Best Thermal Gloves for Cold Weather Bow Hunting and Shooting in 2022

Cold weather hunting gloves are essential for all individuals that need to go hunting in winter. A pair of these gloves help in preventing an individual from having numb and tingly hands, which may cause frostbite. For this reason, keeping the hands with these gloves is imperative.

Selecting the most suitable type of these hunting gloves may be difficult without crucial details.

In this article, you will learn more about cold weather hunting gloves. This write-up also provides top picks for the best pairs for your hunting escapades.

warmest hunting gloves and mittens


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With Touchscreen Fingertips – DecoyPro Camouflage Lightweight Hunting Gloves (Click here to buy)

With Long Wrist Protection – Under Armour Liner Gloves for Bow Hunting (Click here to buy)

Special Design with Adjustable Thumb and Index Finger – EAmber Full Finger Hunting Gloves  (Click here to buy)


When Is It Cold Enough to Wear Warm Hunting Gloves?

In most cases, the weather condition that is cold enough is any temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

At that temperature, it’s advisable to wear thick gloves and other thick clothing like hats and scarves. An extra covering on the hands helps wearers in enjoying the hunting activity.

When wearing your warm hunting gloves, it’s essential to pay attention to how it fits around the fingers, especially the webbing below them. Avoid gloves that cram against the base of the fingers to prevent compression of the insulation. If the insulation is compressed, the glove won’t trap air properly around the hands.


Material Requirement for Hunting Gloves During Chill Days

The hunting gloves for cold weather conditions can be typically divided into two major parts: the outer shell of the pair and its inside. Here are some of the significant materials for both inside and out of the gloves:

Out Shell:

On the outer part of the hunting gloves, here are some of the imperative materials to consider:

Cotton: With cotton hunting gloves, wearers can enjoy breathability. The material also helps in preventing the chances of rashes in the hands or skin due to heat. Other major advantages of cotton as an outer material include its ability to insulate and control moisture.

Gore-Tex: Gore-Tex is essential for hunting gloves because it helps in repelling liquid and allowing water vapor. For this reason, individuals that wear these types of gloves will stay dry in their hands. Gore-Tex is both lightweight and waterproof and helps in breathability.

Neoprene: Hunting gloves using neoprene are typically water-resistant and have great chemical stability. They also maintain flexibility when they are under a wide temperature range. Neoprene gloves are durable under various weather conditions.


Inside of the hunting gloves is just as essential as the outer parts of the pair. Here are some materials to consider:

Fleece: Fleece plays the role of wicking sweat and moisture inside the gloves. It keeps the hands of the wearers dry and also ensures that air circulates through the entire gloves. They also have a good wear resistance that makes them highly durable for hunting.

Short Pile Fur: Similar to the fleece, the short pile fur also helps in ensuring breathability. The material is essential for ensuring the wearer remains comfortable.

Wool: Wool hunting gloves are great during the winter. These gloves provide a great level of warmth and protection to the wearer’s hands for retaining heat and comfortability.


Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves Review

For making the best purchase of the cold weather hunting gloves, here’s a list of select pairs suitable for various temperatures.

 Best Hunting Gloves for 20°F and Below 

With Touchscreen Fingertips – DecoyPro Camouflage Lightweight Hunting Gloves

These lightweight hunting gloves are specially constructed to benefit individuals using smartphones and other touchscreen devices when hunting. One size of the pair fits various hand sizes.

bow hunting gloves for cold weather

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Textured Grip

Both the palms and fingers of the wearer can benefit from a textured grip. The gloves have a specially designed grip surface that gives a tight grip on the hunting bow, shotgun, or rifle. With the textured grip feature, there’s a low tendency to make mistakes when hunting.

Soft Lining

The Touchscreen Lightweight Hunting Gloves from DecoyPro ensure that wearers can experience a high level of comfort. During hunting trips, the soft lining inside the gloves makes individuals feel comfortable. Hence, you can wear them for extended periods of the day.


The DecoyPro gloves have touch screen fingertips that ensure you can use devices like smartphones or tablets at any time. During hunting, the touch screen fingertips of the gloves ensure that you don’t need to take the pair off for maximum comfort when using screens.

