Best Men’s Snowboard Gloves for Increased Warmth and Protection in 2022

The best snowboarding gloves for men are the ones that give you comfort and protection, no matter what the weather.

The right glove can make the difference between an enjoyable day on the mountain and one that leaves you with frozen fingers and regrets.

We will start with a few of the most important factors when deciding on which gloves to purchase. Then we will cover some of the top products and their pros and cons.

Let’s get started!

best snowboard gloves for men reviews and guides


Snowboard Gloves vs. Snowboard Mittens: Which Is Better for Males?

Snowboard gloves and snowboard mittens are two different options for keeping your hands warm while riding.

So what’s better for men to use? It all comes down to personal preference!


Some people like to have more dexterity with their fingers because it makes tasks such as taking photos or answering their phone easier.

Gloves are made for those who want the extra dexterity but ultimately sacrifice a shield from harsh winds, and mittens provide some protection against external elements while sacrificially having less flexibility.


Snowboard mittens have their pros and cons. However, they offer a fair amount of protection from use and wear, making them suitable for recreational snowboarders who are just getting into the snowboarding experience.

Mittens help keep your fingers from freezing at higher altitudes where there is less oxygen.

The downside of mittens is that they may be difficult to grab onto the board if you misjudge a wipeout and slide off.

It seems most snowboarders prefer gloves.

The main benefits of wearing gloves are better grip, comfort, and dexterity because they offer to cushion against the cold day and avoids potential nerve damage in fingers.

Gloves work well with touchscreen devices, too, so if you enjoy taking pictures during your day on the slopes, then these might be a good option for you!


6 Things to Consider When Buying the Best Men’s Snowboard Gloves

mens snowboard gloves with adjustable closure

The best men’s snowboard gloves are the ones that provide you with a sense of security and protection.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which type will work best for you, but here is some factor that may help you narrow down your search:

– Water-resistant

Snowboarding is a very physical sport, and hands go through a lot of punishment if gloves are not waterproof.

Also, if your gloves don’t keep water out, you could get frostbite on your fingers in about 15 minutes, so it’s crucial to have proper waterproofing built into them from as many angles as possible.

Waterproof snowboarding gloves are good to protect hands against cold, wet elements.

In addition, they help keep your fingers warm by preventing moisture from entering through holes or spaces in the glove.

Generally, leather, faux leather, synthetic leather, nylon and polyester is the perfect option to prevent you from moisture.

– Sizing and fit

To pick out the best size of snowboarding gloves for men, there are two primary considerations to account for.

One is how much coverage your hands need in terms of warmth and protection from the elements. The second consideration is comfort – how well they fit on your hands.

So how do you know what size glove will fit?

Simply measure around your hand all the way up across fingertips right below where the thumb meets Palm, then look for a sizing chart in the production description based on gender for which finger measurements correspond with each specific size range.

how to measure hand length for gloves

>> Here is a sizing chart for your reference: Gloves Measuring and Sizing Chart

– Insulation

There are many types of insulation materials to choose from these days.

Generally, a low-quality glove will be made with acrylic fabric insulation, which is lightweight and slow to warm up.

Synthetic fill such as Primaloft provides more warmth and is sometimes used along as a layer to construct gloves aiming at maximum warmth.

– Cuff Style

The preferred cuff position is for the cuff to be on or below the wrist.

This will allow greater dexterity in the fingers, which is needed to grab poles and operating lifts and pull off gloves.

When using the thumb area of your glove to undo a strap, it’s much easier with gloves that have buckles under because you don’t have to contort your hand when unclipping.

– Membrane

There are many different membranes on the market, but Gore-Tex is one of the best waterproofing materials on the market.

When it comes to snowboarding gloves, water resistance and protection from cold go hand in hand.

Gore-Tex will keep hands warm and dry for hours upon hours of outdoor activities.

Other materials like polyurethane can be used as an alternative for a great glove that won’t break your bank account.

– Additional features

There are many additional protections for snowboarding gloves for men, but one of the most popular is a wrist strap to prevent gloves from being lost.

This strap is usually sewn into the glove and has a loop that wraps around the snowboarder’s hand.

