Mature & Charming – Choose the Best Male’s Hat for Your Round Face

For males who own round faces, your temperament may tend to be lovely and friendly, especially without a beard.

Though that’s not bad, you can turn more manly by wearing a suitable hat for your round face.

The best male hat for your round face is a must-have as you can be defined and charming by matching the right hat for your face, and your wearing styles.

And when choosing a hat you need to consider many concepts like the shapes of hats, what’s the main clothing style in your wardrobe, what’s your haircut looks like, and so on.

Here in this article is a detailed guide on how to find the best suitable hat to modify your round male face.

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For Males, How to Make Your Round Face Charming?

Full cheekbones, wide foreheads, round jawlines, nearly the same length and width, round face male are not hard to define.

Here’re some male celebrities that own typical round faces.

A slightly short face makes you look younger and a little childish, so to convert you from a kid’s look to a man’s look, your face needs to be elongated.

If you are a round face male, a long face can make you look mature. Yet it is the same reason why round face people choose haircuts that can add height.

Meanwhile, in the traditional concept, a masculine face features more angularity like a sharp jawline, outstanding cheeks, and tends to be a square shape.

So the second step to be more masculine is to counterbalance the roundness on your face.

How to Choose Hat for Round Face Male?

When choosing hats for round face males the shape of hats is very crucial and you also need to know how to choose the right style to pair with your outfit in different seasons.

Choose Right Shapes to Modify Your Face

Hat shapes vary based on crowns and brims. A suitable hat shape is just like a perfect haircut which can modify your facial curve and make it defined.

As already mentioned, as a round face male your look lacks some masculinity due to the roundness and the equal length and width of your face.

So you need hats that can add length and angularities to give you a more mannish feeling. Thus the height, shape, and width of brims and crowns would be crucial.

Get the Right Style for Your Season Wardrobe

If you want to style yourself into a real man, then a suitable hat that matches your outfit is very important.

Whether you choose to continue last season’s taste or draw close to the style trend of the next quarter, in mild seasons like spring and autumn, your choice of attire doesn’t change apparently.

Therefore you only need to buy out hats that suit your summer and winter wardrobes.

When picking hats for those two seasons you need to consider suitable hat styles for your round face. More importantly, your outfit choice also counts.

What Shapes of Hats Can Modify Your Round Face?

When choosing shapes, there’re two mainly two parts that need your patience to pick——crowns and brims.

Mid-High Crowns for Mature Look

Visually your round face makes you look like an oversized baby-face boy, so to grow up you need to grow up your hat first.

Settle for mid-high crown hats if you want to build a mature look. The height of the crown can elongate your face thus reducing your boyish feeling.

When picking hats you need to select hats that give some space between the top and your scalp and do not snugly fit on your head.

For instance, when choosing baseball caps, you may be more familiar with high and mid profiles. And a mid-profile baseball cap can elongate your round face perfectly.

 You can choose this ball cap that can match most of your outfits. A solid color can catch up with trends for a longer time.

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Besides high crowns, creased crowns with indents can give your face some asymmetric to counterbalance the roundness and build a defined look.

This rule works well when you look for classic-style hats. Like a typical man’s fedora hat with a creased indent on top can balance your round face by adding some angularities.

Perfect for your smart suit, choose this wool fedora for the next event.

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Angular Brims for Manish Face

Another barrier that stops you from being manly is the roundness on your face. Therefore you need hats that offer some angular features to balance your facial curves.

When it talks about characteristic brims you cannot miss the cowboy hat for your round face. A typical cowboy hat helps a lot in building a masculine look.

With upward brims on the sides, you can gain a wild feeling and the softness on your face can be well offset.

Try This Classic Cattleman Style Cowboy Hat with Your Boots & Jeans

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For caps, you can choose slightly curved brims that can give an illusion of an elongated face visually.

Unexpectedly, flat brims are pitfalls though they look like can offset the roundness on your face. In fact, the flat brim will cut off most length thus your face even looks fatter and shorter.

Extra Tips on Length & Width

1. Hats with crowns that are as wide as your face look better on your round face, which won’t make you look too fat.

2. Wider brims make you look more decent to be a gentleman. The recommended standard is about wider than half of your face’s width.

3. About the bills of caps you should choose the same width with your face at least. In this way, your face looks less chubby than with small bills.

Best Summer Hat for Males with Round Face

Summer is ready. Give some personality to your plain summer T-shirts and short pants by wearing a stylish hat.

Round-face males can’t miss these classic hats to accomplish a summer casual or smart look.

Straw Panama Hat for Male with Beach Outfit

You can not talk about males’ summer hats without mentioning straw hats. And the Panama hat stands out by its impressive black band design and sharp style.

For mid-aged males, your round faces can be well defined by fedora-style Panama hats. With a teardrop indent, the crown can give the angularity your round face cries for.

If you are going to take a beach party, this straw Panama-style hat is the best partner for your beach outfit.

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Also, you can choose to pair your hat with some light color polo shirts to reach a semi-casual look. You can look more mature in this way.

Cowboy Hat for Male in Long Sleeves

Though you cannot turn back to those old days, you can wear a cowboy hat to continue the tough guys’ spirit. Moreover, the most recommended cowboy hat style for round face men is the Cattleman style.

