How to Choose the Best Winter Golf Hats?

You know that saying, “when it’s cold, you need a hat”? Yeah, it’s not a saying, is it?

But you still need a hat in the winter, especially if you are planning to golf.

Whether you’re hitting the course for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, winter golf can be a challenge.

The best part about winter golf is that it’s pretty awesome to play golf in the winter.

You can get away from the heat and humidity of summer, it’s cooler outside, and you can always play some winter golf.

However, your head seeks warmth and protection against the bone-chilling wind. Let’s take a look at some of the best winter golf hats!

Why Should You Wear Winter Hats for Golf?

Now, you might be wondering why you should wear a hat during winter? Well, the answer to that is simple!

Did you know that wearing a hat during winter can keep your body warm and have various benefits?

Wearing a hat during winter helps keep your skull warm and helps block out damaging UVA and UVB rays.

This reduces your chances of getting headaches and helps keep your hair in good condition.

Keeping your hair healthy is one of the benefits of wearing a hat in winter!

A good winter golf hat will handle the sweat from your hair and keep your head dry and comfortable.

This is why you should wear a hat while playing golf in the winter.

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2. With Earflaps – CAMOLAND Winter Winer Thermal Knit Army Caps with Earflaps

3. Best Thermal Winter Golf Hats – Titleist Men’s Standard Pom Winter Golf Hat with Microfleece Lining

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Winter Golf Hats?

1. Hat Type

When choosing a winter hat type, you must first consider the versatility of hats that can suit most occasions while playing golf.

The key rule is about offering enough protection and keeping you stylish as well.

Hence hats that are casual, practical, and simple designed are very ideal.

If going for a casual event, you can choose a bold color; for work or any other formal occasion, choose dark colors.

Lastly, you must consider the hat’s design to ascertain whether it’s one you like.

2. Insulation

When choosing a winter golf hat, heat insulation is very crucial.

You can look for winter hats made of thermal fabric that retain a lot of warmth.

And you should find a winter hat that has been tightly knit to reduce breathability and maintain maximum warmth.

Also, you should ensure that the hat has extra insulation, mostly around the ears and inside the hat.

3. Brands

Choose brands that make you warm, comfortable, and stylish.

The color of the hat that you want will determine a lot the brand that you choose.

Some brands make their hats in versatile colors, while others only make their hats in two or three colors.

Equally, consider the design you want. Different brands design their hats differently; thus, you will be able to choose a brand only if you know the design that you want.

Lastly, know the material fabric of the hat you prefer. That way, you can go for the brand that uses the material that you prefer.

What Hats Are Suitable to Wear for Golf in Winter?

For winter golf hats, you’ll need a versatile and simple design beanie or baseball cap with earflaps.

1. Beanies

Beanie hats are popular with men because they are casual, versatile, and practical.

Generally, beanies are made from natural fibers like wool, cotton, cashmere, and synthetic materials like fleece and acrylic.

Hence you will feel soft, comfortable, and warm when you put a beanie on your head.

While choosing beanies for winter golfing, opt for the stylish cuffed beanies and pom-pom beanies.

Cuffed beanies are good for winter golf because it provides comfort.

The sleeves of cuffed beanies sit just right around the edges of your head, ears, and forehead.

You can pull down the cuffs when it’s getting cold, and these brimless knit hats won’t block your view.

And a cuffed beanie not only warms your head, but is also stylish, hides your untidy hair, and improves your causal look.

For a chilling day with golf, try this cuffed beanie to protect your ears.

On the other hand, pom-pom beanies are remarkable beanies that keep your head fully protected as you golf.

The pom-poms deliver excellent fashion statements to your friends.

Pom-pom beanies provide both warmth and stylish for golfing, choose one for your next winter golfing day!

2. Baseball Caps with Earflaps

Although baseball caps are not rendered a winter option, earflap design options have broken this limitation.

Earflap designs allow for comfort and warmth during the cold season.

The foam insulation adds lightweight, thus making this hat a comfortable choice when staying warm.

And the wide ball cap bill offers good sun protection even in winter.

Besides, the classic outlook of golf baseball caps is a favorite for golf players.

If you are looking for a typical cap look yet warm for winter wearing, settle for an earflap baseball cap without hesitation.

3. Hats with Ponytail Holes – for Woman

For ladies, nothing won’t make you more excited than golf hats that feature innovative and versatile designs to fulfill your demand.

No longer that you have to tuck your hair into the winter hats. You can free your ponytails with a winter ponytail golf hat.

The ponytail opening helps keep your hair in place, and it accommodates most of the braids and ponytails.

Check the Insulation Ability When Buying Best Winter Golf Hats

Winter hats are made from warmer fabrics as compared to summer hats.

No particular winter hat is made for a particular occasion; however, you will not miss a hat that matches exactly what you are looking for.

These are some of the things a golfer should watch out for when purchasing a winter hat for golfing.

Does it Have Lining Inside?

It is important to check whether your winter golf hat has a lining inside.

The lining essentially helps with providing warmth, comfort, and insulation to your head, ears, and neck.

