How to Choose the Best Hats for Bald Guys & Shaved Heads to Be Stylish?

Being bald is not a problem. You may have been bald for a while or you just get your head shaved as normal. Whatever the case, little or no hair will do mean some realities.

Your head skin will be more fragile when facing the sunlight and cold wind without that natural protective layer. Also, it would be best if you found a new balance of fashion between you and your clothing.

That’s why you need the best hat for bald guys to get the best protection. What’s more, a good hat will elevate your fashion style and build your bald personality.

However, there are too many factors that will affect your choice of choosing a suitable hat. You need to consider the fabrics, the styles, the weather situation, even you need to choose a hat for each different activity!

Thankfully, there are numerous hats for you to choose from. If you are a bald guy, this article will offer you a full guide on how to pick the best hat for you.

  • What are the key considerations when choosing hats for bald heads?
  • How to choose the best hat for bald guys?
  • What hat suits beard bald man?
  • How to choose suitable hats for various activities if you have a shaved head?
  • How to wear new hats for bald men?

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1. Best Comfortable Baseball Cap for Bald Guys: Carhartt Mens’ Soft Cotton Odessa Cap

2. Best Winter Beanies for Bald Guys: Neff Acrylic Stylish Slouchy Beanie

3. Best Outdoor Hat for Bald Guys: GADIEMKENSD Breathable Baseball Cap with Foldable Design

4. Best Sleep Cap for Bald Guys: Headcovers Unlimited Mens’ Cotton Sleep Cap

Why Do Bald Guys Need Hats?

For many reasons, as a bald man, you will need a hat for your hairless head.

The simplest reason is that you need protection. You need a wonderful hat to handle the sweat, offer sunlight protection, and to warm your head in cold weather.

If you shave your head for a new level of style, a stylish hat will accentuate your personality amazingly.

What’s more, if you seek a change in your look, choosing a hat is the best way. You will find the infinite possibilities of your personal image with the help of hats.

  • What better way to show off your bold personality than with a custom baseball?

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How to Choose the Best Hats for Bald Guys?

Time for choices! There’re three key features of a suitable hat for the bald guy.

And to pick out the best hat for your bald head you could consider the style, season, and purpose of wearing the hat.

What Are the Key Standards When Choosing Hats for Bald Guys?

Before the recommendation of hats, here’s the critical thing to keep in mind.

Choose Hats with Full Protection

If you are a bald head, then go for a full-cover hat. Your fragile head skin needs full-scale protection.

With a full protection hat, your scalp will be fine with dazzling sunlight in summer and maintain the heat to defend against the cold wind in winter.

Choose Hats with Maximum Comfort

Without the hair, your head will have skin-to-skin contact with the hat, and that’s why your hat would better feature softness and good fitness.

Adjustable closures will protect you from headaches or red marks on your forehead.

While soft fabrics like cotton and wool will protect your head from rubbing injury.

You can get this cotton snapback for the max comfort!

Choose Hats that Match Your Lifestyle

For people with a bald head, a hat will enhance or break your personality as your choice.

If you want to keep on your own trend, choose a hat in your own style. Or to make a breakthrough, you can choose a hat that differs from your original style.

1. What Hats are Bald Guys’ Choices for Casual Styles?

Hats for casual styles feature simple designs and good fitness. In general, they will be more suitable for daily wearing and some exercise.

Choose Baseball Caps for Sun-Protection

Obviously, the baseball cap is your first choice whenever you want to try some relaxed dressing. To reach the most relaxing feeling, a snapback baseball cap will be the bald guy’s final decision.

Snapbacks have been famous for adjustability and versatility for quite a while. Being easy to style, you will enjoy these timeless ball caps from hip-hop culture.

At first baseball caps are worn by players when racing, due to the hat’s design, Bald men will receive adequate protection against the sticky sweat and dazzling hot sunlight.

If you are looking for a comfortable baseball cap to protect your dome in the summertime, choosing this Carhartt Mens’ Odessa Cap is a wise decision.

casual hat for bald guys

100% soft and breathable cotton fabric

Moisture-wicking sweatband to keep your head cool

Adjustable hook-and-loop closure for the best fit

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Choose Beanies for Warmth

warm beanie for bald man

Same as the caps, if you want to prefer a laid-back look, then beanies are what your shaved head cries for.

You can always find the best beanie to match your coat. These small thermal knit caps have versatile designs and colors for any style.

On cold days, the beanie is a stylish warm hat for the bald guy. If your environment is quite cold, a thick fleece or wool beanie is recommended for your bald head.

If you want to get the warmest and most comfortable beanie for cold days, you can choose this thick blended beanie.

North Face Fleece-Wool-Blend Beanie with Soft Lining.

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If your skin is a bit sensitive, then a cotton or acrylic beanie will be ideal for wearing. These non-irritating materials will keep your head warm but more lightweight.

If you are allergic to animal fur but want to be in style with a beanie, you can have a try on this lightweight acrylic beanie.

