Best Typing Gloves to Keep Your Hands Warm and Fresh in 2021

Typing may seem easy for everyone, but mostly, we do not consider the ergonomic rules that are meant to protect the vital parts of your body from disintegrating further due to stress and straining caused by repetitive motion of the wrist and fingers.

Hence, it is good to take many risks and precautions while working with our electronic devices like phones and computers to prevent inflammation of the muscle tissues, bone structures, and nerves.

One of the best measures that will help improve our hands’ well-being while working is the use of typing gloves that are ergonomically designed for typing.

In this article, we will walk you through:

  • Merits and downsides when using full-finger abd half-finger typing gloves
  • Choosing tips in buying the best typing gloves
  • Top 9 gloves for typing reviews
  • Typing injuries and solutions
  • How to type correctly and tips on wearing gloves


Quick Picks on the Best Typing Gloves


Can Typing Gloves Reduce Pain? Why?

gloves keyboard typing

Yes. Typing gloves will greatly help to reduce pain because of the following reasons.

1. They offer full protection and support to your fingers, palm, and wrist by reducing the wrist’s repetitive motion by compression effect.

Hence, it improves blood circulation for efficient nutrient supply to your muscle tissues and nerves and thermoregulation, enhancing the synovial fluid to lubricate the wrist and finger joint for improved flexibility, thereby reducing inflammation, fatigue, and pain.

2. They absorb your finger’s vibration and abrasion effects on the keyboard while typing.

3. It protects your hands against catching a cold which greatly affects blood circulation and thickening of the synovial fluid responsible for lubricating the wrist joints, tendons, and ligaments.


Which Gloves Is Better for Typing: Full Finger vs. Fingerless?

Gloves are designed for different applications, but when it comes to typing, both full-finger and fingerless designs are exceptional since they offer almost similar benefits in the long.

However, there is a slight difference that makes them unique, making them preferable over their counterparts for different applications and satisfying your needs.

Below is why you should go for full-finger or half-finger designed gloves.

Why Full-finger Gloves Win?

They offer excellent grip when your hands get sweaty, making it preferable over fingerless gloves, which is convenient when your fingers get wet.

It offers full protection against injuries and cold, conveniently compared to fingerless gloves, which offer half protection leaving your fingers unprotected from cold and injuries.

They offer full finger support and prevents debris from entering your gloves, while the half-finger gloves offer full wrist support. Still, the possibilities of debris entering your fingers are higher, making it a bit uncomfortable.

Why Should You Settle for Half-Finger Gloves?

They are lightweight and breathable, which makes them comfortable to use in a warmer climate or during hot conditions, which makes them preferable over the full-finger-designed gloves that do not offer maximum breathability due to full protection.

They offer full wrist support while providing the natural feel and versatility, which offers full dexterity of your fingers with unlimited control and grip-ability making it much advantageous over the full-finger-designed gloves that offer reduced dexterity when it comes to handling touchscreens, and other small devices.

They are flexible because your fingers’ movement is unlimited due to reduced bulkiness and fingerless coverage, which is limited in full-finger gloves that are bulky with full finger coverage.

Both gloves offer similar benefits, however, when it comes to comfort, it is the compromising factor that makes the difference, and it determines its application with guaranteed satisfaction to the environmental condition.


How to Choose Typing Gloves?

  • What Material Is Best?

The material used for the construction of gloves, be it fingerless/full-finger designed, will determine its durability, skin-friendliness, comfort, and cost.

However, it all depends on your choice, application, and budget. Below is detailed information you need to know about various types of materials used to make gloves and help you choose which one would reliable and versatile for your needs.

– Spandex

Spandex fabric is also known as lycra fabric; spandex fabric has high tensile strength and breaking elongation, making them flexible, medium heat stable, soft and friendly to the skin, and anti-resistant to acid and alkaline, water, fading, and aging.

However, the downside of spandex gloves is that they have poor hygroscopic effects, not perfect for heat resistance. So, it is not suitable for summer use.

– Polyester

Polyester gloves are made from synthetic fiber, an inexpensive option, don’t wear down faster, flexible, highly resistant to wrinkling and shrinking, and have high moisture-wicking ability, making them recommendable for cold weather.

However, the disadvantages of using polyester gloves are that they may be not as durable as its couterparts.

– Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber material that is mostly used to make most apparel because of its breathability, chemical-free, skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, and high resistance to heat and burn.

However, its downside is that it is expensive.

  • Why Grip Is a Must-Have?

