How to Choose the Best Straw Cowboy Hat for Hot Weather?

In this modern era, straw cowboy hats are the most produced hat for cowboys mainly because they appear fashionable.

Though derived from the Mexican cowboys of the 18th Century, cowboy hats have been extensively adopted by ranchers and cowboys around the world.

Of course, cowboys used to wear the best straw cowboy hats for hot weather for protection against harsh sunlight and dust.

Nowadays, the straw cowboy hat somehow has a unique design In terms of appearance.—for example, a wide curved brim with a creased crown.

As for its interior design, it has a sweatband for proper stability, among other things.

If you want more on these fashionable hats, continue reading and check our reviews about the best straw cowboy hat for hot weather.

best straw cowboy hats for hot weather

In a Hurry? Check the Top Picks! 

1. Best for Sun Protection in Hot Weather: American Hat Makers Barcelona UPF 50+ Straw Cowboy Sun Hat

2. Best for Big Head: WESTERN EXPRESS Classic Cattleman White Straw Cowboy Hat

3. Best Palm Leaf Straw Cowboy Hat for Hot Weather: Rising Phoenix Large Mexican 100% Palm Leaf Straw Cowboy Hat

4. Best Stetson Straw Cowboy Hat for Hot Weather: Stetson’s Men Raffia Straw Cowboy Hat

5. Best Women’s Straw Cowboy Hat for Hot Weather: MG Women’s Decorative White Straw Cowboy Hat with Glass Beads

Why Are Straw Cowboy Hats Hinted For Hot Weather?

As previously mentioned, straw cowboy hats are popularized in the fashion field due to their unique design and stylish appearance.

Moreover, in the cowboy industry, they are considered the most fashionable hats since they are the most produced hats.

Plus straws make these cowboy hats lightweight and breathable, so as you walk in the hot sun, it will feel like it’s not there.

And the breathable ability to ensure you don’t sweat as you go about your day-to-day activities.

One of the extra plus points is that straws are easy to dye and add various accessories.

Hence depending on your preference, you can choose any straw cowboy hat based on what color you want and charming decorations.

Generally, straw cowboy hats are ideal for protection against the sun’s fierce rays.

What You Should Focus On When Choosing Straw Cowboy Hats for Hot Weather?

With numerous options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide on the best option that suits your needs.

So, if you have a dilemma about what factors to consider when purchasing the best straw cowboy hat for hot weather, then the insights below should give you a head start.


Sweat-wicking ability is an essential factor to consider if you want a high-performance straw cowboy hat for hot weather.

So, it would be best to be careful to look for straw cowboy hats with sweatbands when making your choice.

Arguably the are many cowboy hats in the markets with different makes, designs, colors, and sizes, among other things.

You’ll want to choose a hat that you’re comfortable wearing all the time, especially during the hot summer.

As you already know, sweatbands can ensure you don’t sweat as you carry on your daily activities.

On the other hand, if you prefer a different stylish design, you can also check the external heads band to ensure you’re getting precisely what fits your needs.

Quality Straw

Straw quality is the most critical factor to consider among everything else if you want to ensure your getting the authentic cowboy hat.

The straw quality varies from brand to brand of these cowboy hats.

The most common straws for cowboy hats include; Bangora, palm leaf, raffia, synthetic straw, and Toyo straw.

1. Palm Leaf Straw Cowboy Hat

Generally, hats made of palm leaf straws can pop back and regain their shape if crushed.

All you have to do is get them wet, and they are good as they were before. These hats are ideal for heavy downpours since they’re waterproof.

Also, they require little maintenance, e.g., washing with soaps. Importantly palm leaf straw cowboy hats conform to the shape of your head for maximum comfort.

2. Bangora Straw Cowboy Hat

The Bangora straw also refers to Bangkok Weave. Essentially these straws are a product of paper yarn.

Plus they have perpendicular weave patterns. Since they can withstand most elements, they are ideal for keeping you cool during hot weather.

3. Synthetic Straw Cowboy Hat

Synthetic straws are industrially manufactured, and most cowboy hats made of these synthetic straws tend to be more durable with a budget price.

4. Toyo Straw Cowboy Hat

Toyo straws are a product of rice yarns and have their origins in Japan. Hats made of these straws are usually shiny golden, white, or copper.

Since they are machine-made, they are an ideal choice for those on a tight budget.

5. Raffia Straw Cowboy Hat

Raffia straw is also another excellent material for cowboy hats. Notably, it’s the most popular and sustainable palm straw known to most hat makers.

The palm tree-producing raffia can grow anywhere between 60 and 80 feet high. Harvesting raffia from this palm tree is relatively easy without damaging the plant.

Raffia hats are sustainable since palm trees don’t require pesticides or herbicides. Conclusively, straw cowboy hats made of palm leaves are the best in the market.

Furthermore, raffia straw cowboy hats are also waterproof, meaning you can wear them during the rainy season.

