Guides and Reviews: Best Men’s Fedora Hats for Gentleman Style and Versatitle Wearing

Fedora hats are becoming trendy in the man’s fashion world again.

There are various brands and manufacturers of the best men’s fedora hats in contemporary society.

This has led to the market becoming crowded and a challenge when selecting the fedora hat to purchase.

In this platform, you will get all the detailed information regarding the best brands of fedora hats for men, why you should wear a fedora hat, the best fedora hats, and many more.

Our Top Picks!

1. One keeps your head cool: Pineapple & Star Men’s Straw Fedora Beach Hat UPF 50+

(Ultra lightweight paper straw and polyester fabric, let the heat escape and cool wind go through)

2. One for classic and vintage: FADACHY Classic Fedora Hats for Men with Feature Decor

(Elegant feature decoration; budget price; over 10 color choices; breathable and lightweight for all-day wear)

3. One keeps the sun off your face: Wallaroo Men’s Wide Brim Outback Fedora Hat

(3” wide brim to shade your face perfectly; UPF 50+ block 98% the UV rays; Straw fabric is durable and easy to clean) 

Should Men Wear Fedora Hats?

Yes, Men should wear fedora hats because of the following:

Fedora hats are great for all seasons.

Fedora hats are crafted using fabrics that make them suitable for different seasons.

Therefore, you can wear a fedora hat during any season, whether it is winter, spring, or fall.

Fedora hats are excellent for various occasions.

You can don a fedora hat when going to the park, workplace, wedding, prom, and many more. They are suitable for both casual and formal wear.

Fedora hats are stylish. 

Fedora hats come in various colors, styles, and designs. Therefore, you can get a fedora hat that matches your outfit to help in enhancing it and making you look stylish and elegant for any occasion.

How to Choose Best Mens’ Fedora Hats?

1. Choose the Right Hat Shapes

A classic fedora is a hat with a soft brim and indented crown. It is usually folded longitudinally down the crown and “pinched” on both sides at the front.

Teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, center dents, and various creases can be used on fedoras, as can the placement of pinches.

People have different types of shapes that suit different fedora hats.

A fedora hat with a slanted and wide brim will suit you most if you are a round-face male.

Additionally, it would be best to consider the height and crown of the fedora hat to ensure it will fit you perfectly and make you look stylish and elegant.

2. Choose Menswear Color

Fedora hats come in different colors. If you want a classic fedora hat suitable for men, you should opt for neutral and dark colors.

Black and white are neutral colors, and they can be donned in an outfit of any color.

Choosing fedora hats are gray or shades of brown fedora hats will make you look classic, and it is suitable for men to wear.

Additionally, change the ribbon to a striped pattern or racing green, or place a little feather above the bow for a flash of color.

You can get inspiration for crown choices from some celebrities, like Indiana Jones who always rocks a brown color or gray fedora hat.

3. Choose Suitable Materials

Fedora hats are crafted with a variety of materials. Some of the materials include straw and felt.

Felt consists of fabrics such as wool, fur, and many more. Fedora hats made of felt are durable and vintage.

These fedora hats are suitable for attending events during cooler seasons.

You can wear Straw materials that are lightweight and breathable apart from durable.

Additionally, straw is ventilated, and they will help in providing excellent airflow, especially during hot sunny weather.

You can wear fedora hats made of straw when attending events in hot sunny weather since they will provide you with protection and comfort.

4. Choose Hats for the Right Seasons

Fedora hats are made for wearing during different seasons.

When purchasing a fedora hat to wear during summer, you should ensure that it has features such as a wide brim, excellent UPF rating, at least 50+, built-in sweatbands, and breathability.

The wide brim will provide shade to your face, neck, and shoulders from the sun.

The UPF rating will be essential in preventing and absorbing the harsh UV rays from reaching your skin.

This will help in preventing skin-related infections such as sunburns.

The sweatband will help in wicking away any moisture and sweat, leading to your head remaining dry, cool, and comfortable in the summer heat.

The breathable fabric will help in allowing optimal airflow that will help in keeping your head cool and comfortable under the hot summer weather.

When purchasing a fedora hat for winter, you should consider features such as heat retention.

This will help trap heat and keep your head cozy, warm, and comfortable in the winter.

It should also be water-repellent to help in protecting and preventing harsh winter elements such as storms and snow from damaging your hair.

The fedora hat should also have a chin strap to help in keeping it securely in place should there be any wind that may blow it off your head.

5. Famous Brands that Produce Men’s Fedora Hats

1. Stetson

Stetson has been celebrating authenticity, resourcefulness, and the unique American spirit since 1865.

They make long-lasting items with profound roots in American culture.

The company’s key values are excellent textiles and genuine leather mixed with competent craftsmanship.

They make hats, boots, and other items for men and women.