It can be helpful because it prevents the loss of gloves in case they become dislodged or come off during an accident on the slopes.

Adding a wrist guard or outer shell to the gloves can provide additional protection. While it’s not as important for gloves specifically, proper gear for snowboarding can reduce injuries in general.

In terms of protecting your hands and wrists, there are specific wrist guards designed with padding.

When choosing a snowboarding glove, consider buying one with an outer shell that offers some protection against the cold wind as well as from tearing.

>> If you wanna more warmth and more protection, try the snowboarding gloves with wrist guards.


Best Men’s Snowboard Gloves: Top Picks

If you are looking for the best men’s snowboard gloves, we have reviews on several different brands to help you find the perfect pair.

We review materials, sizing, and other considerations that will keep your hands warm and comfortable in the cold winter.

Read our top picks below to find out which one is perfect for you!

Most Warm – Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove

thermal snowboarding gloves for men

The Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove is made with two-layer fabric with Gore warm technology that delivers exceptional dry and breathable performance.

Thermacore insulation, the gloves keep your hands warm without sacrificing too much bulk.

Removeable touchscreen liner to take full advantage during a call on the slopes or elsewhere in life where touchscreen usage is key.

What You Will Love:

The Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove is an excellent solution for keeping your hands warm without sacrificing dexterity.

They offer the following benefits:

  1. Breathable fabric that won’t leave you feeling clammy or cold. These gloves have two-layer fabric with Gore warm technology.
  2. Avoid the frustration of not being able to use your phone. These are made with a removable liner that allows your smartphone to still work while on duty.
  3. Feel safe from extreme weather conditions. The Thermacore insulation allows you can stay outdoors for longer without risk of frostbite or windburn to the skin.

What Customers says about it:

Reviews have hailed them as “These gloves were great for all temperatures. In cold conditions they provided warmth, in warmer weather, the inner glove absorbed any sweat.”

“I don’t have any problems in keeping my hands warm. Also, if it gets too hot, you can break off the inner gloves so you can use them on warm days.”

Another customer noted that “the gloves have capacitive touch capabilities that are useful when using a mobile phone.”

What Can be Improved

  1. There is a problem with sizing on these items because they are not true-to-size. If it’s your first time buying gloves by this brand and doesn’t know what size will fit best for you, then order a larger size or one UP.

Gloves that aren’t waterproof don’t keep your hands warm and dry enough to stay safe on the slopes.

The Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove is an excellent solution because it combines warmth with water resistance so you can enjoy all-day comfort while staying safe on the slopes.

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With Zipper Pocket – MCTi Lightweight & Waterproof Men’s Ski Gloves 

wear resistant gloves with rubber fingers for mens in snowboarding

The MCT Men’s Waterproof Ski Gloves are perfect for any adventure.

With a three-layer composite outer shell, these gloves resist damage and crafting out to your fingers.

The TPU insert membrane ensures that you keep your hands dry, one of the most important aspects of winter weather gear.

Made with a soft polyester lining, this glove is comfortable and breathable.

What You Will Love:

The MCT Men’s Waterproof Ski Gloves will keep your hands warm and dry during any ski adventure. They have the following advantages:

  1. Durable for all weather conditions. These gloves can withstand the harshest weather conditions with their three-layer composite outer shell and TPU membrane.
  2. Soft material is gentle on skin. The polyester lining keeps you warm and comfortable while wearing the gloves.
  3. Extra storage space. The extra zippered compartment in the backhand section of this glove can be used to store your card or keys.

What Customers says about it:

Reviews described them as “thick, like regular ski gloves, but inside they are very soft and warm.” “I was using them when using a snowblower in the middle of a blizzard, and they kept me warm as well as dry.”

According to a customer, “the pocket on the backhand, below the knuckles, fits my ski pass just right.”.

What Can be Improved

  1. The gloves are pretty bulky. So, they’re not the most comfortable to wear for long periods, but they’re a good choice for those who want an added level of protection.

Skiing and snowboarding are fun, but the cold weather is a real pain.

The MCT Men’s Waterproof Ski Gloves resist wind, rain, sleet, and snow so that you can enjoy your time on the slopes or trail without worrying about your hands getting wet.