Straw Woven Density 

The woven density of cowboy hats is usually measured as “X” unit —for example, 4X, 10X, etc. The higher the number of X’s, the higher the quality of the hat.

With the increasing X value for these hats, so is the density of their fabric. If the X value is higher, the hat is more durable with a very smooth touch.

Since tightly woven Cowboy hats are ideal for blocking then harsh UV rays, if you want a working cowboy hat outside, consider getting yourself a hat with the highest X value.

Though the Cowboy hats are excellent for working under the sun, it’s a bad idea to pack them away as their lifespan may decrease tremendously.

The X factor of these hats can go past 100, and such hats are of the highest quality and woven density.

Generally, such high-quality hats are costly and rare to come by.

If you happen to have one in your possession and want it to last, you must adopt a good maintenance routine.

 – Best Hot Weather Straw Cowboy Hat Reviews

1. For Big Head – WESTERN EXPRESS Classic Cattleman White Straw Cowboy Hat

Suitable Head Size: 21 2/1” – 24” (14 Hat Size to Choose)

Colors: White

The Western Express Men’s Cowboy hat has an elastic closure to ensure the hat stays on your head and the wind doesn’t blow it off.

With up to 24 5/8″ size choices, no matter how big your head is, you’ll find the most comfortable fit.

Also, the elastic closure allows you to adjust while wearing.

More importantly, under the brim of this hat is the sweatband that maintains the hat’s shape.

Also, the hat has a hatband adorned with silver conchos to give it an excellent decorative look.

The hat’s manufacturing company is situated in Mexico, the origin of Cowboy hats.

So, purchasing this straw cowboy hat has an unmatched sentimental significance that most cowboys hats manufactured elsewhere.

Rest assured that you’ll have taken your cowboy look to a whole new level with this magnificent straw cowboy hat.

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2. Wide Brim Straw Cowboy Hat for Hot Weather – Jeanne Simmons Wide Brim Braid Ranchero Straw Cowboy hat

Suitable Head Size: 22. 4” – 24” (3 Hat Size to Choose)

Colors: Dk Palm

The Palm Braid hat is one of the most magnificent yet simple straw cowboy hats you’ll ever come across.

Like most straw cowboy hats, this one has a sweatband under the brim with the utmost elasticity that ensures the hat maintains its shape.

Moreover, it has a 4 inches wide brim that’s wide enough to block the sun’s rays efficiently.

To make the hat look more stylish, it has a black band around the brim.

Note that this hat is ideal for both summer and winter, and also it’s perfect for both indoor settings and outdoor, especially for blocking the sun.

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3. For Men – Stampede Hats Men’s Straw Cowboy Hat with Chains

Suitable Head Size: 22” – 23” (Two Hat Size to Choose)

Colors: Brown Tea Stain

If you want a cowboy hat with a clear definition of rustic country appearances, then this Stampede Hats men’s hat is the ideal choice.

From the name, it’s clear that this hat is mainly suitable for men.

More interestingly, it’s a handcrafted cowboy hat from Columbia.  It’s made of high-quality Bangora straws that are 100% genuine and original.

Aside from blocking the sun’s rays, the Stampede straw cowboy hat is also a fashionable hat that will turn heads once you have it on due to its unique, quality, and stylish design.

The hat has a leather headband like other straw cowboy hats to maintain the hat’s shape. Since it’s all-natural with genuine Bangora straws

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4. For Women – MG Women’s Decorative White Straw Cowboy Hat with Glass Beads

Suitable Head Size: One Size Fits Most

Colors: Black, Brown Natural White

The MG women’s straw cowboy hat is the best choice for women who desire the stylish cowboy look.

Though it’s majorly ideal for women, generally, anyone can wear it.

One significant feature that makes this hat unique is its decorative glass beads and holes that adorn its crown.

Most importantly, this hat is woven with high-quality straws which are 100% authentic.

Also, if you’re wondering what perfect gift to give a family member or a friend, consider surprising them with this magnificent hat.

The hat has a comfortable and snug headband that helps prevent sweat during hot summers.

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5. Palm Leaf – Rising Phoenix Large Mexican 100% Palm Leaf Straw Cowboy Hat

Suitable Head Size: One Size (23 1/2”)

Colors: Light Tan

As one of the best straw cowboy hats, you’ll appreciate that it’s made of 100% palm leaf straw.

Also, it has an elastic closure that makes it very comfortable on your head.

The hat is initially produced in Mexico, so there’s no harm in trusting its authenticity.

Since the Rising Phoenix cowboy hat is made of 100% palm straw, it is extremely durable and an excellent choice for everyday use.

Moreover, the crown’s interior has a soft elastic fabric with a sweatband that guarantees maximum comfort for the whole day, even during hot summer days.