Neff Acrylic Stylish Slouchy Beanie

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Choose Army Caps for New Trendings

Army caps used to be worn by the military, now they become ideal choices for casual-style hats. If you want to try something new, the army cap is a nice choice for a bald guy.

Comfortable and functional, for any season you can wear army caps to ensure your bald head’s security. Since so many people wear baseball caps and beanies, you will be quite out of standing with a stylish army cap.

If you want a smart and sharp look, try this Kangol’s Flexfit Men Cotton Army Cap.

Cotton-spandex blend to make you comfortable

Durable quality so you can wear it for a long time

Stylish shape to get you in style

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2. What Hats Are Bald Mens’ Choice for a Formal Look?

If you pursue a formal look, then you could not miss vintage-style hats. These hats are perfect choices for formal events or stage performances.

Choose Flat Cap for Versatility on Outfit

From the 14th century to modern society, flat caps are still in style. These ivy caps are classic accessories for any bald guy.

For bald guys, flat caps are decent enough for formal events. If you want to create a vintage gentleman look, a classic tweed flat cap will get the job done.

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Impressively, this British cap gentlemanly provides you with considerable versatility. Flat caps are compatible with casual and formal, so you can wear them with a more casual outfit when going out with friends.

Choose a Fedora Hat for Versatility in Season

For a decent suit, a fedora is the best choice for every bald man. For baldies, wearing fedoras can accentuate your graceful parts.

You will find that a fedora is the best accessory for the sophisticated suit. Besides, you can feel free to decide on the wearing season.

For the cold winter, you can keep your elegant style with a wool fedora in a classic dark color. They are thermal and offer windproof to your bald head.

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Even in summer, you can maintain your gentlemanlike dignity with a nice straw fedora hat. These fedoras feature lightweight and breathable fabrics so your head will stay cool and comfortable.

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3. What Are the Best Hats for Bald Guys for Summertime?

For baldies in summer, choosing a hat with UPF 50+ is good protection for your scalp. A wide brim is also necessary to protect your facial skin and eyes.

What’s more, you can feel comfortable with a cotton or straw hat in summer. Sticky sweat is annoying, but these sweat-wicking fabrics will handle this humid issue. You will feel pretty relaxed when wearing them.

To enjoy the leisure style on hot days, the Panama hat is what a bald guy’s must-have. You will feel extremely comfortable for they are made of soft palms.

If you have a generous budget, you can choose a hand-made Panama hat of good quality. You will enjoy the softness and amazing durability.

If you stick to a more practical choice for outdoor activity, you can purchase this practical straw hat with advanced sun protection tech.

4. What Are the Best Hats for Bald Guys on Winter Days?

For winter days, the essential requirement for the bald head is warmth. Especially for bald guys, choose thermal fabrics like wool or fur.

Besides, if you want extra insurance for unexpected cold wind, choose a hat with a low crown that provides windproof function.

Choose a Trapper hat for Warmth

If you are a bald man, the best thermal winter hat is a trapper hat. They are designed with furry crowns and earflaps to fulfill your need for warm winter hats.

To handle the cold wind and low temperature, you can try this Real Leather Ushanka Winter Hat to protect your scalp in winter.

thermal leather trapper hats for bald guys

Real sheepskin crown for windproof

Wool lining for softness and comfort

Excellent warmth coverage with earflaps

With a leather strap for a great fit

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Choose Balaclava for Winter Sports

If you are a lover of outdoor sports like skiing or snowboarding, the best hat to protect your face and your head is a balaclava.

You can enjoy your exciting activities without worrying about the hat slipping off. Of course, your scalp can get the best experience with those breathable and warm fabrics.

For a personal recommendation, this Oldelf Multi-Purpose Wool Balaclava for Outdoor Sports is a budget choice.

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You will get great comfort with its soft and breathable fleece lining. Meanwhile, it provides you with multi-protection against the cold wind, dust, and humid sweat.

With all this function and good quality you only need to pay less than $10.

What Hats Suit Bald Guys Wearing Indoor?

You can wear anything at your own home, it’s no matter of manner or politeness. Things get different only if you want to wear a hat for working or when sleeping.

What Are the Best Office Cap for Bald Head?

The best office cap for the bald head is the flat cap or beanie. If you don’t want to draw your coworkers’ attention to your head, choosing a low-profile cap is fantastic.

Since sometimes you need to wear a suit when going to work. Flat caps are more versatile so you can feel free to choose your outfit.

As a recommendation, this low-profile ivy cap will suit bald guys best. You will feel comfortable and not out of the office situation while wearing it.

Adjustable closure for the best fit

Soft & non-irritating cotton fabrics

lightweight and practical for daily wearing

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Beanies are the best choice for young people. Compared with baseball caps, beanies have a low risk of being too casual for work. If you want to add an energetic feeling to your office wear, go for a beanie.

You can try this Carhartt Men’s Soft Thermal Watch Hat to show your vitality.

cuffed office beanie hat for bald head

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What Are the Best Sleeping Cap for Bald Head?

