7 Best Hats For Sweaty Head That Keep Your Head Cool

Sweating is an essential function of the body. It helps in regulating your body’s temperature.

However, sweaty heads can be embarrassing and annoying. Sweat is mainly a nuisance when it drips into your eyes and face during workouts or hot days.

But if you have an excessive sweaty head, you should not worry.

There are several best hats for sweaty heads that can help you keep comfortable. Continue reading to learn the best hats for sweaty heads and how to choose one.

Our Top Picks!

1. Cool Your Head Instantly: MISSION Instant Cooling Lightweight Baseball Cap

(Chemical-free cooling technology, cool your head in 30 second; ultra-wicking fabric, keep all sweat off your face)

2. Absorb All Your Sweat Under Helmet: Halo Headband Dryline Sweat Seal Skull Cap

(100 Dryline; patented sweat seal channels all sweat away from your eye; speical grip makes this cap stay in place under your helmet)

3. Block Harsh UV Rays: Columbia Bora Bora Omi-Wick Tech UPF Protection Bucket Hat

(Omi-shade crown blocks 98% UA and UB rays from the sun; Omi-wick evaporates sweats quickily, keep your head and hat dry and clean)

What to look for When Choosing the Best Hats for Sweaty Heads?

The best hats for sweaty heads should keep you as comfortable as possible and relaxed. They should be able to soak up sweat, dry quickly, and keep your head cool.

Here are some of the key features to look for when buying the best hats for sweaty heads.

1. Breathability

A good hat for sweaty heads should be made of breathable material. A breathable material draws sweat away from the head, helping keep you cool.

Also, a hat made of a breathable material allows air through the fabric to further cool you down. It also provides a certain level of breathability to your head.

Consider a hat with a mesh material as the ventilation allows sweat to evaporate quickly, keeping your head cool.

When selecting a hat for your sweaty head, consider one with an inner sweatband around the edge.

A hat lined on its inside part with a sweatband soaks up the excess sweat from your skin. That ensures that no sweat drips down your face into your eyes.

2. Sunproof

If you want to buy a hat for a sweaty head to wear while running or outdoors on a hot day, you should consider sun protection features.

Look for a hat with a longer bill to aid in protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun.

Also, consider the hat’s Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating.

Choose one with a higher rating to ensure your head gets better protection from UV rays.

3. Moisture-Wicking Material

Also, consider purchasing a cap with a moisture-wicking material. That material helps in keeping sweat off your head.

A hat with moisture-wicking features quickly removes sweat and other moisture enabling it to dry fast.

Hats made from polyester and spandex have better moisture transfer and tend to dry quickly.

However, when shopping for hats for sweaty and sensitive heads, opt for natural fiber materials such as cotton and bamboo because they won’t cause irritation like synthetic fabrics.

4. Color

The color is one of the essential things to look for when choosing the best hats for sweaty hats.

Although it might be tempting to purchase a dark-colored hat because they do not get as messy as light-colored hats, light colors are recommended.

A cap with dull colors tends to absorb more heat resulting in more sweating. On the other hand, light-colored hats reflect light; hence the best choice for hats for sweaty heads.

7 Best Hats for Sweaty Heads Reviews

Finding the best hat for sweaty heads may be tricky but impossible. Here are the reviews of the seven best hats for sweaty heads you can consider

#1. Very Lightweight: Adidas Mens’ Moisture-Wicking Mesh Visor for Sweats

One of the best hats you can consider if you have a sweaty head is the Adidas Superlite visor.

This cap is made of highly breathable material-87% polyester and 13% spandex that ensures your head remains as cool as possible.

It is lightweight and features a mesh that offers plenty of airflow and moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry.

Furthermore, the Adidas Superlite visor cap has a hook and loop closure that allows you to adjust to your size.

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#2. Sports Gear for Women: Headsweats Women’s Sports Baseball Cap with Terry Sweatband

This performance hat is made with fast moisture-wicking material, perfect for wear in any season.

The cap has an innovative design that provides a superior fit making it comfortable for any performance, including outdoor sports.

Although the hat comes in one size, it has an adjustable buckle that allows you to adjust to your fit. It is customized to fit most sized options.

The hat is machine washable and does not shrink hence guaranteeing you durability. Also, it is available in a variety of colors giving you the chance to choose your favorite.

