Best Cut and Vibration Resistant Chainsaw Gloves for Added Protection in 2022

Working with a chainsaw means danger lurking on your head. Whether you are landscaping, homesteading, or logging in the wood, you need the right pair of gloves that keep your hands protected against all dangers.

So if you are looking for the best chainsaw gloves, then your search ends here.

In this article, you can find the top 5 best chainsaw gloves. Moreover, it also includes plenty of essential details that will help you learn about chainsaw gloves in detail.

Let’s get started!

chainsaw safety gloves


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Cut Resistant – Husqvarna Functional Chainsaw Protection Gloves (Click here to buy)

Vibration Protection – Superior Gloves Hi-Viz Heavy Duty Class 0 Chainsaw Gloves (Click here to buy)

With Warm Kevlar Lining – Youngstown Cut Resistant Gloves for Winter (Click here to buy)


What Makes a Good Chainsaw Gloves?

So before we start with the reviews, let’s first take a look at the key factors you need to consider when looking for the best chainsaw gloves.

  • Anti-vibration

Operating a chainsaw is a hard task and it produces a lot of vibration that can add to the difficulty. To avoid this problem, you need to look for gloves that are anti-vibration.

Chainsaw gloves with an extra layer of protection to mitigate the effects of vibration produce by blades can make your work a lot easier.

Plus, it also prevents hand-arm vibration syndrome.

  • Abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance is one of the key aspects of chainsaw gloves. Wood chippings and sawdust often come into contact with gloves leading to gloves deterioration.

Therefore, to avoid this, gloves must withstand the prolonged friction. Moreover, it also helps in making the gloves more robust and prolongs the lifespan.

Generally, abrasion resistance is measure on a scale of 1 to 4.

For example: To test the abrasion resistance of the gloves, it has to go through abrasion by sandpaper under a stipulated pressure which determines how many cycles are required to abrade the gloves.

So if you want higher abrasion resistance, look for the gloves with a rating of 4.

  • Puncture proof

Puncture resistance of the chainsaw gloves is measured by the amount of force required to infiltrate the gloves with a standard size point.

  • Extra palm padding

Extra palm padding will also assist in reducing the impacts of vibrations and ensure extra protection.

However, it cannot fully nullify the impacts of vibration; you will need anti-vibration technology for it.



Best Chainsaw Gloves Reviews

Let’s move on to the best chainsaw gloves available on the market.

Extra Durable – Vgo Gloves for Chainsaw Work

If you are looking for chainsaw gloves that offer extra durability, then Vgo 1-pair is exactly what you need!

class 1 chainsaw gloves

What You Will Like

  • Ideal For Logging And Other DIY Works

 This pair of chainsaw gloves is best when it comes to logging, metalworking, power tools, and other DIY works.

It comes with dual-layer protection for knuckle at the back so that your hand moves freely without any restriction.

  • Premium Goat Leather

 The most effective part of these chainsaw gloves is that it has Premium genuine goat leather that gives a soft and comfortable texture to your palm.

It is textured with PVC palm patches that give extra durability.

  • High Visibility Stretch

 Moreover, it has high visibility stretch spandex back that provides extraordinary dexterity and breathability, unlike many others.

The stopper of the chainsaw fabric has patches inside the back of the left hand which is specially designed for cut resistance.

  • Great Fit And Grip

These chainsaw gloves have used the best Neoprene cuff and Velcro adjustment that gives maximum fitting. It has pre-curved fingers that ensure a great fit and grip.

What You May Not Like

  • At Odds With The Size

Overall, the gloves are just amazing, however, one drawback is the inconsistent sizing.

After going through several reviews, many people highlighted this issue. Hence, be careful when choosing the size.

What Do Reviewers Say

Users love how the leather is breathable which makes them easy to work. “The gloves are well made and are breathable. Really an excellent glove from what I can tell.”

Some also like the protection it offers, “I have used these while chainsawing some downed trees on my property and they are very comfortable and protective.”