The crown and brim of the fedora hat from this brand are frequently molded by the wearer for fashion and weather protection by being softened in hot steam, sculpted, and let to dry and cool.

2. Goorin Bros.

Goorin Bros. was founded in the 1980s and is now a well-known hat manufacturer that produces some of the best fedoras available.

Customization and cleaning services are included in the price of their fedoras.

The fedora hats from this brand are crafted with an honest and innovative approach which entails a great future for their fedora hats and the persons wearing them.

Fedora hats from this brand are breathable, comfortable, have excellent UPF rating, and many more.

Their fedora hats come with unique names such as Billy the Kid, Giddyup, and Nighthawk.

Fedora hats from this brand feature low crowns, and they will loosely sit on your head.

3. Brixton

Brixton is a well-known fedora brand that offers a wide range of styles.

Whether you prefer small, medium, or large brims, or different styles, you can be sure they have something for you.

Additionally, fedora hats from this brand feature a clean and classic design.

The fedora hats from this brand are made from felt, faux leather, and many more. They also have debossed logos on their hats.

4. Dobbs

This is also another renowned brand when it comes to the crafting of adorable fedora hats.

The brand has been operating since the early 1900s, and its hats have unique styles and quality.

Their fedora hats are frequently constructed of a fur/wool blend material that is soft and pliable but does not lose its shape.

This is ideal for chilly weather since it keeps your head warm.

It was constructed of a plush fur/wool felt blend with a comfortable fabric sweatband for fit.

It frequently has a full satin lining and a leather sweatband to emphasize its limited-edition status.

5 Best Men’s Fedora Hats Reviews

1. Best for Summer: Pineapple & Star Men’s Straw Fedora Beach Hat UPF 50+

The sun is always hot during the summer. This hat is crafted with unique and impressive features that will ensure your protection and comfort while doing various activities in the summer.

Additionally, apart from providing you with protection and comfort, the hat will also enhance any outfit you don, making you look stylish and elegant.

Why We Recommended

UPF 50+ Certified:

This will ensure that you are protected from the harmful UV rays when wearing this hat doing various activities in the hot summer weather.

With this UPF rating, up to 98% of harmful UV rays will be absorbed or blocked from reaching your skin.

2.5-inch brim:

The wide brim will provide shade to your face and shoulders during your outdoor adventures in the summer.

Breathable material:

The fabric will allow optimal air to circulate on your head, ensuring it stays cool and comfortable outdoors in the summer heat.

Detachable chin cord strap:

It will ensure that the hat stays securely in place when going about your activities in hot, windy summer weather.

Inner hook & loop system:

This feature will allow you to adjust the hat to suit your perfect fit.

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2. Best Budget: FADACHY Classic Fedora Hats for Men with Feature Decor

FADACHY Classic Fedora Hats for Men is an excellent fedora hat for you if you want a budget that will have impressive features.

The outstanding features in this fedora hat will ensure that you look stylish and elegant each time you wear it to any occasion or event.

Why We Recommended

Quality Fabrics. The hat is crafted using 65% cotton and 35% polyester, which are eco-friendly. Therefore, you will itchy-free experience each time you wear the hat.


The cotton and polyester materials are breathable. Therefore, they will allow optimal airflow to keep your head cool and comfortable.

Wide brim:

The sizable brim of the hat will provide shade to your face and neck each time you don it under a hot sun.

Available in various colors:

This will give you the option of choosing your favorite color to match your outfit.


You can wear this hat to various occasions and events, whether formal or semi-formal.

Adjustable strap:

You can adjust the hat circumference to suit your comfortable fit.

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3. Easy to Carry: Stetson Men’s Crushable Wool Felt Fedora Hat

Stetson is one of the renowned brands globally for the construction of premium quality fedora hats for men.

This fedora hat from Stetson is equipped with amazing features that ensure durability, functionality, and efficiency.

Each time you wear this hat, you will be provided with comfort, protection, and enhancement of your style fashion-wise when traveling to any place.

Why We Recommended

100% wool:

The fabric is eco-friendly, and therefore you will not have to worry about getting skin-related infections while traveling. Besides, the wool fabric is durable, and therefore you will wear the hat frequently for extended periods.


You can compactly pack this hat when traveling without affecting its original shape.

3.25-inch brim:

The wide brim will provide shade to your face, neck, and shoulders when traveling in the sun.

Mesh sweatband:

This will ensure any sweat or moisture is wicked away for a comfortable traveling experience.


You will not have to worry about sudden weather changes when traveling, whether light, rainy, or snowy.


This will ensure the hat stays securely when traveling in windy weather.

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4. Best Stylish: Brixton Messer Men’s Leather Hatband Fedora Hat

If you are looking for a hat with impressive features that will ensure you look stylish and elegant no matter your profession.

The unique hat has versatile features that will ensure your comfort and protection and provide you with confidence when wearing it to any occasion or event.