For every baldy, You might have experienced awoken by the midnight cold temperatures. Also, a good nightcap is a must-have if you have a  shaved head.

If you want to wear a hat to keep your scalp warm, this Headcovers Unlimited Mens’ Cotton Sleep Cap is a great choice.

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By using cotton fabrics, this hat is warm and breathable. Your head will get cozy without any humid sweat.

Of course, this hat is still suitable if you have sensitive head skin. Since cotton is non-irritating material so you can freely wear it for a good bedtime.

What Hats Suit Bald Guys for Outdoors?

For people without hair, the best hat need to offer full protection against the various weather problems and your sweat when exercising.

What Are the Best Running Hats for Bald Guys?

When it comes to the best hat for bald guys, your hat needs some quick-drying technology. Without hair, your sweat drips down more frequently which may disturb your sight when running.

For a recommendation, you can enjoy this quick-drying sports cap from GADIEMKENSD.

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Baseball caps are great for running because they were designed to be used on the playground in the first place.

The nylon-spandex blend is an excellent moisture-wicking and breathable fabric to keep the sweat from dripping down.

If you want to run on a hot sunny day, you will need this GADIEMKENSD Breathable Baseball Cap with Foldable Design, which features a UPF 50+ to protect your fragile head and facial skin from harmful UV rays.

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As for winter days, your head needs warmth first. For bald guys, the best choice is wearing this WSHSTS Cooling Moisture-Wicking Skull Cap within your thermal winter hats. Therefore your scalp will keep warm and dry.

What Are the Best Golf Hats for Bald Men?

Golf is a sport that many men enjoy no except for baldies. Though golf is a relaxing activity, your hat should provide good ventilation to keep your head dry.

If you are a bald man who enjoys golf, the best hat for you is this Nike Men’s Dri-FIT Golf cap.

black golf hat for bald head

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They block out the sun from your face and give you a better view. Not to mention that Nike’s quick-dry tech is advanced in the field. You can keep your eyes on the ball then nothing will disturb you.

What Hat Looks Good on a Bald Beard Man?

Though a beard doesn’t make a man mature, if you are a bald man and decide to have a beard, then a vintage hat is the best.

With a proper length beard, you can build a mature gentleman image easily. The best hat for an old-school man is a flat cap or a fedora. Both of these hats will have an amazing look on you.

For a personal choice, if you want a hat that can suit whether casual or formal style, you can choose this classic tweed flat cap. They can fit most clothing in your wardrobe.

VOBOOM Men’s Wool Tweed Flat Cap with Soft Lining

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Tips on Avoiding Your Hat Slip Off Your Bald Head

Shave Your Head in the Evening

If you shave your head to maintain the smoothness of your bald head, you shave in the evening before sleeping. By the next morning time, you will get some stubble that help you to maintain the hat.

Tighten Your Buckle

Sometimes your hat falls off due to being oversize. In this situation, you need an adjustable buckle. You can tighten your closure if your hat slips over frequently.

Choose Tight-Fit Beanie

A tight-knit beanie will remain on your head steadier. You might find that your knit cap struggles to remain on your head because your head is just too smooth.

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How to Wear a Beanie for Bald Guys?

Beanies are stylish accessories to perform your own style. For bald guys who just got a shaved head, roll the cuff of your beanie for a better look.

The cuffed edge will frame your face and create a sharp appearance. In this way, your beanie won’t look like an oversized sock on your head.

If the weather is pretty cold, you can cuff the beanie but with half resting part down your ears. In this style, beanies can keep you warm and provide windproof.

If you are looking for something more stylish, you can wear the beanie at the top of your head with a cuffed edge above your ears.

Though it is a bit cold, you can look very fashionable when wearing it in this way.

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Can Bald Guys Wear Trucker Hats Or Even Visors?

Get some sunscreen, then nothing will stop you from rocking trucker hats

Yes, baldies can wear trucker hats. Though they seem to provide poor sun protection for your back-head, you just need some sunscreen to avoid a funny mesh shape tan mark.

If you want an ideal hat for summer driving, the trucker hat is unbeatable. You can enjoy the cool air through its mesh panel back on the hat.

Don’t forget to choose a cotton trucker for comfort. Like this one! 

Then, what about visors?

Though visors provide excellent sun protection for your face, your scalp is literally exposed to the hot sun. Unless you put a bottle of sunscreen on your bald head, you might get a severe sunburn.

But hats are designed to satisfy your needs. Nowadays there are visors with wigs. If you look for a funny hat for bald guys. you can get a try with this Novelty Sun Visor Cap with Spiked Hairs.


1. Does Wearing a Hat Make You Go Bald?

No. There is no scientific research that proves wearing a hat will cause a receding hairline.

2. Will Cowboy Hats Look Good on Bald Heads?

Yes! Of course, bald guys can rock cowboy hats. Think of Kenny Chesney! If you want to add some personality to your dress, you can choose a cool black cowboy hat to cos Yul Brynner’s when he was in Westworld.