Do Newbornds Need Hats In Summer to Against Heat?

Picture this scene: An adorable newborn lounging on a blanket wearing a precious sun hat decorated with a huge flower.

Oh how cute! But before you run out to snap up an Insta-worthy baby bonnet, let’s think about this: do newborns need hats in summer? Are these fancy caps functional or just fashionable?

So we are here to doff the cap off to the truth on newborn hat etiquette and necessities.

While indoor headwear is optional after those first few hat hair days, outside sun hats play a critical role in protecting newborns’ delicate domes.

Read on for an in-depth examination under the brim of baby hat dos and don’ts.

Do Newborns Need Hats in Summer?

When it comes to tiny topper necessities, it’s not a one-size-fits-all answer.

Some smooth, hairless babes will happily go lidless on sunny days. But before you toss the tam-tam, let’s weigh the pros and cons.

Hats provide shade from that blazing summer sun, but can also bake beans if the temps are already steamy.

Most critical is to monitor your mini-me closely. Keep an eye out for any shivers or sweat – if so, adjust accordingly.

Once they’ve adjusted to the outside, indoors is usually a hat-free zone. After a few days sans medical-grade beanie, their dome temperature control kicks in. But venture outside into the sunlight?

It’s sun hat time, baby! Those rays are relentless on their delicate little noggins.

So cue the chin straps and UPF 50+ fabrics – we’ll dive deeper into the dos and don’ts of lid necessities next.

Indoor Temperature Regulation

After a few days adjusting to the outside world, most infants can take off their thinking caps when hanging inside. Those hospital issued hats help get their temperature control on track, but then it’s time to let their cute noggins go nude indoors.

Of course if your little one is showing signs of hibernating or needs to chill out, feel free to pop on a topper briefly. Preemies may need the added insulation a tad longer too. But otherwise indoor hats aren’t exactly hat-tiquette once they adjust to regulating their own temps.

Outdoor Sun Protection Importance

Now let’s talk about when it is absolutely necessary for newborns to don a lid – anytime they’re headed out under the sun’s rays. A wide-brimmed sun hat is crucial for shielding an infant’s delicate skin starting day one.

A good sun hat reduces risks of sunburn, skin damage, and heat exhaustion by providing shade to the entire head region.

Look for UPF 50+ fabrics that continue coverage even when the hat shifts. Pair with protective clothes and seek shade for bonus barricades against UV radiation.

Sunscreen Risks

Now hats off to safety first, so skip the sunscreen for wee ones under 6 months old.

Ingredients have simply not been adequately tested on newborn skin to confirm absorption risks while their barrier is still developing.

It’s safest to shade that fresh face with sun protective accessories and clothing alternatives for now. We’ll toast tips on incorporating sunscreen once they’re ready for it down the road.

Newborn Sun Hat Best Practices

Alright, let’s recap proper newborn sun hat etiquette. Use wide-brimmed sun hats whenever you head outside during daylight.

Chin straps can help wrangle wiggly babies who reject their rad repears.

Stash sun hats in your diaper bag, car, and stroller so you never leave home without one.

And do your darling’s dome a favor by washing frequently since babies tend to leave droopy souvenirs.


While adorably accessorized, sun hats for newborns are so much more than just a fashion statement – they play a vital role in protecting infants.

This fashion editor tips her cap off to diligent sun hat use starting from day one. Don’t leave home without one – that’s my professional baby hat etiquette motto!