Hats off to Lawn Mowing! Top 3 Best Hats for Lawn Mowing Job

Lawn mowing is a tough job. It’s hot, it’s dusty, and there’s always the risk of flying debris hitting you in the face.

That’s why it’s important to wear the right hat when you’re mowing the lawn. But what kind of hat should you wear? Let’s take a look at some of the best options.

Can I Wear Ball Caps for Lawn Mowing?

If you’re like most people, you probably think of a ball cap when you think of lawn mowing. And it’s no wonder – they’re convenient, easy to find, and relatively inexpensive.

But they’re not always the best option.

First of all, they don’t offer much protection from the sun. Even if you’re wearing sunscreen, your face and neck are still exposed to harmful UV rays.

Second, they can be boiling and uncomfortable, mainly when you do a long job or work in direct sunlight.

Finally, they don’t offer much protection from flying debris. If you’re mowing near a busy road, you could hit rocks or other objects.

But some ball caps with neck flaps offer good sun protection. If you wear one, make sure it covers your neck and face.

Are All Bucket Hats Acceptable?

Bucket hats are another popular choice for lawnmowers. They offer good coverage for your head and face and can help keep the sun out of your eyes.

But not all bucket hats provide enough protection. Look for one with a wide brim that comes down over your ears and neck.

And wearing a bucket hat for mowing requires more venting than other hats, so make sure it’s made of a breathable fabric.

Besides, a chin strap helps keep the hat in place, even when sweating.

Do I Need a Special Hat for Mowing?

You don’t need a special hat for mowing, but some hats are specifically designed for outdoor work.

For example, many sun hats have vents or mesh panels to help keep your head cool. And some have a wide brim that provides extra sun protection.

Some outdoor work hats also have a built-in neck flap or cape. This can be helpful if you mow in an area with long grass or weeds.

If you choose a hat like this, ensure it’s comfortable and doesn’t block your vision.

Top 3 Best Hat for Lawn Mowing Work Reviews

So, what’s the best hat for lawn mowing? Here are five of our top choices.

#1. The Best Coverage: Voyager Double Weaved Large Fit Wide Brim Straw Hat

Check the Price on Amazon

Fabric: Straw

Closure: Put On Closure

Coverage: 21” Coverage


Extra Points:

  • adjustable chin strap
  • huge fit for large head/tall people
  • ultimate sun protection

Want to feel like a true sailor on your next lawn mowing job? Then this is the ideal hat for you.

Made from double-woven straw, this hat is sturdy and will protect you from the sun for a long time.

No hats will beat this one when it comes to coverage. It has an impressive 21-inch brim that will keep the sun out of your eyes no matter what angle it’s coming from.

And large head people or those with a lot of hair will appreciate the extra-large fit.

The only downside is that it can be a bit “dangerous” on windy days. But at least it provides chin strap support.

Customer Satisfaction:

Looking for some relief from the intense sun, I searched high and low for a large enough object to provide some shade.

I was so happy when I found the sun! It’s huge and creates its own ecosystem, providing much-needed relief from the heat.

#2. The Best Protection: ELLEWIN UPF 50+ Baseball Cap for Outdoor Activities

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Fabric: 100% Polyester

Closure: Put On Closure

Coverage: 3 6/8 inch bill

Extra Points:

  • removable face mesh & neck cover (breathable)
  • UPF50+ protection
  • portable design

Since mowing is not an easy job, protection is key. This baseball cap provides it in spades.

First, you can enjoy ultra sun protection with the UPF 50+ fabric. It blocks out 98% of harmful UV rays.

This is further enhanced by the 3 6/8 inch bill, which will keep the sun out of your eyes no matter what.

But that’s not all. This baseball cap also comes with a removable face mesh and neck cover.

All the dust and debris that would typically get in your eyes and mouth will be kept out.

And when you’re done mowing, the portable design means you can easily pack it up and take it with you.

Customer Satisfaction:

I was so excited when I got this new hat. I had been looking for one to keep the black flies and horseflies away while I mowed the lawn.

It’s perfect for the job–I can hear them cursing me over my shoulder as I work.

#3. For Sweltering Days: Tropic Hats Summer Wide Brim Mesh Panel Safari Hats for Mowing

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Fabric: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester

Closure: Put On Closure

Coverage: 2 3/4” brim, 8” long neck flap

Extra Points:

  • you can snap on the brim
  • very breathable mesh crown

Working on hot days just got a little cooler, thanks to the Tropic Hats Summer Wide Brim Mesh Panel Safari Hat.

This hat is made from a cotton and polyester blend and features a mesh crown that’s ultra-breathable.

It also has a long neck flap for maximum sun coverage, and you can even snap on the brim for added protection from the sun’s rays.

Plus, the hat is available in a variety of colors, so you can find one that matches your style.

If you’re looking for a summer-ready hat that will help keep you cool while you work, the Tropic Hats Summer Wide Brim Mesh Panel Safari

Final Words

That’s all for our hats off to lawn mowing! The 5 best hats for the job post.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you now have a better idea of what type of hat is best for lawn mowing.

Happy mowing!