Reivews and Guides: Best Durable and Practical Tactical Hats for Outdoor Activities

Have you ever served in the army or military of any kind? Has anyone you know ever served in the military?

Best tactical hats are a great thing to purchase to show honor and support to everyone that has served in the military.

Each section of this guide will walk you through what to look for so you can purchase a hat as a gift or for your personal use.

You will also learn about different kinds of hats and the features of those kinds.

If you still have questions at the end of this guide, there will be a small section dedicated to some of the most popular questions that many people ask. Let’s get started with the first section.

Our Top Picks!

1. Very Breathable: Condor Breathable Mesh Tactical Hat

(Backside mesh allows the airflow to cool your head; 3 loop panel for patches)

2. Very Budget Pack: Lightbrid Military Tactical Hat with 6 Pieces of Patches

(high-quality tactical hat comes with 6 durable patches; adjustable closure for comforts; lightweight cotton and polyester fabric)

3. Give You the Best Protection Chinmor Military Tactical Hat with Quicky Dry Fabric

(Wide brim to shade you from sunlight; quick-dry fabric will keep you cool in sweltering days)

Buying Guides of the Best Tactical Hats

1. Style

Back in the day, people would purchase these hats as a token of appreciation for everything our men and women went through to fight for this country.

In the present day, you may want to purchase a tactical-style hat to wear every day because of each feature we’re about to go over.

There are several different styles you can choose from, and we’ll go over how to choose a few of them a little bit later throughout this guide.

Caps that have a brim or vent holes for ventilation purposes. Military patrol caps that are specific to the military with a protruding brim design.

Beanies that will keep you warm during the coldest months.

2. Color

There are a few different colors to choose from. You can choose from navy, black, and camouflage.

These colors are specifically geared toward the military, and it’s the colors they would have worn.

Jumping ahead to the present day, tactical hats can come in any color that would suit you whether you wear a tactical hat to the store or you wear it to your child’s school.

3. Material

There are some materials to look for when you’re shopping for a tactical hat. You should look at cotton or polyester.

Cotton is comfortable because it’s so soft. Hats made out of cotton are generally lightweight and are perfect for enjoying some beautiful weather on a spring or summer day.

Polyester is durable and will last a long time as long as you take care of it as you should.

The polyester material is recommended because it will last through some harsh weather conditions if you’re wearing it outside.

4. Breathability

When you’re outside either taking a walk or doing some outdoor activities, you need a tactical hat that’s breathable.

A breathable hat will absorb moisture causing you to feel cooler and sweat less. One feature they would like to improve is the waterproof tactical hat.

Waterproof breathable textiles are supposed to be included as one of the hat features, but it is currently being improved so hopefully, there will be a newer and better tactile hat being released shortly.

5. Comfort-Fit

There are a few factors you need to consider to make sure you’re getting the most comfortable fit out of your hat.

When you put your hat on your head, it should go on with ease. You shouldn’t have to yank on it or push it down to make it fit.

Another factor is an adjustable strap. If your hat is too big, you can tighten it with the adjustable strap on the back of the hat.

If your hat is too small, check the adjustable strap and be sure it’s not on the last hole.

Also, look at the fabric of the hat because that can tell you which one would last longer and is more durable than the rest of them.

How to Choose Styles of Best Tactical Hats?

what are best tactical hats

In this section, you will learn the features of the Boonie, beanie, and baseball cap.

In addition to the features, you will also learn about things you should consider when choosing these tactical hats.

1. Boonie

When you’re thinking about purchasing the Boonie hat, think about how it’s the best kind of tactical hat for the summer.

You have the wide-brimmed bill that will protect your face and neck from the sun.

The holes in the hat will provide you with plenty of airflows to make things easier for you to do outdoor activities in the heat.

To narrow it down even further, you can look for Boonie hats that are waterproof, moisture-wicking, and hats that dry fast.

2. Beanie

The beanies do not have the brim as the previous style had, but they have other things to think about.

These are great if you’re doing outdoor activities in the wintertime and you need a hat that will block the cold wind.

They are water-resistant as well so be sure not to wear this beanie hat if it’s about to start raining.

