7 Best Hats for Black Dress On All Black Party

Ah, the little black dress—the classic go-to for when you don’t know what else to wear. Everyone has a little black dress (or two or three) in their closet that they can rely on for special occasions.

But when dressing up for an all-black party, you need something extra to set your outfit apart from the rest.

That’s where hats come in!

Whether you’re looking for a classic fedora or something more daring like a bucket hat, here are the seven best hats to pair with your little black dress at an all-black party.

1. Black Fedora

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Nothing says “classy” quite like a classic fedora. This timeless look is perfect for any occasion and will help distinguish you from the rest of the crowd.

An all-black ensemble of a black dress and black fedora combines classic style and rock-and-roll edge perfectly. This black dress outfit gives you a chic, timeless look.

So, if you’re planning on crashing an all-black party or want to show off your sense of fashion, try donning a black dress and fedora for a surefire success!

If you want to make extra style points, consider choosing a patterned headband or ribbon to wear with your fedora.

This small detail takes the outfit to another level and will turn heads as you enter the party!

2. Cowboy Hats

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If you’re looking for something more daring than a fedora, why not try out a cowboy hat?

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and make a unique fashion statement at your next black dress event.

When you wear a black dress with a cowboy hat, you will exude confidence and effortlessly turn heads. This daring combination will provide the perfect edgy look to help you stand out.

Depending on the occasion, dress it up or down with shiny metallic accessories like heels and jewelry for an elegant touch.

The only thumb rule is to ensure you choose the right cowboy hat for your face shape and body type.

Different cowboy hat crowns can look good in different shapes and sizes, so research before picking the right one for you!

Whatever you choose to accessorize with emphasizes how fun black dresses can be when paired with cowboy hats.

3. Berets


A black dress with black berets is a timeless retro fashion statement making a comeback. When you put this exquisite black ensemble together, your confidence will be boosted.

A beret is another great option if you want to add vintage vibes to your look without being too over the top.

This hat is perfect if you want something elegant yet subtle and will also keep your head warm during cold weather days.

And everyone will admire your chic look! This classic black dress and black beret combination can take any plain old outfit to an extraordinary level.

4. Bakerboy/Newsboy Cap

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Spicing the black dress with something unexpected, like a newsboy cap, can help bring the look to life.

Opt for a leather brim with shiny metal studs or a classic wool one for an even dapper look.

This black dress and newsboy cap combination are perfect for any occasion of all-black dress codes.

It’s guaranteed to turn heads and showcase confidence—it’s sure to be the perfect pick-me-up on days when you need an extra boost!

5. Trilby Hats


With its sloping brim and sharp lines, a trilby hat is perfect if you want something unique and modern but not too eye-catching or overbearing on your look.

And if you someone prefer a neutral black dress, black trilby hats can add a sense of edge to your look.

6. Floppy Hats

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Floppy hats are perfect if you’re looking for something ultra-feminine and romantic without being too girly or cutesy.

They have an airy feel that’ll make any outfit appear effortlessly chic and glamorous, so choose one in black for an all-black affair!

7. Bucket Hat


Last but not least, we have the bucket hat—a trend that has been gaining popularity lately due to its versatility and practicality!

This type of hat keeps the sun out of your eyes and looks super cool with any clothing item, especially little black dresses!

So if you’re looking for something casual yet fashionable, this might be the right choice!

Wrap It Up

Now that we’ve gone through seven different types of hats that will look amazing with any little black dress at an all-black party, what are you waiting for?

No matter what style or vibe you’re going for—elegant, sophisticated, fun or flirty—there’s a hat out there that will complete your look perfectly!

So get ready to rock those parties in style with one (or several!) of these fabulous head accessories!