  • Extended cuff to prevent the sawdust
  • 12 layer chainsaw cloth inside left hand back
  • Easy adjustment


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Cut Resistant – Husqvarna Functional Chainsaw Protection Gloves

If you are looking for chainsaw gloves that give high visibility colors then, Husqvarna gloves are what you should consider!

husqvarna chainsaw protective gloves

What You Will Like

  • Cut Resistant In Left Hand For Optimal Protection

The gloves feature cut-resistant in the left hand to use sharp objects easily. Both gloves are equipped with a spandex fabric back, goatskin palm with high visibility colors.

  • Comfortable Seams

The best part of these chainsaw gloves is that they are made with comfortable seams along with the goatskin inside. It also features double thumb stitching that follows the shape of the hand.

  • Made With Crust Goat Skin Leather

It is made with crust goatskin leather as it has good protection against moisture. The most effective part of this material is that it contains natural fat and is made to suit demanding works.

Its knitted wrist allows easy put on and ensures maximum comfort.

What You May Not Like

  • Only left-hand glove

They only come with a glove for left hand use.

What Do Reviewers Say

Most of its users are satisfied with the quality it offers and how it is worth buying, “These gloves are incredible in every way. They are ideal for working, riding and warmer in winter “

A few of them also mention how these chainsaw gloves are comfortable and provide excellent protection, “Gloves are comfortable and work well. These gloves make me feel a lot safer.”


  • Spandex fabric back
  • Reinforced fingers for added protection
  • Soft knitted cuff


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Waterproof – Oregon 91305L Chainsaw Gloves with Knitted Cuffs

If you are looking for waterproof chainsaw gloves, then you must check out these by Oregan!

oregon left hand chainsaw gloves

What You Will Like

  • Waterproof Kid Leather

These chainsaw gloves are equipped with waterproof kid leather palm that provides extra protection from spills.

It has water-repellent polyester back and hard-wearing that blocks water from dribbling.

  • Left Hand Chainsaw Protection

The chainsaw gloves come with an added protection layer on the left hand to prevent injury and highly permitting.

The purpose of using an extra layer on the left side is to reduce mobility.

  • Reinforced Leather

The most effective part of these chainsaw gloves is that they are made with premium quality leather. It gives improved durability along with maximum comfort.

The small textured layer is designed to give a better grip on the tool while the reinforced leather palm helps in reducing the vibration during the use of a chainsaw.

  • Closed Designed Wrist

Moreover, these chainsaw gloves come with a closed designed wrist to waterproof chainsaw gloves to Heavy-Duty prevent dust, wooden pieces, and scrap from getting inside.

It also helps in giving the user a comfortable fit without stiffening your wrist. It allows moving the chainsaw at any angle conveniently.

What You May Not Like

  • Can Be A Bit Smelly

The gloves are made of leather, thus it will give off a bad smell at the beginning which will fade away as time goes by or after several washes.

Overall, it is a reliable pair of chainsaw gloves with a fluorescent back and knitted cuffs. The exceptional quality of the gloves is meant to give you comfort and ease to wear.

However, the gloves lack proper breathability that may cause sweating.

What Do Reviewers Say

Users loved how they are so good with protecting their hands, “They worked like a charm! No thorns could penetrate!”

Another user writes, “Comfortable gloves. The left glove has extra padding to protect against contact with the chain of a chain saw.”


  • Additional padding for comfort
  • Gives the best chainsaw safety
  • Made with high-quality material


  • Breathability is good but can be improved much better (Check Solution)

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Vibration Protection – Superior Gloves Hi-Viz Heavy Duty Class 0 Chainsaw Gloves

If you are looking for heavy-duty chainsaw gloves, then this pair of Superior Gloves is the right choice for you!

anti vibration chainsaw gloves

What You Will Like

  • Heavy Duty Professional Grade

These chainsaw gloves are the best heavy-duty gloves on this list as it is specially designed to withstand most of the conditions.

Its Hi-Viz yellow back gives optimal visibility and comfortable wear.

These chainsaw gloves might be more expensive than other gloves but as a matter of fact, the price cannot be compared to the functionality it provides.

  • Water Resistant Breathable Membrane

Moreover, its water-resistant feature is an ideal pick for those who are more likely to work in wet conditions.

It also has a stretchy nylon fabric at the back that has a water-resistant breakable membrane that keeps your hand dry.

It gives more comfort to your hands and enhances safety while using chainsaws.

  • Anti-Vibration reinforcement

One of the highlighted features of these chainsaw gloves is their anti-vibration reinforcement with a grain goatskin leather palm.

