How to Choose the Best Hats for Your Long Face?

Don’t know how to style your long face for quite a while? Give a try to the best hat that suits your long face!

You might have tried several hats that appealed to your fashion taste. Hence you hoped it can distract other people’s attention from your facial outline.

Truly the hat sits on your head and has done the job, well, as a hat. Yet it does not satisfy your needs for beauty.

Even worse, the hat you bought elongates your face in a further way and upsets your own style.

Time to bid farewell to the hat that wrongly accentuates the length of your face. Then, what do you need to consider for a suitable hat? Here are some examples.

What shapes of hat suit long faces?

Are there any hat suit your dressing style?

Which hat is the best for the current season?

Does this hat suit a male or female?

Dizzy already? Don’t worry. we provide this ultimate guide to solve all of your questions about hunting the best hat.

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2. Best Baseball Cap for Long Face: Carhartt Soft Cotton Dad Caps with Adjustable Closure

3. Best Winter Hats for Long Face: mysuntown Warm Trapper Hat with Ear Flaps for Windproof

What Is A Typical Long Face, Then How to Modify It?

Before diving into the hat topic, you should figure out the characteristics of your face. Hence you can find out what your facial contour cries for.

Features of Long Faces

If you have a long face, you can determine it by the following features.

• Compared with face width, your face length is longer like over 1/2.

• Own flat or slightly pointed cheekbones.

• Your forehead that is high and as wide as your jawline.

All in all, your face looks long because it lacks in fullness. Due to the same width, your cheek and jaw tend to be slender.

Besides, your high forehead also elongates your face in a further way.

How to Modify

To improve your facial curves, you need to add width and shorten the length.

In fact, many people take the oblong face for an oval face, granted that the oblong face looks like a longer version of an oval face.

Yet an oval face usually owns full cheeks and more fullness. Besides, due to well-proportioned facial lines, you can look more attractive if you have an oval face.

Therefore, if you have a long face, you need to balance the longness. The main point is about how to find a hat that can shorten your face or add some width.

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What Shapes of Hats Look Good on Long Face? 

When choosing shapes of hats, the first rule of thumb is what you lack. For long faces, you need width and curves to counterbalance the length and sharpness on your face.

Low Crowns & Wide Brims Are Better

Though high crown hats can shorten your face by hiding your forehead, your face might still look elongated because of the extra height.

And the advantage of low crown hats is that you won’t get too many lengths from them.

Additionally, low crowns not only refer to the baseball caps’ low profile. Hats that have a low top like flat caps and beret also count.

If you are a male and own a pretty long face, you can try classic tweed flat caps to shorten your face and add some handsome. 

As for long-face females, a soft wool beret will make you flattering by modifying your facial contour. 

Another way to balance the longness of your face is by adding some width. In this case, hats with wide brims stand out.

Or you can try hats with earflaps. These flaps can not only add width to your face but offer good protection against sunlight and cold wind.

Make a Contrast on the Shape

As a matter of fact, curved brims look good on long face people. If you have a long face, your face looks sharp due to the vertical facial contours.

If you have a thin long face, you will need more curves to balance the sharpness. For a narrow long face, you can try a floppy hat to balance your linear look.

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When picking the shape of crowns, you should choose shapes that are opposite to your jawlines.

For instance, if you have a round jawline, you need a hat with an angular top to balance the roundness on your face.

Therefore, as a recommendation, if you have an oblong face and round jawline, you can try this Unisex Wide Brim Fedora Hat with Pinched Crease to add some sharpness to your face.

How to Choose the Best Stylish Hats for Your Long Face?

Though choosing hats is never a thing with ease, you can find your target hat by the following steps.

1. Consider Your Wearing Styles

Like, no one will think baseball caps match with suits best, so you should consider the balance of styles between your headwear and outwear.

If you want to create a leisure image, then you should choose hats in casual styles.

Accordingly, for suits, you need to consider some semi-formal or formal hats to match the occasions.

Therefore, you need to find several hats for your long face if you have a wardrobe of omniform clothing.

2. Check Seasons You Are In

As everyone knows, hats can offer protection against sunlight and cold weather. You need to choose hats that can provide full protection for your outstanding long face.

Also, like the clothing, hats get the trending seasons too. If you still wear the last season’s hat, you might look out of place in the group of people.

Therefore, you can choose hats that symbolize the present seasons, otherwise, wear a hat that suits all seasons.

3. Fulfill Your Personality

In some ways, hats are accessories that can enhance your personality. You need to choose hats that are in the same style as yours.

