How to Choose the Best Stylish Hats for Round Face Females in 2022

Gentle, elegant, and gorgeous, you can see all these wonderful personalities on round-face females. However, picking the best hat is still a daunting task if you are a round face female.

The hat you bought looks good on your friend’s head, but when it’s your turn, things start getting out of control. The hat extremely accentuates how round your face is.

Even worse, your unique personality hasn’t been reflected in this unfashionable hat.

No need to be depressed. Just throw it into your closet and let it be s secret. The only thing you need is a hat that suits you and makes you flattering.

In this article, we will discuss the following questions to guide you on how to choose a hat for the round face.

  • How to choose a suitable hat for round-face ladies?
  • What are the most suitable hats for a round face woman?
  • How to wear your new hats to slim your face?

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What Does A Round Face Woman Look Like?

It is easy to find that a typical round face has soft facial curves. The width of a round face equals its length. A round face lady also owns a wide forehead, a lovely full cheek, and a jawline with no angular.

what is a typcial round face woman
Emma Stone

What Hats Suit Women with Round Face?

To find the best hat style for the round face, you should figure out what hats are designed for you. Hats for round face should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Add length to your face
  • Bring some angularity

To Be Slim, Your Face Needs Length

—— Tall Crowns & Structured Hats

For a typical round face, your face tends to look short and a little fat due to the balance between the width and length of your facial curves.

To have a slim and edgy facial contour, you can use a high crown hat to lengthen your face for a perfect oval shape.

If you prefer a suitable hat to hide your round face, this Lisianthus structured Fedora Hat is also a fantastic choice since it can maintain the shape well and keep the height.

Hats with a * low crown * have a great possibility to cover full of your forehead.

On this occasion, your face will look extremely short due to the lost length. 

Hats with high crowns are good with the round face. These hats will add good height then slim your face visually.

Also, be careful with hats that * lose shape easily *. If you want the hat to always maintain its height, go for a hat in a structured shape.

To Be Fashionable, Your Face Needs Some Contrast

—— Sharp Outline & Straight Brims

On the other hand, your face cries for some asymmetric to build the sense of fashion.

Fashion is full of contrast between each factor. If you have soft facial curves, then you need an angular hat to counter your roundness.

There’s a yin and yang to everything and no exception for your face.

Besides, some angularity will distract other people’s attention from your facial features.

Since your round face has offered enough curves, your hat owes to bring something new.

The brim of the hat with a straight outline or slightly upward will create angles and extend your facial contour.

Stay away from hats that have a very * round crown *, as this will remind people of your lovely round face.

Go for some angular crowns to show your attitude.

Go Back to 40S: Retro Style Is Ideal for Round Face Female

best hat style for round faces female

Have anyone told you that round faces have a feeling of gorgeous? The angle of your jawline is less defined than an angular face.

With a wide forehead and full cheeks, your face features a soft facial curve and gives a sense of decorousness.

In a nutshell, the round face is the most suitable face shape for a vintage-style hat. Blessed with gentle and soft, a round face female is the best canvas for an elegant, retro hat.

For a typical 40s hat, you can try this Zonsaoja Classic Winter Cloche Hat to add some elegance to your outlook.

What Hats Look Good On Round Face Females?

Since you have learned how to pick the best hat for a round face, here are the recommended types of hats for you!

Fedora Is the Best Choice for A Round Face Female 

Without a doubt, fedoras are ideal hats for round faces. Typically a fedora hat features a nice height crown, with an angular shape.

The brim of the fedora maintains in a short to mid-length. Both of those characteristics can downplay the roundness of your face.

Fedora is perfect for adding angularity, you will get the best effect by wearing a fedora with side pinches on the crown.

If you have a chubby face, then a wide brim fedora is what you are looking for to slim your face visually.

There’s one kind of round crown fedora called the pork pie hat. You should avoid that cute round hat which will make your face round and short.

Those old days that a fedora hat couldn’t be worn by a lady has ended, if you want to create a neutral style, then buy a mid-brim fedora hat. For a female, you can wear more casual when wearing a fedora hat.

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Bucket Is Classic and Ideal for Casual Style

For a hot summer day, the bucket hat is the best choice for a round-face female. Since the 1960s, bucket hats have already been the ladies’ fashion item. For a casual outlook in summer, the bucket hat is a necessity for every round face female.

The hat gets a downward brim that will not exaggerate the width of your face, meanwhile, its high crown will add amazing height to slim your face.

When picking a bucket hat for a round face, you should pay attention to its material. Generally, the bucket hat is made of soft, lightweight fabrics like cotton, wool, and polyester.

Go for a polyester bucket hat if you have a round face since this kind of hat can maintain height and will not collapse easily. Of course, this fabric is both comfortable and breathable for a cool sun hat.

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What’s more, you can even get a bucket hat named bonnie that features a water-proof function. Since fishermen usually wear them when going out fishing.

Beanie Is Versatile to Handle Various Styles of Outfits

Cheer for the beanie! It allows you to keep fashionable even in the cold weather. For the round-face female, the most recommended beanie types are cuffed and pom-pom. Both of these two types suit round faces and are warm in winter.