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Easy to Put on – SITKA Gear Stretch Fleece Camouflage Hunting Gloves

One of the significant features of the SITKA Gear Gradient Stretch Fleece Camouflage is its pull-on closure, which makes it different from the brands using zippers.

lined hunting gloves for bow and shooting

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Good Fabric/Material

The SITKA Gear Gradient Stretch Fleece Camouflage Hunting Gloves are made from top-notch polyesters, which permit stretching. Wearers can benefit from its microfiber fleece, which is brushed on the inside for warmth and holding its brushing blinds.

Conductive Feature

Wearers can enjoy the conductive technology of the SITKA Gear Gradient Stretch Fleece Camouflage Hunting Gloves. The feature ensures you can use both GPS and a touchscreen without discomfort.

Full-time Comfort

The DecoyPro gloves have touch screen fingertips that ensure you can use devices like smartphones or tablets at any time. During hunting, the touch screen fingertips of the gloves ensure that you don’t need to take the pair off for maximum comfort when using screens.

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Great Insulation – HOT SHOT Windproof Fleece Pop-Top Mittens

The HOT SHOT cold weather glove is an insulated pair that is perfect for individuals to stay warm for long periods of the day.

As durable mittens, they are very suitable for outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.

convertible hunting gloves and mittens for cold weather

Why It’s a Good Choice:

High Comfort Level

The HOT SHOT Men’s Camo Bulls-Eye Fleece Pop-Top Mittens come with a highly comfortable and elasticized wrist that keeps the pair secure in the hands. Due to this feature, wearers get protection from cold wind and unwanted moisture.

Proper Insulation

The insulation of the HOT SHOT Men’s Camo gloves is top-notch, thanks to the 40 grams lining of 3M Thinsulate Insulation. Due to the insulation feature of the gloves, they are perfect for outdoor activities, especially at high temperatures.

Durable Material

The gloves are produced from highly durable material, including 100% polyester tricot lining with a color fleece palm and cuff for highly cold weather conditions. Due to the materials, you can take them off easily and use them for extended periods.

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With Long Wrist Protection – Under Armour Liner Gloves for Bow Hunting

The Under Armour Men’s Hunt Liner Gloves are made from 90% polyester, 7% silicone, and 3% elastane. They fit perfectly into the fingers, and they are great pairs for a machine wash.

cold weather archery gloves

Why It’s a Good Choice:

UA Storm Technology

The UA Storm technology helps in repelling water, which helps the function of the gloves. With this technology, you can benefit from comfort and breathability.


The Under Armour Men’s Hunt Liner Gloves have thumbs and fingers that support touch screen devices. For this reason, you don’t need to take your pair of gloves off before using your smartphone and other devices.


Users can benefit from the comfortability of the pair due to the convertible finger and thumbs. You can enjoy a better level of control when performing hunting activities.

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 Best Hunting Gloves for 20-40 °F 

Most Comfortable – Under Armour Early Season Fleece Gloves

The Under Armour Men’s Hunt Early Season Fleece Gloves comes with durable fabric, including 90% polyester and 10% elastane. They are built for wearers who value both comfort and usability in different weather conditions.

hunting gloves for early winter

Why It’s a Good Choice:


One of the unique features of the Under Armour Men’s Hunt Early Season Fleece gloves is their weight. The overall weight of the pair is 3.99 ounces, which makes it significantly lighter in weight for hunting purposes.


The Under Armour Men’s Hunt Early Season Fleece Gloves features a Tech Touch print on the thumbs and fingers to ensure better usability without taking the gloves off. With this feature, you can use various touchscreen devices comfortably.

Machine Wash

When the hunting gloves are dirty, machine wash is suitable. Due to the materials, which include polyester and elastane, wearers can benefit from the durability of the pair of gloves even after consistent wash.

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Great Dexterity – HYCOPROT Fingerless Tactical Gloves

One of the most significant features of the HYCOPROT Fingerless Tactical Gloves is its style and design. The pair includes knuckle protection that aids your hunting experiences.

fingerless hunting gloves

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Easy to Use

The HYCOPROT Fingerless Tactical Gloves are very easy to wear and remove. Manufacturers of the gloves included magic stickers at the wrist, which helps in adjusting tightness for comfortability. There’s also a quick detaching design at the finger joint that helps in removing the gloves easily.