For long face people, it’s easy to build a sense of maturity and elegance. For instance, if you are an elegant female, you should choose gorgeous hats too.

For Long Faces, Get the Right Hat for Your Dressing Style

how to choose right hat styles for long face

For long face people, it is important to choose the right hat that matches your dressing style. And there are different hats for each style that suit your long face.

Baseball Caps Stand Out for Casual Style

For casual styles, you can never go wrong with baseball caps, not even you have a long face.

The best suitable style of baseball for long faces is the low profile cap, or what you are more familiar with dad hats.

Due to the low crown, dad hats do not elongate your face, and the pre-curved brim can cover your forehead to shorten your face further.

If you have a long face and look for casual hats, the dad hats are the best comfy caps you can choose.

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Without the structured panels, dad hats are lightweight and soft. The adjustable closures of dad hats allow you to adjust for your own comfortable fit.

Baseball caps are pretty versatile with any casual style of clothing. As a choice, you can wear baseball caps with a shirt, sweatshirt, or any you will wear on weekends.

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Choose Newsboy Caps for Vintage Style

For a vintage style, you can choose the classic newsboy caps for your long face. These caps can help you create a gentlemanly image for males and elegant temperament for females.

These 8-panel caps won’t add too much height like other structured hats. So as a long face, you can enjoy its vintage feel without worrying about extended faces.

On the other hand, if you have a long face meanwhile you are looking for hats that suit your big head, then newsboy hats are your best choice.

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For long face girls, opt for leather material newsboy hats if you want a sense of modern style.

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You can choose a wrench coat or jacket with high collar sweaters for the best match with newsboy hats.

Try Cowboy Hats for Western Style 

If you want to give a try on the wild style, you can choose a cowboy hat for your western wardrobe.

Well, lucky for long face people, cowboy hats feature wide brims that can offset the length of your face markedly.

Of course, you may have heard many styles of cowboy hats, but as for long faces, you should try the Cattleman styles. Your face won’t be extended by the medium crown, and the wide and curved brims modify the long lines on your face.

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Last but not least, your cowboy hats look more good on shirts and jeans, and a pair of boots helps too.

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What Hats Suit Long Face Males?

It’s easy for long face males to create the image of mature gentlemen. In this case, the most recommended hats for long-face men are old-school hats.

Flat Caps Are Versatile

Flat caps, also named ivy caps, duckbill caps, or driving caps, are classic male hats and are popular among many movie producers and singers.

For long face people, the recommended reasons are simple, as flat caps feature very flat crowns that won’t add any height to your long face.

There are two styles for flat caps. You can choose a classic tweed flat cap if you want to pair it with a suit.

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On the other hand, you can choose a solid color cotton ivy cap if you want a versatile one.

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Besides, you should wear a flat cap in any season except for summer.

Get Your Boater in Summer 

The boater hat is a kind of flat-top straw hat that was popularized among males since the 19th. The flat tops can minimize your face length noticeably.

Due to the material, boaters are ideal for long face people to wear in the summertime.

If you are looking for hats in summer that suit your long face, boaters are breathable and can give good sun protection.

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What Hats Suit Long Face Females?

For the long face females, you can enhance the elegant elements or create a neutral style by wearing some retro-style hats.

Ger a Beret to Promote Your Fashion Sense

These beautiful French-style hats have become staples for every womens’ wardrobe. Traditionally, you can choose to wear a beret in spring, fall, and wintertime.

And why do so many long face females love these caps? Because you can turn fashionable magically and won’t get any unwanted length from these low crown caps.

Meanwhile, for long face ladies, you can choose to slant the beret to one side, thus it can create a horizontal angle to reduce the length of your face.

In general, a traditional woven solid color beret can handle your trench coat, you can wear a wool beret in the same color as your outfit.

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For the modern styles, you can choose a black texture leather beret to pair with your leather jacket and boots.

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Wear a Cloche Hat for Elegance

Cloche hats are typical female hats in the 20ths. Today you can still see a lot of ladies choose these elegant bell-shaped hats.

Generally, the deep crowns can make your long face face look shorter by concealing your foreheads, so cloche hats are very useful in making your face smaller.

If you are worried about the over-old-school feeling on cloche hats, you can choose a solid color cloche hat to match your modern clothing.

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On the contrary, if you stick to the 1920s style, you can choose a classic cloche hat with elegant decoration on it.

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What Hat Style Should Long Face Choose in Summer?