Why We Recommended

Quality fabrics:

The hat is crafted using 95% wool and 5% polyurethane which are eco-friendly and durable.

Additionally, the fabrics will provide a soft, warm, and comfortable feel to your head each time you don them to an event.

2.5-inch soft brim:

This will help in providing shade to your face, ears, and shoulders while in the hot sun.


You can wear this hat with different clothes and during various occasions such as weddings, proms, parties, etc.

Various colors:

This gives you the opportunity to select your preferred color to match your outfit.

4.41 ounces:

The hat is lightweight, and therefore you will wear it for long periods without feeling any weight on your head.

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5. Best for Outdoor Wearing: Wallaroo Men’s Wide Brim Outback Fedora Hat

Over the years, Wallaroo Hat Company has been crafting premium quality hats with impressive features.

This has led to them becoming one of the reputable brands in the hat industry.

This hat from Wallaroo is equipped with fabulous features that will ensure your comfort and protection even if you have a big head.

Why We Recommended

UPF 50+:

The fabrics used in making this hat have a UPF rating of 50+, and this will be essential in absorbing and preventing the harsh UV rays from reaching you.

3-inch brim:

The impressive brim size helps in providing shade to your face, ears, and shoulders.

Internal drawstring:

You will use this feature to adjust the hat to snugly and comfortably fit your head.

Impressive sizing:

The hat is available in 2 large sizes that comfortably fit and a big head.


This will help in allowing optimal airflow on your head hence keeping it cool and comfortable.


You can compactly fold and pack this hat for easy storage and transportation.

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What Should You Pair with Best Men’s Fedora Hats? 

Fedora hats suit both formal or classic style and casual style. It would be best if you paired your fedora hat with the following outfit for a classy, stylish, and elegant appearance.

For Classic Style

It will be best if you pair your fedora hat with a jacket. Any jacket, be it a sports jacket, suit jacket, blazer, or overcoat, will look best when donned with a fedora.

Since fedora hats are more formal accessories, especially during colder seasons, donning them with any jacket will make you look classy and stylish.

Additionally, you can pair your fedora hat with classic clothes such as double-breasted suits, vests, collar bars, and leather gloves in contrasting colors to get a vintage quality of the fedora.

Pairing a fedora with aggressive chalk or plain suits should be avoided since it will not look stylish with you.

For casual style

Wear a button-down shirt and a plain undershirt with your fedora hat. This elevates your everyday outfit.

Or Choose a black fedora hat and don’t be scared to experiment with color combinations. To obtain this appearance, try mixing and matching colors.

Try denim on denim if all else fails. Grab a basic shirt, your favorite denim jeans, and a denim jacket that matches. This is a timeless look that will never go out of style.


1. Are fedoras Still in Style?

Yes, fedora hats are still in style. Fedoras are one of the most fashionable hats on the market, and they go with a wide range of outfits.

They will look best in you when paired with sophisticated outfits. As a result, these hats are an excellent choice for a semi-formal or formal event or occasion.

2. How to Measure Head Size for Fedora Hats?

you should measure your head to ensure that you get the correct fedora hat for your head.

This is to avoid the situation whereby you put on a small hat, end up with headaches, or wear a large hat on your head and do not look stylish.

When you want to get the correct size of your head, you can use a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your forehead.

The head size for men is always small, medium, large, and so on. Anything larger than large is a big head.

3. How Much Does a Fedora Hat Cost

fedora hats are crafted using various materials. The type of material used in crafting the fedora hat will determine its cost.

Additionally, the brand also plays a major role in determining the price. Fedora hats from renowned brands may be pricy than those from upcoming brands.

The color of the fedora hat may also influence its cost. The average cost of a fedora hat should be between $45 and $52, depending on the availability and other factors.

4. What Is The Best Situation To Wear A Fedora Hat?

In general, a fedora can be worn in any position during the day. If the sun is shining brightly, you may want to wear the brim of your hat flat or slightly lowered to assist keep the sun out of your eyes.

Even if fedoras were worn all year by men in the past, it doesn’t make sense to wear one in the summer these days. In the summer, go with a Panama hat, and in the spring, winter, and fall, go with a fedora.

5. Where to Buy Best Men’s Fedora Hats?

Men’s fedora hats are sold in various fashion stores across the country. Therefore, you can purchase them from there.

Additionally, there are reputable brands with reputable stores where you can purchase a fedora hat. You may also buy your fedora hat from online sites like Amazon and eBay.

The reputable brands also have their online sites where you can order and get delivered to your doorstep or designated destination.

Wrap it Up 

Getting the right fedora hat entails looking stylish and elegant for any occasion. The best fedora hat should provide you with comfort and protection and help in making you look stylish and elegant.

The above fedora hats have distinctive features that will help in making you look presentable in any outfit for any occasion.