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#3. Very Breathable: Dorfman Pacific Mesh Panel Crown Cotton Safri Hat

If you need a cotton hat for your sweaty head, then DPC solar weave is your ultimate choice.

It is made up of a blend of nylon 25% and cotton 75%, ensuring utmost comfort and durability.

It also has a mesh sidewall that improves airflow and is built with Coolmax coverage that keeps you dry all time, whether you are exercising or on an adventure.

The cap is also made with solar weave, a lightweight material tested and proven to protect against harmful ultraviolet rays.

It has a UPF OF 5O+. Also, it has a toggle closure that you can adjust to your fit.

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#4. Make the Helmet Breathable: Halo Headband Dryline Sweat Seal Skull Cap

The Halo headband skull cap is a perfect hat if you have a sweaty head. This hat is lightweight and can comfortably fit under a helmet.

The hat features a patented sweat seal that wicks sweat away, ensuring it does not flow into your face and eyes.

It is made with the best quality construction and highly breathable material that wicks moisture and dries quickly.

The topside of the hat provides sun protection. It has a UPF rating ranging between 35% to 50%.

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#5. Very Sunproof: Columbia Bora Bora Omi-Wick Tech UPF Protection Bucket Hat

One of the best hats for sweaty heads is Columbia’s Unisex Bora Bora Booney.

This lightweight hat is perfect for hot sunny days and outdoor activities. It has a wide brim that provides all-day sun protection.

The hat is made with 100% nylon, a highly breathable material, and excellent in moisture-wicking. It features a built-in UPF 50 that protects you from harmful UV rays.

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#6. Keep Your Head Cool: MISSION Instant Cooling Lightweight Baseball Cap

If you are looking for a unisex hat that is adjustable, breathable, and sunproof, this is a great choice.

The sweat liner sticks inside your hat’s front and back, preventing sweat from your eyes and wicking sweat away from your skin, ensuring you stay cool.

Furthermore, it prevents stubborn sweat stains on your cap.

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#7. Prevent Sweat Stains: NoSweat Sweat Liner for Baseball Cap

If you are looking for a disposable moisture-wicking headwear liner, no sweat Golf hat liner is excellent. This American-made sweat liner is thin, lightweight, and easy to use.

The sweat liner sticks inside your hat’s front and back, preventing sweat from your eyes and wicking sweat away from your skin, ensuring you stay cool.

Furthermore, it prevents stubborn sweat stains on your cap.

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What Makes You Sweat a Lot?

Sweating helps your body cool itself. People sweat a lot during hot days and sports.

Hot days and exercises make your body temperature rise. As a result, your sweat glands jump into action making your body sweat.

If you tend to sweat a lot, there are seral ways that can help reduce sweat.

And you will have a high chance to sweat a lot when taking outdoor activities in sunlight, like:





Applying antiperspirant in the sweat-prone areas including on your hands, under your arms, around your hairline, and on your feet, is one of the effective ways you can reduce sweating.

Also, choosing a gear made from lightweight and breathable material can control sweat. Ensure you stay hydrated by drinking water during and after exercise or on hot days.

How to Get Rid of the Sweaty Hat Smell?

A sweaty hat can be annoying, but it does not mean you throw it away. There are several ways you can get rid of the odor.

Depending on the fabric of the hat and the level of soiling, you can either hand wash it or use a machine. Just check on the label with care instructions inside the cap, and you will know the proper cleaning method.

However, hand washing is the most gentle way. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of the sweaty smell from your hat.

1. Fill the sink or a bucket with warm water.

2. Add one tablespoon of mild liquid laundry detergent or cleaning powder.

3. Also, add one tablespoon of baking powder or fabric softener to the water

4. Put your hat in the water and let it sit for several minutes.

5. Roll it up several times and check if it’s clean. If you have a stained area, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub the area gently. You can also use a soft cloth to rub the stain gently.

6. Rinse in cold water and lastly, air dry it out.

Final Words

Sweating is especially common during hot days and outdoor activities. Although sweating helps regulate the body’s temperature, it can be a nuisance.

However, if you wear the right gear, it can help in a significant way in reducing perspiration. The above seven caps are best for sweaty hats.

They are made of highly breathable material, have an inner sweatband, and have moisture-wicking properties. Also, it’s best to choose a light-colored hat.