How to Choose the Best Golf Hats?

Are you a good golfer? Have you decided to take up golfing either professionally or as a hobby?

As you’re reading this, you may be shaking your head yes. That’s great! As you know, it can get pretty hot outside.

Since golf isn’t an indoor sport, you will need to protect yourself as much as possible from the outdoor weather.

And a stylish golf hat will make your golf wear more out of the crowd.

This guide will teach you how to choose the best golf hats for yourself.

In a Hurry? Check the Top Picks!

1. For Sweat Head – Nike Dry-Fit Tech Golf Hat

2. For Women – SAAKA Lightweight Adjustable Golf Visor

3. For Men – PUMA Men’s Golf Driver Cap

4. For Big Head – Under Armour Fitted Golf Hat Hat

5. For Rainy Days – EINSKEY Waterproof Wide Brim Rain Boonie Golf Hat

6. For Comfort – KBETHOS Adjustable Cotton Golf Cap

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Golf Hats?

This is a great question that you may come across. All that matters is getting the right golf clubs and balls, right?

Not enough. You also need detailed information to help you find the right type of hat.

The reason for this is that there are different styles and materials to pay close attention to.

In this section, you will have a brief explanation for each of these types so you know what to look for when shopping.

1. Functionality and Protection

When purchasing a golf hat for functionality, you want something that will provide you shade to prevent sunburn.

Not only is shade important, but you need to have a hat where you can still see the golf course. You can’t have anything too low over your face.

2. Hat Types

When you’re thinking about hat types, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

Ask yourself if it’s suitable for golf and will it be easy to wear based on your hairstyle or if you are a female or a male.

And still, you can choose a suitable golf hat to your own preference.

3. Comfort

Now that you’re familiar with a couple of the hat types you can wear, it’s all about the feeling of them.

Make sure your golf hat is not itchy or that you’re not allergic to the fabric. In addition to the feeling, it’s best to find a comfortable size.

You need a hat that has a comfortable fit and will not fall off on the course.

4. Brands

When you’re at the store or shopping online, look at the brands. Are you looking at a brand name you’re familiar with and the price?

Both of these are good to look into. You don’t want something too cheap where your hat will rip in a couple of days.

It’s best to purchase a popular brand because you will know it will have great quality.

5. Style

As previously mentioned, it’s best to pick out a style that you’re comfortable with.

Style should be considered when looking at golf hats because each style will give you a little something different, and it will help you narrow down your choices.

The Best Golf Hats Reviews

Choosing the best golf hat to wear, helps to understand what other people wore and how they liked it.

You will learn about some of their favorite features and why many people love these hats.

1. For Sweat Head – Nike Dry-Fit Tech Golf Hat

The first golf hat on the list is this Nike’s classic Dry-Fit tech golf hat. This hat is designed with 100% durable and moisture-wicking polyester fabric.

Hence all the sweat on your hat will dry quickly to give you a cool feeling.

Once you try it on for golf, you will notice how comfortable when the sweatband keeps all your sweat away.

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2. For Big Head – Under Armour Fitted Golf Hat Hat

If you have a big head, then this fitted golf hat is perfect for you.

With a wide choice of sizes (L. XL, and even 2XL), you will find that this stretch-fit golf hat can hold a 25” head circumference at maximum.

As you put this hat on your head, you will notice that it will stretch a little bit but will fit on your head firmly.

Not only will it fit a man with a larger head, but it’s a little bit on the heavy side. It’s perfect for wearing when the weather is a bit cooler.

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3. For Women with Ponytails –SAAKA Lightweight Adjustable Golf Visor

The SAAKA sun golf visor is perfect if you are women golfers with long hair.

You put your hair through the hat without the mess due to the topless design.

And you will love that it stretches a little bit to avoid leaving marks on your head.

The breathable fabric and inner sweatband also keep your hair or bangs from getting sticky.

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4. For Men – PUMA Men’s Golf Driver Cap

No doubt that a driver cap(flat cap) is ideal for any male golfer.

You will see this classic and old-school golf hat on many famous golf players like Walter Hagen or Bryson Dechambeau.

