6 Stylish and Elegant Flat Cap Styles You Should Know – 2022 Trends

The flat cap and the most common of its type, the newsboy cap style, were a big trend at the beginning of the 1900s.

They were made famous by the newspaper delivery boys back then and are still worn by men from different classes worldwide.

There is a range of flat caps in different styles in the market today. It can be confusing since each has a different name.

Let us look at six of the most common flat cap styles available and how to wear them.

6 Different Flat Cap Styles

The flat cap has been a long-standing symbol of confidence and fearlessness, just like that portrayed on the TV show Peaky Blinders. They make you look refined with a bit of rebellion, but that does not have to be the case.

Ladies can also wear any flat cap that fits their style. A snapped or unpinned flat cap is best for a more feminine look. Here are the six top options you can comfortably shop for without confusing them.

Driving cap

Also known as a driver’s cap, this type of flat cap became popular in the 20th century and was primarily worn by upper-class families who used it to distinguish themselves from their household staff.

These caps are a modern British favorite and stylish and sleek. Its most distinguishing feature is the few thread lines it has around its crown. It gives you a feel of elegance and can be worn formally.

This cap comes in many different fabrics, patterns, and colors (both men and women can wear it), and you must ensure it doesn’t clash with your outfit. You can wear it outside during the cold seasons, but it won’t match your summer outfit.

Newsboy cap

It became popular through newsboys, got its name from these newspaper delivery boys, and was the first of its type. Initially, it was worn by working-class men.

This cap has a short and short brim at the front with a lot of fabric around the crown. You can choose to let the fabric hang over the bill, or you could flatten it around the sides.

The newsboy is not a cold or warm weather hat. It is best worn during the fall and goes well with casual wear. You can have it on when traveling, for a dinner date, or shopping.

Backer Boy Cap

Just like the newsboy cap, the baker boy cap was worn formally and informally. Young bakery men would wear these long-billed and baggy caps when working or making bread deliveries.

The difference between this and the newsboy hat is that they have a broader and longer brim. It can also be worn halfway down the skull by pilling it back.

The baker boy cap is best for cool weather but not so cold. You can wear them for any event or even when just chilling around. They can be pretty versatile.

Herringbone Flat Cap

There is a herringbone version of every type of flat cap. You can wear a herringbone newsboy or driving cap. What sets it apart is the material.

It could compare to an average standard wool cap, but it is made of a unique twill pattern fabric giving you that serious look.

These hats can be quite warm because they have a thick lining and are suitable for cold nights or cold weather. They are best suited for suits and fine wear and complement almost all upscale outfits. It is also ideal for casual wear.

Ascot Cap

Made from a single panel of wool felt, the ascot cap is a type of flat cap that is hugely round because it has no seams around its crown and also because o its shape. You can find these hats only in muted or earthen colors.

These hats are versatile, and you can get them in various materials, including cotton and leather fabrics in many different patterns. The ascot cap gives you that authentic accent no matter your look.

You can wear it with a stylish colored vest, sweater vest, suit, or any upscale outfit. Try it out with dress pants, a good suit vest, and a shirt, and you will look exceptional.


Did you know you could buy this hat for just a dollar back in the 1920s? Yes, you could. It was quite a familiar hat then. You can easily confuse the Gatsby flat cap with the driving cap because they are similar.

Their principal distinction is that the Gatsby is usually longer and much more angular than the driver’s cap.

They also resemble the traditional English schoolboy flat cap because they show more stitching around the crown and sides and have a rounded portion of fabric at the top.

Common sense in the early 1800s, the Gatsby cap was worn by boys and men of all social standing. Today it is a popular look for golfers and celebrities.

Just like the newsboy cap, this hat is not for extremely cold or hot weather. It is ideal for the fall, and you can put it on with formal or informal wear.

Do Flat Caps Suit Everyone? Who Will Look Good with Flat Caps?

The flat cap style has applied to our daily lives for years, and I am sure you are wondering if it can suit everyone. Well, yes.

The flat cap can be worn by just about anyone. One should only remember to make it fits the rest of your outfit.

Since their appearance many years ago, they have remained relevant maybe because they go well with many upscale outfits, or perhaps because of their face flattening feature.

One thing is for sure, anyone can pull them off, and they are not going out of style soon.

You can wear your suit, jeans, and t-shirts comfortably and look good in a flat cap. However, most of these caps are not the best for summer as they can be hot.

Start with neutral colors like grey, black, beige, or brown because these colors will match almost everything in your wardrobe.

How to Wear a Flat Cap Without Looking Flat?

Though Samuel l. Jackson can pull it off; flat caps should not be worn backward. Adding flat cap styles to your outfit without looking flat is easier than you think. Here are a few ways how:

Be simple

Just like any other clothing accessory, keep it simple. An overload of old-fashioned accessories in your look may spoil it all.

Flat caps go well with bowties, vests, and braces, but if you over-accessorize, you may look like you are attending a costume party.

Match your patterns

It would be best if you always considered your flat cap a part of your outfit and not an afterthought. When you wear a patterned flat hat, ensure any other pattern you have on your outfit complements it.

Keep the seasons in mind

Most flat cap styles are best for weather that is not too hot. However, this does not mean that there are no exceptions.

Go for lightweight cotton and breathable cotton during spring and summer, and for winter, choose heavy cotton and wool.

Own the style

You can easily shape a flat cap to suit the frame of your face by gently pressing and shaping the brim. Also, ensure to wear it correctly.

And you can check this article if you have a slightly round face frame and look for suitable hats.

Go for the classics

Choose a classic when unsure of what flat cap style to go for. Neutral materials are warmer and more breathable, and they never run out of style.

Buying Tips on Flat Caps

Choose your best fit

It will not look good on you when it’s too big or too small. A flat cap should fit as well as a baseball cap snugly. Also, ensure the hat’s fabric doesn’t stretch over your head by providing enough room in the crown.

If you have no idea about your hat size, visit a local hat maker, and they will help you determine your size.

Do you have a quite big head frame? Check this article for more amazing hats for big head people.

Choose the appropriate material for you

Wool companies initially made flat caps, most of which are made from this material to date. Cotton and tween are also popular for making flat caps.

However, there are many more materials it can be made from. Though hard to pull off, leather and denim are also classic materials for these hats.

If you are going for a cheaper kind, you can get one with a blend of various materials, but one thing is for sure, it will still maintain its quality and classic style.

Choose the right design

It is not common to have the material of your flat cap matching that of your outfit unless it is a suit or coat made from the same material. To look good, always consider the hat’s design other than the material.

If your outfit has many colors or patterns, go for a solid colored flat cap style for some balance. With a pattered cap, a suit will look perfect.

Final Thoughts

These flat cap styles are one way to bring that timeless style to your whole outfit. With proper care, they can last you for life. Avoid multi-patterned versions and buying patchwork as they may fall out of fashion anytime.

Once you buy that flat cap you have been eying, take care of it as recommended. If you use too much water on it, the brim will crack, and your hat will lose shape because it has some cardboard. Use a small amount of water and a clean cloth.