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Best Set – CAMYOD Cold Winter Melange Gloves and Balaclava

mens snowboard gloves and balaclava set for extreme cold weather

With soft polyfill and a longer cuff to protect you from frigid temperatures, these gloves will keep your fingers warm all winter long.

The liner on these gloves is made with high-quality nylon fabric and premium synthetic leather, which means they’re durable and dependable while still being thin enough to be comfortable.

What You Will Love:

The Cold Winter Melange Glove is designed for everyday use during the winter months. They come with three advantages:

  1. Give yourself a break from the winter wind. These winter gloves with long cuffs and Thinsulate insulation will help you stay warm in frigid temperatures.
  2. Leather trim for added durability and style. These gloves are the perfect accessory to add on your way out with high-quality materials and durable construction.
  3. Stay active during the cold season. These gloves will keep your hands warm while you enjoy a variety of outdoor activities because they provide excellent insulation against freezing temperatures.

What Customers says about it:

The gloves were described as “comfortable in the 30s, not too hot or cold.”

It appears that they’re made of good quality. “Very good product, extremely soft, comfortable, warm, and probably ok for temperatures as high as 20 degrees, depending on your hands.”

A customer said, “Perfect design, with all the necessary features. Just the ease with which you can tighten or loosen the wristband is priceless. It feels very comfortable.”

What Can be Improved

  1. Gloves sizes can be a little tricky. Some run big, some small, and we recommend ordering one size up from your average glove size for the best fit.

The Cold Winter Melange Glove is perfect for those who enjoy winter sports and activities.

These gloves have all the features you want from high-quality winter gear, including extra-long cuffs to protect from wind chill and soft polyfill lining for warmth without bulkiness.


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Extra Protection – TOUGH Ski & Snow Gloves with Wrist Leashes

mens snowboard gloves with nylon shell

The TOUGH gloves keep your hands warm and protected while you tear them up on the slopes.

These gloves have a synthetic leather palm layer with an outer nylon shell for lightweight warmth for unbeatable grip.

What’s more, they are adjustable with a wrist buckle for the perfect fit.

What You Will Love:

The TOUGH gloves will protect your hands while still allowing you a full range of motion for maximum control, comfort, and warmth. They come with three benefits:

  1. Increased durability and grip. The double layer of synthetic leather makes these gloves incredibly durable and gives you a firm grip on whatever is in your hands.
  2. Feel confident in any weather. These gloves have nylon shell construction that keeps them lightweight without compromising warmth for any climate or season.
  3. Adjustable to fit. A buckle that adjusts the tightness around your cuff for optimal protection.

What Customers says about it:

Reviews have praised their “very soft interior, ability to keep the rain off, and to brake and shift nicely.” It keeps my hands very dry in heavy rain and keeps my fingers warm. These are definitely the best I have owned.”

According to a customer, “they are quite close to fitting tiny hands! I also love the wristbands. If I take off the gloves, they can still hang off of my wrists instead of trying to hold them somewhere awkward and causing them to fall off.”

What Can be Improved

  1. Not suitable for very cold weather. If gloves are worn in 10 F degrees of weather, they will soon make your hands cold. Maybe they’ll be fine in 35 F degree weather.

The TOUGH ski & snow glove is designed with synthetic leather palms for excellent grip and comfort during winter activities.

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Stylish – Unigear Snowboard Gloves with Breathable Protection

warm and touchscreen snowboard gloves for mens

The Unigear gloves are your top-of-the-line cold-weather gear.

Super soft and comfortable, they’ll keep your hands toasty in any conditions – perfect for those long stints on the mountain.

The Palm is quality PU leather that’s been treated with durable water repellent outer shell, which blocks water, so you stay dry.

And thanks to their touchscreen compatible finger, you can still use your smartphone without taking off the gloves!

What You Will Love:

The Unigear ski gloves are your best bet if you’re looking for high-quality cold weather gear that will keep your hands nice and toasty no matter what time of year it is! Among their advantages are:

  1. Insulates even in the coldest environments. These gloves are essential for those who work out in the cold because they have 100 grams of insulation at the Palm and 60 grams at the back of the hand.
  2. Protects against water. The durable water repellent (DWR) outer shell and PU leather on the palm offer protection against wetness.
  3. Use touchscreen devices without taking off gloves. Touch screen compatible fingertips allow for easy typing on these days where it’s too cold outside for bare fingers.