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6. Stetson – Stetson’s Men Raffia Straw Cowboy Hat

Suitable Head Size: 22 1/4” – 24” (3 Hat Size to Choose)

Colors: Natural, Black, Rust-Distressed Leather, Mocha

If you want a classic hat to add to your collection of summer hats, then the Stetson men’s straw cowboy hat is an ideal addition.

The Stetson hat is essential in the Stetson Rodeo Drive collection.

Not to forget, this hat is woven with high-quality Raffia straws that ensure its durability is top-notch.

Moreover, its brim is bent slightly on the sides to give it a classic, stylish look.

Like the already reviewed straw cowboy hats in this article, the brim is wide enough to protect you from the harsh summer sunny days.

Other unique features of this hat include; turquoise silver details and the decorative ventilation on its teardrop crown.

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7. RESISTOL – Resistol Men’s Wildfire Bangora Straw Cowboy Hat with Vents

Suitable Head Size: 21.3” – 23.2” (7 Hat Size to Choose)

Colors: Natural

The ribbon band around the crown of this hat is one of its noticeable features that makes it appear unique from other hats.

The Resistol wildfire hat is one of the ustrc unique collections with a venting cattlemen profile that makes the entire appearance glamourous.

Moreover, it has an inner Dri-lex sweatband that ensures the crown maintains its shape.

Apart from looking stylish and fashionable, this straw cowboy hat also helps block the sun’s rays and the vent holes can let the cool wind through your head.

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8. Bangora – ARIAT Windproof Unisex Bangora Straw Hat

Suitable Head Size: 21.7” – 23.2” (6 Hat Size to Choose)

Colors: Brown

The ARIAT Unisex straw hat fits both genders, and once you start using this hat, you’ll realize that, indeed, it’s worth the price, i.e., no more than $60 for a 100% Bangora straw cowboy hat.

According to customers who’ve used it, you can wear the hat both in the summers and winters.

Plus, it has remarkable durability that will see you using the hat for a more extended period.

Notably, the hat’s built is waterproof Bangora straw, so even if you walk with it in the rain, rest assured that it will still remain the same.

Though it lacks an elastic closure to keep it firm on your head, you can be sure that it will perform just perfectly in windy weather.

On the other hand, the brim is wide enough to protect you from the harsh sun rays.

As for decoration, the hat has consistent patterns around the crown and a black ribbon at the feet of the Crown that add to its magnificent appearance.

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9. Flat Brim – Stetson’s Men’s Sawmill Straw Cowboy Hat with Dri-lex Hatband

Suitable Head Size: 21 1/2” – 24” (4 Hat Size to Choose)

Colors: Natural

One important thing to note about this hat is that it’s locally made and produced in the US.

Plus, its make consists of high-quality premium straw fibers that ensure its overall construction is sturdy and lightweight.

The hat’s build has a breathable surface that provides all-day comfort, courtesy of its breathable surface allowing your skin to breathe.

The Stetson men’s sawmill is built with durability in mind.

Essentially this hat’s soft interior consists of a Dri-lex sweatband that prevents your body oil or sweat from ruining the hat’s shape.

Like other straw cowboy hats, this one is an excellent protective gear that’ll protect you from the rain and the sun while also being fashionable.

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10. Budget Choice – EPGU Men/Women’s Western Stylish Straw Cowboy Hat

Suitable Head Size: 


If you desire to pull off the fashionable cowboy outlook but are tight on budget, the EPGU western straw cowboy hat has you covered.

Though it may be cheaper than most straw cowboy hats, you can be sure that it’s made of 100% durable straw materials.

This hat has a long and wide brim to protect your head, neck, and shoulders from the harsh UV sun rays.

Whether you are a man or woman, its design gives off a stylish vibe to your appearance.

Generally, you can use this hat for golfing or a Halloween-themed costume.

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11. For Sun Protection – American Hat Makers Barcelona UPF 50+ Straw Cowboy Sun Hat

Suitable Head Size: 21”- 25 5/8” (Size Hat Size to Choose)

Colors: Natural, Tan, Cream

Among the most expensive straw cowboy hats in this article, this one is definitely worth your money.

The American straw sun hat build makes it last longer. Plus, its general design makes it super ideal for outdoor activities.

It has a breathable vent airflow in conjunction. with the wide brim and UPF 50+, this straw cowboy hat protects you from the sun’s UV rays.

Since its lightweight and breathable, it bears the utmost comfort making it suitable for all-day use.

The construction of this hat is very stylish and ensures you not only look good in it but also prevent you from getting sweaty.

So, if you’re going hiking, gardening, relaxing at the poolside, or going to the beach, don’t forget to grab this hat.

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Cowboy hats come in different types, and the straw variety is just one among many.

Quality, color, and woven density also vary from type to type.

Notably, the hats in this review are affordable, so you don’t need to worry about breaking your bank.

So if you were looking for the best yet most stylish straw cowboy hat for hot weather, then hopefully, this article has been of great help.