Good typing gloves should be laid with a grip layer to enhance your grip-ability to easily operate smaller devices in your hands like a phone and improve its conduciveness and conductivity.

At the same time, typing also improves your typing speed and comfort while working with your computer and other electronic devices without removing it.

  • Should I Buy Typing Gloves with Wrist Support?

The best typing gloves should offer wrist, which means at the wrist area it should be lockable with a zipper to hold your wrist in place for stability and reduce the repetitive motion of the tendons, nerves, and ligaments to reduce fatigue and inflammation of the nerves and tissue muscles of your wrist.

Furthermore, it also reduces the vibration effects of the keys while typing and improves blood circulation to your hands to reduce inflammation and enhance your fingers’ flexibility.


Choosing Notes for Different Users

wrist gloves for typing

 – For Gamers/Writers

Gamers or writers are the best gloves that are reliable and recommendable for typing because of their versatility and convenience features that make them most comfortable and straightforward to use.

However, when choosing the best gaming gloves, it should possess the following features;

  • It should be made from thermo-regulative, higher moisture-wicking, soft and breathable material for maximum comfort.
  • Should be water, shrinking, and heat resistance for durability, perfect fitting, and natural feel.
  • It should be designed to provide wrist support to enhance compression, provide an optimal and perfect inclined angle for typing and towards the mouse for precision and flexibility, and lightweight designed to reduce wrist fatigue.
  • For full-finger designed gaming gloves should be lined with grips to improve their gripability and conductivity without sacrificing the keyboard dexterity to allow you to operate and hold firmly other small devices straightforward and comfortably in your hands.
  • It should offer full wrist support like a zipper to prevent debris from entering your gloves for convenience for fingerless design.

– For Office Workers

Office workers also need a reliable and versatile glove to protect and offer support to their wrist while typing.

Hence, when purchasing the gloves, you should keenly consider the following;

  • They should be skin-friendly, breathable, and lightweight and have a high moisture-wicking property to provide maximum comfort.
  • They should be full-finger designed to protect your hands against the cold condition in the office.
  • They should offer full wrist support and be compressive for improved blood circulation and reduce the wrist’s repetitive motion.
  • Should have grips on the palm for finger conductivity and allow you to hold other small electronic devices firmly.
  • It should be elastic and anti-wrinkling to maintain its shape for perfect fitting.

All in all, gaming gloves is the best and recommendable for typing and other application than office gloves due to its versatile and premium construction with comprehensive features that makes them unbeatable.


Reviews of the Best Gloves for Typing

NOVAWO Fingerless Gloves – for Women

fingerless gloves for typing

NOVAWO fingerless gloves are designed for women and recommendable for typing, which greatly helps against numbness and keeps your hands warm and comfortable.

Comfortable and flexible – it is made from Cashmere and synthetic stretchy material that allows it to fit most hand sizes, soft and skin-friendly, and keeps your hands warm.

Durable – These fingerless gloves feature advanced weaving technology that allows you to wear them for a long time without losing their elasticity or changing their original shape.

Convenient – the half-fingerless design allows having easy access to allow you to easily work with your computer, play with your phone, and other activities.

Easy to maintain – they are hand washable, and you can also use a fabric shaver to clean it and remove pills and balls, which renews it to look like it is from the package.

Do you have anyone in your circle that works with a computer for prolonged hours? Yes, NOVAWO would be the best gift and a good gesture of how much you really care for them despite a long time no see.

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Copper Compression Arthritis Gloves – Best for Pain Relief

gloves for computer typing

Are you tired of the wrist inflammation and discomfort while working with your computer/laptop?

Copper compression is specifically designed for you and ensures your wrist is sufficiently supported to make your day run smoothly, free from pain.

Reliable and versatile – Provides full wrist, hand, and finger support all day while ensuring increased blood flow to your hands to reduce pressure and fluid accumulation in the wrist and fingers, retain your range motion, and strengthen your muscles to continue working unstoppable.

Comfortable and convenient – These gloves are constructed with 85% copper-infused nylon with breathable, high moisture-wicking, and elastic fabric material to keep your wrists compressed, sweat-free, and stress-free fitting. Further, its fingerless design and elasticity allow you to easily work with your computer, phone, and other conveniently.

Easy to maintain and durable – These gloves can withstand washing without losing their shape and function over time, unlike other gloves.

Instead of spraying gloves with copper, these copper compression gloves provide maximum benefits while guarantees a superior experience with durability.

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Big Mango Copper Arthritis Gloves – with Wrist Support

raynaud's gloves for typing

These copper arthritis gloves ensure speeds up joint and muscle recovery, relieve the intensity of arthritis and pain, promote blood and oxygen circulation to your arms muscles and further reduces damage, and provides wrist support for daily activities.