3. Baseball Caps

Believe it or not, there are several baseball hats in this category that you should get to know more about. We’re going to go over three of them right now.


The fitted baseball caps do not have an adjustable strap on the back. They are supposed to fit you as soon as you put them on.

These are the one size fits all types, and you should be choosing them based on the size of your head circumference.


Even though the trucker hat and the regular baseball cap are pretty much the same, the trucker cap is the one that has the mesh on the back of the hat.

The mesh will allow airflow to come through so you can breathe easier.


These are the caps that have the adjustable strap on the back to adjust the hat and make it more suitable for you.

When using the adjustable strap, you’re also providing a sense of comfort level to the hat you’re buying.

6 Best Tactical Hats Reviews

1. Very Breathable: Condor Breathable Mesh Tactical Hat

With the mesh material in the back of the hat, this is a perfect cap to wear in the summertime.

It has the breathability factor because of the holes in the mesh allowing you to get better airflow.

The moisture-wicking is another great feature of this product because it will absorb moisture when you’re outside sweating.

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2. Shade You from Sunlight: GLORYFIRE Tactical Wide Brim Adjustable Boonie Hat

With the wide brim on this hat, it will allow for protection from the heat on your face and neck.

When using the hanging drawstring, it’s easier to adjust. Plus, the hanging drawstring will help your hat stay on your head on windy days.

This hat is comfortable and has a breathable material to make you feel cooler while you’re outside.

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3. Best Over All: Chinmor Military Tactical Hat with Quicky Dry Fabric

A way to support our country is by purchasing this hat with the American flag on the front.

You will love how this hat will keep you cool and protect you from the sun on the hottest days of the year.

The hat has a unique feature as part of the design. You can lift the sides of the hat and snap them to the two buttons on the size so you can make it look like a cowboy hat if you want.

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4. Very Budget: Lightbrid Military Tactical Hat with 6 Pieces of Patches

If you purchase this hat, you will receive a few other American flag patches that you can stick to your hat.

When you’re outside and you’re sweating profusely, you can put this hat on. It has a built-in sweatband inside the hat.

The sweatband will absorb your sweat making it easier for you to enjoy the beautiful weather.

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5. Best Multi-Purpose: Tirrinia Men’s Camo Tactical Bucket Hat with Neck Flap

You might want to put this hat at the top of your choices. You will notice that it has a long back flap that goes down the back of your neck for the best protection from the sun.

It also is known for its mesh on two sides of the hat to keep you cool.

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6. For Winter Warmth: OUTDOOR Tactical Thermal Fleece Lining Skull Cap

If you already have winter plans this year, then look into purchasing this hat.

The fleece material will keep your head warm as you’re doing activities outside.

With this hat, you will also be saving money because you get two hats for the price of one.

Another great thing about purchasing this hat is that you will feel protected by the sun and it’s a high-quality hat that’s worth purchasing.

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1. Do tactical hats keep your head cool?

Yes, it can because the styles of each of the tactical hats will protect your face from the sun in the summertime.

2. How to clean tactical hats?

You don’t want to stick this in the washing machine. You can get a small bucket and fill it with laundry detergent.

If it’s really dirty, you can add a scoop of Oxyclean to help move along the process and brighten the colors.

Soak it in the water for around 15 minutes and you can let it air dry in the sun.

3. Is it disrespectful to wear military hats or operator caps?

Yes and no. You can wear a hat that’s from the army or navy but you can’t wear anything else. Anything else would consider being disrespectful.

4. What makes a hat tactical?

Tactical hats are very similar to baseball hats except the tactical hats were born when the men and women were fighting for our country long ago.

Plus, the patches are a giveaway that a hat is tactical because it shows people what you ranked in the military.

5. Why do tactical hats have velcro?

So people can put their patches on it and other people will know what ranking they did.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that we have reached the end of this guide, hopefully, all your questions have been answered.

This may be a lot of information, but you may have made a decision about what you want to do and which hat you would like to purchase.

Be sure to purchase the one that will offer sun protection and a sweatband so your sweat can be absorbed.

You should go back and review everything at least one more time before settling down on a hat that’s right for you.