High Protection Performance

When using the HYCOPROT Fingerless Tactical Gloves, you can benefit from the high protection performance of the pair. Both the soft, thickened knuckle cushion and palm protection pad will strengthen your grip and prevent the hands from injuries.

Great Material

The HYCOPROT Fingerless Tactical Gloves are made from 100% knitted nylon. Wearers can also benefit from the EVA thickened knuckle cushion that provides a high durability level and breathability.

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Special Design – EAmber Full Finger Hunting Gloves with Adjustable Thumb and Index Finger

The Camouflage Hunting Gloves Full Finger from EAmber are unique pairs that are both comfortable and breathable. Manufacturers ensured that the gloves are also available in different sizes for use.

water and snow proof cold weather hunting gloves

Why It’s a Good Choice:

Unique Design

The Camouflage Hunting Gloves feature both a fingerless and an anti-slip design. With the fingerless design, wearers make various hand movements without taking the gloves off. The anti-slip design ensures that individuals have firmer grips.

Useful for Various Applications

You can use the EAmber gloves for various applications like hunting, stalking, paintball, surveillance, and Airsoft. Wearers can also use them with equipment for film sets, birdwatching, and wildfowling.


The gloves are from materials like soft polyester and thin fleece cloth to provide warmth and great hand movement. Thanks to the comfortability of the Camouflage Hunting gloves, wearers can use them for extended periods.

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Breathable – Mossy Oak Lightweight Hunting Gloves for Men

The Mossy Oak Lightweight Hunting Gloves are highly versatile. You can decide to use the pair during warm or cold weather conditions. Note that the manufacturers of the gloves also make them available in different camouflage patterns.

thermal hunting gloves

Why It’s a Good Choice:


The Mossy Oak Lightweight Hunting Gloves for men are very breathable and lightweight. It features a mesh inner thumb that offers breathability for various applications.


One of the major advantages of the Mossy Oak Lightweight Hunting Gloves is its versatility. They are great gloves for both warm and cold weather hunting. These pairs come in handy during deer, turkey, and significant game seasons.

Supreme Design

Wearers can benefit from the supreme design of the Mossy Oak Lightweight Gloves for hunting. They are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The pairs have an extended rubber palm and cuff that ensure they are “non-slip.”

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What to Think of in Buying Thermal Hunting Gloves?

When picking the best hunting gloves for cold weather, there are vital factors to consider.

For the best choice in these gloves, here are some imperative questions to ask and features to consider:

What is the Temperature or Weather Condition?

The temperature and condition of the environment is the most important factor to consider before buying hunting gloves.

It’s inadvisable to purchase extremely thin gloves during hot weather. However, if the weather is cold, purchasing thick and warm gloves is crucial.

Hunting glove manufacturers typically ensure that their products have insulation for the cold weather.

In the cold, you should consider looking for gloves with a dense outer layer for blocking wind.

What Layer Should Be Equipped?

Most gloves, including the hunting ones for cold weather, come with different layers.

However, some manufacturers produce single-layer pairs that work for warmth, durable protection, and concealment. If you’re buying a pair of gloves, you should know the layer that is equipped.

The conventional layers for standard gloves include the breathable base layer and the insulating layer.

Like the name implies, the breathable base layer helps in ensuring maximum comfort and the insulating layer ensures proper insulation from cold.

What makes It Comfortable to Use?

One of the most important features of hunting gloves for cold weather that makes them comfortable to use is their size and breathability.

Pairs with pre-curved fingers ensure reduced hand fatigue and also provide a natural fit that ensures comfortability.

When picking gloves, you should ensure that they fit snugly into your hands for the best experience. Avoid selecting gloves that are too big for your fingers.

Is It Wear-Resistant?

Hunting is an intense activity, and it makes the gloves susceptible to wear and tear.

For this reason, it’s essential to purchase a pair of gloves that is wear-resistant. The wear-resistant gloves should be capable of resisting cuts from very sharp objects that may cause wear.

One of the features of hunting gloves is the PVC coating.

