Baseball Cap Types: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying! 

Are you searching for the perfect baseball cap to accompany your timeless style? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for something more fashionable.

With so many distinct caps available, how do you decide which one fits YOU?

Knowing the components and characteristics of a baseball cap can help you make an informed decision regarding fashion choices and budgeting.

Read on to learn about baseball caps, including the crown shape, profile height, closure type, fabrics used, and popular styles. 

The Anatomy of A Baseball Cap 

Every baseball cap has the same basic parts. Understanding these basic elements allows you to determine what type of hat you need more easily. 

– Crown

First and foremost, the crown is the main body of the ball cap. The crown of a baseball cap is the top portion of the hat, where the brim is attached.

It’s usually made in a curved shape to provide more room for the wearer’s head. And it’s where most of your design or logo will go. 

– Bill/Visor

The baseball cap’s bill (or visor) is the curved front part that helps shield your eyes from the sun or other elements. Its length and shape can vary, usually depending on the cap’s style.

– Eyelets

The term “eyelet” comes from an old English word meaning “small opening.” And these small openings in the top of the hat allow air to flow through and keep your head cool.

Generally, there are six to eight eyelets on a ball cap, but some may have more or less.

– Panels

The panels are fabric sections sewn together to create a ball cap’s crown. And if you flip your ball cap, look inside the crown, and see the panel stitches.

There can be four to six panels on a ball cap, depending on the style and design.

– Closure

The ball cap closure is the adjustable back strap of a ball cap. Most ball caps have a metal buckle, plastic snapback, or fabric strapback as their closure type.

– Button

If you look at a ball cap, you can see a small round piece of fabric or metal on the top center (in between the eyelets). This is called the ball cap button.

It once got another name called “squatchee,” and its job is to hide the joint point where all fabric panels come together.

– Sweatband

Lastly, almost every baseball cap has a sweatband at the inside base, which helps keep sweat away from your face when you wear it. 

How to Identify Different Ball Cap Types?

When looking at all the different types of caps, you want to consider several factors.

Curves of the Bill

First, let’s talk about the bills. Most baseball cap bills have a slight curve. You can call them pre-curved bills, and the little curve makes your face look more flattering.

Of course, there are ball caps with flat or straight bills. They look a bit bigger and wider than pre-curved ones.

Crown Shape

Then onto the shape. Though all ball cap crowns look fairly similar, they each have a different shape. The crown is either a rounder or square shape.

Besides, the crown option comes down to a structured (taller boxier) or unstructured/soft crown (shorter, less pronounced).

Profile Height

Have you ever seen ball caps named with high-profile, mid-profile, and low-profile terms?

The ball cap’s profile height is the measurement from the bill to the crown. This determines how tall/short your hat will sit on your head when worn.

Moreover, the different profile gives your ball cap style a different vibe. The higher ones, the wilder, and the lower ones look more fitted.

A high-profile baseball cap looks bold and oversized. Hence rappers sometimes love to wear a high-profile ball cap on stage to make a statement.

While a mid and low-profile ball cap looks more subtle and stylish, you can wear them casually or as part of a ball cap outfit.

Closure Type

The most popular ball cap closure type is the plastic snapback. It allows more adjustability and a better fit on different head sizes than others.

The adjustable back strap ball caps are great for those who want to customize their ball caps for an individualized fit.

Panel Amount

If you look inside the ball cap and see how many pieces of fabric are sewn together, that’s the panel amount. There can be four to six panels on a ball cap, depending on the style and design.

Some ball caps have more panels than others, making them more stylish or unique.

Different Fabrics Used On Baseball Caps

Cotton is probably the most widely used material for making baseball hats; it’s lightweight and breathable, making it great for warm-weather activities like sports or camping.

Wool is also popular due to its durability and water resistance; however, it’s heavier than cotton so it can get hot in sunny climates. Surprisingly, baseball cap players used to wear wool ball caps instead of cotton one.

Synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and acrylic are also used in ball cap production.

These materials have a lot of advantages, such as providing extra warmth and superior moisture-wicking properties.

Twill is a tightly woven fabric that adds texture and visual interest; it’s often used to accent certain styles, such as distressed hats or 5-panel caps. 

Leather ball caps are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique look and style; though they are typically more expensive, they are also more durable and generally feel better on the head.

No matter what ball cap type you pick, choosing one that suits your style best is essential.

Main Popular Style of Baseball Caps

Now that you know what makes each type of hat, let’s dive into some popular styles!


Whether you’re a street style or sporty fashion fan, snapback hats are always a good choice!

Snapbacks provide the classic look and fit of a traditional baseball cap yet boast an even more stylish design.

The snapback family is big since a snapback ball cap can be found in all ball cap types, shapes, and sizes.

For a bold, modern look, you can try a high-profile snapback ball cap with a flat bill.

Alternatively, you can use an adjustable back strap ball cap in classic colors and add matching accessories to highlight your style.

Fitted Caps

Fitted caps are structured with no adjustable closure but come in many sizes so finding one that fits perfectly should be relatively easy with some trial and error!

Dad Hats

Dad Hats are unstructured 5-panel caps typically made from cotton twill fabric. They feature low-profile brims and rounded corners for added comfort when wearing them all day.

Dad hats have been gaining immense popularity among baseball cap enthusiasts, largely due to its comfortable fit and timeless look.

It is a great accessory that can be worn by anyone regardless of age or gender in a casual or relaxed setting.

Its adjustable strap makes it suitable for everyone, and the unstructured tends to sit more softly on your head than traditional snapbacks or fitted caps, giving a relaxed vibe.

Whether looking for an everyday essential or something to spruce up your outfit, dad hats are perfect!

The New Eras

New Era is the most popular ball cap brand, with its signature flag logo on the side of many ball caps.

Their fitted ball caps come in various colors and styles that are great for those looking to make a statement or stay fashionable. The bold, fresh designs make them popular among ball cap enthusiasts, from professional athletes to hipsters.

The most popular 59fifty collection series feature the iconic flat-brimmed design with a structured crown and fitted side design.

For more of a classic look, try their 9Fifty collection ballcaps that feature an adjustable buckle strap in the back.

Trucker Hats

Trucker Hats were originally designed for truck drivers but have since become popular fashion items due to their unique mesh back construction.

They’re perfect if you want something lightweight yet durable. Recently trucker hats with cream-colored mesh have been popping up and keep their popularity till now.

Distressed Hats

Distressed Hats feature vintage-style designs with faded colors – they’re great if you’re looking for something unique yet timeless!

The Bottom Line

With so many different types and styles available, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for everyone who loves wearing baseball caps!

From snapbacks and fits up to dad and trucker hats, knowing how each differs will help ensure that you get exactly what you need before buying your next cap purchase!

So whether you’re looking for something simple yet classic or daringly stylish, knowing how each type differs will help ensure that your next purchase is exactly what you had in mind!