This style features a high crown and rolled-up wide brims on the sides. Your face will look more masculine with the length and angularity it brings.

Try This Lightweight and Breathable Cowboy Hat for the Hot Summertime

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Besides, due to the original wearing purpose, cowboy hats are very suitable for working outside. Your face can be under good protection by the wide brims.

Traditionally, you can wear your breathable long sleeve shirt and jeans to get a wild look. In this way, you can also get the best sun protection.

Bucket Hats for Male of Casual Styles

For round face young men, your optimal hat is the 90’s bucket hat. The deep crown can create a vertical angle to elongate your short round face. And the wide bucket crown slims your face magically.

To reach a more angular look you can choose the flat top to balance your round jawline. Structured crowns are sweet since you can enjoy the length they bring continuously.

As newly trending hats, young boys can go bold in various colors and prints. Otherwise, as the first attempt, you can try this solid black color bucket hat.

If you are a round-face man and happen to own a big head, this bucket hat is right for you.

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As for the attire choice, dress it casually with your casual summer shirts or some loose-fitting shirts. You will be chilled out and the coolest guys in this summer.

Best Winter Hat for Round Face Male

Winter is the best time to become vintage gentlemen or cool streetwear fashioners with a good hat. The following hats can give you both the warmth and fashion you want.

Beanie for Winter Casual Style

The popularity of beanies goes without saying around the world. Any age of men can enjoy these knit caps whether you choose them for warmth or stylish.

As for the choice for round face, beanies give some bulkiness on top like cuffed beanies and pom-pom beanies worth your trust.

Cuffed beanies feature thick cuffs that hit around your ears and foreheads. Hence your round face will be slimming by both horizontal and vertical volume they bring.

Besides, cuffed beanies are versatile enough to match any of your winter attires without being out of place. For grown-ups, you can choose a simple design cuffed beanie to build your office getup.

With Vertical thick lines, this beanie can elongate your face and give you the best wearing experience.

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On the other hand, pom-pom beanies feature fur balls on the top of the caps. And these pom balls can give good height to your round face.

Contrary to the less manly decoration, pom-pom beanies exactly suit beard men who can reduce the childish feeling while wearing pom-pom beanies and become more gentle.

Stay with pom-pom beanies in plain color and one mid-sized pom on the top. Then just get your jacket on and enjoy this winter.

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Flat Caps for Versatile style

Simple but practical, it’s not hard to find that flat caps are one of the most popular hats among many male celebrities and producers.

For round-face males, you can choose the ascot style flat caps that own higher crowns, which can solve the height issues.

With the slightly curved brim sets low over your face, your face can give an impression of slim and well-proportioned.

Pair your flat caps with classic pilot jackets, thus you can enjoy the manliest outfit in winter.

If you want to try a retro style but meanwhile less formal, then a leather ascot flat cap is the essential part of your dressing.

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Additionally, flat caps are more preferred by mid-aged men and above. You can rock this classic-style cap only when you are mature enough.

Wool Fedora for Winter Trench Coat

Classic, manly, and warm enough, you cannot turn down to a wool fedora if you want to show your temperament as a real gentleman.

Of course, fedoras are very suitable for round-face males due to their angular crowns. And you can choose fedoras with wider brims to make your face more defined visually.

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Another favored point of fedoras is that you can curve the brim as your personal preference. Hence you can show more personalties on your headwear.

Decent without losing warmth. You can gain the old-school mannish if you compare your trench coat with a deep color wool fedora in the winter.

Samely, aged men can boost the maximum charms of these vintage hats.

Besides, fedoras are still the symbol of formal. So weddings and parties are the best occasions to show your gentleman attire.

For Round Face Males, How to Match Your Hat with Your Haircut?

Generally, a responsible barber chooses to add some volume to your hair thus elongating your round face. Like pompadour, spiky, or a wild faux howk.

Therefore, you need to figure out how to wear your hat without damaging your hairstyle.

To solve this problem, you need to choose hats that own high crowns to avoid compressing your hair. Besides, you can use some hair sprays to avoid losing shape.

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On the other hand, if you are a bald guy and own a round face, you can try this men’s wool fedora from Brixton. The structured crown can maintain the shape without the support of hair.

For curly hair man, you can choose a beanie to protect the curves. Beanies have high elasticity so your hair can keep the original statement.

For Males with Round Faces, Tips on Wearing Hats to Make You Attractive

With the best man’s hat, you also need to know how to wear it for your round face.  Here are two tips on wearing different styles of hats.

1. Slant your brims forward. When you are wearing hats like fedoras or cowboy hats, remember to pull the hat over about 1/3 of your forehead to make an illusion of a longer face. Besides, in this way you can gain a feeling of mystery and charm.
2. Pull down your beanies. Pull your beanie a bit over your face. It’s a trick to make you look to have more height by concealing part of your face.


Choosing the best hat for round-face males is never a thing with ease. But once you get the tricks of picking the right shapes and matching suitable outfits, you can become manly and stylish in every season.

Now no need to hesitate, you can try the most recommended KBETHOS Classic Leather Ascot Cap to look mature and charming.