How to Choose the Best Hats for Round Face in 2022

People with round faces give out a sense of friendly. But if your face is round, you may feel that looking for the best hat for a round face is a daunting task.

When you look for a fashionable feeling, your hat accentuates the roundness of your face instead of the sharpness of stylish. Even worse, your hat makes your face flat and fat. Soon, you dumped that hat into the closet and never let it appear.

Keep your chin up! All you need for fashion is a suitable hat that can modify your facial curves and make your face slim. Here in this article will offer you a detailed guide on how to pick the hat for a round face.

how to find the best hats for round face

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1. Best Man’s Hat for Round Face: Scala Classic Men’s Wool Felt Slanted Brim Fedora Hat

2. Best Winter Beanie for Round Face: Carhartt Thermal Acrylic Cuffed Beanie

3. Best Woman’s Hat for Round Face: FURTALK Unisex Straw Panama Hat UPF50+

What Is a Typical Round Face?

features of typical round faces

Not rarely seen in daily life, round faces are easy to definite. In general, a round face comes with a wide forehead, and full cheeks with a round chin. The bottom part of your face shapes a half-circle. The essential characteristic of a round face is no angles or outstanding parts.

To modify your face shape, your hat should break the equality of your face contour. For instance, if you have a small round face, your face will look great if your hat can lengthen your face visually.

On other hand, from the concept of fashion, you need some angularities to contrast the roundness of your face. Depending on the roundness level of your face, the rounder your face is, the more angularities you will need.

If your face features more length than width and a round jawline, then you tend to have a long or oblong face.

How to Modify Your Round Face

——Get Hats to Elongate Your Face or Add Angularity

Styles are not the limitation, you can go ahead and choose whatever styles you want, like vintage or hip-pop.

There’s only one thing you should remember your new hats should finish two of the following tasks: add length to your face or break the circle.

Draw out your face, and make it an oval

The oval face is popular and highly admired. Luckily, if you have a round face, you only need to elongate your facial outline to turn the round into an oval.

Therefore, you can choose a high crown hat to add some length to your face. This hat will not only elongate your face visually but it can also make your face slim.

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It is more suggested that you add the height of your face instead of adding width. If you wear some hats with wide floppy brims, your face will look even fatter.

This rule is also applicable if you have a chubby round face. Remember to stay away from wide brim hats.

Where there’s symmetric, and there’s a need for asymmetric

On the other hand, your hat should add some angularity to balance your roundness. The straight brim hat can modify your facial soft curves and break your symmetrical face shape.

If you want to create a sharper appearance, you can choose a hat with an asymmetrical shape, like a creased crown. This kind of hat will divert people’s attention from your face.

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A round crown hat is least recommended if you have a round face. Round top hats will emphasize your facial features thus your lovely round face can’t be ignored anymore.

How to Choose a Stylish Hat for Round Face?

Hats get their unique styles and shapes, when choosing hats you should consider both factors. Meanwhile, remember that hats should also suit your personality.

Besides, just like clothes, you should wear suitable hats according to the seasons.

1. What Types of Hats Look Good on Round Faces?

Hats that suit your round face include beanies, cowboy hats, fedoras, and baseball caps. The rule of the thumb is that choose hats to add length or create a sharper appearance.

Beanies are both fashionable and warm

For the round face, beanies can give a nice height to your face that makes your face looks longer and slimmer.

Beanie is a typical brimless cap with good stretchability. These small knit caps blend styles and comfort perfectly.

Versatile styles of beanies mean that you can always find the one that suits you. Therefore, you will find both comfort and fashion in beanies.

Ranging in various styles, cuffed beanies and pom-pom beanies are fantastic choices.

Cuffed beanies can create some bulk at the crown of the head, which can give height to slim your face significantly.

If you want to try some streetwear styles, you can buy a cuffed beanie to add some casual feeling.

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best cuffed beaine for round face

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As to pompom beanies, These small fluffy balls do a lot of help in adding your face’s length.