This driver cap is made of a lightweight and stretchy fabric to make you feel light and comfortable when playing golf.

Hence you can focus on your swing and not on the heads.

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5. For Sun Protection – Tilley Airflo UPF50+ Bucket Hat

With the wide brim on this hat, you will love how it protects your head when golfing on hot days.

Certified UPF 50+ will block 98% of UA and UV rays when you stand under the sun.

If you were to choose this hat, the wide brim will protect your entire face and neck, not just the front of your face.

And you can enjoy the excellent sun protection even on windy days. Chin straps will make the golf hat stay on your head firmly.

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6. Lightweight – Lanzom Straw Panama Hat for Golf

Just like other summer hats, the straw Panama hat is perfect for protecting your face from the sun.

Once you wear this hat you will notice how lightweight it is. Straws golf hats are very ideal for any activities in warm areas or on shining days.

Even though you are not going to the beach, you can match this leisure hat with a polo shirt and shorts for a casual golf day.

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7. For Freezing Days in Winter – Titleist Pom Pom Acrylic Beanie with Fleece Lining

Beanies’ popularity in winter goes without saying. As a famous golf gear brand, Titleist-designed pom-pom beanies are made of thermal acrylic to keep your head warm.

And to against cold wind, this beanie uses an inner microfleece lining to lock the temperature inside the hat.

Comfortable, lightweight, and warm, you will enjoy every swing in winter with this expert winger golf headwear.

Warm Tips: You can pull your beanie down to cover your ears and keep your ears warm.

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8. For Comfort – KBETHOS Adjustable Cotton Golf Cap

If you are looking for comfort, then this KBETHOS golf cap is right for you.

By using natural cotton fabric, this golf hat is soft and non-irritating to any people with sensitive skin.

There are people out there that are petite, and they need hats for their small heads.

With the adjustable buckle whether you have a small or large head, you can find a great fit for yourself.

Moreover, as a golfer with ego, you can find the best suitable style from 40 different colors and print choices.

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9. For Rainy Days – EINSKEY Waterproof Wide Brim Rain Boonie Golf Hat

When you play golf on rainy days, you will need a waterproof golf hat to keep you dry.

This EINSKEY bucket hat features a 3.7” waterproof wide brim that will keep raindrops away from your face and neck perfectly

One more plus point is the quick-dry ability. You do not need to endure the humid and sticky feeling when it stops raining.

And the mesh panels on the side will keep your head fresh in the muggy period before a rainfall.

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How to Choose the Best Golf Hats for Style?

You may not realize it, but there is a certain style that golfers wear on the course. In this section, you will find out how to choose the best style for your golf hat.

1. Suitable Color

When choosing a suitable color for your golf hats, you cannot purchase anything too bright.

A bright-colored hat will be too distracting for other golfers on the course. Choose a neutral or pale-colored hat for playing golf.

The best-recommended colored hat for golfing is a solid color. You may want to stick with white or black.

If you want to add some color, other neutral-colored hats include navy blue and gray.

2. Choose Hats with Print or Embroidered

Embroidered hats are okay to wear when golfing but be sure that it is appropriate.

You may want to wear hats that have the brand name embroidered on them. Another thing to consider is the print.

Most golfers wear solid colors but some people wear hats that have prints.

A couple of prints that are popular among some golfers are camouflage and black stone hats. They are stylish but don’t attract attention.

3. Consider Unique Style Golf Markers

When golfing, you may use markers specifically made for golf.

It will help other golfers know where your ball is so they don’t accidentally pick it up and use it for their game.

But a golfer marker is also a decoration for your stylish golf hat.

You can look for some novel pattern or print to match your style.


1. Are Hats Necessary for Golf?


As mentioned previously golf is an outdoor sport. By having a hat on your head, you will be protected by the sun in the summer months, and hats will keep you warm during the warmer months.

2. Do any Pro Golfers Not Wear Hats?


Very few pro golfers do not wear hats because they find it easier to practice their swing without having to worry about what they’re wearing on their heads.


Now that you have read this guide from beginning to end, you are a pro at finding the perfect golf hat.

You’re familiar with the style, the brands, and the types of hats you can look at. You may have a better idea of what you want to purchase.