One of the most important reasons is that a soft lining will keep the chilling wind out no matter how cold it is or how long you will stay on the golf course.

Does it Use the Warm Material?

Winter golf hats need to have warm material because they are essential for providing warmth during the cold, windy season.

Go for winter hats that are made of either fleece, wool, cotton, or even acrylic because they are very warm and appropriate for the cold.

When your head is provided with the necessary warmth, this will give you the much-needed comfort you require.

Such hats also keep in warmth for long. Hats made of acrylic, for instance, the Titleist winter hats maintain heat for long due to limited breathability.

If you choose an acrylic hat, then it is advisable to choose a winter hat that has been fitted with a microfleece performance liner for maximum warmth.

This is because the soft material warms up one’s ears and head fast.

What Golf and Sports Brands Provide Best Winter Winter Hats?

Here’re some famous sports and golf brands that produce quality and stylish winter golf hats for you to choose from.

1. Titleist

As an American brand, Titleist has its headquarters in Massachusetts in the United States that produces golf equipment.

This is one of the golf brands that makes winter hats essential for golf outings during this very cold season.

You will find many attractive features of Titleist’s winter golf beanies.

Here’s the list of the points that may appeal to you.

  • A matching pom detail at the top for extra style.
  • Apparent large script patch logo on the front.
  • Made of 100% acrylic, soft and warm.
  • Various color patterns and color choices.
  • Unique microfleece lining design, very lightweight but keep cold wind out excellently.

You May Want to Try: Titleist Men’s Standard Pom Winter Golf Hat with Microfleece Lining

2. Ping

Ping is an American company based in Phoenix, Azinona which deals with golf products.

Because of the “ping” word lettering embroidered across the hat, Ping’s hats stand out more than most golf hats.

Ping’s hats equally have a woven tab which gives them a modern look, thus making them quite fashionable.

Material: Acrylic, polyester

Why Should You Choose: Stylish, front rubber badge of Ping

3. Callaway

A company found in Carlsbad, California, Callaway is known for the production of sports equipment which includes golf products.

Samely, Callaway offers beanies with various color patterns and quality materials.

Material: 100% acrylic

Why Should You Choose: Soft and warm, typical Callaway logo in front, matchable knit pom poms

You May Want to Try: Callaway Fleece Lined Knitted Acrylic Winter Golf Beanie

4. Travis Mathew (a subsidiary of Callaway)

As a subsidiary of Callaway, Travis Mathew focuses on producing quality golf outwears with the finest good quality materials.

Travis Mathew’s winter golf hats are soft acrylic cuffed and soft beanies to keep you in style and warm.

Material: Acrylic

Why Should You Choose: Dark color, men’s hat designs

5. Taylormade

Taylormade is a well-known golf company that produces quality instruments for sports and is known to have introduced metal woods to golf.

And you can find that Taylormade winter beanies are knit-tight and versatile for golfing as well.

Material: Acrylic, polyesyter

Why Should You Reversitle, crested TaylorMade logo, moisture-wicking sweatband

You May Want to Try: TaylorMade Fleece Lining Multicolored Bobble Knit Hats for Winter Golfing

6. Footjoy

Footjoy company was bought by Titleist and its features in the products are similar to the Titleist.

The soft, knit construction beanies are designed with classic cuffs and pom-poms.

You can find various color choices from Footjoy’s winter golf hats.

Material: Unknown

Why Should You Various color choices, lightweight, imported

7. Adidas

As a well-known brand that produces different merchandise for sports, Adidas also produces nice comfortable hats for golfing and is loved by most for their comfort.

Generally, Adidas beanies are made of 100% polyester, which gives them the elastic ability; thus, you can find the best fit easily.

The stylish color and striped cuff design of Adidas winter golf beanies will make you very catchy to the eye.

And the Adidas badge sports makes a style statement.

Material: 100% recycled polyester/acrylic knit

Why Should You Choose: Stylish, environmental friendly, warmth

You May Want to Try: Adidas Men’s Team Issue Fold Beanie for Winter Golfing

8. Nike

Needless to say, Nike is a worldwide known brand that produces excellent products for different seasons and styles.

Your desire will be satisfied by the embroidered Nike Swoosh Logo, unique Dri-FIT technology, and an innovative polyester fabric that has a cooling system.

Besides, famous and known golfers are known to own golf hats from this brand.

Material: Acrylic, Nylon, Spandex, Polyester, Cotton

Why Should You Choose: swoosh logo, quality blended fabric, Soft Knit

You May Want to Try: Nike Unisex Winter Cuffed Beanie Dri-Fit

9. Mizuno

Mizuno is the biggest global sports equipment and sportswear company. Of course, you’ll find quality golf balls and clubs in their online shop.

You can find well-stretched knit hats of cuffed beanies and pom-pom beanies for both men and women in their shop.

Material: Acrylic, Cotton

Why Should You Choose: Good stretched fit, fleece liner

You May Want to Try: Mizuno Lightweight Knit Pom Golf Hat for Winter

Best Winter Golf Hats Reviews

1. Puma Evercat Acrylic Winter Golf Hats

You will love the brand; the cuffless beanie has the right perfect fit and it is very affordable.

