How to Make Your Football Gloves Sticky?

If you are a football player, you know the importance of using sticky gloves for the game. It makes it possible to have a comfortable and extra grip on the ball. This makes it easier to play better. The trick is one of the ways of boosting your performance in the pitch or field of play.

On this page, you will see:

  • Factors that removes the football gloves stickiness
  • Best ways to make your gloves sticky
  • Things you should avoid when increasing gloves stickiness
  • How to clean non-sticky football gloves

how to get your football gloves sticky

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What Affects/Removes Your Football Glove’s Strip and Stickiness?

There are a few factors that can make football lose its stickiness.

Experts listed some of these factors to include weather, poor storage of the gloves, interference by dirt, glass, and other elements, and the glove’s old age.


If you want the gloves to retain the stickiness, you must be very careful with the way you store them.

After using the gloves during play, do not store them wet, you must dry them completely. When you store it in that wet condition, it loses stickiness.


Weather is one of the factors that cause the loss of stickiness. During unfavorable weather, it sticks with mud, dirt, grass, and other unfriendly elements that cause it to lose its stickiness.

Even in unfriendly weather, players are forced to play with gloves. This results in the dullness of the gloves over time.

Service Time

Finally, the gloves get older as a result of long usage. It has a limited lifespan. During use, it wears and tears. The net effect is that it gets older and begins to lose stickiness.

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What Material Makes Football Gloves Sticky?

Football gloves are sticky because of chitosan. This is a biopolymer, which is adhesive and highly tacky.

It is a chemical known to be natural, non-toxic, and which can adhere to the cells as well as the skin. This substance is responsible for the stickiness of the football hand gloves.

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Does Hand Sanitizer Make Football Gloves Sticky?

Yes! One of the ways of making gloves sticky is the use of hand sanitizers. It is possible since it can remove all dirt on the gloves.

If you use gel-based hand sanitizers, it leaves behind a sticky film on the gloves. This is some cases is not allowed by some major leagues.

If you want to use hand sanitizer on your gloves, you must check the rules to ensure that it conforms.

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5 Methods You Need to Know to Make Your Football Gloves Sticky

how to make your football gloves more sticky

There are a lot of ways you can make your football hand gloves sticky. Some of these methods may be simple such that you can apply them without difficulties.

Different methods are for review here and they include the following.

Method 1: Split Method

This method is the most popular and you can stick to it to get the victory. Most professionals use this method to achieve victory.

Some people describe it as unprofessional but you can actually rely on it to achieve victory, and when you use it, you can rely on that to achieve extra grip on the ball.

To work well, you must remove all moisture from the system and after that, you can split your gloves. You can do that even in the field of play.

If on the other hand you do not like splitting the hand gloves when you play you can drip them with water before the commencement of the match. Wipe the excess fluid, and it will be sticky again.

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Methods 2: Sundry System

The other system that can work is the sundry method. Some players can decide to leave the gloves to dry and this is helpful because it makes them sticky.

Even though this process works, some people may not take to this option easily because it can be lengthy, which means that it takes time to achieve, but in the end, you will get the result you want.

If you want to try this method, you can dry it in the morning before using it.

If you allow it to dry for a couple of hours, it is good for you since you can achieve a good result through it.

Linemen and wide receivers prefer this method since it works best for them.

This method makes the glove sticky for a long time. However, for players with sweaty hands, this method is also good them.

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Method 3: Using Wipes

The other method you can try is the wipes method. This is great because it maintains some level of stickiness.

Some people think that this method does not work, but that is far from the truth. It works and if you use it shortly before the game, you can see the wonders it performs.

If you do it very well, you can see the effect while the game lasts.

The other interesting thing about this method is that it is simple and easy to do. Just take that wipe, and begin to rub them in between your hands.

While doing that ensure that you reach all the spots, especially those areas you are finding hard to reach with your fingers.

Most experts prefer this method because it is hygienic. You can achieve maximum results from this.

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Method 4: Adhesives

Furthermore, you can use adhesives. Before you try this, make sense of the kind of adhesives you want to use because certain brands are not allowed since they are forbidden.

It is helpful since it contains chemicals known for their great binding effects.

When you use this method, it makes the gloves sticky throughout the duration of the game.

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Method 5: Natural methods

Moreover, there are some natural sticky methods you can use today. Most of the gloves in the market have small quantities of adhesives in them. If you use this very well, you will be better off because it makes you perform very well for the match at hand.

Recently made football gloves are sticky for the game. If you use the new, you discover that these are great for the match you want to play. Moreover, you can use them for other conditions depending on what you want to use them for.

