Best Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards Against Injury in 2022

Snowboard gloves with wrist guards are an essential part of any snowboarding gear collection.

There’s nothing worse than having your hands and wrists fall hard on the ground during a crash, so it’s best to wear these safety gears to avoid that pain.

Gloves with protection against friction will save you from wearing out at a faster rate and increase their durability.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the best brands and styles for this type of glove, including features you should look for when making a purchase decision.

dakine wrist guard gloves for snowboarding


How to Choose the Best Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards?

The winter season is upon, and it’s time to get out the snowboard gear! Whether you are a beginner or an expert, getting the right pair of gloves is essential. Wrist guards will make your ride safer while also keeping your hands warm and dry.

There are many factors, but here are some important things you need to know.

Many snowboard gloves come with removable wrist guards for extra protection.

  • Is the wrist guard removable?

The removable wrist guards can allow for different snowboard glove wear based on the desired type of energy absorption and protection.

Additionally, a snowboarder can purchase separate gloves with different protections or attach inserts to your gloves to better tailor them for what you want or need.

  • Should I buy a size plus compared with the normal snowboarding gloves?

Different types of gloves provide variances from thin-to-thick protection to suit your levels of comfort and safety needs.

Size in general shouldn’t affect your performance, but to make it easier to tell whether or not, you’ll have enough dexterity.

They should fit snugly but not too tightly to hinder the movement of hands and fingers, and the palm should fit the snowboarder appropriately.

Wrist straps need to fit over gloves without being too loose or impeding movement.

  • Does it have reinforced palms and fingers?

Look for a padded glove with reinforced palm and fingers if possible.

The reinforced palms and fingers are important because it means the snowboard gloves have been designed to protect you from the cold and for extra protection from any sort of abrasions or tearing.

If you wanna more protection and go for snowboarding gloves that last long, try Andake ultra warm gloves.

  • Outer shell to consider?

The outer shell of the glove should be made from a pliable material that can withstand high impacts.

This means fabrics such as polyester and nylon will work very well.

  • Insulation level for cold weather?

The insulation of snowboard gloves on cold days should be able to hold out at below 20°F require 120 to 200 grams against exposure to wind and freezing temperatures without problems.

  • Wrist guard gloves? Wrist guard mittens?

Additionally, consider how vital dexterity is to you – if you prefer to move your hands-free, then traditional gloves typically fit the bill.

But if you want better insulation and make sure your hands are warm, then go with mittens.


What Size Gloves to Wear with Snowboard Wrist Guards?

To get the best protection possible, you need to have gloves that can grip comfortably and cover your wrist. This means you should use gloves that are tight enough to grip but not too tight.

Wrist guards are usually about 7-10 inches long from the heel of the palm to the top of the wrist.

So for a majority of people with medium-size hands, large gloves work well for this type of application by covering the area all around the hands and wrists properly.

Larger sizes would also be suitable as they tend to have more padding on the palms, which provides more comfort while gripping anything wet or cold in winter conditions.


What Is the Difference between Wrist Guard Gloves and Regular Gloves?

Wrist guard gloves are designed to protect your wrists from injury during snowboarding. These gloves typically have padding on the inside of the glove to protect your wrists when you fall.

Wrist guard gloves tend to be a little stiffer and more rigid. The primary purpose of the wrist guard is to protect your wrists from injury.

Regular snowboard gloves do not provide this protection and only offer warmth for your hands.

If you often fall while snowboarding or ride aggressively, Wrist Guard Gloves should be your choice so that you can avoid any injuries to your wrist in addition to protecting them from the cold weather.

In conclusion, wrist guard gloves are explicitly designed to protect our wrists when we’re out riding because they have a hard outer shell as well as an inner lining that is comfortable and warm.


How Wrist Guard Gloves Protect Your Hands When Snowboarding?

Safety is the number one concern for snowboarding gloves. Dividing surfaces and kinetic energy absorption can help to minimize the risk of a hand injury.

1. Provides Added Protection

Gloves with wrist guards provide added protection from wrist dislocations, strains, and fractures common on a snowboard mountain.

Protecting your wrists is very important as they are an area that could easily give away when you’re performing tricks in slushy or icy conditions, where it’s crucial to maintain control.

2. Prevents You from Injury

Gloves that have padding at the base will spread out weight from impact and also allow you to control your fingers better for precision movements on rails.

One common injury for snowboarders is called a ‘wrist fracture’ that happens when the snowboarders fall on their hands or wrists.

One study found that these types of fractures are most likely to happen from falls on the front side while riding straight down a slope when there was not enough grip on the ground due to wetness or bumps in the trail.

This occurrence would lead to bad outcomes such as surgery for fixing it and long-term numbness in either arm. These braces help prevent these injuries from occurring.