Though beanie owns a simple structure, this one-piece hat has various styles and of course unique names for each other.

In general, cuffed beanies are more versatile, they can hold both an office wearing or a weekend casual outfit.

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On the other hand, pom-pom beanies match with winter best. If you want the best thermal cap for the round face lady in winter, choose the pompom beanie and enjoy the warmth on winter days.

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As for tricks for picking beanies, comfort is the most basic requirement. A well-fitting beanie should sit comfortably above your ears.

If the beanie fits too tightly on your head, then you should think about changing it, or it will cause headaches and remain red marks on your forehead.

You may wonder how to wear the beanie to modify your round face. Well, here’s the trick:

When you wear a beanie, make sure that there is some space left between your head and the top of the crown, thus the top of the beanie will be lifted by the support of your head. In this way, your beanie will add great height to your face.

Meanwhile, make sure that the cuff of the beanie covers about 1/3 of your forehead. This trick will make your face look amazingly slim.

Cloche Is Elegant and Suits the Small Round Face Female

When talking about female hats, cloche hats can’t be missed. A cloche hat, or a flapper hat, is the best choice for an elegant small round-face lady.

The high crown of the cloche will add height to elongate your face and make your face look like a perfect oval shape. Besides, the cloche hat has a slanted brim that can bring asymmetry to balance the roundness of your face.

If you looking for some retro style and vintage look, choosing a cloche is a fancy choice.

For a round face female, a cloche hat with fabulous decorations can draw people’s attention from your face shape effectively.

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A Structured Beret Is Ideal for A Neutral Style

Ouais! Another fashionable hat from France. Different from the romantic impressions of berets, for round-face females, the best choices for berets are military styles that are more close to the berets’ origin.

If you are a female and have a lovely longer round face, a structured beret can create a sharp appearance for neutral style. The stiff leather band around the bottom of the crown ensures the beret maintains its shape.

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When wearing the beret, you can slant your hat to create a length for your facial contour, which will visually slim your face.

What Is the Best Hat for Round Face Female in Summer Time?

As a lady, summer is the best time to show your leisure-style wardrobes. Of course, one coherent summer headwear is a must-have.

Bucket hats fit round faces best on hot, dazzling summer days for a casual style. Their downward brims can block the sunlight and offer you a cool shade.

The most recommended bucket hat is this Malaxlx Reversible Bucket Hat for Summer. It is cotton polyesters blends for comfort and good shape.


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What Hats Should Round Faces Females Wear on Winter Days?

Winter is coming! As a round-face female, one stylish beanie is the first choice for you. They are warm and fashionable.

For cold winter days, the most recommended style is the beanie that really comfortable and warm to wear in winter!

Or if you are a true lover of the trench coat, you can give a try on a wool fedora to be elegant. You can’t beat the fedora when looking for hats for round-face ladies.

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Which Cowboy Hat Should Round Face Female Choose??

To be honest, cowboy hats are fantastic choices for round faces. Most cowboy hats have structured and creased crowns that can add length and angularity to your round face.

Of course, there’re several types of cowboy hats for round-face females to choose from. From the variety of shapes, the most recommended is the Cattleman cowboy hat.

These cowboy hats feature taller and larger crowns, so if you have a  big head, then you can choose this to modify your facial curves!

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cattleman cowboy hat for round faces female

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What Color Is Popular Among Round Face Ladies?

Just like clothes, you need to consider which color to choose when picking hats. For females with round faces, the most flattering color is black. Wearing a black hat will create a slimming illusion on your face.

What’s more, black is so versatile that you can match a black hat with almost half of your wardrobe.

For a vintage outlook, you can choose a classic black felt fedora. You can wear a loose-fit shirt to create a leisure style!

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classic black fedora for round face ladies

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When talking about versatile beanies are out of standing. If you have a round face, a piece of black beanie can help you create your casual and streetwear outfit while making you look flattering.

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best thermal black beanie for round faces females

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For round face ladies, there’s another option that you can choose a beige color hat to accentuate the gentle and elegant temperament on you.

You can try wearing a similar color trench coat to match with a cloche hat. Thus no one can deny your elegance!

beige color cloche for round face female

Tips on Making a Round Face Female Flattering With a Hat

When wearing a hat, put your hair down

Lying down your hair will not only cover part of your face to make it slim, but you will benefit from the length it brings visually. Putting your hair down will give an amazing illusion of a slim, oval face shape.

Ask help for long and narrow accessories

To elongate your facial lines, you can wear some longer and narrow style earrings. These accessories will elongate your face by extending your facial outline. Meanwhile, choosing some pearl and crystal earrings will add a gorgeous feeling to your outlook.

  • You can get a try on these elegant pearl earrings! 

elegant pearl earrings for round faces female

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A stylish hat is a must-have for every round-face female’s wardrobe. When choosing a hat for your face shape you will need to consider what shapes of hat can make you flattering and which hat should you choose to accomplish different styles. Also, remember to wear a suitable hat for the seasons.

Now without hesitation, get our highly recommended Lisianthus Classic Women Fedora Hat and become fashionable right now!