Comfort – They are designed to exert pressure on the hand’s muscles to lower pain and improve your wrist mobility. It combines both the firmness and warmth of the compression gloves with therapeutic power, which acts as anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, providing comfort while typing for prolonged hours.

Lightweight – They are lightweight and fingerless, designed for convenience and reliability. Thus, your finger’s grip-ability is still maximized to allow you to perform your daily task stress-free easily.

Good Support – The gloves have been designed with gripping technology and 85% copper poly infused, which greatly reduces pain and enhances flexibility.

Don’t let pain make your day less productive because these copper compression gloves are designed to minimize pain, pressure and enhance your comfort while working.

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Bememo 4 Pairs Knitted Typing Gloves – Best Cheap

cheap typing gloves

Did you know you can get 4 pairs of gloves at a pocket-friendly price?

Bememo fingerless gloves come in a set of four pairs of different colors that you can easily pair with outfits and for a wide range of usages like typing, painting, touchscreen, and sports. Its reliability and compatibility for multiple usages is due to the following reasons;

Comfortable – These fingerless gloves are made of acrylic fabric, soft to wear, and keeps your hands warm.

Easy to maintain – The acrylic material is hand washable and does not lose its shape; hence it can serve you for a long time due to its resistance to heat expansion.

Convenient – The fingerless design allows for multiple functioning since the fingers are left naked for enhanced grip-ability and flexibility.

Easy to match with outfits – The four pairs come in different colors that are universal for easy matching with your outfits.

These gloves will not only offer warmth but also hold your wrist in place to reduce pressure and its internal structure against stress and straining.

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Unigear Lightweight Full Finger Touch Screen Gloves – Best for Cold Hands

compression gloves for typing

Unigear is a full glove gear designed for multiple purposes and versatile with unique features that make it outstanding among the best brands in the market.

Warm and breathable – these gloves are thermo-regulative to keep your hands warm, and it is made from high moisture-wicking and breathable fabric that keep your hands cool and also skin-friendly. Besides, the fabric used for construction is 10% dense than other fibers to protect against static electricity and fabric pilling.

Touchscreen-friendly and graspable – The thumb and forefingers of these gloves are designed with durable conductive fabric, and the palms are printed with anti-slip silicone that allows you to hold your electronic devices securely.

Soft and durable – the inner lining of these gloves is soft to deliver comfort, and its 4-way stretchy fabric provides tight-fitting for hands. Further, it has been reinforced with elastic stitching on durability seams.

If you find the right size of these gloves, you will not worry about the seam getting ripped, and its elasticity will still be firm on your hand for a long time. Further, you can use it for mountaineering, cycling, typing, cycling, and many more.

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NatraCure Computer Stretchable Gloves – Best Thin

thin gloves for typing

NatraCure computer gloves are low profile designed and thin but unique in their way, making them recommendable for computer use. They are also available in all sizes that will comfortably fit your hands.

Ergonomic design – These gloves are ergonomically designed with precision to keep your wrist at the same 10-degree angle as most keyboards are designed to reduce wrist pain and discomfort due to repetitive use and pressure build-up. Further, it features a molded gel pad underneath the wrist to massage your palm while supporting your wrist.

Reversible – Each glove is designed to fit both hands by flipping inside out. Thus you can also use only one side for both hands depending on your preference.

Comfortable – These gloves are light in weight, and the 4-way stretchable fabric is soft on the skin, keeps your hand cool, and provides full-day comfort while offering a full range of wrist motion.

Doctors also recommend NatraCure glove for computer use because of its ergonomic design to reduce typing complications. Hence, it would be best if you did not struggle to look for the best one when you are already reading the best.

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NewKingStar Copper Ergonomic Compression Gloves – for Arthritis Pain

typing gloves for cold fingers

Besides being used for cycling and playing tennis, NewKingStar gloves offer premium pain relief and provide daily protection due to their comprehensive ergonomic features that provide full hand support.

Full-finger designed with Non-Slip silicone gel – This is to offer full-finger protection to keep your hand warm and features non-slip silicone gel to reduce resistance while operating your electronic devices.

Relieves Arthritis pain – These gloves are 85% copper-infused to induce compression in your hands to boost circulation, reduce muscle soreness, and offer full wrist support. Further, the high copper ion fabric is integrated with gripping technology to enhance gripability.

Comfortable – These gloves are manufactured from durable, high-quality compression material that is breathable and soft for maximum comfort and keeps your hand cool free from odor and sweat.

