Best Stylish Swimsuits to Hide Your Tummy Bulge for Summer In 2022

Tummy bulge is a common condition in many people nowadays.

Contrary to popular opinion, weight gain due to high-calorie consumption is not always the cause of a tummy bulge.

Other facts like diet and hormones can cause a protruding belly.

There is no fast way to lose significant belly fat without identifying the root cause.

When the sunny and warm vacation is around the corner, most people are in a dilemma to find a way to hide their tummy bulge.

A good, affordable, and durable swimsuit is the best way to hide your belly fat.

swmsuit to hide tummy bulge

How to Choose the Best Swimsuit to Hide Belly Bulge?

What Colors Make You Look Skinnier?

Opposed to rational thinking, darker colors make you look slimmer. The two most popular colors are black and navy blue.

These two colors can create an optical illusion to give a tinier look. Black is unique because it absorbs other colors.

As to dark color swimsuits, designed with cross lace-up and ruffled edge, Tempt Me Women’s Ruffled Black Swimsuits with Removable Straps will make you look slim and gorgeous.

What Patterns/Prints Should You Select?

Stay away from swimsuits with wide vertical lines. Those with wide horizontal lines are not any better because they make your torso look wider.

They make your swimsuit look like that of an athlete. Swimsuits with thin horizontal lines are the best for tummy bulges.

They create the impression of an hourglass figure. If you want to appear slimmer and taller, choose swimsuits with thin vertical lines.

Like this product from Yonique, the blouson top cover your belly bulge perfectly, and the horizontal lines will make an illusion of a slim look.

swimsuit makes you look slim and hide your tummy bulge

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Small print patterns do a good job of concealing belly fat. The same thing cannot be said about those with large geometric prints.

The Size of Swimsuit to Choose

This is a common question that runs through the minds of many people. It is difficult for most people to select the right swimsuit size.

Everybody has a unique body shape. Standard sizes of swimsuits also vary from one retailer to another.

You need to use a flexible calibrated tape to measure your waistline and other body parts. If you want to be on the safe side, choose swimsuits that have adjustable straps and ties.

The Material to Choose

best material for swimsuit to hide tummy bulge

There are several types of swimsuit materials. The two main materials are nylon and polyester.

Polyester is the most popular swimsuit material. Polyester swimsuits are known for the following qualities.

  • They have significant resistance against chlorine.
  • They retain their shape and durability for a long time.
  • They are easy to launder and they dry quickly.

Nylon swimsuits have the following properties.

  • They offer high resistance to abrasive forces.
  • It is easy to launder nylon swimsuits.
  • They stretch well and absorb the minimum amount of moisture.


Nylon swimsuits are not so resistant to chlorine and ultraviolet rays.

Is the Bra Padded?

Padded bras add shape to your figure. The location of the pads provides more lift for the breast. If you want a symmetrical look, a padded bra will be good.

A padded bra in your swimsuit can also give ladies the shape of an hourglass. It will balance out the hips to bust ratio.

Swimsuits with padded bras will shape your body and make you flattering, like this one.

Should You Get Better Coverage?

If you are cool with showing your skin, you can go for less coverage. If you are not so comfortable with your skin, you can go for full coverage designs that have quality style.

Don’t forget to choose one both breathable and lightweight, like this full-coverage swimsuit from Hanna Nikole that will give you a good experience.

Is It Highly Flexible?

Flexible swimsuits give you a wide range of motion. They are good for people with belly bulges.

What Types of Swimsuits are Best for Belly Bulge Control?

—Bandeau Swimsuits—

bandeau swimsuit for fat stomach

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Most bandeau swimsuits are made from spandex and polyester materials. They also come with a unique textured fabric. A colorful bandeau swimsuit will draw attention to the color, not your belly.

Bandeau swimsuits have a higher-waist variant to disguise your mid-body region. This makes it possible to wear a bikini and hide your belly. Don’t choose this suit if you are very chubby.

—Dress Type Swimsuits—

dress type swimsuits to hide fat stomach

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Ladies with a curvy body shape will prefer this suit. It can help to hide a bulgy tummy and fat thighs. It looks like a dress at the top. The right color combination can create an optical illusion to hide your fat belly.

The dress-type swimsuit also has full bottom coverage to maintain your body image.

—One-piece Swimsuits—

one piece swimsuit for tummy bulge

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This swimsuit has a classic design with no cutouts. It can cover your belly bulge and large hips. A one-piece suit might not be too fancy.

It has a functional design that attracts attention to the thoracic area. It also has adjustable straps. A one-piece swimsuit is similar to a monokini except for full-body coverage.

Two-piece Swimsuits

two piece swimsuit for summer to hide tummy bulge

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Most two-piece swimsuits are made of elastane and polyamide. The long torso tank top will hide your belly bulge. You have the options of either a boy short or triangle bottom.

It is suitable for general outdoor events like camping, spring baths, and beach parties. Two-piece swimsuits can also come with removable padded soft bras.

High Waisted Swimsuits

high waist swimsuits for tummy bulge

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High-waisted swimsuits are usually 15% spandex and 85% polyester. This swimsuit gives you full coverage over your belly bulge. You can also wear them with a full coverage brief.

High-waisted swimsuits are also comfortable for various outdoor occasions. They offer full coverage at your back.

