How to Choose the Best Sun Hats for Ponytails?

In the modern-day, one of the gear you should have is sun hats, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

Currently, multiple companies are making various designs and types of sun hats with ponytail holes designed for people with ponytails.

Because of the various designs, styles, brands, and many more, people with ponytails have challenging tasks choosing the best sun hats for ponytails.

Therefore, this article provides you with the best features, types, and many other factors that will give you a hassle-free experience in choosing the best sun hats for ponytails.

Buying Guide for Best Sun Hats for Ponytails

If you want to pick a quality sun hat for ponytails, here’re some factors you should check.

1. Choose a Suitable Hat Type

The type of sun hat for the ponytail you choose depends on your preference, the size of your ponytail, and the position.

When purchasing a sun hat for your ponytail, you should check if there is a special design for your ponytail.

A ponytail hole in the sun hat is for easy wearing. Or you can choose hats that offer enough room on the back of the hats.

As a classic choice, you can try this stylish baseball cap with a criss-cross band design for long and high ponytails.

Funky Junque Classic Dad Hat with Long Hair Friendly Design

criss cross baseball sun hats for ponytails

1. Cotton and polyester blended fabrics give you the best breathable and lightweight feeling.

2. The elastic stretchy criss-cross bands offer enough space for your ponytail whether how thick or long it is.

3. Wide adjustable hat size(up to 24 inches) make you choose hairstyle freely.

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2. Check Sunproof Design

The sunproof design is also essential since you will be wearing the hat outdoors on a sunny day.

The brim of your sun hat for a ponytail is one of the factors that you should check since it will help in providing shade to your eyes, ears, neck, and other parts of your body.

A sun hat with a brim of about 4 inches around the entire circumference will help protect your face, neck, and eyes from the sun.

Additionally, UV or Ultraviolet rays are always skin damaging. Apart from looking smart, the sun hat for the ponytail should have UV protection.

The measure of UV protection is always in UPF. When purchasing a sun hat for your ponytails, you should check if the UV protection has been tested for UPF 50+ since it is recommended.

3. Consider Extra Functions

When purchasing a sun hat for ponytails, your intent is also important. Sun hats for ponytails are made for various purposes such as traveling, hiking, or even relaxing on the beach.

Generally, the best sun hat for a ponytail for traveling should have a foldable design so that you can easily fold it and pack it for easy transportation.

Additionally, the hat should be able to spring back to its original shape when you want to wear it as soon as you alight.

And if you are going for outdoor activities such as fishing or hiking, the weather may change; it may suddenly start to rain.

At this point, there may be no sunlight, but you will need protection from the rainwater.

Therefore, you should go for a waterproof hat that will not allow the rainwater to pass through and get onto your face, and it will not get wet.

Further, the hat should be able to dry quickly since after the rain, the sun may be there, and you will need protection from the rays.

What Sun Hats Suit for Ponytails?

1. Bucket Hat with Pony Holes – for Various Activities

Bucket hats are stylish, and wearing them will make you look more attractive.

A bucket hat with a UPF rating will provide you protection from the UV rays that may cause skin diseases and skin cancer that may be brought by exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

There are different bucket hats with ponytail holes that are available in various colors and designs.

The best bucket hat with ponytail holes that may have a buckle closure that you can easily adjust to provide enough space for your hair.

It should also have a drawstring to ensure it stays in place surely, even in windy weather.

Further, the becket hat should have mesh ventilation to allow the air to flow, leaving your head cool and comfortable.

2. Straw Hat with Ponytail Hole – for Beach Time

Without a doubt, straw hats are lightweight, stylish, breathable, and versatile. And straw hats with ponytail holes are the best accessories for women with beach outfits.

Besides, straw hats are particularly popular due to the lightweight nature of the material.

Further, The materials used in making straw hats have an excellent UPF rating that will help in providing excellent protection against UV rays by blocking them naturally or absorbing the rays.

And the hats are woven, allowing for small spaces for ventilation and cooling even in the hottest of summers.

3. Sun Visor Hat – for Sporting

A sun visor, also known as a visor hat, is a crownless hat with just a visor or brim and a strap around the head.

Visor hats allow more hairstyle options, especially for women. The top of the head is not covered, thus your ponytail can be naturally down when you wear a visor.

And the visor hat has a big wide brim that can shield your face from the sun, including the eyes, nose, and cheeks.

This style of headgear was created for use in outdoor sports (particularly golf, tennis, volleyball, and softball).

When eye protection from direct sunlight is desired, airflow is allowed by the missing crown.

Besides, these hats have open tops for more breathability.

Additionally, a sun visor hat is frequently provided with an adjustable velcro fastener in the back.

For long hair women, you can choose a hook and loop closure sun visor hat if you don’t want your hair to stick to the velcro strap.

Best Sun Hats for Ponytails Reviews

Now you have learned how to pick a sun hat for yourself. To save your time, take a look at these top-rated sun hats for ponytails we picked out!

1. Best UV Protection Sun hat for Ponytail

EINSKEY UPF50+ Wide Brim Polyester Bucket Hats with Ponytail Hole

The Einskey’s sun hat has impressive features that will ensure maximum comfort when wearing it during any outdoor expedition.

And this innovative ponytail hole design will help protect your hair from sticking to your neck by sweat.

The sun protection design of this sun hat goes without a doubt. UPF 50+ professional UV rays protection will block the sunlight perfectly.

And 3.9 inches wide brim will help in protecting your face, ears, and neck.

To handle the sweat, the two-side mesh vent will allow airflow and keep your head cool and comfortable when wearing it in the sun.

Besides, the built-in sweatband will help in removing sweat from your eyes and face.

If you want to take a walk, an adjustable buckle and chin strap will help secure your hat when expediting during a sunny and windy day.

