14+ Brunch Outfit Ideas for Men: For Both Days Off & Work Time

Is going out for brunch with friends or family the first thing on your weekend to-do list? If so, you might feel tricky to figure out what brunch outfit would be your best choice.

However, there seem never be too many brunch outfit ideas for men. Whether dressy or casual, brunch outfits should always look stylish and show your personality.

To help you find a brunch-appropriate look, here are 14+ brunch outfit ideas suitable for both days off and work time.

Few Questions to Answer About Brunch Outfit

If you know little about brunch outfits, we’ve prepared a few questions to answer about brunch outfits, which can help you have a better understanding!

No, brunch is not a special dressing mode. It’s just an occasion that requires appropriate and comfortable clothing pieces.

You don’t have to dress up too formally or too casually for brunch unless you know the brunch place you visit requires a formal dress code.

No, not necessarily. It depends on where you eat and your following schedule after brunch.

Wearing a suit is appropriate for brunch if it’s a fancy brunch spot, such as a fine-dining restaurant.

However, suits will seem too formal if it’s brunch with friends and family.

Comfort is the key when it comes to brunch outfits. Choose clothing pieces that are comfortable yet stylish. Show your personality through your brunch outfit; you will always look good!

Now, let’s get into brunch outfit ideas for men!

14+ Brunch Outfit Ideas for Men: For Both Days Off & Work Time

Here’re the 14 brunch outfit ideas for men you can browse.



Item: Green Suede Leather Jacket + Camel Sweatpants + White Sneakers

A green suede leather jacket, camel sweatpants, and white sneakers are the perfect brunch outfit for men. It’s relaxed yet stylish, and you’ll always feel comfy in it!


@juliuswerner (PIN)

Item: White Bucket Hat + Solid Pink T-Shirt + Cream Jeans + Clunky Sneakers

A laidback brunch look for men could be perfected by donning a white bucket hat, solid pink t-shirt, cream jeans, and chunky sneakers, creating a comfortable and fashionable ensemble.


@angiedvp (PIN)

Item: White Button-down Long Sleeve Shirt + Khaki Tapered Cargo Pants + Vans Old Skool Shoes

For a stylish yet versatile brunch outfit with friends, dress to impress in a white button-down long-sleeve shirt and khaki tapered cargo pants paired with Vans Old Skool shoes. You’ll look fashionable and comfortable all morning!


@AngelienSMN (PIN)

Item: Collar Shirt + White Round-Neck Shirt + Brown Straight Pants + Sneakers

Babe, up your brunch at the office with a polished yet modern ensemble. Go for a collar shirt and white round-neck shirt, matched with brown straight pants and finished off with sneakers to keep you comfy all day long.



Item: Oversized Solid Cream White T-Shirt + Brown Gurkha Trousers + Leathe Tyrolean Shoes

Try an XXL solid ivory t-shirt paired with brown Gurkha trousers for your weekend brunch rendezvous with the squad.

Complete your look with stylish leathe Tyrolean shoes for a truly fashionable statement!


@theunstitchd (PIN)

Item: Striped Button-down Shirt + White Straight Wide-Leg Trousers + Clunky Sneakers

Make brunch look easy with a striped button-down shirt and white straight wide-leg trousers.

Complete the look with chunky sneakers for extra comfort and style.


@fashionbeans (PIN)

Item: Nude Color Trench Coat + Scoop-neck Sweatshirt + Nude SweatPants + Sneakers

For an on-trend brunch look, choose a nude color trench coat, scoop neck sweatshirt, and nude sweatpants. Finish off the look with a pair of bold sneakers to add some extra style points.


@modaoperandi (PIN)

Item: Brown Loose Cotton Shirt + Navy Blue Linen Pants + Low Top Lace-Up Sneakers

Choose a relaxed look for brunch with your inner circle and go for an airy brown cotton shirt paired with navy blue linen pants.

Add some low-top lace-up sneakers to top off the ensemble—you’ll be chic and comfortable simultaneously!


@alexfreud8551 (PIN)

Item: Gray Casual Button-down Shirt + Beige Casual Shorts + Canvas Shoes

Make brunch look effortless with a classic style. Go for a gray casual button-down shirt paired with beige shorts and canvas shoes, creating an easy yet stylish brunch look.


@stylegirlfriend (PIN)

Item: Bandana + Suede Jackets+ Cyan Shits + White Tapered Jeans + Suede Boots

For brunch with a more daring touch, choose a bandana to pair with a suede jacket over a blue shirt and white tapered jeans.

Complete the look with suede boots for an edgy yet stylish brunch look!



Item: White Polo Shirt + Gray Chino Pants + Black & White Mcqueen Shoes

Choose a timeless brunch look of a white polo shirt and gray chino pants. Complete the ensemble with black & white Mcqueen shoes for an effortless, polished brunch outfit.


@milaaaw (PIN)

Item: Crew-Neck Striped Sweater & Bottomed Shirt + Slim Fit Pants + Low Top Leather Sneakers

If you are looking for a brunch look with a laid-back yet relaxed vibe, go for a crew-neck striped sweater and bottomed shirt paired with slim-fit pants.

Finish off the brunch look with low-top leather sneakers to make a fashionable statement!



Item: Solid Sherpa Vest + Brown Rugby Shirt + Casual Wide-Leg Pants + Leather Sandals

Make brunch look fashionable with a solid sherpa vest, brown rugby shirt and casual wide-leg pants.

Match the outfit with leather sandals for added style points and comfort.


@frederickaugustine (PIN)

Item: Retro Beige Deep Pocket Jacket +Crew Neck Sweatshirt + White Pants + White Thick Sole Sneakers

If you’re brunching in colder climates, opt for a retro beige deep pocket jacket and crew neck sweatshirt paired with white pants.

Top off the brunch look with thick white sole sneakers to complete your casual yet comfortable brunch outfit.

Final Words

Always remember to dress comfortably and stylishly when crunching! Make sure it shows your personality, no matter your brunch outfit ideas.

Have a wonderful brunch experience with your friends or family!

Happy brunching!