9 Colors That Go with Army Green Shorts For Men & Women

We recently found that army green shorts are taking over summer wardrobes. Army green shorts have a rugged, utilitarian look, and their neutral colors work with most colors.

More surprisingly, such a neutral color can fit with both men’s and women’s styles. From popping colors to earthy colors, here are some of the colors that go best with army green shorts:

For Women‘s Wardrobe:

First up are colors that look great on women. These colors can be feminine and bold or earthy and subtle.


Jaylen Pleated Denim Shorts @NET A PORTER

Orange and army green create a fun and playful look. Try pairing your shorts with an orange top or accessorizing with an orange scarf or hat.

You can also add a pop of color to your outfit by wearing bright orange earrings or shoes.

Light Blue

@aimeereiff on LTK

Light Blue is a classic choice for women who want to keep their look light and airy.

Wear a light blue top with your army green shorts, or layer over it with a white cardigan or denim jacket.

You can also accessorize with lighter shades of blue, like teal or aqua.



White is always in style when it comes to fashion!

Whether you pair it with your army green shorts in the form of a blouse, t-shirt, tank top, dress shirt, or even sneakers—you can’t go wrong here.

This color combination is perfect for any season and looks especially chic in the summertime!


Gray is another timeless color that pairs beautifully with army green shorts. Choose from various shades such as heather gray, slate gray, charcoal gray, etc.

And create an outfit that will stand out from the crowd. For added flair, try adding silver jewelry or accessories in shades of gray and navy blue for a polished finish!

Army Green


No matter which shade of green you choose (olive, forest green, etc.), pairing your army green shorts with other shades of green will create an interesting monochromatic look that will turn heads!

Try incorporating different textures like chiffon blouses and leather jackets into your ensemble for added dimension and interest.

For Men’s Closet:

Men’s army green short outfits look best when colors are complementary yet masculine. Here’s some colors that go great with army green shorts for men:

Navy Blue

American Casual OG-107 Men’s Short @HARMONY

Navy blue is one of the most versatile colors in menswear—and it looks especially sharp when paired with army green shorts!

Try wearing navy blue polo shirts, t-shirts, dress shirts (with sleeves rolled up), and sweaters—the are endless possibilities!

Accessorize this look by adding navy blue belts and ties if desired.



For those who prefer more subtle styling choices but still want something unique. Black is always a good option!

Wear black t-shirts or vests over your army green shorts; add black accessories like watches or hats; incorporate black footwear such as loafers – whatever works best for you!

Denim Blue

the camp short in olive @imogene and whillie

Denim is yet another great choice for men who want their look to be casual yet fashionable at the same time.

A denim jacket overtop of dark wash jeans plus some tan boots would make for an amazing ensemble – all topped off by some stylish army green shorts!



Last but not least on our list is white – which looks just as stunning on men as it does on women!

Wear white t-shirts tucked into your shorts; add crisp white sneakers; don a white fedora hat… again – whatever works best for you!

Final Words

There you have it—9 colors perfectly complement any pair of army green shorts, regardless of whether they’re worn by men or women alike!

From classic neutral tones like white & gray to bolder hues like orange & navy blue, there are many creative options here.

So feel free to mix & match until you find what works best for you personally. Happy shopping & stay stylish.