Come winter or autumn working with your computer is hell during these seasons; hence, these full-hand designed copper compression gloves are designed to keep your hands warm and ergonomically support your hands for your wellbeing and convenience while working.

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GORELOX Warm and Windproof Gloves – Best for Winter Use

typing gloves to keep hands warm

These Unisex gloves are designed to be used in cold offices because of their full-hand design that offers maximum protection against cold.

Versatile and comfortable – The thumb and index finger have a conductive layer that allows you to interact with touch screens like your phone, hence no need to take them off. Besides, your comfort is elevated by the high-quality TPU construction with multiple layers of dense carbon fiber, three insulation fabrics, double-shirred elastic wrist. Further, it has a zipper for wind and, water-resistance and the thermo-regulative purpose to keep your hand warm.

Durable – These gloves feature a premium designed 3D tailoring, which makes them stretch at ease and smoothly sewn to strengthen them for added durability.

Reliable – Featuring anti-slip silicone layer on the palm patches and fingers for better grip due to its water and abrasion resistance for outdoor use and a better experience.

GORELOX gloves are the best and perfect choice for autumn and winter handwear, which you should not miss in your cold gears because its price is friendly for everyone.

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Teehay USB Heated Wool Mittens – Best for Cold Office

heated typing gloves

These USB heated gloves have been uniquely designed to keep your hand warm within seconds and versatile multiple while improving your experience because of the increased flexibility and confidence.

Premium Construction – These gloves are constructed with high-quality carbon fiber and knitted with rabbit wool that is soft to keep your hand.

Dual-designed fingers – The finger of these gloves are dual designed {half and full-finger design} for user-friendliness and easy operation. When you want to type, use a half-finger and you can fold the finger sleeve back and release the button to keep your fingertips wrapped for warmth.

Convenient – It comes with a USB 2.0 cable that charges the gloves to keep your hand warm within seconds due to its double-sided heating feature.

Your concentration and productivity are minimal when the freezing temperature is extreme; hence, purchasing these USB heated gloves will make your day active and comfortable at the office.

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What Injuries You May Get While Typing?

1. Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is the weakness, numbness, and tingling sensation in the thumb and the pinky finger due to repetitive motion leading to the median nerve’s compression and inflammation.

– Causes

  • Poor physical state
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Repetitive motion and stressing the same muscles for prolonged hours.
  • Maintaining abnormal posture for a prolonged period.
  • Maintaining the same posture for an extended period of time.

– How to Solve

1. Exercise frequently to improve blood circulation and reduce pressure build-up in wrist joints.

2. Adjust your workstation to improve posture and enhance your arms comfort.

3. Do shoulder stretches to reduce fatigue

4. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain.

5. Change your wrist position when typing or doing other activities.

6. Heat treatment therapy

7. Sleep with your wrist held straight.

8. Avoid curling and flexing your wrist frequently or repeatedly

9. Take frequent breaks after every 30 minutes when doing repetitive motion activities

10. Avoid bending or folding your wrist when lifting or using a tool.

– Best Gloves for Carpal Tunnel


2. Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is the aching, burning, and sharp sensation that can be continuous, intermittent, or coming and going without apparent reasons. Chronic pain can affect any part of your body and feel different depending on which part of your body is experiencing it.

– Causes

  • Internal injuries
  • Underlying health conditions.
  • Inflammation/damage of tissues and nerves.
  • Arthritis
  • Internal Infections
  • Migraine
  • Stress and overstressing of the muscles and nerves
  • Back pain
  • Repetitive motion
  • Surgeries

– How to Solve

1. Taking physical and occupational therapy.

2. Exercising, but avoid putting much strain on yourself to prevent nerve and tissue damage

3. You may use over-the-counter pain relievers.

4. Massage therapy to soothe the affected area to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

5. Deep brain stimulation

6. Relaxing and meditation

– Best Gloves for Reduce the Potential


3. Lumbar Sprains and Strains

This is the inflammation or injury of the lower back muscles, tissues, tendons, and spinal cord discs due to straining or spraining.

– Causes

  • Poor sitting posture
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Trauma
  • Overuse and improper use of the lower back
  • Sudden movement or falls
  • Lifting objects while your lower back is twisted or wrongly positioned.
  • Aging due to the degeneration of the bone structure

– How to Solve

1. Ensure you rest your lower back for enough time for tissues and nerve recovery.

2. You may use the counter pain reliever to subside the pain.

3. Massage the lower back to improve blood circulation and release natural hormones like endorphins to enhance healing/recovery.