In the summertime, full coverage of sun protection is the most important rule of picking hats for long faces.

Your face shape is quite special thus the hat should feature wide brims or extra sunproof designs to cover all of your facial areas.

Choose Sun Hats for Ladies’ Beach Time

When it comes to the summer hats for ladies with a long face, sun hats or floppy hats are what you cannot miss.

As its name, the sun hat features floppy wide brims that can counterbalance the vertical curves on your face.

By creating great horizontal images, your face can look small and well-proportioned under the floppy sun hat.

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Bucket Hats Suit Daily Wearing & Fishing

Bucket hats have been the fashion accessories in summer since the 1760s. Nowadays a lot of celebrities like Rihanna are still in love with these classic caps.

The deep crowns of bucket hats can offer good coverage for your forehead. Hence you can shorten your long face. The downward brims ensure your oblong face can get sufficient sun protection.

And for long face people, the best choice for bucket hats is flat top types. As the flat tops can make an impression of shorter faces in visual.

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For fishing lovers, the boonie hat is a kind of bucket hat that is especially suitable for outdoor fishing. These hats have wider brims that can cover your long face perfectly.

If you prefer fishing and want hats that can provide both sun protection and waterproof function, the bonnie hat is your first choice. 

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Get Visors to Protect Your Haircut

If you are worried about no hats are suitable for your long face due to the length, then a visor is your final choice. Since visors provide perfect sun protection for your face even part of your neck.

Another advantage of visors is that they won’t mess up your hairstyle. There are no crowns for visors to limit your hair.

Hence if you are a bald guy and with a long face, visors might not very suitable. You can choose this Wide Brim Outdoor Quick Dry Sun Cap accordingly.

On the contrary, if you want to make ponytails or you want to show your new haircut, you can choose visors to enjoy the shade in summer.

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What Hats Should Long Face People Wear in Winter?

When the winter comes, the first thing you need to do is get a thermal and windproof winter hat, samely for the long face people.

Of course, don’t forget to pick hats that can cover your forehead to shorten your long face.

Beanie Is Prepared for Fashioners

Beanies are the best choice for fashion among winter hats. These versatile knit caps can suit almost all of your winter coats in your wardrobe.

Choosing beanies for a long face is tough work because your face might look very long if you pick the wrong style of beanies.

In general, if you have a long face, the best suitable beanies are cuffed beanies.

When your face can be shortened with beanies fitting across your forehead, the thick cuff can add horizontal thickness to balance your face in a further way.

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Use Trapper Hat to Warm Your Head

Practical and functional, trapper hats are the best thermal hat to deal with extremely cold days.

With earflaps, a trapper hat can not only add width to your long face but keep you warm in the cold wind.

Additionally, to handle the snow days you should consider waterproof trapper hats.

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Balaclava Suit Various Winer Outdoor Activities

If you are looking for the best headwear for various sports in winter, balaclavas can satisfy your needs.

Balaclava is made of stretchy, and breathable materials, offering whole face and head protection against sunlight, cold wind, and other weather elements.

For those who can hardly find a hat for skiing to protect their long face, balaclavas can ensure your safety when exercising.

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Tips on How to Wear the Hat for Your Long Face

how to wear a hat with a long face

1. Cover Your forehead

Whatever hats you wear, you need to remember that the hats should cover at least 1/3 of your forehead to shorten your face.

2. Roll up Your Beanies

When wearing beanies, remember to roll up the cuff of your beanies to make a horizontal angle. The cuffed edge can add width to counterbalance your long face. Also, remember to pull down the beanie to cover your forehead.

What’s more, if you are a long face female, you can put down your hair create extra width to shorten your face.

3. Slant Your Berets

When wearing a beret, let the cap cover your forehead to shorten your face. By concealing your forehead your face can look shorter.

Also, you can pull down one side of your beret to slant it. In this way, you can gain extra width to balance your long face.

If you have a round jawline, you can choose a more structured beret like a leather beret to create the image of a slender face.


When choosing hats for your long face, remember that making width is very useful to shorten your face. Therefore you need to choose some wide brims hats like FURTALK Wide Large Brims Floppy Sun Hat with UFP50 Protection.

Also, you need to match your hat with your outfit, so try to get the same fabric hats for your coat. For instance, you can choose this ZLYC Women’s Wool Foldable Cloche Hat for your fall trench coat.

In short, after finishing this article, you can find the best hat for long face, as long as you remember to get the right hat shape and suitable hat styles!