It gives the maximum grip and helps in preventing accidental slipping. Its extra-thick anti-vibration reinforcement is designed to improve the comfort of the gloves.

What You May Not Like

  • Can Be A Bit More Durable

Overall, the gloves are great and have all the necessary features that are why they are in our top 5 list.

However, the gloves need a few improvements to enhance their durability.

What Do Reviewers Say

Most users write positively about the build quality of these gloves, “Built great and can grab things perfectly. They give protection to my hand while burning bushes or cutting trees.”


  • 8 layers of Kevlar lining
  • Stretchable nylon and lycra fabric
  • Gives Optimal airflow


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With Warm Kevlar Lining – Youngstown Cut Resistant Gloves

If you are looking for all-purpose chainsaw gloves, then you must check out these by Youngstown!

kevlar chainsaw gloves

What You Will Like

  • Heavy-Duty All-Purpose Gloves

These chainsaw gloves are the best heavy-duty gloves that are designed to protect your hands for all purposes. They are durable enough to prevent cut injuries easily.

It also features the non-slip reinforcement on the palm that can last for a longer duration. Its durability is unmatchable as it is designed to protect from tough jobs.

  • Kevlar Fiber Lining Offer Gloves Cut-Resistant Ability:

 The interior of these chainsaw gloves is lined with Kevlar fiber that improves the puncture and cut-resistant performance.

Its versatility can be seen while using it for a wide range of gardening tasks such as farming, logging, rigging, and many more.

  • Ergonomic Design With Internal Knuckle Protection

The ergonomic design of these chainsaw gloves fits most types of hands and gives comfortable fitting.

Its internal knuckle protection layer is used to prevent injury while the soft terry cloth is used for wiping the sweat conveniently.

What You May Not Like

  • Leather May Harden Up:

These chainsaw gloves are easy to clean and machine suitable.

It is an excellent quality product for both professional and occasional purposes but the leather may harden up after some time, unless you maintain it regularly.

What Do Reviewers Say

Most users speak highly about the construction quality of the gloves, “These are amazingly well stitched. The non-leather exterior padding is more flexible and offers a better grip compared to leather.

Another user writes, “These gloves are great for what they are made for. I dig with a shovel for a living. I love the cut resistance.”


  • Improved cut resistant
  • Suitable for all purposes
  • Easier grip to the tools


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How to Choose the Best Chainsaw Gloves?

The following factors will also help you out choose the best chainsaw gloves for yourself:

  • What is the best brand to choose from?

Stihl: If you want vibration protection, then Stihl is never going to disappoint you.

Stihl not only brings you variety in options but also the products are fairly priced. Moreover, Stihl products are popular for their low-maintenance cost as well.

Husqvarna: If you want more efficiency and power, then Husqvarna is the right brand for you.  It is reliable and suitable for long operating hours.

Overall, both brands are one of the best and transcend one another in various aspects. However, the most important factor is safety and reliability which both brands do not compromise on.


  • What cuff style should I buy?

 You should buy chainsaw gloves with elastic and extended cuff style.

The extended cuffs will serve to shield to wrist and forearms while their elasticity will ensure wrist mobility and comfort.


  • What to consider for winter chainsaw gloves?

Chainsaw gloves already integrate extra padding and protective features that make the gloves warm enough, even for the winters.

For this reason, there are no such unique features you need to look for in winter chainsaw gloves.


  • What makes it cut protection?

The ISEA/ANSI 105-2005 standard classifies whether the gloves are cut-resistant or not.

It measures cut resistance on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how much weight in grams is needed to cut through the gloves.


  • What size to choose from?

How to measure hands for right chainsaw gloves? Always use your dominant hand when measuring the hand size and you will never get the wrong size. The below chart will help you determine the right size for yourself.

For Men:

Hand Size In Inches
XS 5.5 – 6.5
S 6.5 – 7.5
M 7.5 – 8.5
L 8.5 – 9.5
XL 9.5 – 10.5
XXL 10.5 – 11.5

For Women:

Hand Size In Inches
XS 4.5-5.5
S 5.5-6.5
M 6.5-7.5
L 7.5-8.5


  • Outer Layer? Inner Fabric?