Who Should Buy Wrist Guard Gloves?

Snowboard with wrist guards is a great idea for people who might have weak wrists, suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, among others, or they simply want to avoid the discomforts associated with any of these conditions.

If you know you’re more prone to developing injuries or if your current condition worsens after snowboarding on visits in the future, then getting protective gear is worth it.


Best Snowboarding Gloves with Wrist Guard: Our Top Picks

We’ve reviewed and compiled a list of 2 of our favorite pairs of gloves with wrist protection, and we’re happy to share them with you!

Most Breathable – LEVEL Fly Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Support

level snowboard gloves with wrist protection

Featuring a clever, custom biomes wrist guard design, these gloves will give you unmatched protection against wrist injuries should you fall on your hands on those snowy days when traction is at an all-time low.

Breathable Membra-Therm provides excellent insulation to keep your hands warm and dry from excessive moisture while riding down the mountain in winter conditions.

What You Will Love:

LEVEL Fly Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards, the perfect balance between protection and comfort is achieved by:

  1. Protects wrist from injury. They come equipped with a biomex wrist guard to prevent injuries that can occur as the result of falls on slippery surfaces or in collisions
  2. Breathable for increased comfort. Breathable Membra-Therm technology, which wicks away sweat and allows air to pass through the fabric for even more comfort in cold conditions
  3. Keeps you toasty all day long. The thermo-liner lining is specially designed to keep your hands nice and warm all day long by trapping heat close to you.

What Customers says about it:

In most reviews, a reviewer states, “the first thing I noticed was how nimble the gloves kept my hands.” The wrist guards aren’t visible from the outside of the gloves, but they are warm and soft on the inside.”

Some customers said, “I would recommend this product to people just starting to learn snowboarding.”

Wrist injuries are common among snowboarders. LEVEL’s Fly gloves will give your wrists unparalleled protection from any potential fall on icy days.

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Adjustable Fit – Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves for Snowboarding

mens and womens ski gloves with wrist guards

Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves are made from tough goatskin and durable nylon thread, with an integrated spoon-shaped palm splint that provides superior protection for the hands. The back piece also has straps to offer additional support for the wrist.

What You Will Love:

The Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves are designed to protect your hands and wrists from injury; They come with three advantages:

  1. Will not wear out or tear easily. Made with durable goatskin, these gloves have double stitches made from heavy-duty nylon thread so that you can count on them for even the most demanding jobs.
  2. Supports your wrists and palms. The gloves cover your wrists and palms with the spoon-shaped palm splint. This aims to provide support for those who are experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome or other wrist injuries.
  3. Provide a comfortable, adjustable fit. They have three Velcro straps that allow you to customize the fit, so they’re snug but not too tight on your hands.

What Customers says about it:

Most reviews state: “They work as advertised! These gloves protect me from getting injured.” “The gloves are well constructed from goatskin and are double thick on the fingers. The plastic split prevents hyperextension, and the gloves also come with a slider on the palm.”

According to some customers, “These products provide heat during cooler temperatures and are too hot to be used during hot weather.”

Wrist injuries are common in sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding. The spoon-shaped palm splint is a unique feature of Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves that provides superior protection for the hands, especially when landing on your palms or wrists.

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1. Do Snowboarders Have to Wear Extra Wrist Guards?

Most snowboarders wear wrist guards to protect their wrists from injury. Snowboarding is a high-impact sport, and the main concern for most snowboarders is preventing injuries.

Like any other action sport, there are certain parts of your body that may be at higher risk of injury than others, such as knees when mountain biking or elbows when skateboarding.

With this in mind, wearing wrist guards can protect you and help prevent common injuries like broken wrists and sprains.

2. Do Wrist Guards Go Over or Under Gloves?

Under gloves, The harder the slap, the more likely a hand will be injured without wrist guards.

The wrist guard should be placed directly against the wrist – where it will do the best job of protecting your skin from abrasions and bruising – to work properly.

Wrist guards meant to go on top of gloves are often intended for less-hardy beginners who want that extra cushioning under their wrists.

3. Do Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards Prevent Fractures?

Without the wrist guards, snowboarders are prone to wrist fractures because the rider places a high-intensity load on their wrists during falls and landings.

If you take this necessary step in protection, then there is a much lower likelihood of sustaining an injury while using these gloves.


What Is the Best Snowboarding Gloves with Wrist Guard?

There are a wide variety of snowboarding gloves with wrist guards, but the best is LEVEL’s Fly snowboard gloves because they provide an extraordinary level of protection.

With LEVEL’s Fly gloves, you will always have protection against wrist injuries when riding down the mountain or doing any other winter sport activity.

The unique biomechanical design of these gloves provides maximum support for your wrists while giving you full freedom of movement so you can enjoy every minute on the slopes!