4. Ice or heat massage your lower back to reduce inflammation and stimulate blood flow to your back.

5. You may wear braces around your lower back to improve posture and spinal alignment to reduce spinal abrasion and pressure build-up.

6. Doing physical exercise to strengthen the lower back muscle and increase its endurance.

7. Avoid smoking nicotine because it enhances degeneration of the spine column

8. Maintaining proper posture when lifting object and sitting

9. Maintaining a healthy weight to reduce pressure on your spine and lower back.

– Best Gloves for Fatigue Relief


4. Posterior Cervical Dorsal

This is the excessive rearward curving of the upper back, middle, and lower back with forward drawn head and rounded shoulder due to excessive curving of your upper back, which causes a lot of pain in the spinal disc, headache, muscle tension, and impaired breathing due to the compression of the respiratory muscles.

– Causes

  • Sitting for a long period while your back curves outwards.
  • Sleeping in incorrect position/posture
  • Inflammatory conditions; like cervical spondylitis, cervical disc herniation, and cervical spondylitis with myelopathy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Acute injuries

 – How to Solve

1. Use an ergonomic office chair to support your neck, and lower back.

2. Adjusting your workstation for proper posture and spinal alignment.

3. Avoid lifting heavy objects while your back is twisted.

4. Physical exercise to help correct the spine misalignment and to strengthen the spine muscle tissues

5. Take regular breaks after every 30 minutes you spent sitting

6. Avoid sitting in the same position for prolonged hours.


Why Is Hard to Type with Cold Hands?

The function of blood is to supply blood throughout your body and play a vital role in thermoregulation.

Hence, when the condition is cold, the blood vessels constrict to prevent your body from losing heat, thereby minimizing blood circulation to the hands, which in turn causes the synovial fluid to become more viscous, leading to less lubrication of the finger joints causing them to be rigid thereby minimizing the precision of your fingers.

Secondly, when there is a reduction in blood supply to your hands’ vital muscle tissues, there will be less energy that denies the mobility of your fingers across the keys.


How Do You Keep Your Hands Warm While Typing?

hand gloves for keyboard typing

Typing while your hands are cold is very hard due to the numbness and tingling pain caused by lack of blood circulation to the hands.

Hence, the need to keep your hands warm to enhance blood circulation improves your muscle tissues’ flexibility and movement while typing.

Below are a few tips that will help keep your hands warm while typing. These include:

  • Wear warm clothes to preserve thermal heat in your body and keep you active.
  • Walk around to enhance blood circulation, which greatly generates heat due to increased metabolism.
  • You may use fingerless designed gloves to keep your hands warm while permitting the natural feel of the keyboard.
  • Lay your desk heating pad under your wrist rest while typing to keep your hands warm.
  • Use a desktop heater, but ensure it is pointed at your finger while typing, and while you are not typing, hold a handwarmer to preserve the heat in your hands.


How to Type Correctly?

Typing puts a lot of strain and stress on several parts of your body like the wrist, fingers, elbow, lower back, and shoulder, which, when not corrected earlier, may result in further complications that are irreversible.

Therefore, it is vital to adapt and embrace the correct way of typing even if it seems too difficult for you because practice makes perfect for your body’s wellbeing.

Below are tips to guide you on how to type correctly.

1. Always sit straight with your shoulder and back straight, but your shoulder should align with the earlobe.

2. Bent your elbow at the right angle position for your fingers and wrist to be inclined at a 10-degree angle above the keyboard for flexibility.

3. Adjust the monitor position at an angle of 15-degrees to your eyes, but your eyes should be above the screen while your head is slightly tilted forward to reduce light reflection effects on your eyes.

4. Ensure the distance between your eyes and the monitor is at least 40-70cm.

5. Your shoulder, arms, and wrist muscles should be exposed outwardly to the least possible strain while your wrist is resting on the table but in front of the keyboard. Further, you should avoid shifting your whole body weight to the wrist by simply avoiding wrestling because it increases pressure and stress on your wrist and elbow.

6. While typing, avoid thumping your fingers down each time on the keyboard to avoid your hand from growing weary faster.

7. Ensure you have adjusted your seat height until your arms are about the level or a little above the middle of your sides’ comfort.



Your hands need maximum care and should be fully protected against extreme cold temperature, supported against effects that put a lot of strain and stress against developing further complications that would be irreversible and render it functionless.

Therefore, you should ensure you wear gloves that are appropriately designed for typing, versatile and reliable to provide maximum comfort and flexibility.

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