7 Best Hat Styles for Curly Hair

Curly hair can be a blessing and a curse. It’s definitely a challenge to style, but the results can be so worth it.

If you’re looking for hats that will work well with your curly hair, look no further. We’ve put together a list of seven of the best hat styles for curly hair. Read on to learn more.

1. Baseball Caps for Casual Wearing


A backless baseball cap would be ideal for casual wearing if you have thick curly hair.

When you are going for activities, such as jogging, hiking, and many more, and you have curly, a backless baseball cap will be ideal for you since it will help cool down your head.

The backless baseball hat should have an adjustable strap to enable you to adjust the hat to a comfortable fit or as per your preference.

Additionally, a backless baseball cap will enable your curly hair to breathe. There will be no sweat that can damage your curls with the airflow to your hair in the backless baseball cap.

When the curls are left to breathe, they look shiny, natural, and appealing.

2. Beanies for Winter Days

Satin Lined Beanie via onlycurls

It is always cold during winter. Multiple harsh outdoor elements such as wind, storms, and snow may damage your curly hairstyle.

Additionally, you are likely to lose heat during winter. You will need moisture to help in maintaining your curly hair. You will need beanies with linings inside that can retain or maintain moisture in your head.

The best fabric is satin lining since it can help in preventing frizz, promote hair growth, and maintain moisture. The lining should also be soft to reduce friction and breakage.

Further, the material used in crafting the beanie should be able to retain warmth in your head. The best winter beanies materials include wool, cashmere acrylic, and fur.

3. Bucket Hat for Sunproof

HT Bucket Hat via hellathrifty

The brim of bucket hats is essential in preventing the sunshine from reaching your curly hair and drying them up.

When you have curly hair and are going to attend activities under the sun, you will need to check the brim width since it will provide shade to your curly hair and prevent them from losing moisture and losing their curliness.

Additionally, you should check the sunproof rating. With an excellent sunproof rating, the harsh sun and UV rays will be prevented from reaching your hair and damaging them

4. Beret For Vintage Style

Wool Beret – Blush via graceeleyae

A beret hat for vintage style will make you look stylish and elegant, especially if you are attending functions such as a wedding.

The hat should tilt to one side, then fluff out the curls on the opposite. You can also don the hat fat on top of your head. It should be around three-quarters of your forehead and a few inches behind your ears.

The satin lining will help in retaining moisture when you don a beret hat. The satin will also reduce the chances of your hair breakage.

5. Cowboy Hat for Wild Style

@Sophias Vemblum via pinterest

You will need a cowboy hat with a wide brim width for wild style to look stylish. The wide width of the brim will help in providing shade to your curly hair and face.

The brim will provide a barrier to the sun rays, keeping your hair moist and curly. The material for the cowboy hat should also be breathable.

The material for the cowboy hat should have a UV rating so as to prevent the harsh UV rays from reaching and drying up the moisture in your hair, leading to them getting damaged.

The brim should be shapeable to show you a curly hairstyle for a classic and stylish appearance.

6. Sleep Cap for Curl’s Health

You will need a sleep cap to help in reducing the friction that may damage your curly hair when you are sleeping. The fabric should be eco-friendly, breathable, and washable.

The outer material should be breathable and gentle to touch. Additionally, the cap should have linings that will help in reducing friction and preserving your naturally curly hair as you sleep.

With excellent lining fabric, it will help retain moisture in your hair and reduce frizz that may cause tangles and breakage to your hair overnight.

7. Visors for Sports

Visor hats are great for sports because they provide excellent cover to your curly hair and face.

The closure type of visors for sports is great since it will allow you to adjust the hat’s circumference to suit your comfortable fit.

An elastic or hook and loop closure, also known as Velcro, is great, but it is not recommended for visors for sports if you have curly hair.

This is because your curly hair may get trapped in the Velcro and get damaged.

Final Words

just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t wear hats! In fact, there are lots of hat styles that work well with curly hair. The key is to find a hat that complements your curls and won’t crush them.

With the right hat, you can rock any look – whether it’s casual or dressy. For more information about women’s fashion, check out our other posts!