What Customers says about it:

Reviews state that these gloves are “Very warm, Keep water out and keep warmth in.”

“These gloves are well made and warm. They fit well and have a design shaped to the hand rather than being flat, so finger and hand motion are natural.”

The customer says, “These are very flexible and very comfortable. The fingers are sewn well so that they work well with phones. The gauntlet style and cinch strap help secure the gloves to the wrist.”

What Can be Improved

  1. The gloves are a little too big for the suggested size. Order one or two sizes smaller to get an optimal fit.

The Unigear gloves are made with a combination of top-quality materials that keep you warm in any condition.

They provide the perfect balance between warmth and dexterity so you can ski all day long without feeling like your hands are going to fall off.


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With Excellent Grip – TOUGH Touch Screen Ski & Snow Gloves

mens snowboarding gloves with snap closure

The TOUGH Touch Screen Ski & Snow Gloves are designed for snowboarders, skiers, and winter recreation enthusiasts who need a little extra protection, allowing for touchscreen interaction.

The nylon outer shell is durable against rain and snow.

The gloves’ synthetic leather palm provides an excellent grip and offers protection to your hands from abrasions.

What You Will Love:

The TOUGH Touch Screen Ski & Snow Gloves let you text and take calls while still keeping warm! They have the following advantages:

  1. Take a walk in the snow without fear of getting frostbite. These gloves are designed to be weatherproof with an all-nylon outer shell and synthetic leather palm.
  2. Increased grip on your tools. These gloves are made of synthetic leather on your Palm and rubberized material for gripping devices; you can easily grip onto any tool while maintaining a stronghold on it.
  3. Stay connected to your phone without freezing fingers. The touchable gloves are the perfect item for winter weather and will keep your fingers warm without compromising functionality.

What Customers says about it:

According to reviews, these gloves are “Great, warm gloves for skiing and playing in the snow.” “It was 15 degrees! They kept me dry and warm no matter the weather.”

One customer said, “They are very functional for operating touchscreen devices without taking off gloves.”

What Can be Improved

  1. They are bulky for casual use. The bulky feeling may be off-putting at first but quickly becomes comfortable as you adapt to it; not only does this feel like a natural extension of yourself when wearing them, they also provide more protection from injury or infection

The TOUGH Touch Screen Gloves are designed for those who want to keep their fingers warm while also using touch screen devices with ease.

These gloves allow you to stay connected without having cold, wet hands that make it hard to operate your phone or tablet device.


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Other Gears You May Need for Snowboarding

Snowboarding is a great way to have fun in the snow, but it can be dangerous without the proper gear.

A lot of people think that just because they have a board that they are ready for boarding. However, several other items could help your experience greatly!

Snowboard Boots – These offer excellent support for the ankles and foot arch, which can come in handy when traversing hills of varying angles.

Boarding pants or bibs – These will protect your knees from getting scratched up by snowboard wax as well as provide some warmth when riding downhill.

Ski Goggles – These protect the eyes from snowblindness and other dangerous conditions like iritis. They also keep eyes moist on days when the glare reflecting off the snow can irritate tear ducts. The lenses should be made of a material resistant to polarizing light rays found in sun glare reflected by ice crystals.

Helmets – protect your head and face from bumps when snowboarding or riding on lifts.

Knee pads and elbow pads – reduce injury from falls.


What Are the Best Men’s Snowboard Gloves?

For those of you who enjoy snowboarding, protection is a key consideration! Therefore, it’s important to keep your hands warm and dry while boarding.

One way to do this is with gloves! Sure there are plenty of options out there, but which are the best men’s snowboard gloves?

Best All-Around Men’s Snowboard Gloves: Burton Gore-Tex Glove is a great solution for staying warm while skiing, snowboarding, or just doing chores in winter weather without sacrificing flexibility or dexterity.

Best Price to Value: UNIGEAR gloves are affordable gear that will keep your hands your hands toasty in any condition.