If you are looking for the warmest beanie for winter, then a thick pompom beanie is your best choice.

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pom pom hats for round face

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Sadly, fisherman beanies and slouch beanies are not so recommended if you have round faces. These two types of beanies can not add length or create sharp lines to modify your facial lines.

Normally beanies within fisherman style will fit snugly on your head. They could neither lengthen your face nor break your soft face curves.

Though the slouch beanie slightly adds some length, it is hard to keep its shape and maintain height.

Cowboy hats are good choices for working outside

You may have heard numerous styles of cowboy hats like cattleman, gus, diamond, boss of the plains…Forget those fancy names for now.

The secret of picking cowboy hats for round faces is high, creased crowns and slanted brims. These hats will look best on your soft facial curves.

The crease on the hat creates asymmetrical shapes that help counter your symmetrical facial curves. Slanted brims also create a sense of a smart and sharp profile.

If your face is round and you are looking for a durable hat for working outside, a structured crown cowboy hat is a wonderful idea. With the mid-width brim, a cowboy hat is perfect for sun protection.

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outdoor cowboy hat for round face

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Samely, stay away from rounded crowns and wider brims that accentuate your roundness.

Additionally, when choosing cowboy hats you need to pay extra attention to their material. A traditional cowboy hat is made of straw or felt. Price will change with the amount of material used.

There’s an X that stands for the percentage of fur/straw used in making a cowboy hat. The more natural fabrics used in this hat, the more X’s it will be labeled with. Accordingly, the higher the X’s, the more impressive the price.

Baseball caps can hold any casual styles

The popularity of baseball caps goes without saying. The best baseball hats for round faces are structured caps with flat brims. You may find out that a lot of rappers wearing these baseball caps, so you can directly call them hip-hop caps.

In short, hip-hop caps are the best baseball caps for a round face. Their structured high crowns can elongate your face and the flat brim allow for some contrast to your round facial outline.

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suitable baseball caps for round face

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You can see a baseball cap on a person’s head at any age or whatever group. They are just fashionable and versatile enough to handle any casual outfits and wearing styles.

Fedoras are classic and still in style 

what is the best hat for round face

You can often see a screen character wearing a soft felt hat in old movies. That is called a  fedora hat.

Fedora style has a lot of changes, mainly on the brim, and the position of the “pinch”. For a round face, you should choose a fedora with a slightly slanted brim. Instead, the position of the crease will not bother your choice.

Fedora hats used to be worn by males. Nowadays if you are a round face female, the fedora hat is a fashionable choice for you.

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fedora hats for round face women

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 The first fedora hat appeared in the 1970s, on the drama stage. A typical fedora hat has a soft brim and a pinched crown. Its brim is slightly slanted forward.

Fedoras perfectly match with formal wear. Wearing them when you take part in some formal events is a fantastic choice.

2. Tips When Choosing The Shape of  Your Hat

1. Go for non-round crowns

A non-round shape crown will provide an angularity to counter the roundness of your face. The contrast will bring you a fashionable feeling.

2. Go for straight brims

Straight brims can weaken the round feeling of your face. A sharp outline hat can add asymmetry and create a sharper facial profile.

3. Go for small floppy-brimmed hats

You can look for a small floppy-brim hat. The small curve of the brim is ideal for drawing attention.

In contrast, big floppy brims are not recommended since they are too similar to your facial curves which will remind other people of your round face.

3. For Females, Cloche & Beret Are Still in Fashion

When comes to the female hats, the first that pops up from your mind might be a beret. If you have a round face and you really like this France amorous feelings hat, then go for a beret with military-style.

You can find that the beret in this style has a hard, leather band which lets the hat maintain its shape when sitting on your head. If you prefer a casual outlook and pursuit a laid-back style, choosing this structured outline beret is a good idea.

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structured beret for round face female

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If you are a round face lady and seek some elegant elements, The cloche hat is exactly suitable for you to wear.