Also, the foldable design of the hat makes it easy to pack and transport.

Its lightweight nature makes it comfortable to wear for long periods without feeling any weight on your head.

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2. Best Wide Brim Ponytail Sun Hat

Camptrace Women’s 4 inches Wide Brim Bucket Hats with Ponytail Hole

The unique features of the hat make it one of the best wide brim ponytail sun hats for any outdoor enthusiast.

With this 4.6 inch-wide brim sun hat, you will not have to worry about sun rays since the wide brim will provide extra coverage on your face, neck, shoulders, and ear.

This safari sun hat provides a ponytail hole for you to pack up your messy hair while outside.

Additionally, the amazing UPF 50+ protection of the hat will help in blocking 99% of UV rays for a comfortable expedition.

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3. Best Straw Sun Visor Hat with Ponytail Holes

Shinenut Women Lightweight Tightly Woven Straw Sun Visor Hat for Ponytails

This straw hat with ponytail holes is one of the must-have gears if you have an amazing amount of hair.

No matter how thick your hair is, you can tie your ponytail or make a messy bun freely with this crownless visor hat.

Besides, by using the lightweight and breathable straw fabric, you will feel little weight with such a large bill(4.7 inches) visor.

And the large bill will prove to shade your forehead, eyes, chin, and ears.

What’s more, the upgraded velcro closure won’t cause any sticky hair issues. Meanwhile, you can adjust the heat for a snug and comfortable fit.

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4. Best Beach Hat for Ponytail

Simplicity Women’s UPF 50+ Wide Brim Roll-up Straw Sun Hat for Beach

If you want a comfortable sun hat that you can wear on a hot and sunny beach, then this roll-up straw sun visor is your choice.

The open-top design makes your hair suitable for multiple hairstyles. Hence it’s very easy to throw your hair into a ponytail.

And the all-around downward wide brim will prove to shade your forehead, eyes, chin, and even your shoulders while relaxing on the beach.

The foldable and rollable design makes the hat easy to store and carry in your beach outfit package.

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5. Best Foldable Sun Hat for Ponytail

Solaris Foldable Wide Brim Bucket Sun Hat at a Budget Price

If you are looking for a perfect sun hat that can be packed into your bag for convenience, then this Solaris wide brim sun hat can fulfill your need.

First of all, there is a ponytail hole behind this hat so you can keep your hairstyle without a doubt.

And this hat can be folded in half without any damage. You won’t worry about breakage or cracks on the crown.

With UPF 50 protection, you can wear this sun hat for any activities outdoor.

And the breathable mesh vents on both sides of the hat will ensure maximum airflow leaving your head cool and comfortable on a hot sunny day.

There’s also a built-in moisture-wicking sweatband that will help get rid of sweat or moisture, leaving your head cool and dry.

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6. Best Fishing Sun Hat for Ponytails

EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men/Women, Waterproof Wide Brim Bucket Hat

Any anglers or fishing lovers should not go fishing without wearing this amazing ponytail sun hat.

This angler sun hat features a wide brim that ensures your face, ear, and neck are protected from sun and UV rays.

And the waterproof surface keeps the water away from your head if you are fishing on the water.

Or if are fishing under the harsh sunlight, there will be optimal airflow with the two-side vent design.

With an adjustable chin drawstring, the sun hat will keep securely in place; hence it will not be blown off even when you are wearing it in windy weather.

And the sweatband helps in wicking away any sweat and moisture leaving your head dry and comfortable.

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7. Best Hiking Sun Hat with Ponytail Hole

Camptrace Women’s Hiking Nylon Wide Brim Sun Hat with Ponytail Holes and Neck Flap

While going hiking, sun protection is quite crucial. That’s why you need to wear the ideal sun hat with a ponytail hole.

This hat only weighs 3.2oz, and therefore you can walk wearing it for long durations without feeling any weight on your head while hiking.

And there is 360-degree all-round UPF 50+ sun protection that will ensure you are protected from the harsh UV rays while hiking.

With a 4.6-inch sturdy wide brim and neck flap, your face, ear, and neck will be covered perfectly while hiking.

Besides, you can get rid of the sticky sweat with maximum air circulation through the mesh and vents.

Most importantly, to deal with various weather situations while hiking, this sun hat is equipped with a water-repellent brim and windproof strap.

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1. Do Sun Hat Work?

Yes. Sun hats do work. Sun hats have brimmed with various widths that help provide shade for your eyes, face, ears, and even necks.

Additionally, the sun hat with a UPF rating will absorb or prevent the UV rays from you, hence helping to prevent skin-related conditions such as sunburns.

2. Do Tilley provides Sun Hat with Ponytail Hole?

Sadly no. Currently, there are Tilley sun hats that are designed for various outdoor activities.

You can watch the following videos to learn how to tuck your long hair into a Tilley sun hat.

3. Can you wear a bucket hat with a ponytail?

Yes. There are bucket hats with ponytail holes. Therefore, yes, you can wear a bucket hat with a ponytail.

These hats are always stylish, and they help with UV protection. You can try the for good sun protection.

4. How should a sun hat fit?

A sun hat should be worn comfortably mid-forehead, just above your brows, and should not block your vision.

The sweatband on the interior of the hat should be snug, not tight.

Choose a looser-fitting hat if you experience any stress or end up with deep red markings on your forehead.

A right-sized sun hat should allow you to fit one of your fingers between your head and the hat.


Choosing the best sun hat for ponytails will be a hassle-free experience for you with the above information.

As long as you pick the hat type and check the sunproof design before purchasing, you can get the best sun hats for ponytails with ease.

Finally, thanks for reading so far, and if you are quite hesitant about the choice, why not this Solaris Foldable Wide Brim Bucket Sun Hat at a Budget Price we highly recommend!