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Tips on Increasing Football Gloves Stickiness

If you want to make your football gloves sticky, there are certain things you must observe. Here are tips that can assist you to make it sticky and they are as follows:

  • Avoid burying your hand gloves under the locker or even your bag until you dry it completely.
  • To get the best of the game, it is advisable to use new or fresh hand gloves for each game you want to play.
  • After every match dry the gloves before you store them away.
  • Preserve the gloves in dry places only.

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How to Clean Football Gloves without Losing Grip?

Manufacturers of the gloves ensure you get the best of the product. This means that the stickiness can be here for a long time.

If you want to play the game without losing grips you must stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Usually, the makers provide specific instructions on how to maintain and manage different hand gloves. Ensure that you follow specific advice for each product because general advice may not work for every kind of product.

Here are useful tips:

1. Handwashing

The best way to maintain the gloves and maintain the stickiness is to hand wash them. It is the safest way to go about it. Unless the manufacturers advised that you can machine wash the gloves, it is not advisable to do that with the machine.

To wash it with your hand, wash it with tub water in a sink with a tablespoon of mild liquid detergent. These are meant to treat synthetics. You can wash this in lukewarm or cold water.

With the gloves in water, soak them for two minutes.

When the gloves are soaked, take them out and scrub them using your hands. Do not damage anything while you scrub with your hands.

Rinse it using clean water. Ensure that the soap is completely removed.

Moreover, you have to air dry the gloves. Do not dry with a dryer, that can be harmful.

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2. Machine Washing

If you want to embark on machine washing, you can follow the steps below. Remember that before your machine wash, it has to be on the instructions of the manufacturers.

To remove debris and dirt from the system, you have to wipe the gloves.

Flip that gloves inside out to preserve their stickiness

To make for more protection, put it inside a pillowcase.

Inside the pillowcase, put it on your washing machine and set it to a delicate or gentle setting. Remember you have to use cold water to prevent damage

Furthermore, you have to add detergent the best detergent meant for that kind of product.

When it is complete, you can air-dry the gloves.

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3. Regular Cleaning

The other method you can try today is to minimize wear, tears as well as smells. Whether you wash with your hand or with your machine, the impact can be there when you repeat the process.

Because of that, it is recommended that you wash sparingly. Do not wash after every use. You can only wash it when there is a need for that.

Air the hand gloves after every use

Whenever you finish using this product, you are to air them to dry. In the same way, do not hide them in the locker or the bag after use, instead, expose them to the air to dry completely.

Ensure that all forms of moisture on the gloves dry very well and this can prevent bad odor from escalating. When you do that, it can minimize wear and tears as a result of constant wash after every use.

Use absorbent materials when it smells

If it smells, then you can soak up that smell using absorbent materials. Even after exposing them to dry, sweat on it can make them smell bad.

To deal with this problem try stuffing material to it that can prevent smell. The materials can absorb the smells when you are not using the gloves.

Some of the absorbent materials you can use for this include newspaper, dryer sheets, new tea bags, and so on.

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1. Are Sticky Football Gloves Allowed in the NFL?

Major leagues in the world actually permit the use of sticky football gloves including the National Football League.

The league accommodates it in its Rule 5 section 4 and article 4 item 8 of the NFL rule book states it clear about the use of gloves with a sticky surface.

You can use it provided it does not adhere to the football. Once it is not going to cause handling problems for players, you can use such gloves for the NFL competitions.

That is certainly allowed and almost everybody in the league at different levels including students level has used the product to enhance their performance in the field.

2. What Football Gloves Material Is the Stickiest?

There are lots of glove materials in the market today that are sticky. Several factors can cause this to be sticky and the most important amongst is the silicon polymer palm area.

This makes for stickiness because it makes it easier for the wearer to grip it very well. Silicone gloves are available in both liquid and solid. The silicone surface makes it grip very well.

The stickiest of the football gloves in the market is the Cutters Game Day;

Secondly, there are the Cutters Rev Pro, and thirdly the Under Armo.


If you are a football player, you require the best sticky gloves. It can enhance your performance. There is no other better way to become a better player than addressing the problem of football gloves’ stickiness.

There are different ways of maintaining that stickiness and these were all reviewed above. Above all, there are certain things you must observe the enhance that stickiness.

If you want to engage in any league, you must ensure that you maintain that stickiness in a way you will not break the rule.

Taking care of the gloves might not be difficult as you think. Even an ordinary wipe can take care of it. Ensure that you air dry it before storage.