Your face will be greatly lengthened by the high crown of the cloche hat. What’s more, you can choose a beige cloche to add a feeling of gentle.

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4. For Males, Trilby & Fedora Are Always the Best Choice

best male hats for round ace

Every man has pursued some mature style for more personality. If you are a man and have a lovely round face, you can add some mature feelings by wearing a vintage-style hat like trilby and fedora.

You can choose either fedora or trilby to create a smart-looking. They are both mid-brim and own a pinched top that will break your original temperament.

If you want to add more personality to your hat, the fedora hat is the best choice. You can snap its brim to whatever style you want. You can choose a “teardrop” crown that will give you a feeling of wise and calm.

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black fedora hat for round face male

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Otherwise, if you prefer more casual style hats, you can go with a trilby. Trilby hats have a smaller brim turned slightly upwards at the back, which makes them more casual and suited for semi-formal occasions.

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wool trilby hat for round face male

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5. For Hot Summertime, Choose a Straw Fedora Hat

best summer straw hat for round face

To deal with the sweats produced by your body, breathable and lightweight materials are necessary. Straw hats are the first choices for summer without a doubt. Since they keep your head shady and cool, while they are lightweight and breathable.

If you are a round face and seeking a hat for beach time, a straw fedora hat is perfect for the hot and dazzling summer. They feature all advantages of straw hats and are even more durable.

Their pinched front will add an asymmetrical shape to counter your round face. You will enjoy the shade when wearing a cool straw fedora hat.

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straw fedora hat for round face

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As an alternative choice, you can choose a Panama hat. The fabric used on the Panama hat is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. if you have a full budget, you can choose a good quality Panama hat.

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summer panama hat for round face

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When going out in summer, your hat should have a wide enough brim to protect your fragile facial skin. Professional SPF hats get 50+ UPF, which is excellent. For daily use, go for hats with UPF of 30 above.

As already mentioned, round faces should avoid floppy-brim hats, which partially means sun hats. These fancy big floppy brimmed hats don’t suit your round face.

6. For Cold Winter Days, Wear A Stylish Beanie

best winter beanie for round face

Beanies are the best winter hats for round faces. Both warmth and fashion are blended into this small piece of knit caps. A thermal beanie with an angular top is what you can’t miss.

When the winter came, your head needs protection to save from the cold wind. The hats you bought for cold weather should be able to prevent the heat from slipping away from you. Besides, they should be thick enough to block the cold wind.

Fur, wool, and cotton all are ideal materials for winter hats. All of them are thick and warm, natural fabrics to bring warmth to your head.

When wearing beanies, remember to let 2/3 of your forehead exposed. Your face will get a better illusion of length with the help of your forehead. Otherwise, your face will look extremely short. You never want that to happen right?

How Should You Wear Your Hats For Round Face?

It’s time to wear your new hat! But just like the clothing, different ways of wearing gives a difference to the final result. If you have a round face, you will be fashionable if you wear your hat in the way of making use of its length.

If It Has a Brim, Then Lean It! 

Try slanting the hat slightly toward. The slanted brim will create an extended line and draw out your face. Therefore, you will have a slim, smart facial line. You will get the best effect when the brim covers about 1/3 of your forehead.

Put It Back On: Show Your Forehead

The simplest way to increase the length of your face is to wear the hat as high as possible. For hats without brims like beanies and berets, you can put them back on your head. In this way, these hats will give height as much as possible.


Are Caps Suitable for Round Faces?

Yes. As long as they are not round crowns or with unbelievable wide brims. There are lots of caps that suit round faces, like beanies and baseball caps, which are both stylish and functional.

What Should I Consider If I Have A Chubby Face?

If you have a full jawline, it is best to buy hats to create an inverted triangle face shape. You can consider hats, meanwhile, the crowns of hats should be slightly wider than your face.

Can Round Face Wear Bucket?

Of course! Buckets are suitable for round faces. Flat top buckets can balance the roundness of your face and will give you a good height. For summertime, a flat-top summer bucket is your best choice!