It will cover your ears and head snugly, being the right size with no slack.

For a fashion statement, 8 cool available colors are available that will go well with your style.

And you will like the crisp, classic and sharp logo that stands out.

While golfing in winter, you will the warmth and comfort fit it offers.

Buy on Amazon

2. Adidas Men’s Team Issue Fold Beanie for Winter Golfing

If you are looking for class and style, you have come to the right place for the right golf winter beanie.

You will notice at the center the front embroidered badge of the logo.

If you are into bright colors there are plenty in stock thus being a unisex brand.

With the affordable price, you will find a lot of benefits that include the perfect fit that stretches.

Well-insulated knit and nice thick acrylic crown, your ears will be well covered and you will love the great quality.

Buy on Amazon

3. Nike Unisex Winter Cuffed Beanie Dri-Fit

What will attract you it’s the well-done embroidered Nike Swoosh Logo, unique Dri-FIT technology, and the innovative polyester fabric that has a cooling system.

Your head will stay warm and dry when playing golf outside in winter.

And this hat features unisex and is available in cool colors. If you are looking for comfort this is the brand to go for and it is very affordable.

You as a golfer will be satisfied with this fantastic product and the benefits it brings along.

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4. Mizuno Lightweight Knit Pom Golf Hat for Winter

If you like your hats with pom-poms this is the right one for you.

You will differentiate it from the rest by its embroidered 3D RUNBIRD logo.

It’s great for winter and can endure the harsh weather even as low as 20 degrees.

Great for the outside, even golfing for its light nature.

Very comfortable with a perfect fit which is all you need during the cold season.

The lining effect makes it well insulated, and you will not be disappointed.

Buy on Amazon

5. Titleist Men’s Standard Pom Winter Golf Hat with Microfleece Lining

This classically designed hat is for you and is known to be a favorite among dedicated golfers.

If you are into a single-color cuff hat with pom-poms this is the right brand for you.

The logo is small and unique and you will see that it states that it’s a golf symbol of excellence.

This beanie has a microfleece performance liner to ensure warmth and comfort.

If you are looking for a hat that the material doesn’t run, is of high quality and the color doesn’t fade after a couple of washes then this is the right brand for you.

Buy on Amazon

6. Callaway Fleece Lined Knitted Acrylic Winter Golf Beanie

This Callaway fleece beanie is nice and warm with a good lining that helps in the insulation.

Great color combo with a nice logo that is small. It is great for golf course use.

If you have a large head, you will not have a problem with the fitting for its decent size.

For anyone into style, this is the hat for you. This stylish pom-pom hat can be worn on any occasion. Your hat’s logo is so catchy, and simple.

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7. CAMOLAND Winter Winer Thermal Knit Army Caps with Earflaps

If you’re looking for affordable, warm hats this is the one to go for.

The prices are pocket friendly. The hat will perfectly fit on your head; it doesn’t slip up.

This hat will accommodate any head size perfectly.

From the feel of the material, you will accept that it is made of quality material both the outside and inside.

and the fleece lining for the hat keeps the chill-out while playing golf.

For your ears protection, it has ear flaps that will keep your ears nice and warm.

Buy on Amazon

8. TrailHeads Fleece Ponytail Hat with Drop Down Ear Warmer for Golfing

If you are a female, then your perfect winter hat and an absolute must-have are here.

The ponytail hole is awesome for your ponytail as it keeps it secured and it doesn’t distract you.

Besides, ear flaps will cover your ears perfectly, no freezing coldness will close to your fragile body part.

This knit hat has a perfect brim that you can angle down in winter to avoid sunlight directly into your eyes and face.

Conclusively, It is an attractive hat and great for women who play golf during winter.

You will like its black color which will blend in well with whatever outfit you got.

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9. TaylorMade Fleece Lining Multicolored Bobble Knit Hats for Winter Golfing

With its crested TaylorMade logo and premium multicolored pom-pom, this is for those of you who like such styles.

With the great lining on the inside, this knit hat is a good insulator for keeping your head warm.

It is a great hat for golfing in cold weather. It keeps the wind out and warms the ears.

For great quality, comfort, and smartness, this is the hat for you.

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1. Where Can I get A Ryder Cup Winter Hat?

If you want an authority Ryder Cup winter hat, you can go to the official Ryer Cup online shopping stores. And just like the BML caps, New Era is the retailer of the Ryder Cup hat series.

2. What Golf Hat Does Tiger Woods Wear?

Nike golf hat series.

Tiger Woods is known for its all-black cap, an iconic TW logo made by Nike, and the Nike AeroBill black golf cap. He is often seen wearing it with his red Nike polo shirts.


Winter golfers should keep themselves warm, therefore, a little dip in temperature should not keep them from the golf course.

You should therefore get winter beanies and golf hats for the cold weather.

The beanies, knit hats, and warm baseball hats are designed especially for the cold temperatures and golfers who are not scared of the winter weather elements.

Choosing the right winter hat depends solely on the style you are looking for, comfort, and if it is the right fit for your head.