Blouson Tops

blouson swimsuit for belly bulge

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Blouson tops offer a lot of comforts because they offer freedom in the upper body. It also has a cinched waist. There is an elastic band or drawstring at the lower region of blouson tops that allows you to adjust the cinching to your comfort.

This means they can cover stomach bulges significantly. People with hourglass body shapes should have blouson tops in their wardrobes.

Ruffle Swimsuits

ruffle swimsuit for belly bulge

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These types of swimsuits are usually made up of polyester. It has a light, soft and stretchable texture. You can wear it with yoga pants, beach skirts, and beach cover-ups.


peplum swimsuit for tummy bulge

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A peplum has a free-flowing structure that can easily cover your belly bulge. It is a classic overskirt.

Types of Tummy Bulge and Suitable Swimsuit for Each

Tummy bulges are divided into serval types by cause.

High-Calorie Intake

reasons of tummy bulge

High-calorie intake has always been known to cause weight gain. Most people simply feast on excess calories without burning much with consistent physical activities.

A sedentary lifestyle plays a role in compound calorie retention. This weight gain can translate to an enormous belly in some individuals.

When choosing swimsuits, high-waisted swimsuits with great stretchy fabrics can shape your fat belly and make you look slimmer.


how to hide menopause belly

Menopause can result in weight gain and gain in belly fat. Hormonal changes at the preliminary stages of menopause contribute to this weight gain.

This factor coupled with a poor sleep pattern and reduced muscle mass also compounds this increase in belly fat.[/su_column][/su_row]

Dress-type swimsuits are ideal for disguising this type of bulge. The long, ruffled hemline will hide your belly and make you look flattering.


how to hide bloating tummy bulge

Bloating can occur as a result of consuming a lot of food within a short period, constipation, bacterial infections, or irritable bowel syndrome.

You will feel a sensation of strong pressure in the tummy. This occurs because your stomach walls will be relaxed.

The result of this internal pressure is a protrusion of your belly. Trapped gas can also cause this external bulge.

To hide your bloating bugle, you’d better choose swimsuits with loose tops.

Therefore, blouson tops swimsuits are your best choice. These swimsuits can easily cover your belly and are comfortable to wear.

Pregnancy After-effects

how to hide mommy belly bulge

The bodies of women go through several changes after giving birth. At the stage of conception, the belly grows to accommodate the new human.

Even though females lose some weight after giving birth, the net weight gain is still high. Fluid retention can also result in a belly bulge.

The enlarging uterus will cause the long muscles in the stomach to move apart.

For hiding mommy belly, one-piece swimsuits are the best choices. They have a unique design that attracts attention to the thoracic area. So no one will notice what your bulge looks like.

How Do Swimsuits Hide the Tummy Bulge?

Some swimsuits disguise your belly bugle by transferring people’s attention.

For example, a V-neck swimsuit is also a good way to divert people’s looks from your belly. It exposes some parts of the neck.

V-neck swimsuits are mostly for women and come in various patterns.

Most swimsuits just hide your tummy bulge by fully covering it. Like sporty swimsuits are good for concealing a protruded tummy.

Sport swimsuit manufacturers use high-quality materials that don’t reveal your tummy.

Recommend this fabulous BALEAF Women’s Athletic Swimsuit with Adjustable Straps. It is comfortable and of good quality.

The deep navy blue color will make your magically bulge disappear.

What’s more, high waist swimsuits are not old-fashioned entirely. People have worn them in the past and still wear them.

Against all odds, they are still mainstream. They can cover your bulging tummy completely.

What Style of Swimsuit Should be Avoided?

Light swimsuit colors will make your belly bulge obvious. Go for darker colors.

Don’t get swimsuits that have enormous designs and flower motifs. Large designs and symbols will create an optical illusion that will make you look big.

Buy a swimsuit with horizontal lines that match your body frame. Don’t buy the variants that have thick vertical lines.

How to Get Rid of Tummy Bulge?

do exercise to lose tummy bulge1. Examine Your Diet

Watch the foods that you consume closely. Stay away from alcohol and foods with processed sugar, refined carbs.

Consume fruits, vegetables, and fiber-rich substances to help your bowel movement. Drink a lot of water.

2. Make it a Routine to Exercise Your Body

Get on the treadmill for resistance training and burn extra calories.

Do weight lifting if your body is in good health.

3. Reduce Your Stress Levels

You should get more sleep. Keep as relaxed as you can. Other relaxation techniques include going to the pool, meditating, and listening to music.


1. What is the Best Swimsuit Style to Hide My Tummy?

There are several swimsuit styles that can hide your tummy. It all depends on your body shape. For example, Blouson tops are good for people with an hourglass shape.

2. What Kind of Swimsuit Makes Me Look Thinner?

A swimsuit with small prints will suit your figure best. Avoid those with large geometrical shapes and prints. Go for a swimsuit with horizontal lines.

Avoid swimsuits that have thick vertical lines. A dark color like black will also make you thinner.

3. What Is the Best Swimsuit to Avoid Stomach Bulge?

As the warm season approaches, don’t let your large tummy prevent you from going to outdoor events and having fun. There are several factors that contribute to weight gain and a protruding belly.

While it is important to take the right steps to lose belly fat, there is no quick solution. A good swimsuit will be good to cover your belly fat.

When choosing a swimsuit, always aim for comfort, affordability, and durability. Since we have different body shapes, you will need a guide on how to select the best swimsuit for yourself.