will give more protection to your skin.

But you can feel cooler with a pale color or plain white golf hat on your head, hence white color golf hats are the most popular colors people buy.

7. Is Your Golf Hat Packable?

If you want to save some space in your golf bag, or you wish to free your hands when not wearing your golf hat, you should check the packable design before purchasing.

Once you take them out of your bag, a packable golf hat will resume the shape and be ready to wear.

6 Best Golf Hats for Sun Protection Review

1. Editor’s Choice – Coolibar Unisex UPF50+ Golf Hats for Sun Protection

When you first look at this golf hat, the first thing you notice is that it has a UPF 50+ certification, which means this Coolibar golf hat will block 98% of UA and UB rays from the sun.

Right away you will notice the special cotton-feel fabric. Lightweight and soft are all you will feel once you try this hat.

And with an adjustable elastic strap, both men and women golfers can wear this hat for a comfortable fit.

Another high point is the wire-supported brim. The brim of your golf hat can stay sturdy and is shapeable.

Warm tip: if you find your hat has wrinkles when it arrives, a steamer will help a lot.

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2. Best for Sun Protection – Topgear UPF50+ Wide Brim Sun Proof Golf Hat


This Topgear golf hat has an impressive 3.7” wide brim that will go all around your head and the back of your neck and your whole head is completely covered.

And the brim of this hat is stiff enough to protect you even on a windy day.

You may be worried about the breathable ability, but this golf hat has perfect side vents to keep you cool under the sun.

It creates a feeling of cooler air when you’re golfing making it comfortable for you to complete an entire game.

Youn can also enjoy the packable design when you try to put your hat in the bag when you are not wearing it.

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3. Best for Women – SK Hat Shop 100% Cotton Women’s Golf Visor with UPF Protection


People love visors especially females due to their stylish outlook and excellent breathable ability.

Besides, with nothing covering the top of your head, it will make you feel a bit more comfortable if you have thick and long hair.

Another positive thing about this hat that people go on and on about is the sweatband.

No one likes to sweat, and this sweatband lined inside the adjustable strap will help keep your sweat in control.

And the adjustable strap ensures this golf visor stays on your head firmly when you swing on the golf course.

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4. Best for Men – Sloggers Men’s Classic Cotton Golf Bucket Hat with UPF50+

One of the attractive points that should be mentioned is that this is the perfect hat to choose if you have a small head.

And the chin strap on this hat is adjustable so it can fit someone with a small head.

The sunproof ability is undoubted. Wide brim and UPF 50+ protection will keep your skin healthy when you are golfing under the harsh sun.

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5. Full Cover – Home Prefer Outdoor Sunproof Boonie Hat with Neck Flap

The most popular feature that you will agree with is the neck flap.

You will find this hat is very perfect to prevent your neck from being exposed to the heat.

And you will find that tucking the neck flap into the hat gives your head added protection.

The premium polyester fabric is soft and lightweight. More importantly, you can enjoy the quick-dry features on the sweltering days.

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6. For Sweaty Head – Nike Dry Fit Tech Golf Hat for Sweat Head with Adjustable Closure

Whether you golf once, twice, or three times a week and sometimes even more than that, you will sweat as long as you’re playing in the sun.

This Nike golf hat features typical Nike Dry-Fit moisture management technology to keep your head dry and cool.

You will be amazed that after playing golf all afternoon and come home to find there is not any sweat on your heads or your hats.

And the classic baseball cap outlook will give you a good sight of view even under the glaring sun.

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1. Do golf sun hats assist a golfer to protect against skin cancer?

It cannot be guaranteed that you will be cancer-free. Whether you are outside golfing once a week or every day, your risk of skin cancer will decrease as long as you wear a hat that is protected from the sun.

2. Do you need a chin strap for your bucket hat?

You don’t have to if you don’t want to. You may need one if your hat starts flying away in the wind because a chin strap will keep it secured on your head. Chin straps are also adjustable, so you can adjust them to however you feel the most comfortable.


As you can tell, there are many golf hats to choose from to gain skin protection all over your head and a little bit below.

Once you have read these choices, it may have helped you narrow it down to your favorite choice.

Since you have all the information you need, you can bold and find the best golf hats for sun protection right now.