Note that the PVC coating is an alternative to the conventional plastisol coating that provides both toughness and flexibility.

What Materials Are Made of?

The material for your hunting gloves should depend on its purpose.

  • If you need tough hunting gloves, the best choice is those from leather.
  • On the other hand, nylon gloves are suitable for individuals that need wet weather comfort.

Some of the significant advantages of leather material are its durability, diversity, breathability, and flexibility.

Nylon also provides great abrasion and wear resistance with a high tensile and compressive strength.

Thickness Level?

The thickness or thinness of the gloves is an essential factor to consider for the best experience when using them.

Individuals may use thick gloves during the cold, while the thin ones should be for hot weather conditions.

Note that most thin gloves are economical, while the thick ones have greater durability.

Does it Include Scent Control?

Scent control is an essential feature that should be available in top hunting gloves.

It functions by trapping and suppressing odors, making you less detectable during hunting.

The scent control (or what we say breathability) feature in gloves is also as imperative as its wear resistance and thickness or thinness level.

What is the Suitable Length of Gloves for Hunting?

The length of gloves you purchase depends on your personal preferences. Manufacturers produce reliable gloves that are suitable for all sizes.

Before selecting a pair of hunting gloves, it’s also imperative to review its dimensions.

During the cold weather, the length of your gloves should fit perfectly. However, they should also permit enough space at the end of outstretched fingers.

As a hunter, gloves that extend a little over the arm are also very suitable. An example of such gloves is the Under Armor Men’s Hunt Liner Glove.

Is the Camouflage Color Essential?

The camouflage color is a common inclusion in hunting gears. When participating in your hunting escapades, camouflage helps in preventing easy detection of movements.

Hence, the camouflage color is essential for a better hunting experience.

What Else?

Apart from important considerations like scent control, the temperature of the environment, wear resistance, and more, it’s imperative to review some other additions.

Examples of major factors to analyze are machine washability, silicone printed palm, and touchscreen-compatible fingertips.

Ensure that the hunting gloves you purchase also fall under a comfortable price level within your budget. It’s advisable to purchase gloves from notable and reliable brands in the industry.


Who Makes the Best Warmest Hunting Gloves?

best brand hunting gloves for extreme weather

Various unique brands produce unique warm hunting gloves. Here are three of the significant manufacturers to know:


As a brand, STIKA is known for manufacturing great warm hunting gloves with conductive synthetic leather that helps in using touchscreen devices and running a GPS.

Under Armor:

Under Armor produces durable gloves that fit perfectly into the hands for better mobility.

Conventional materials from Under Armor for making most of their gloves include 90% polyester, 7% silicone, and 3% elastane.

Hot Shot:

Hot Shot is known for producing insulated hunting gloves that are suitable for most outdoor hunting activities with different tools.

The brand also pays attention to the comfortability of their gloves for a good hunting experience.


How Else Can Hunters Keep Hands Warm in the Cold?

For effectiveness and accuracy when hunting, keeping the hands warm is essential.

One of the major alternatives to using cold weather gloves is the use of heat packs. As a hunter, dropping heat packs into a mitten will help keep the hands warm for a significant time.


Other Gears to Keep Hunters Stay Warm in Extreme Cold Weather

When hunting, there are several tools for staying warm in extremely cold weather.

Apart from the conventional gloves, other gears help in keeping hunters warm in extreme cold weather conditions.

Here are some gears to know:

Layering vests: Layering vests (for Men; For Women) are essential mid-core management pieces that allow individuals to stay warm when the weather is extremely cold.

Bib overalls: The purpose of the bib overalls is to keep cold air out of your core. Hence, wearers can avoid extremely cold weather conditions influencing the body’s heat system.

Heat packs: Heat packs are a major gear for staying warm in cold weather conditions. Hunters need to place them against the chest and belly when they need additional warmth.


What Are the Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves?

Cold weather hunting gloves are essential for hunters for productivity when hunting. They may also help in preventing certain health conditions associated with colds.

The SITKA Gear Camouflage Hunting Gloves and the HOT SHOT Bulls-Eye Fleece Pop-Top Mittens are great choices for hunters. They provide top-notch insulation and versatility for a great hunting experience.