The outer layer protects the gloves from negligible damages, which can affect the inner material (filler). Plus, the outer layer often protects you from environmental risks and is also resistant to abrasion, puncture, tear, and cuts.

The inner fabrics used to make the inner layer of the chainsaw gloves are taken from materials like nylon, Prolar, and Kevlar.


  • What are the standards?

There are several standards chainsaw gloves must comply with to be declared eligible for sawing use.

Here are a few more standards that chainsaw gloves need to comply with; EN388 (3122) for Mechanical Hazards, and EN381-7 for Handheld Chainsaws – protection against chainsaw cuts, thorny material, and cold/ wet conditions.


  • How is the hydrophobic property?

Hydrophobic property means that the chainsaw gloves are repellent to liquids like water and oil. Hydrophobic property is essential because there are times when you have to work in wet conditions.

Chainsaw gloves with hydrophobic properties will remain dry and comfortable in such conditions.



What Material Should Be Used for Chainsaw Work? Why?

chainsaw gloves with cut protection


Pure leather construction is highly important in chainsaw gloves. Leather provides gloves with elegance and comfort.

Above all, leather construction is what makes gloves tear-resistant and viable for heavy-duty work. Plus, it also ensures a firm grip.


Kevlar is undoubtedly the most important fabric in any chainsaw gloves. In fact, it is one the strongest fabric even discovered and widely used in the production of bulletproof vests and helmets.

The Kevlar fabric provides gloves with optimum tensile strength which makes them capable of absorbing any impact.

Most manufacturers use Kevlar for stitching the seams and joints of the gloves to make them more reinforced and robust.


Prolar is another protective material similar to Kevlar used for making gloves protective and durable.

When the running chainsaw blade comes in contact with your gloves, the inner layer explodes, and it is Prolar that ensures the safety of your hands.


Nylon is most used in the inner layer to stop chainsaws from running. How? Well, it is composed of long fibers cover around the chain and forces it to stop.

Besides, nylon is of different types in which some are “ballistic”. This type is more durable and abrasion-resistant.


TPR stands for “Thermoplastic rubber”. Surprisingly, this material carries properties of both plastic and rubber.

It is used to shield hands and fingertips from impact in chainsaw gloves. It also has some strength to stop the chainsaw blade when it comes in contact with your gloves.

TPR is unbelievably lightweight and resistant to abrasion. The tearing strength is also highly resistant to different environments and electricity.


Spandex provides gloves with suppleness. It is used on the back or around the wrist in chainsaw gloves to make them stretchable and easy to put on.


Hi-Viz basically means “High-Visibility” Such gloves come in bright colors to enhance the visibility of your hands.

This feature is very beneficial, especially when you are working at night or in areas with environmental hazards.



How Do Chainsaw Gloves Work?

The primary purpose of chainsaw gloves is to protect your hands against from any accident that may harm your hand.

The outer layer of the gloves is cut through once the running blade comes in contact with the hydrophobic.

However, the inner fibers are drawn and covered around the drive sprocket of the chain saw.

This creates a strong lock that absolutely stops the running chain – minimizing damage to the hand.

Bear in mind that you must replace the gloves once you encounter this incident. Besides, you need to field-strip the saw to remove the fibers in order for it to function again.

We would like to again emphasize the point that you must buy new gloves if this ever happens to you to ensure your hands’ safety.



How to Clean Chainsaw Gloves?

If you have been continuously using chainsaw gloves, they are likely to get dust clamps and hence you cannot use them for more work until washed.

The chainsaw gloves should be regularly clean to avoid this situation.

The chainsaw’s gloves are generally bulky and hard, which is why it is hard to clean those gloves. However, all protective fabrics should be kept sterile and clean for hygiene.

Put the chainsaw in detergent water a while before removing any dust particles from the chainsaw gloves using a cleaning brush.

This is the best and recommended method to clean chainsaw gloves without damaging them.



What Is the Best Chainsaw Glove?

 Vgo 1-Pair Chainsaw Work Gloves are the best chainsaw gloves you can buy on the market.

It is an all-rounder that integrates all the necessary features to ensure optimal protection of your hands and provides excellent support while working.

The best thing about these chainsaw gloves is premium goat leather construction which makes them sturdy and durable.