What’s the Best Hat Color for Black Hair: Learn from Rihanna

Are you looking for the perfect hat color to wear with black hair? Look no further than Rihanna!

We know Rihanna for her daring fashion choices and unique style. She’s been seen in everything

from elegant evening gowns to streetwear, she always looks amazing doing it!

Let’s take a look at some of her favorite hat colors, as well as some tips on how to coordinate your outfit when wearing a hat. 

Pink Hats 

Rihanna rocks a fluffy pink bucket hat like no one else! It’s no wonder she often tops off her outfits with this hue! 

She incorporates this bright color into her wardrobe and it looks amazing with her dark hair.

Whether she opts for neon pink or baby pink, it’s always an eye-catching choice that adds a fun vibe to her outfit.

If you want to channel your inner RiRi and rock a pink hat with black hair, keep the rest of your outfit subdued so the hat can stand out. 

Black Hats 

Black. When Rihanna wants something classic and timeless, she reaches for black hats such as baseball caps or beanies.

This is always an easy go-to look when you want something subtle but still stylish. The sleek monochromatic look is great for days when you want something simple yet chic. 

Silver Hats 

Rihanna loves incorporating metallic hues into her wardrobe, and silver is one of her favorite choices when it comes to hats.

Silver is especially flattering against black hair because it adds subtle sparkle without being too overwhelming or bold.

She loves wearing these hats with everything from casual day looks to red carpet-gowns! 

Light Green

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try light green like Rihanna? She often wears light green hats in different styles, such as baseball caps or fedoras, and the results are always stunning!

Light green looks beautiful against dark hair because it brings out the natural highlights in the locks while also adding a pop of color to any outfit. 

Floral Prints Hats 

If you want something truly unique, why not try incorporating floral prints into your look?

Rihanna has perfected this style by pairing busy printed hats with solid-colored clothing items such as jeans and t-shirts—so feel free to experiment until you find what works best for you!  

How Does Rihanna Decide Which Hat Color to Wear?

When it comes to choosing a hat color that best suits her black hair, Rihanna relies on the main elements of her outfits.

The Same Color As Her Tops

The first way Rihanna spices up her look is by wearing hats the same color as her top.

This trick works especially well if you have a colorful top — the same shade in both items will make your outfit look put together without much effort!

For example, if you’re wearing a bright yellow shirt, try pairing it with a yellow beanie for an instant pop of color that won’t look overdone.

The Patterns From Her Coat

Similarly, if you love patterned tops like those worn by Rihanna (like plaid!), try matching one of the patterns’ colors for an easy yet stylish look.  

This is definitely more advanced styling, but if done correctly can result in an incredibly stylish ensemble that will have everyone turning heads!

Plus, it helps add interest and dimension to your overall look without being too overwhelming or distracting from your face.


Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching statement piece or something more subtle, there’s no one better than celebrity icon Rihanna when finding hat colors flattering against black hair.

From neon pink bucket hats to monochrome beanies, she knows exactly which colors will make your outfit stand out from the crowd!

So next time you’re shopping around for a new hat, take a page out of RiRi’s book and see what amazing looks you can come up with!